The Dean Slime On Fox News Sunday

If you get a chance, check out the video of Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace. Among other things, he accused Republicans of race-baiting (à la Willie Horton), John McCain of having a personal religious acquaintance as acidic as Reverend Wright, and the Fox news department of being “shockingly biased” (without citing one example).

WALLACE: The left wing of your party is in a snit over all these Democrats appearing on Fox. In fact, the head of had this to say about Democrats on Fox. “It legitimizes a right wing network that is going to use that credibility to smear them in the general election.” He and the head of the Daily Kos are using words about you guys showing up here as weak, idiotic, stupid. How do you respond to the left wing?

DEAN: What I’d say is this: we stayed off Fox for a long time because your news department is, in fact, biased. But, Chris, you haven’t been. You’ve always been tough, but I always thought fair and I still think that’s true. And we need to communicate with people who are going to vote in the Democratic Party. Hundreds of thousands of Republicans have turned their back on their own party to vote in the Democratic primaries in the last six months. We owe it to our — to all the American people to reach out to those folks. This is not about Fox News. That’s not why I’m here today. I’m out because I want to talk to your viewers directly about why this election is important and what we can offer the American people.

WALLACE: Let me ask you, and obviously it’s always about the millions of people who watch these shows. Looking back, do you think it was a mistake for the Democratic Party to boycott Fox debates and all the other programs during the last year and thereby boycott getting your message out to the millions of people who watch?

DEAN: No, I think it was the right thing to do, because there are some things in the news department that have really been shockingly biased and I think that’s wrong and I just say so right up front. It is important also for us — we shouldn’t punish the viewers of Fox by staying away. Now those viewers have had an opportunity to look at the debates on other channels, now they’re going to have an opportunity viewing on this channel and I think that’s fair.

I don’t want to sound overconfident prior to the November election, but why do we fear these people?

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  1. Mauser

    “Hundreds of thousands of Republicans have turned their back on their own party to vote in the Democratic primaries in the last six months.”

    and he thinks that this means they’re in his side? Bwahahaha! With leadership like that, McCain has it in the bag. Of course, he needs all the help he can get.


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