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Latest update: May 10, 2018 at 1:46pm EST 

Americans released by North Korea thank Trump in statement
Yet another accomplishment the intelligent punditry promised would never happen
Don Jr. moving on from Vanessa with Fox host Kimberly Guilfoyle
From former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom to a Trump. Guilfoyle targets another big fish

With that, a song for Don Jr. is in order
Chicago – Something in This City Changes People

Mattis: U.S. Left Nuclear Deal Due to Iranian Military Aggression, Missile Testing
Democrats attack ‘grave mistake’ as Trump pulls out of Iran nuclear deal
Flashback: Which 25 War-Mongering House Democrats Just Voted against the Iran Deal?
If you can bash something you voted against, just how dumb do you think your supporters are?
Isis: Trump says five ‘most wanted’ leaders captured
Khomeiniist Regime tries to smuggle thousands of Dollars in cash, to Iraq, to promote their favorite Iraqi puppet
The regime John Kerry believes we should be working with
The case for Gina Haspel as CIA director
John McCain calls on Senate to reject CIA nominee Gina Haspel
If he’s going to stay away from the job, he should just shut up…
New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian Trump Dossier
McCain defends giving dossier to Comey: ‘I would do it again’
Then again, we are talking John McCain
Michael Cohen Fights Back! The Lawyer Of Stormy Daniels Confuses Trump’s Lawyer With Other “Cohens.”
Cohen lawyer blasts Avenatti over report on finances
Treasury watchdog probing how Stormy Daniels lawyer got Cohen’s bank records
Attention-whore Michael Avenatti may have gone too far
Cohen, touting his access to President Trump, convinced companies to pay millions
Clinton Foundation gets another $5.5m from NZ taxpayers
Embattled N.Y. AG Let Clinton Foundation Skip Naming Foreign Donors
This is a big deal while overlooking years and millions of dollars of influence-peddling around the Clinton Foundation
Trump signs executive order to expand employment opportunities for military spouses
The Obamas talked about empowerment of spouses. Trump’s done something about it
Israel Strikes ‘Dozens’ of Iranian Targets in Syria in Response to Golan Heights Attack
Russia unlikely to limit Israeli actions in Syria – Netanyahu
Here we go…!

Samantha Bee Rips Into Former ‘Full Frontal’ Guest Eric Schneiderman After Allegations
Bee edited her YouTube segment title and description, admitting to be duped. She has a show
Eric Schneiderman Falls. Trump Allies Gloat. Democrats Seethe
Schneiderman, again, gives #MeToo the new meaning of gross irony
Former CIA officer charged with conspiring to spy for China
Gorka: FBI agent told me ‘7th floor views Trump as enemy’
A very thorough house cleaning is long past due
Women candidates dominate Democratic primaries amid ‘pink wave’ movement
Waves eventually fade
Nunes sought all documents on person described as longtime intelligence source
Nunes, Gowdy invited to DOJ for classified briefing after document demands
Isn’t it amazing what happens once that “impeachment” word gets tossed at the “career”
Santa Clarita opposes California’s ‘sanctuary’ law, the first city in L.A. County to do so
The left wanted a #resistance
Father arrested at gunpoint by ICE officers with riot shield
An illegal “father”
GOP efforts to move forward with Wisconsin judge riles Dems
With Brennan’s Confirmation, One in 10 Judges on U.S. Courts of Appeals Now a Trump Pick
Making America Great Again!
Imam Says He Wants to Make Austria an Islamic State and Introduce Sharia Law
But isn’t this what they all want?
Minnesota Piñata Maker Tries to Explain Culture to Outraged Community ‘It’s Unfortunate That Many Were Offended’
What were ya thinkin’?
Billionaire Tom Steyer bringing case to impeach Trump to Denver
Using his money to overturn the election
NYU crash course in undocumented student education crosses the bridge into RU
Training students to empathize with illegals
South Carolina’s state utility paid bonuses to private execs
Getting paid for under-performance. Why is this not a surprise?
Ryan Meets with Priest he Ousted as House Chaplain, then Reinstated
Kind of reflects on the Speaker’s dismal term of leadership

