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No matter how many times our opponents dub themselves the “benevolent”, “tolerant”, and “compassionate” ones, their words speak for themselves. Although the left claims I’m paid handsomely to write conservative propaganda (and I’m not paid at all), unlike the media, I sometimes publish the emails of those who disagree with my opinions.

The following are some of the hundreds of messages sent after my Monday morning appearance on “CNN Daybreak.” These are apparently representative of the thinking of some of the news outlet’s audience…. Please note: Again, I did not say “all.”

Saw you on C-span. I guess the neo-cons must keep you on retainer for whenever George needs a Nigger in the woodpile. I am lily white and what I saw in New Orleans made me ashamed to be an American. People starving and dying of thirst, right in front of the cameras. The old and very young laying in shit while George plays golf or Condi shops on 5th Av. While FEMA is turning away relief workers, supplies, and rescuers from the city. FEMA also cut emergency phone lines to the city. What we saw was attempted genocide of the poor people of New Orleans, their only crime is that they were squatting on some very, expensive and desirable land.

I didn’t think modern day Uncle Toms exsisted in such a prevalent form.

I saw you on CNN and was disgusted at what an Uncle Tom you are. I found your comments laughable in that they had no basis in reality. Obviously, you’ve never heard the music of Kanye West. He is a hip-hop artist in the tradition of KRS1, the Roots, and Common. These rappers are true poets of the spoken word who rarely curse, never degrade women and are rather impressive musicians. But you don’t see that because you are so wrapped in self-hatred that you stereotype your own people….

To that emailer, as far as Kanye West never degrading women…

Always said if I rapped I’d say somethin’ significant
But now I’m rappin’ ’bout money, hoes, and rims again

–– Kanye West lyric

I know I’m an “oldhead”, but is “ho” a complimentary term nowadays? Pardon the interruption….

That is pathetic and sad. I’m not saying you have to prefer Kanye to Kenny Chesney, but if you are going to speak on air as a pundit, you should have some knowledge of what you speak. Which brings me to my second point. You are so blind to the right-wing lie that all racism is gone forever, that you once again spoke of what you no nothing. You said on air that Jesse Jackson was making insindiary remarks. Such lies. He expressed outrage at the slow response, but did not name race as a determining factor. You would have known that if you’d seen him speak. You would have known that he spoke about global warming and class to some degree. But never did he “cry racism.” Not even as the reporter goaded him. I hope you have no children. I especially hope you have no sons.

Too late….

Hi Mr Parks,
I was listening to you this morning on CNN and I wanted to know what is wrong with you. I cant believe you have the nerves to question to Rev Jesse Jackson motives. How can you a Black man sit there and dont think this has something to do with Race and Class. Of course, nothing surprises me, you are a black republican.

Mr. Parks wake up and smell the coffee. Your interveiw on CNN this morning was discussing. Because you probably made it out of proverty and makeing six figures, your conception of when a black youth or adult who never stole a thing in their lives, stole food and water for their famalies to stay alive they are bad people. Face it your buddies in the White House screwed up big time. That’s why the world even the Republicans who live and have your same veiws cannot damage control what happen with Katrina. I really feel sorry for the Republican party because you all realize and know that your leader is not qualified and its truly SAD. He started a war and the sole reason was for oil. You know it, I know it and anybody with a operational brain know it.

I wish you had been stuck in New Orleans with these people so you could have sat there and waited six days on a roof top for help. I know you wouldn’t have looted any stores, no you are an American and you don’t loot if you are hungry. Your mother raised you to repect the law. She raised you to hate black people too, right. I hope she is proud of her son, the one who hates his own people some much he never misses an opportunity to attack them. I know she is proud of her perfect son who has never made and mistake in his life. Proud because he earned every break he got because all whites love blacks and there is no racism in America. It’s not like there is a organization called the KLu Klux Klan in American.

All these lazy black niggers have to do is work and they will have everything the perfect white people have right, Bob. Yes, Bob, I said Niggers, that’s because that what they are right? Only a lazy nigger would stay in New Orleans and wait for a huricane to destroy the life as they knew it, right. I’m sure your mother taught to the blame those less fotunate than you. I’m sure Jesus didn’t feed the masses because they were hungry right. I don’t know what bible you mother used to raise you, but I’d like to read it. I certainly hope she tells everyone she knows you are “her” son and she is very proud of the things were say and write. You know everything and anyone who disagrees is just a liberal and doesn’t care about the best interest of blacks. I’m sure if you mother went to a Klan rally and told them she was your mother, they’d bake here a cake, right, Bob. She’d be welcomed with open arms, right Bob. Maybe he could take you kids to the rally with her, Bob. They’d be welcome too, after all the are Bob’s kids right. He hates blacks too, so they wouldn’t hurt Bob Park’s kids right? If you are interest in going to a Klan rally, just go to Google and type “KKK” and they will direct you to the next rally.

