Julian Bond: Puppet, Parrot, Poverty Pimp

Every few months or so, we have to go through this same evolution. Some “leader” of the NAACP comes out, screams about all the social ills in the black community, fails to make one suggestion, blames every Republican in sight and outs all black conservatives as sell outs and worse.

Well, pardon me if I fire back.

According to a piece by Tom Kertscher of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “NAACP Chairman Julian Bond bashed President Bush and other conservatives Sunday, warning they have tried to seduce black clergy, created “fraudulent” civil rights organizations and backed federal judicial nominees who come from a “dim and gloomy legal netherworld where few Americans wish to dwell.”

Now just how have conservatives seduced black clergy? Bond is assuming that black preachers are just too damn stupid to differentiate an alternative position from a hustle. As I try and put a little consistency to my retort of Bond’s ravings, I will ask one simple question to him and the NAACP: what have you fixed lately?

“Officially kicking off the NAACP’s 96th annual convention, its first in Milwaukee, a fiery Bond told delegates they have won great accomplishments but must continue to fight widespread discrimination.”

Maybe the NAACP has won some significant battles in the past, but they haven’t done much lately, as they are led by sidestepping scandal-plagued leadership, and questionable tax-exempt status, that is if you believe as they claim that the NAACP is non-partisan, thus worthy of that status.

And while continuing the fight is admirable, it would seem the present-day NAACP is fighting more for relevance since the message of “blame Republican whitey” is starting to fall on deaf ears, and it would appear the only people who will lose out are the very people who draw on an NAACP paycheck.

“Bond explained his reference to the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation later in the speech, saying it is among entities that fund what he called “fraudulent” civil rights organizations.

He charged that the organizations appear to back civil rights but push school vouchers, use legal means to assault affirmative action and try to redraw political boundaries in hopes of preventing people of color from being elected to office.”

What exactly is a “fraudulent” civil rights organization? One that seeks to solve it’s own area’s issues without flying in a Julian Bond or Jesse Jackson to get the mass media involved for purpose of self-aggrandizement, and leaving the problems in that area worse? It amazes me how people like Bond and Jackson can take any unfortunate, yet manageable incident and create near race-riots through incendiary rhetoric, just to get on a plane and leave when the television cameras move on.

Now unless you receive donations and support from teacher’s unions, what would anyone have against vouchers and the notion that if public schools don’t get better, parents should have the choice to get their kids the hell out of them. NOT ONE member of the Congressional Black Caucus on Capitol Hill sends their own kid to a public school. Why can’t everyday folk have the same option? Is Mr. Bond waiting to get permission from the union leadership?

Affirmative Action again…. I even saw a David Chappelle skit where he, a recipient of a seriously large contract and one who’s called the funniest man on television (which really isn’t saying much nowadays), said he’s still for Affirmative Action and also wants his reparations.

I’ve written this into the ground. If you believe that all white people are racists (except the one’s you know) and will always sabotage the careers of black people, then you’re probably for Affirmative Action. If you believe that all people should be able to compete equally, and if you’re black and humiliated knowing that everyone at your workplace (despite your qualifications) believes you’re an Affirmative Action hire and weren’t qualified to take your job in the first place, then you’re probably against it.

Based on the rhetoric from people like Bond, do you blame them?

And to the winner goes the spoils. I guess Bond is trying to tell me Democrats have NEVER attempted to redraw districts to their advantage to aid more Democrats being elected. But when Republicans do so, there is always a racist component involved, right Mr. Bond?

“Such organizations have had black “hucksters” on their payrolls for 20 years, said Bond to thunderous applause. “Like ventriloquist dummies, they speak in their puppet master’s voice, but we can see his lips moving,” he said.”

I guess I must be missing out because I haven’t been paid one hundred thousandth the money Bond gets paid for inciting racial division. I wish I was on a payroll, but I do this because it’s become something of a calling. And Bond needs to join the 21st Century. I don’t know of anyone except for old men who use the word “huckster.”

The “ventriloquist dummies” thing must be referring to people like me and other outspoken black conservatives. That being the case, I’d invite you to look up previous speeches by Julian Bond and his predecessors. You’ll see they say the same thing, over and over again like the very dummy he calls us.

In those speeches, look for a solution. Like the liberal master he parrots, there are only complaints, but never a solution. A solution could conceivably put hucksters like Bond out of work, and we can’t have that, right?

“He gave special importance to the continuing battle over Bush’s judicial nominees, especially a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, saying the high court needs another independent-minded justice like her. Too many Bush nominees to federal judgeships have made rulings that hurt the civil rights movement, he said, calling newly named federal appeals court judge Janice Rogers Brown “the female Clarence Thomas.”

Too many Bush nominees to the federal judgeships have made rulings that hurt the civil rights movement…. Like what, Mr. Bond? The University of Michigan case that upheld Affirmative Action so white students could have black students there as study aids? Read the opinion, Mr. Bond. You got what you wanted….

“Bond recalled that some people had hoped the conservative Thomas would change after being put on the Supreme Court. “He did change, he got worse,” Bond said.”

He got worse…. How so, Mr. Bond? Or has only your hatred of him gotten worse?

“He also credited recent National Association for the Advancement of Colored People efforts for accomplishments such as a law reducing school class sizes in Florida and restoring in Pennsylvania voting rights for felons who have completed their sentences.”

Voting rights for felons; now that’s something to be proud of, especially when those felons overwhelmingly vote Democrat….

“The former Democratic Georgia state senator blasted the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate for failing to hold a roll call vote on a resolution apologizing for failing to enact an anti-lynching law first proposed 105 years ago. He named eight Republican senators who did not co-sponsor the resolution, saying, “If a United States senator in 2005 cannot apologize for that, what outrage is deserving of an apology?”

Now Bond calls people like myself fronts for the Republican Party. I contend he is a front for Democrats. And as far as apologies go, what would Bond say to lawyer E. Faye Williams who said she’ll not rest until the Senate’s oldest office building no longer carries the name of former Senator Richard B. Russell, Georgia Democrat, who led a filibuster for six days to block one of the anti-lynching bills in 1935?

In the finest tradition of a political parrot, Bond failed to tell those black Democrats he was addressing that history blames the Democrats for blocking any attempt to outlaw lynching until the practice died out on it’s own.


“Bond did praise U.S. Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), who told the convention he would introduce legislation extending provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that are due to expire in 2007. Bond said the most important provision requires certain jurisdictions – most of them in the South – to get “pre-clearance” from the U.S. Justice Department before making changes in voting time, place or manner.

“Anybody who claims that voting rights are now secure only has to look to Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004,” Bond said, referring to razor-thin margins in back-to-back presidential elections in those states.”

Remember my last column about middle fingers? Not that Sensenbrenner would ever use it, but why piss the man off now, right?

Bond is still using the script given him by the DNC about the problems in black polling places. Using logic as I try and do, who runs those polling places? Are Republicans able to just waltz in and tell people who can and can’t vote? Are Republicans able to just waltz in and lose ballots and tell workers there when to open and close the doors?

The answer is no, but then again, Bond assumes that all black people are stupid and if he just recites the approved script from the DNC, he’ll continue to receive the prominence he craves, and the paycheck he’s grown accustomed to.

As long as black people attend the lousy public schools in the hood managed by Democrats and teacher’s unions, listen to rap music created by Hollywood and New York liberals that steals the souls of their young listeners, have an overwhelming out-of-wedlock birthrate that makes a government social worker drool, there will be no solutions offered from people like Julian Bond.

That makes him the Democrats’ puppet, parrot, and poverty pimp… all in one.