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Father’s Day, 6/16/17

Cleveland Is Paying $225,000 to a Man Who Burned the American Flag
Trump ‘all in’ to outlaw burning of the American flag
If at first you don’t succeed… and what do you think the response would be if someone burned a rainbow flag?

Democrats’ Hypocrisy on ‘Foreign Interference’
The bullies choose not to subject themselves to the terror they gleefully inflicted on others


Which of the #DeepState coup-plotters will be the first to cry in public if indicted?

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Why many Dems in the South back the new anti-abortion laws
Ask Margaret Sanger

Man breaks into AOC’s offices in NYC, sprays cops with fire extinguisher
Note the police only described the man as “emotionally disturbed”. What does THAT tell ya?

OJ Simpson Is Now on Twitter, Says He’s ‘Got a Little Getting Even to Do’
If that’s not a little ominous

Department of Education has launched an investigation into foreign cash secretly flowing into U.S. universities
Indoctrination via propaganda has a price

Federal employees turn their backs on Agriculture secretary after relocation plans announced
Fire them all. Many in Kansas will gladly take their jobs

New York Times: US ramping up cyber attacks on Russia
So much for the element of surprise

LaVar Ball: Lonzo trade will be Lakers’ worst move
What team would really want a mediocre ball player and unhinged father drama?

Drug addicts to be given free heroin as Home Office (UK) awards first licence
More of the usual “unintended consequences” to follow

The Case for Gay Reparation
Again, not equal treatment but special treatment

Man arrested for trying to jump White House fence, assaulting police officer, Secret Service says
Bet’cha he left his MAGA hat at home…

African migrants pass through San Antonio and swiftly fan out across the country
You may wish to rethink your donations to Catholic Charities

Parents of Baby Kidnapped after Forced Cesarean in Connecticut Hospital Call on Public to Attend Hearing to Remove Parental Rights
Hospital staff can now determine who will be a good parent or not

Notre Dame President Co-Signs Climate Change Accords with Energy, Investor Execs at Vatican Summit
President O’Rourke Will Take Executive Action to End New Oil and Gas Leases on Federal Lands

Let’s see how climate change activists would function without electricity

UK Bans ‘Harmful’ Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements
The redefinition of societal norms for the easily-triggered pussified


It must suck having to look up at everyone over 11 years of age

Why young, left-wing radicals could help re-elect President Trump
Conforming to their ever-growing and evolving designations will make no one on the left palatable

Trump warns of epic stock market crash if Dems win in 2020
Name one campaign promise by a Democrat presidential candidate that would actually help grow the economy and not destroy it?

Anti-Trump activists hold rallies across US to call for impeachment
Probably a world’s record for the longest hissy fit (since 11/8/16)

Presidential week in Provence: Obamas arrive in south of France on private jet for vacation at $60,000-a-week, 18th century farmhouse – just days after Sasha graduated from high school
Laying low in style

Democratic 2020 candidates court South Carolina’s black voters
Democrats favor more access to capital for black businesses
Just another thing Democrats “favor” despite previously having the White House, Congress, Senate and NOT keeping promises then

President Trump Outwits Chairman Xi Jinping Ahead of G20 Summit
Compare the results of a pro versus taxpayer-funded bureaucrats

Trump hotel risks liquor license over ‘good character’ requirement
#Resistance blackmail

Gun owners stockpile ammo before new California background check law begins
What did they think would happen?

Florida governor signs bill banning sanctuary policies
‘Sanctuary City’ Measure Dies In Honolulu City Council
Uh oh

Is Netflix series about Central Park Five case accurate?
Ex-NYC Prosecutor Blasts ‘Netflix’s False Story’ on Central Park Five
MYTH: if it’s called a “documentary”, it’s blindly assumed to be 100% accurate

Manning faces deadline to testify or face daily fines
GoFundMe and activist nonprofit support won’t keep pace with the Feds

An SC veteran died with no known family, but hundreds showed up to give him a final salute
Fitting yet another example of dead veterans receiving more attention than live ones

Target Nationwide Computer Outage Leaves Thousands Of Shoppers Stranded At Checkout

Progressives have had a hard on for Target for many years

Memphis Black Lives Matter Demands ‘Truthful’ Account Of How Black Suspect Was Killed By Marshals
Of course, any mention of his repeat-criminality all the way up to the moment of his death is out of bounds/em>

Warren, Clyburn to Introduce Bill to Forgive Billions in Student Loan Debt
The know-it-will-go-nowhere Congress


Saudi crown prince blames Iran for Gulf of Oman tanker attacks
Iran attempted to shoot down US drone over tanker attack site in Gulf of Oman
Those of us in the Navy during the late 80’s doing Persian Gulf donuts remember seeing tankers like these on fire,
floating by after being attacked by Iranian gunboats

Hong Kong’s extradition law mess: don’t blame Beijing, blame naive Carrie Lam
Bowing to pressure, Hong Kong leader suspends extradition bill
Too little, too late because no one in their right mind trusts the Chinese government

Trump Hits Biden For Switching Longheld Views: ‘He Has Recalibrated on Everything’
Gore was pro-life until he ran with Clinton; Kaine was pro-life until he ran with Clinton. Morality has a price

Dems eye repeal of Justice rule barring presidential indictments
And we all know what politically-shortsighted Democrats would say if Hillary ran again and won, Republicans took the House, Senate and attempted to indict her?

Nevada bans employers from refusing to hire those who fail marijuana tests
Who cares about employer liability if a stoner screws up on the job and a customer is harmed

DOJ Admits FBI Never Saw Crowdstrike Report on DNC Russian Hacking Claim
IF you believe that, who kept this from them?

Congress has no right to Trump tax returns – Justice Department makes right decision
Let’s be like second graders: If you do it for one, you have to do it for anyone working on Capitol Hill

Pew: Illegal Alien Population Booms in Red States Ahead of 2020 Election
Note how they’re avoiding #shithole Democrat states….

12 white men sue San Francisco PD for racial, gender bias in promotions
Do you want the best available on the police force or not?