I hope you go to one at night way out in the woods so you can tell them you are just like them. You might get one word out “HELP”. But if you have to wait for six days don’t worry Bob, help is on the way.

Bob, you are a sad sad man. You sit the confort of you home and office and write such hateful things about people who have lost everything. God is watching you Bob and I’m sure he doesn’t like what he sees. You obvious hate you own race and are using this to your advantage like Justice Clarence Thomas. You are not different that Jessie Jackson, you’re just he opposite side of the same coin. He uses race to further himself and so do you. You speak to a white reader who wants to find things wrong with Blacks. Jessie speaks to Blacks who want to find things wrong with Whites. For a Black man in America to come out and attack his own race at a time like this is unexcusable. You should be asshamed to call yourself black or even and American. No American should be trying to find blame with them people who suffered for days after the storm for no good reason. Yes, there was some looting, but some of it was justified. If Mr. Bush had and the government had responded in a timely manner maybe they would be taking food and water or clothing.

Dear Mr. Parks:
Having just listened to your so-called “debate” on CNN Daybreak I feel sorry for you. Why is it that blacks such as yourself who have fled the grips of poverty are so quick to judge those less fortunate? You should be ashamed of yourself f for the comments that you made on national tv just moments ago about blacks in New Orleans who are undoubtedly going through some form of post traumatic stress. You are no more of an expert on the behaviors of blacks than Jesse or Al and I find your comments just as damaging if not more damaging than their lopsided liberal views.

Since when have blacks had any control over what is broadcast about us be it positive or negative? While I am sure that there was criminal activity taking place during the aftermath of Katrina I cannot even begin to imagine what you or I would have done under the same circumstances. Oh, sorry I forgot you are a law abiding black citizen but the women with children and babies who needed diapers; milk, a change of clothing, etc are the real criminals. You were not there, I was not there, Carolyn Costello was not there so how is it possible that any of our interpretations of the televised “looting” should become the reality for all to consider when in fact it is just your perception? Shame on you, Mr. Parks and others like you (regardless of the color of their skin) who feel such disdain and disgust for those who do not live according to your values.

Regarding your interview on CNN, if you believe that white racism is a result of the images of Blacks portrayed by the media and the stereotypes that have been acted out in New Orleans, you are either in denial or merely an idiot. Racism is not a result of white perceptions of black behavior–white people don’t like us simply because we’re black. Whites who are bigots or racists equally dislike the black doctor who lives with his nuclear family in an upscale neighborhood and the black welfare recipient who abandoned his family and lives in a ghetto. That’s what racism is. Assumptions about blacks are based on ill-conceived notions rather than actual facts. Bigots see no difference, Bob, between a fine upstanding gentleman such as yourself and a gang-banger. As for your sarcastic comments regarding Kanye West, if white politicians such as David Duke can run campaign platforms grounded in racist rhetoric and have their rights protected, why can’t West make whatever statements he pleases? What happened to the First Amendment? I’m willing to bet West’s comments were based on his experiences as a Black American to a greater extent than are any racist’s comments or even yours, since you seem to have forgotten what you are. Thanks so much for adding your divisive voice to the discourse. You have done more to reassure and justify white America than any unfortunate victim of Katrina. But, hey, good thing the hurricane came along–otherwise you might have been perceived by whites as just another nigger.

Bob Parks,

The comments you made on CNN this morning about “The people who were raping women inside of the Astro-Dome were more inspired by Kanye West and his peers than PResident Bush… ” was about as absurd and ridiculous as saying “The people who lynch black in the south are more influenced by Kenny Chesney and his peers than Kanye West”. Mr. PArks, I can assure you that Kanye does not create rape inspiring music. His current hit is a reverse play on a Ray Charles Classic and not rape inspiring. He’s made top 40 pop hits in the hip-hop genre about Jesus, Materialism’s expression of insecurity, and conflict diamonds in Sierre Leone. That’s just plain fantasic, and has to be looked upon with a level of respect that you’ve denied Mr. West.

Another brief interruption….

Now even though I went to college and dropped out of school quick
I always had a Ph.D.: a Pretty Huge Dick
Ladies tired of gettin’ ripped off by guys like this
And givin’ head is like a whale, using the toothpick’

–– Kanye West lyric

But I was wrong about Kayne West. What was I thinkin’…?

