Blowing Off Black History

I heard about this new website. I heard about it sometime around Black History Month. As that was a particularly trying time in my life and seeing all the celebration of Black History going on, I had to put my two cents in.

So, on February 2, 2002 I emailed a letter to Mike LaSalle, editor of Men’s News Daily, basically griping about all that is Black History Month, what it is to be black in America, and asking just what is there to celebrate? A few weeks later, Mike emailed and asked me if I had any more. That was the official birth of what is know known as Black & Right.

From there, my columns were requested by editors of many great sites and my words and opinions were able to reach many eyes, and for that I’m forever grateful.

However, as I recently read my first-ever column, I have to admit, not much has changed over the past five years….

It’s February and every year we ring in another Black History Month. So, what have blacks learned from our history?

As a black Republican and former congressional candidate from Southern California, I am dismayed to this day as to our lack of diverse representation on Capitol Hill, and the ineffective nature of our local representation.”

Since then, President George W. Bush appointed Colin Powell as the first black Secretary of State, and Condoleezza Rice as the first black National Security Adviser and second black Secretary of State. Both are Republican. What was the response from the media and the American people?

The American people didn’t seem to care all that much. There were no proclamations of doors being opened or the start of a new era in this country. The media was more in-your-face when it came to their disdain for anyone black and Republican. Whether it was the Colin Powell level of blackness debate or nationally syndicated cartoonists depicting Dr. Rice as a big-lipped parrot, black and white liberals reserved signature racism for black conservatives collectively.

So much for the celebration of diversity.

Of the more than five hundred congresspersons and senators in Washington D.C., there are no black Republicans on Capitol Hill. And it is understandable why we find ourselves in this predicament. And forgive me if I jump around. I have issues.”

Nothing much here has changed either. I’ve witnessed the Republican attempt for outreach to minority communities, and that outreach was thrown back in their faces. Five NAACP Conventions have been held. Civil Rights spokespersons like Julian Bond made it clear George W. Bush was invited but not welcomed.

President Bush attended the last one, and received the expected cool reception received at Coretta Scott King’s funeral, which turned into an up close and personal Bush-bash over the Iraq war.

Funny, when a Republican is in the White House, all the problems facing the nation is his problem to solve and should he fail to solve these issues, he is a failure, a racist, and/or worse. It’s equally funny how homelessness is not an issue when a Democrat is president. When a Democrat is president, people in other countries can be ethnically cleansed and the media will ignore the plight of the oppressed.

When a Republican is president, that oppression is confronted and dealt with. Dealing with oppression may involve military action. Let’s not forget, similar military action ended the domestic oppression called slavery. But it would seem that during the last five years, there hasn’t been any oppression that liberals would deem worthy of ending with action besides talk.

There is a constant with people who commit atrocities on other human beings, and their reluctance to talk to anyone regarding their official conduct. Yet, there are those who demand a dialogue while people die by the millions.

Every election cycle and you’ll see it starting up soon enough this year, Democrats have elevated the tactic of race baiting to an art. Almost every Republican running at some point will be called a racist and 99% of the time it is untrue. And later, should the Republican win, these same black Democrats will demand the Republican now reach out to them. I see why God gave us middle fingers, and I contend that if the Republicans were as racist as portrayed, they would use them. But reality is another thing, and the GOP will again agree to listen to the ever-growing demands of race conscious liberals.”

This will be an interesting presidential election in 2008. In almost every situation, the road to the White House on the Democrat side will have to go through a black man. So far, Barack Obama is “clean.” As Democrats are concerned, Obama could become a much bigger problem before the primary season is over.

During the last few years, other black Republicans and I have thrown the history of the Democrat Party back in the faces of those who routinely call those they disagree with racists. During the last five years, I’ve received emails from Democrats who get all defensive when anyone accuses them of racism, and while the historical actions of their ancestors has been rewritten, the onion peel of truth is being slowly revealed and that truth is threatening.

During a recent CNN special on racism in America, the Reverend Al Sharpton was quoted in part as saying to people who deny the racism in their past, “If you really felt it was about change and you are no longer that, don’t act like it didn’t happen. Say: It did happen, but that’s not who we are.”

This denial is most prevalent in academia where power-tripping professors infect the minds of their captive students with one-sided presentations of socialist propaganda and the self-righteous belief that those that have the audacity to disagree with them are evil and not even worth of debate. They are encouraged to shout down those with an opposing point of view by cowardly professors who stand on the sidelines and watch those students get arrested for protests encouraged by those same professors.

