"Negro, Please…."

The responses to my latest piece on Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman are coming in fast and furious.  I guess I should be happy the real n-word has be “retired”, because those who seem to hate it the most, might use it first.

Again, I’m a sellout, time to shine the shoes, I’ve been paid off by whitey, and worse. Fine. I stick my neck out, this is what I expect.

“Negro, please….”

But remember, the original point of my column was that Amy Goodman exploits Blacks for her own notoriety. I choose my words carefully.

Amy Goodman is a millionaire. IF she cared about The Jena 6 as she claims, instead of interviewing one of the boys while he’s ironing his pants, she would have early on cut a check for all the boys’ bond. She could have found them all great legal representation. She obviously knows the right people. She could have singlehandedly spared these boys the injustice they are going through now, while simultaneously calling massive media attention to the situation there.

Instead, she interviews a young Black boy who calls her “ma’am”, while he irons his pants.

“Negro, please….”

Goodman’s Democracy Now! expose is more important and if young Black boys rot in jail, there’s the follow up programs. But she is not alone here.

Where’s Jesse Jackson? We all know he’s got bank. Why is there this website explaining what happened in the past and present? Why are they still asking for donations? Why did Jesse let these boys sit in jail and not get them proper legal representation?

“Negro, please….”

Where’s Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte? They hang out with Hugo Chavez and denounce America as a racist nation. A nation so racist it made them millionaires. How come they can’t help some poor brothers out?

“Negro, please….”

Where’s Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry, Chris Rock, and all the rich, white-guilt liberal know-it-alls who decry racism at every opportunity, yet didn’t lift a fucking finger to open their own checkbooks and send those young boys home months ago? And I’m the boot-licking Uncle Tom?

“Negro, please….”

Tell you what. I’m nowhere near rich… yet. Hopefully one day. And when that day comes, should I see injustice being performed by racist district attorneys, I will not sit on my hands and “call attention” to the situation. I will go, cut a check, and put my money where my mouth is. Those of you who know me, know I will.

That’s the difference between a conservative and a liberal.

That’s the difference between a true activist and exploiter. I know the difference.

Remember that the next time you say, “Negro, please….” I just may be helping you. Then again, you could wait for Amy.

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