March 22, 2018 at 12:19pm EST 

NPR: President Trump Congratulates Putin On Re-Election
CNN: Why Trump won’t call Putin’s election win a ‘sham’
NY Times: Trump Congratulates Putin, but Doesn’t Mention Meddling in U.S.
Politico: Trump congratulates Putin after election branded a ‘sham’
Flashback: Obama congratulates Putin for election “win”
How many educated liberals still don’t know about this?
Sen. John Kennedy on the Omnibus: ‘This Is a Great Dane-Sized Whiz Down the Leg of Every Taxpayer’
Jim Jordan on Omnibus Spending Bill: ‘I Hope the White House’ Vetoes It
ObamaCare Bailout: Will Republicans Betray Their Voters?
Is this a trick question?
The military is ‘lowest of our low,’ a teacher told his students. He was just fired.
VA Reforms Removed from Massive Spending Bill
When there are no cameras available to catch all those “Thank you for your service” from politicians, pundits and nonprofit leeches, few really give a shit about veterans
Sorry: Facebook was never ‘free’
Mark Zuckerberg tells CNN he is ‘happy to’ testify before Congress
Zuckerberg: “I’m Really Sorry This Happened”
He’s really sorry that he may have to publicly testify, thus revealing to the world how little about tech he really knows
How McConnell and Chao used political power to make their family rich
Mitch should have never been reelected and Elaine was just an affirmative #Swamp hire
Border Patrol Agents Refuse To Turn Over Wanted Felons Because Of California’s Sanctuary Laws
Obama directive easing school discipline for minority students fueling classroom chaos
Leaked Audio Reveals Broward Co. Teachers Planning to Illegally Storm the White House
Arrest them all. Not like they do much good back in their classrooms
DOJ: Inspector General Examining Whether McCabe Was Promised Promotion to FBI Director by Hillary Clinton
“Small Group” under Andrew McCabe Coordinated Investigations of Incoming Trump Officials
It would be interesting to know who this FBI investigated just because they could?
Was The Mueller “Investigation” Actually Created By The Russians? It’s Starting To Look That Way
Dershowitz: Trump is right: The special counsel should never have been appointed
This whole thing is starting to collapse around Hillary and the Democrats
Why Nobody Cares About Stormy Daniels
He was a Democrat then and unlike Bill Clinton assaults and rape, Trump’s encounters were consensual
One chef’s social experiment: Charge minorities $12, white people $30.
Good luck with that!
Biden would ‘beat hell’ out of Trump for disrespecting women
He knows he’ll never have an opportunity to back up his shit talk
DNC Takes Out $1.7 Million Loan, Bringing Total Debt Above $6 Million
Sinking ships don’t create blue waves
Longtime WCVB personality Frank Avruch dies at 89
There was a time when Bozo wasn’t a pejorative
Academic who collected 50 million Facebook profiles: ‘We thought we were doing something normal’
Cass R. Sunstein: Cambridge Analytica Behaved Appallingly. Don’t Overreact.
Sunstein, Samantha Power’s husband, knows what’s coming and it points to Obama
The black Tudors of England: African porter who whipped a white servant is among 350 stories revealing how early immigrants were treated as equals in the Elizabethan era
Uh oh…
‘They could be twins’: photos appear to show Russians voting twice in election
Sounds like Philadelphia
Florida Man Allegedly Shouts ‘Allah Akbar,’ Shoots Wife, Knifes Children, Sets House On Fire
Nothing to see here
Woman Who Crashed Into BSO Substation Facing Arson, Burglary Charges
Woman who intentionally crashed car into police station is devout Muslima – total media blackout
Some local media outlets covering Lasandra Johnson’s antics just left out a small detail
NYC considers making walking and smoking illegal
And make smokers pay even more for their banishment
Student Planning Abortion Protest After School Shooting Walkout
Saving children is an imperative; saving babies is a choice
VIDEO: Dashcam Shows Self-Driving Uber Kill Pedestrian
You decide if this could have been avoided

