FreeRepublic and the Culture of Content Theft

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Black & Blonde Media is currently in fundraising mode. We’re not special in this industry, but since 2002, we’ve provided content; some original and some aggregated, but it’s always been presented with a unique perspective and appropriate attribution.

We observe journalistic ethics, which means NOT cutting-and-pasting entire pieces other people wrote. We’ve only done that once because the content was important and it was feared the original source would remove it out of social pressure and intimidation (and it turns to have been a good call).

Over the years, we’ve attempted to share our content on, a conservative online forum with huge reach. However, their readers are at times extremely hostile to anyone sharing their content for the sake of gaining hits (which is the ultimate goal of any online entity), and they demand a full cut-and-paste version of other people’s content, thus draining hits from the original source, because it would appear some who frequent that forum are just too fucking special to have to go from one website to another.

One such example is our post, The Democrat Race Lie, cut and pasted in its entirety on FreeRepublic, and the user was repeatedly thanked for stealing the entire piece.

Obviously B&R’s content is good enough to steal and inspire others to donate… to FreeRepublic!

At the top of his entry, this “scottfactor” claims I gave him permission to post “The Democrat Race Lie” on his blog. I believe I would have let him link to it, but not repost it whole, and his posting the whole article on FreeRepublic was certainly something I wouldn’t authorize.

As we’ve said before, everything people create and offer the public has a monetary value because of the time it takes to create and people choose to consume. FreeRepublic is a forum that offers a service and they have consistently successful fundraisers where their bring in over $80,000 per quarter.

One could rightfully argue that by their users cutting-and-pasting entire articles, revenue is being siphoned from the rightful creators.

Sites “Marginize” and “FreedomWorks Connector” have also found ways to capture The Democrat Race Lie and keep thousands of hits for themselves. Someone at Straight Pale Christian Republicans cut-and-pasted the entire Democrat Race Lie AND Dixiecrat Myth posts.

The uber-leftist Daily Kos also linked to The Democrat Race Lie, and they surprisingly did so properly. They presented a short segment, linked back to the original, and their readers actually seemed to learn something about the history of the Democrat Party, which is the ultimate goal of B&R and B&B Media….

Coupled with Google’s selective blacklisting of B&R while other sites (many of a vile nature) are easily found, this is why B&R is in the vulnerable situation we are in. We have sites that do nothing but bleed our content, like “Dude With An Attitude” who has even created a category called “Black & Right” and the theft is automated.

Google’s designated B&R a “hate site” thus barring us from their search engine (except for our YouTube channel that brings them views), and whenever we post new content, “Dude” steals it and it usually has the top spot on a search.

Similar theft is NOT limited to our written posts but also our original video productions, some of which have totaled in the hundreds of thousands of views.

Obviously, B&R’s content is good enough to steal and we’d hope it’s also worthy of donations as well. While $88,000 a quarter would enable us to do wonderful things, we’re more than grateful for what we’ve receive. The theft of our content certainly doesn’t help.

UPDATE: This was posted on FreeRepublic. I was just informed in less than an hour it was removed. So much for principled “conservatives”….

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