You may not like the comments he made about Bush, but… Kanye is expressing frustrations about why Bush stayed on vacation and was unable to get aide to disadvantaged blacks as promptly as he was able to aide people on the opposite side of the globe. It was frustrating to watch. Honestly though, I’m not here to defend Kanye’s politics, I’m here to defend his music. It’s absolutely wrong to mkae the kind of statement you did about Kanye’s music. Bob, give kanye a chance. If you can listen to either of his albums and find rape inspiring words? I’ll come and be a coffe/donut runner/errand boy for you for a month. Kanye is a cut above,wether you like his politics or not… It’s wrong, wrong, wrong to generalize him into the pot with all rappers. Rap is a vast and varrying genre. I urge you to give the man a serious listen, please. Peace.


If my manager insults me again I will be assaulting him
After I fuck the manager up then I’m gonna shorten the register up
Let’s go back, back to the Gap
Look at my check, wasn’t no scratch
So if I stole, wasn’t my fault
Yeah I stole, never got caught

–– Kanye West lyric

I’m still not impressed.

Your opinions are without merit. You speak about African-Americans as if you are wearing a mask; with another face under it. The challege for you is to leave the comforts of your home, including all your money, go down to New Orleans and walk through those slimy waters, wait four days for food or water,wear the same dirty clothes for weeks. See if someone will recognize Bob Parks now ; I wonder how you will be treated. Until you agree to walk in another man’s shoes, you do not speak for us. I do not agree with J.Jackson on all issues but he shows up and is not a coward. All formulas work on paper; put down your paper & pen, you are out of touch. Please do not insult our intelligence just to gain fame and fortune. We have too many Black Experts and Religious Leaders exploiting our race.

Fame? Fortune? What MONEY…?

I’ve never claimed to speak for “all” black people as I don’t believe we should be the only ethnic group in America that needs to have unelected leaders.

Mr Parks,
I listened to your interview with Carole Costello on CNN just a few minutes ago. I am neither black or poor, but I think I can at least understand the situation a little better than you. The most looting we saw occurring was for food, water, diapers and formula. I would not call that looting, but rather surviving. The teenagers we saw looting for other goods were interviewed. Some of their comments were such as, “We getting up” , “the cops took our shoes, so we get’s us some new ones” , “We’s got nuthin, it’s right we get’s us sumpin now”. All these remarks speak to being poor, a feeling of oppression. Unfortunately, our minorities are the people who are trapped in poverty. If George W. Bush cared about people trapped in poverty, then he would be trying to help the people, not spend billions on trying to hunt for WMD’s or bring democracy to Iraq or whatever else he wants to call it. I can’t understand why any black American would side with the Republicans! What you don’t know is that when you leave the room after meeting with them…they laugh their asses off at the hoodwinking they can do to people like you. My own father, raised in New Orleans, told me that he had to come around to thinking “niggers” were human because you can mate with them, but any child of that union is cursed. Now please, don’t act like racism isn’t real or part of what happened to the people in New Orleans. Where were their fellow white Louisianans who were not affected by the storm? Did you see them rush in to help the people? No! And I won’t even bother telling you what I heard from my white relatives about who “those” survivors were…….I’ll leave it to your imagination!

I listend to you on CNN on tuesday morning and coluld not believe that i was hearing a black man speak….thats right, you are a black man and don,t for-get it because there are people in this country that will remind you. yes there were people (bone heads) as you put it doing bad things. but there were many thousands of brothers and sisters that were (NOT)you seem to not mention that in your uncle tom comments on cnn. WAKE UP!!!! before the people you seem to be trying to please wakes you up.

I just heard the sound bite of your interview with the CNN news anchor this morning, and cannot believe what i just heard.


While i cannot appreciate each and every opportunity for OUR people to play the “race card” so-to-speak. I can not and, will not stand by and listen to your mindless dribble downing OUR people.

You are the prime “white on the inside, black on the outside” kind of nigger.”

Mr. Parks,
I was listening to you on CNN this morning. I find your comments to be quite sad and more inflammatory than J. Jackson… You have been massaged by the system and have clearly lost touch with reality. Have you listened to a Kanye West record before?? Be careful in attacking rappers as the messages in his music are quite different from !˜gangsta rap’. Ever heard !˜Jesus Walks?’ I do not think any of his lyrics (encouraging sistas to step up and smarten up) would encourage rapping black women.

Your opinions are dangerous and lack insight, history and compassion. If Jesse Jackson and other Black leaders should not rush to judgement, than neither should you.

I do believe that incompetence played the biggest part of this disaster, but it’s sad that you played the race card this morning while placing blame on others… Wake up my friend!”you, yourself are a political machine!

Know that you are not helping the situation by making the comments you are making, you are doing exactly what works against us to divide us even further.

You Bob Parks in my opinion are in every sence of the word a NIGAR,how dare you!!!!!!! You even sound white,how far up the Bushes asses do you need to get?? You are a digrace to anyone with a suntan much less black!!!!!!!!!

There I said it!!!!!!!!”


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