March 19, 2018 at 10:40am EST 

Meet Lisa H Barsoomian, The Wife of Who???
Flashback: Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey: The Three Amigos from the Deep State
Mrs. Rosenstein’s been squelching inconvenient FOIA requests and defending the Clintons since 1998. Watch for this name in the coming weeks
Comey’s gossip book skyrockets to number one. ‘Fmr spook’ better hold the champagne.
Once the IG report comes out, Comey’s book may have to be moved to the fiction section
President Trump ‘forced staff to sign non-disclosure agreements lasting beyond his presidency with $10million penalty every time it is violated’
Finally, a penalty to be paid for those unsightly leaks
James Kallstrom: “They had a backup plan to basically frame Donald Trump”
‘Deep State’ top brass hand Trump more ammo
Buried: DOJ official says 19 FBI employees were fired for a lack candor in the last year
A second special counsel should be investigating the FBI leaks
Remember, a fed can set perjury traps and ruin our lives; if they get caught lying, it’s ‘lacking candor’
Paedophile grandfather sold children for sex in a Telford ‘rape house’ where perverts queued down the stairs to abuse youngsters
It’s just part of their culture
Diversity Fail? All-Women Engineering Team Blamed for Collapse of Miami Pedestrian Bridge
Weren’t we all told women are just as good as men at math?
Watch: He told cops ‘I’m a fucking judge’ after failed sobriety test. And he beat DWI rap.
Two standards of justice. Makes one wonder just how long this has bee going on?
Congressman suggests Second Amendment as means of opposing Trump
One of Rep. Tom Suozzi’s constituents actually asked “What’s the Second Amendment?” And the left calls Trump voters stupid
Wrecked: Ben Shapiro Destroys Stelter for Denying Media’s Liberal Bias
So sick of the millennial boosting on an unelected “conservative icon”. Stupid online descriptions like “destroys” this or “kills” that
Millennials painful new engagement ring trend makes you wonder if voting age should be raised to 45
This isn’t the only trend that could justify, at least, an IQ test before millennial voting
‘I meant no disrespect’: Hillary admits she ‘upset or offended’ some Americans with comments she made about Trump supporters and white women voting like their husbands
Hillary Clinton to Give a Public Talk At Rutgers University
Is Hillary Clinton using ‘falling’; videos to Escape Uranium 1 and Clinton Foundation Investigation
A sympathy campaign for the wrong victim
Smoking every day can increase psychosis risk, study finds
Oh, puh-leez
Keep the White House away from the IRS
A humorous piece considering the Obama-Lerner IRS targeted conservatives with near impunity and little media outrage
‘I wasn’t like those pretty girls with those nice little noses’: Barbra Streisand, 75, says she has never been sexually harassed and jokes it may be because of her looks
Guess this proves she really did have talent!

‘The Final Year’ Documentary Yields Liberal Meltdown at Hillary Loss
The smiles begin at 1:30 of the trailer…

