What A Vice President Looks Like

While the Obama and McCain campaigns were issuing speeches and statements during the Russian invasion of Georgia, who got the cease-fire job done?

Anyone, anyone?

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Saturday signed the plan for a cease-fire in Georgia that his Georgian counterpart reluctantly agreed to a day earlier, setting the stage for a Russian troop withdrawal after more than a week of warfare.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili signed the deal Friday in Tbilisi after lengthy talks with Washington’s top diplomat, Condoleezza Rice.

You know a Condoleezza Rice-VP slot is not in the Democrats’ best interest when the AP story relegates the cease-fire broker credit to paragraph six.

And I’m not saying this because I’m black. I’m saying this because it would be smart, if not brilliant.

If McCain’s experience counts for anything, hopefully he’s mastered the political art of the bait and switch. While throwing obscure Republican names out there, the one person I predicted years ago that should be somewhere on the ticket, has single-handedly gone into the bear’s den and returned with what the United States (and the world) wanted.

Despite the numerous disses from the left, Condoleezza Rice knows the world’s players and has their respect. I mean, c’mon, how could you not respect a woman who sits down Sunday afternoons and can watch football with any of the guys and know as much (if not more) than the average male fan?

IF McCain is smart, his to-be-named running mate (hint: who we’ve heard may be pro-choice which we’ll have to live with) has been going around the world doing what Obama’s experts could only speculate on.

Condoleezza Rice stock just shot through the roof. Bringing about peace is something the American people can’t discount.

Let’s hope counting is something John McCain hasn’t forgotten how to do.

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  1. SFJ

    Ms Rice was always #1 choice for me. However the Great Ones proclaim that she is too close to W’s admin (I say so what?). Plus, I heard that her real job pref was to be the NFL Commissioner, and I don’t think she is kidding.

    Given that, I’m hoping for Palin! She would be a change to the old white guy establishment picture.

    Speaking of pictures…anyone remember the picture from a few years ago of the Bush Cabinet and the Clinton Cabinet? One was lilly white and mostly guys. The other was as diverse as could be. You guess which was which.

  2. Doo

    I don’t want a leader that will reach across the aisle either. That is one of the things I loved about Reagan, he convinced the others that he was right, and the dems went with him. the one example of reaching that he did was the illegal immigrant deal he made. He reached out and got burned. Just as McCain may soon have happen.

  3. lpswampy

    I would just love to see Condoleezza Rice on the ticket with McCain. I’ve heard she wants to retire and go back to Stanford, but I pray that she will serve is McCain is smart enough to ask her to.

  4. thekingtut

    But with the leadership the other side has, I don’t see that happening. They forbid dissent.

  5. thekingtut

    I don’t want a leader who will reach across the isle. I want a leader who can convince our opponents that ours is the right way and they decide to reach out to us.

  6. Doo

    I hope that this will be McCain’s VP. I don’t know if she is liberal enough for him though. Doesn’t really reach across the isle as apparently all of us want politicians to do.

  7. thekingtut

    Brilliant, loves sports, especially football, and, being the shallow kind of guy that I am, kinda easy on the eyes.


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