Republicans have no where near the amounts and magnitude of incidents of institutionalized racism in their past as do Democrats. Yet it’s Democrats who accuse others of racism as routine while crying like pussies when the charge is leveled at them WITH numerous examples.

And let us not forget. It was Democrats who mostly opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Al Gore, who told black congregations that his father was a civil rights champion, left out that his father voted against the act. However, his father did vote for the Voters Rights Act. So blacks could vote for Al’s dad, just not eat at the same table with him. And the fact that the liberal news media gave Al a pass on his lies to blacks was telling.

It was a Democrat governor who put up that Confederate flag in question. It’s the Democrat Party whose senior-most senator is an ex Klan member. In fact, Democrats created the Klan as an enforcement arm to punish both those ungrateful blacks that became Republicans, and the misguided whites that supported them.”

In the last five years, I’ve received hundreds of emails from liberals, many with the word “nigger” embedded because I dared think more of black people. Whether criticizing the need to steal things other than what was necessary to survive after Hurricane Katrina, I as a black man was expected to tolerate the worst in black behavior. The fact that a stolen 41-inch plasma television would be of no value in a city with no power made little difference to Harry Connick Jr. who admitted he would have stolen other people’s property as well just to get back at The Man.

During the last five years, I was the nigger who dared write that rap music and gangsta’ depictions were not only destructive messages sent to kids, but that irresponsible Hollywood and NYC liberals in the entertainment business are profiting from the misery brought on by this glorified, deadly lifestyle. Liberals call me the nigger because I dare believe black men are worth more than basketball and gang life, and light-skinned black women (the entertainment executive’s preference) are worth more than scantily-clad singers and objects of juvenile lust.

That being the case, I have five years of public experience being the nigger that believes black people must regain the same independence we enjoyed before white liberals gave us their version of “integration.” Integration that resulted in the dismantling of the black infrastructure and the takeover that destroyed black business, thus the black family. Aside from their competence in aborting the black baby, liberals have done nothing to lift black people from the grips of poverty.

Granted, you can’t lift someone who doesn’t believe they can rise. For that, I blame liberals in academia and the media who perpetuate the notion that blacks can never rise without the help of Democrats. You know, the help that never materializes.

But I ask, if the majority of black neighborhoods are controlled by Democrat city councilmen and women, black state legislators, black congress people, why for example, are there vacant lots that haven’t been built upon since the Watts riots? Why are the schools so bad, despite previously having Democrat presidents with Democrat congresses and senates that could have, and should have, fixed the problems? Surely, that doesn’t happen in other neighborhoods. It seems that the only people who benefit by elections in the black community are the black Democrat candidates. But yet, we embrace them.”

Some Democrats believe they own black people. That’s probably hereditary.

Ever see how they lose their minds whenever a Republican quotes Dr. Martin Luther King, all the while his message is a conservative one? And to be blunt, liberals don’t do squat for blacks in America. Every election cycle, Democrats lament the problems blacks deal with on a daily basis (most created by “well-intentioned” condescending liberals).

Have you ever noticed how many inspirational movies come out of Hollywood? Inspirational movies showing the many stories of people who’ve overcome prejudice during many eras of American history. To illustrate the hypocrisy of it all, talk to some blacks (if they will talk) about the racism that exists in Hollywood. Talk to blacks that won’t go public because they’ll never work in that town again. Talk to Barbra Streisand who wouldn’t miss and opportunity to trash a Republican as a racist, yet only has one black person in her staff of over 50.

Liberal icons like Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky always talk about the inequities between the rich and poor. Zinn and Chomsky are technically rich and live in the most lily-white of communities. Don’t get me wrong. I believe anyone should be able to live wherever they want. Zinn and Chomsky impugn anyone of opulence who chooses to avoid those not as fortunate, yet they do the same.

Zinn and Chomsky are typical liberal icons. Most liberal icons are hypocrites. Some could also argue that Zinn and Chomsky are racists. Of course they’d lose their minds defending themselves from what they’d call false charges. How does it feel…?

Democrats were complaining that George W. Bush and the evil Republicans stole the election. But how could this be if were are talking about handpicked counties controlled by the Dems, ballot machines maintained by the Dems, and butterfly ballots designed and counted by the Dems? Blacks were said to be disenfranchised. Our votes didn’t matter. But then again, no Democrat complained each time Bill Clinton failed to get the popular vote, but won by the same outdated and obsolete Electoral College.”