Deadly Austin bombings were ‘meant to send a message,’ police chief says
To whom, by whom? To be determined…
Democrats offer to hire Andrew McCabe so he could qualify for his pension
Liberals Launch Dozens Of GoFundMe Campaigns For McCabe
Flashback: Two more: 7 FBI officials named in GOP’s ‘texting’ witch hunt have resigned or been fired — so far
Ya think this might create a problem internally…?
Uproar after New Jersey high school allegedly suspends students over gun-range photo
DC moms on a mission set to host students, chaperones with March for Our Lives Lodging
More stupidity coming to DC this weekend
Trump to seek death penalty for some drug traffickers in plan to fight opioid crisis
Remember “Art of the Deal”. Start high and then begin the negotiations
Jim Carrey unveils his VERY unflattering portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Still screaming for relevance
Why Are Black Students Punished So Often? Minnesota Confronts a National Quandary
Social media gives us almost daily examples of the ramifications of fatherless homes
Cops: Female Diners Beat IHOP Worker Bloody
Ah, but were they really all female?
Facebook employs psychologist whose firm sold data to Cambridge Analytica
Edward Snowden: Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as ‘social media’
Flashback: The U.S. Government, Innovation and Data We Can Believe In: Aahh. Everything about Barack Obama has seemed so fresh and original.
In 2009 when Obama was harvesting data for Democrat victories, it was so cool. No one is clean here
D.C. lawmaker says recent snowfall caused by ‘Rothschilds controlling the climate’
Yet another black Democrat publicly displays his stupidity
Airbus wants to bring down a defunct space station with a giant harpoon
Yeah, sure
Stuck in limbo, DACA recipients are consumed with fear and anxiety
Flashback: #DACA Children Blame Americans; Never Hold Parents Responsible
Sorry, this isn’t our problem
Kathy Griffin Is Back: Controversial Comedian Is “So Grateful” Her Carnegie Hall Show Sells Out
Are they going for “comedy” or witness another embarrassing faux pas?

March 15, 2018 at 11:17am EST 

Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade Donate $200,000 to ‘March for our Lives’
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Takes Part in Anti-Gun Die-In Protest– Surrounded by Armed Guards
‘It’s Not Political!’ Whoopi Insists as ‘View’ Fights Over School Walkouts
California students turn violent during anti-gun rally
MPD: Student Carrying ‘Trump’ Flag Assaulted Outside School
Students tear down the American flag during a walkout.
See a pattern?
Parents Argue School District’s Decision to Allow Student Walkout Breaks Law
Establishment Media Ignores All Of The Young NO WALKOUT School Patriots Who Think School Is For Learning Not Far-Left Indoctrination
The beginning of pushback
AP: Trump insists U.S. runs trade deficit with Canada even though he says he “had no idea.”
Fox Business’ Charles Payne sets the Associated Press straight. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology
EU proposes visa restrictions on countries refusing to take back illegal migrants
It was “far right” racism when opponents protest
Obama’s 2012 campaign hired Fusion GPS to dig dirt on Mitt Romney, book claims
Golden shower? Trump dossier authors doubt their most explosive allegation
How many months later….
Trump may be floating a plan to fire Jeff Sessions, potentially jeopardizing Mueller’s Russia probe
Jeff Sessions Cited the WRONG LAW when He Recused Himself… Took Advice From Obama Lawyers
‘I would vote for him every time’: Stormy Daniels’ mother hopes alleged affair doesn’t hurt Trump
Another Trump lawyer signed Stormy Daniels gag-order documents
Where was all this journalistic interest in the wimmin when Bill Clinton was doing and abusing IN the White House?
UniParty At Work – Paul Ryan SuperPac Campaigned to Elect Democrat Conor Lamb
GOP Says Voting Machines ‘Miscalibrated’ in District Lamb Won, Saccone Votes Switched to Lamb
Hopefully more people will take Paul Nehlen’s challenge to Ryan more seriously
Denver Post cutting a third of its newsroom positions: reports
France to sue Google and Apple for ‘abusive business practices’
Progressive havens are toxic
‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Director Ava DuVernay Uses Racism to Explain Away Bad Reviews
Of course it had nothing to do with a story on Christian morality made into a movie with no Christian elements
Feds prosecuting illegal immigrants for enticing relatives to U.S.
Every little bit helps
White House says no temporary deal linking DACA with border wall funding
Lawmaker’s tweet after physicist Stephen Hawking’s death draws criticism
He DOES know the truth now, right? What’s so bad about saying that [sarc]?
Trump finally losing patience with VA Sec. Shulkin
He should talk to more veterans instead of the “career”
Tick, Tick, Tick: Clock Boy’s Lawsuit Just Blew Up
Flashback: The ‘@IStandWithAhmed’ Islamophobe Hoax $et-up
It’s official! Now, go away
FBI Interviewed Uranium One Informant in Clinton Foundation Investigation
Tick, tick, tick…
Florida Teen Accused of Triple Stabbing ‘Inspired by Muslim Faith’
Uh oh

