Obama: Win Or Lose

I’m not sure we’ve seen a generational shift like the one we’re experiencing today. As far as my limited perspective goes, the next generation takes control and life goes on. However, things are looking quite different as this whole Obama phenomenon plays itself out. This incoming generation is exhibiting the humility of a lion in a field of goats.

This election is all about the “change” and “hope” they tirelessly recite, but can’t define. It’s all about their future. But what happens if they get their way and Barack Obama becomes the President of the United States? And even more ominous, what happens if they don’t get their way?

Things could get ugly on a grand scale.

If Barack Obama wins
We all understand the historical significance of witnessing the election of the Second Black President. This would indeed trump the World Series victory of the Boston Red Sox after 100+ years of the Curse of the Bambino. This would trump the victory of the USA Olympic Hockey Team over the Red Army. In fact, there is nothing we’ve witnessed in our lifetimes that would surpass this.

Now what occasionally happens when a city’s team wins a championship?

We have riots. There’s looting, hooliganism, vandalism, drunk and disorderliness, assaults, and sometimes injury or death.

And as this wouldn’t be about one single city, can you imagine the potential for nationwide rioting by punks looking for an excuse and now having the greatest of reasons to do so?

Let’s not forget, the people most likely to create mayhem are the youth. Many of them are Obama supporters and not knowing exactly why besides the fact he’s black. As these are the same people who routinely commit a whole range of misdemeanor and/or criminal offenses just to videotape and post them online, I would hope those who maintain the servers at YouTube are ready for a surge of uploads in the hours following an Obama victory.

Remember Seattle when the World Economic Summit brought unruly anarchist destruction of public and private property. Remember the looting that engulfed New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Remember Chicago during the Democrat convention, and no other event has ever had the historical significance (or the excuse to create mass hell) as an Obama election.

Let the “party” begin.

If Barack Obama Loses
We all know what it takes to piss off some in a city. Even congresswomen can instigate a crowd, chanting “No justice, no peace”.

I lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riot which was kind of intense. Everyone was on edge, parts of the city were burning, there was a sunset-to-sunrise curfew, and most people were praying some minor incident didn’t set something off in an adjacent neighborhood.

If Barack Obama loses, the template has already been created.

As of today, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are claiming her nomination was “stolen” from (her and) them. That excuse is now quite typical whenever a liberal loses. Can you imagine what’ll happen if Obama loses? It won’t be because McCain garnered more votes. It won’t be because he was considered more experienced and the American people wanted an adult in the Oval Office. It won’t be because he laid out a more detailed vision for the United States, as opposed to “change”, “hope”, tax the rich and oil companies, and stop the oceans from rising.

It’ll be because white America was too racist to elect a black man. Every vote for McCain will be compared to a baton strike on Rodney King’s upper body. Every Electoral College vote will be like the sting of the lash on the back of every black person in America.

The Man will have won again. The black man will have been put back in his place. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be interpreting this as the need for a new civil rights movement. Rappers will be inspired to created tracks instructing the young to burn down America. Rabid inebriated college students will have yet another reason to work off the binge, while also protesting the inherent American racism their professors preached about for years.

If the videotaped beating of a drunk and stoned black man, apprehended after a high-speed chase, can start a riot in a major metropolitan city, just what do you think could happen if a black presidential candidate is beaten by an old, white, Vietnam vet on national television live?

We are again talking about people we raised, giving them everything they wanted, when they wanted it.

Well, now they want Barack Obama, and whether they get him or not, there may be hell to pay.

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  1. thekingtut

    I have this sneaking suspicion that the dems are going to be in a particularly bad mood this election night Kushin Los.

  2. Kushin Los

    I tend to hang with the Libertarians on election night. Having been expected to lose, they don’t cause problems and while I’m sure some of the posters here might have issues against them, most Libertarians I’ve run into have the good sense God gave man to act like adults (though maybe not always sound like they are. Only allowing your opinions.).

    We also end up with a room in the same hotel as the Republicans where we raid every so often. The Republicans don’t seem to mind as much though.

    All I know is that I don’t want to be near the Democrats or Liberals (in the common definition of the term) on that night. And that is even on their best behavior.

  3. The Machine

    You are not alone, Hoss. I have thought the same things.

    Good and rough times might just be the only way to salvage a generation of vipers, though.

    We are already in Triage.

  4. Hoss

    I’ve said it before, I almost have this sick compulsion in wanting Uhbma to get elected. Yes, I know it totally screw us, that’s why I said “almost.” Because under the hypothetical Uhbama presidency you can see everything in his marxist policies going to complete shit. And all those smug little collegians can get a dose of what’s good for ’em when they start hitting the workforce….what, you don’t like the tax structure that punishes achievement, what you thought people would openly invest in a stock market that offered lots to lose, but little to gain….sorry, has that put the economy in the tank? (side note: a recent study in Japan showed that Japanese college students favored socialist policies at a percentage rate that I believe was around 93%, but shortly after graduation (and job placement) there’s nary one to be found….shocking).

    And the poor people that thought they were going to load up on the taxpayer funded goodies given to them by the Messiah, I wonder how they’ll feel when their quality of life goes down because the Treasury isn’t pulling in so much to fund those goodies. Or, would Barry just decide the middle-class would have to sacrifice some more in the name of social justice. Even the MSM couldn’t smooth-over the carnage he creates.

    Bob’s money though. Either the grievance crowd gets to crow-on endlessly about this racist country that wouldn’t hire an inexperienced hustler with piss-poor judgment, or, the village idiots get to tear it up with some built-in excuse that they’re reveling in their freedom from the jackboot of oppression. Sorry to all the folks living in big cities, you can always call me up to ride the storm out (either way) here in Hamilton County.

  5. Ralph Short

    I think you said it all on this issue Bob. My view is our best hope is that by November or even earlier, hopefully, the charade will be over. The marxist nature of Obama and for that matter the bulk of the democratic party leadership will be exposed, the failure to speak plainly and answer questions directly will be visible to all but a few, the constant whining of the leadership “the race was lost because Republicans……..”, (anyone can fill in the blanks), will finally convince a large majority of people this is not the “change” we were looking for.

    If it is close, and he loses, then we will have the “usual suspects” back on the streets. I wonder if Ayers and Pfleger will have the guts to show their face or will they continue hiding behind “academia” and “church”. I know Wright won’t be on the frontlines considering he just moved into his mansion.

    Well, two out of three being arrested and sent to jail would not be too bad would it?


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