Five years later, and liberals show the same contempt for our intelligence by insisting that every election since 2000 has been an exercise in black disenfranchisement by Republicans. Democrats have been using blacks since they’ve worked in the cotton fields, and it would appear nothing would change in the near future.

Blacks, like most people, want a better education for our kids, and that is what black Democrat candidates pledge every election year. And after they get elected, we say fine, now we want our vouchers. These same politicians (who wouldn’t be caught dead sending their own kids to a public school) then say no. Instead, they break into the “mend it, don’t end it” script that uses the resistance and money of teachers unions to keep things the way they are. But yet, we embrace them.”

I would be willing to bet the number of poor people receive vouchers to send their kids to a better school has not increased in five years. Democrats use “the children” whenever they can. As predicted, 95% of cigarette settlement money designated to fund anti-smoking programs right here in liberal Massachusetts, has been redirected by the liberal legislature to the general fund. Are we really surprised?

Teachers unions care only about teacher salaries, thus union dues. Ever notice that any item in an education budget can be changed. We can reduce the money allocated for books, sports, and music, but all hell breaks loose if you mess with a teacher salary. Sure, they can help out when necessary and give up a couple of school days’ pay, but they are the first to call for a strike vote and screw the children.

Maybe liberals send their kids to private schools because most don’t have a teacher’s union within, thus there are no strikes that ultimately screw the children.

Hollywood liberals love to bash Republicans and religion in public and in their media. Christians, in particular. But if these same civil rights minded limousine liberals were to traverse the inner city, they would find more places of worship per square block than anywhere in the world. But their apparent subconscious disrespect for black people is manifest in their glee in insulting all things we consider religious. Yet, we idolize these people, and purchase products from companies and executives that portray black people as Ebonics-talking, hip hop dancing, basketball playing pets. And yet, we embrace them.

Yes, that’s right. I said it. Pets.

If your cat urinates on the carpet, you don’t get mad at the cat because it doesn’t know any better. So when certain black people go astray, liberals in the media find the anointed black “leaders” to tell the world what made them do what they did and blame it on society’s inequities. It’s never our fault. It’s the socio-economic conditions, it’s racism, it’s Reaganomics, and it’s always understandable.”

I stand by those paragraphs I wrote five years ago. Nothing has changed that opinion.

I also found it very telling how a few years ago, these same caring liberals tried to make the correlation between the higher than normal abortion rate in the black community and the national drop in violent crime. The reasoning of some racist white liberals becomes clear. But yet, we embrace them.”

Later, Bill Bennett was crucified for quoting the book “Freakonomics” that basically ratified the liberal observation. Yet Bennett was thrown under the bus to cover what liberals really think. Look up another liberal icon, Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood and devised the Negro Project that would abort a black baby solely because his or her parents were poor. Ms. Sanger argued that would reduce crime. Seems like exterminating black people was an idea worthy of a racist Democrat Party that created the KKK to disenfranchise the black voters they let live.

And nothing will change until we truly, as a people, achieve true full representation. The Republican Party has no reason to reach out to a group of people who tactically call them racists. Until we start electing more black Republicans, nothing will improve in the black community, and we will continue to be at the mercy of those who supposedly represent us now. And the results of that representation (or lack thereof) are obvious to all.”

As I’ve written many times during the last half-decade, until black Democrat officeholders are at risk of losing their own jobs for reneging on their many promises, nothing will ever change in poor communities.

As a wise black woman who defended my run as a Republican once said to my detractors, ‘we need representation everywhere.’ Once we change our sheepish voting habits, we may see change. And then we may have a more positive black history to learn from, where we keep growing as a people. Februarys will be more than the cosmetic celebrations we have now.”

Chances are, in the next five years we’ll see a black and/or a woman president. This won’t make a difference until we as a community wants to change, and we allow society to expect more of us.

As I wrote before, Black History Month must be more than a celebration of events that happened decades ago. We are in a lull. Creating stories of race accomplishments don’t make for a change in our lives. Two black coaches in the Super Bowl (who got there because they were good, not just black) was a diversion.

Until blacks stop depending on the liberal/socialism that will do little to lift them out of poverty, Black History Month will be a celebration of hope denied, a celebration of dreams delayed, and a celebration that makes some feel good at the expense of others.

You know, just as it is now.

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