Sacrilege Alert: Lucas Remaking Star Wars 4-6?

I know he made the original movies, and they were fun and less dark, but is George Lucas going too far?

I can appreciate the Jedi fighting-skill drop-off concern between Episode Three and Four, but as Master Lucas has inserted politics into the plots in lieu of the campy action that made the originals so much fun, will he permanently damage his own franchise and alienate the very fans who’s made him as rich as he is?

Some things should be out-of-bounds. Lucas’ “cleaning up” and enhancing of Episodes Four through Six was cool. Remaking them altogether would be a crime.

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  1. Cameron

    The Clone Wars DVDs that are out are worth the investment. The animation is excellent and the story pacing is excellent.

    Sadly, I liked it better than 1-3.

  2. khazadman

    I’ve been thinking about and I think it would be great to see a light saber duel on the Death Star II like the one between Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader on Mustafar. I guess I’m just in Wars withdrawal. I just can’t wait for the Clone Wars to hit tv.

  3. Kushin Los

    He should just do 7-9. I wouldn’t pay bad money to see a remake of episodes 4-6.

  4. Mauser

    Han shot First!

    That’s all I have to say about the “Rework”.

    Retroactively making Han a nice guy completely destroyed the character arc of him becoming good by being exposed to Luke (And Leia).

  5. Cameron

    Well, let’s be honest: It’s his franchise and he can do what he wants. But stand by for poor box office stats and complaining about who is at fault for them.

  6. khazadman

    Oh look, an ad for Star Wars costumes at the bottom of the Page. I myself think they should leave them alone. Give us episodes 7-9.


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