Street Artist Targets Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harvey Weinstein in ‘Twins’-Inspired #MeToo Posters
Too bad Sabo can’t get an NEA grant

Donald Trump Jr. and wife headed for divorce, friends say
Can’t really blame them. Who really foresaw the hatred and pressure the left and their #Swamp is capable of?
Inside the shady private equity firm run by Kerry and Biden’s kids
Crony capitalism is one thing the left does best
Violence Paralyzes Minnesota School District
Somali Muslims against American blacks
Do the laws of Identity Politics compel Sen. Warren to take DNA test?
One would think…
Oxford University will ‘feminise’ its philosophy reading lists to appeal more to women
Remember that when you look at their cost of tuition
Bay Area members of Congress move to protect work permits for H-1B visa holders’ spouses
Note how Democrats go out of their way to assist foreigners while homeless Americans and veterans are hung out to dry
Republic Steel plans restart of plant, bringing back 1K jobs
They’ll be no mention of this on CNN, MSNBC, etc.
Sister of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof made threat, had weapon at AC Flora
Not excusing the pot, but Morgan can’t have been that popular on campus and probably wanted to protect herself
Couple fleeing ICE in Central Valley die when SUV crashes
Whistleblower Says Illegal Aliens Have ‘Taken Over Every Trade’ in CA Construction, Driven Down U.S. Wages
Undocumented immigrant students to rally for access to financial aid
Illegals contribute so much to American society
Man who claimed he burned Natalee Holloway’s remains fatally stabbed in Florida
The karma continues
Killer who gunned down NYPD cops in 1971 to walk free
Progressive justice fulfilled
NSW’s $2 billion new trains are too wide to get through tunnels
Ending today’s SKIM with a joke

March 9, 2018 at 9:19am EST 

Flashback: Trump called Kim Jong Un ‘Rocket Man’ in a tweet. Twitter went ballistic.
Flashback: Trump’s North Korea ‘Fantasy’ Will Never Bring Kim Jong Un To His Knees, Says China
Flashback: How Trump’s North Korea ‘Options’ Could Lead to Nuclear War
Flashback: Donald Trump and North Korea: Big Button, Small President
Senator Lindsey Graham warns Kim Jong Un: If you play Trump it will be end of you and your regime
Kim Jong Un can spin this any way he likes, but Trump has taunted and tortured Little Rocket Man into blinking first and the world can (temporarily) breathe a massive sigh of relief
Maddow Seethes Over Trump Leading Possible Peace Talks With North Korea
The political and media elites who’ve never created or negotiated anything (outside of their contracts) were wrong AGAIN

Tweet of the Day!

Mueller tight-lipped as media leaks shape Russia narrative
Why No Investigation Into FBI, Justice Dept. Collusion With Democrats To Spy On Trump? Turns Out, There Is One
Michael Flynn selling home to pay for legal fees after pleading guilty in Trump probe
Flashback: DOJ-FBI Abuses of Americans: The ‘Career’ Need to Go to Prison
The “career” drools in their ability to destroy lives and that club needs to be turned back on them
Obama Can’t Stop Lying About Guns, As He Touts The Phony ’18 School Shootings’ Stat
He lied and screwed millions out of their health care plans. What’s a few high school students?
A Dramatic Video Shows Border Patrol Agents Pulling An Undocumented Mom Away From Her Screaming Daughters
Border Patrol Arrests Illegal Alien Mother Involved in Smuggling Ring as Her Children Cry
Oh, and that “undocumented Mom” was a smuggler? Sorry, didn’t meet the sympathetic liberal narrative
Poll: Democratic incumbents trail in five Senate races
Media step back from Democrat ‘blue wave’ predictions
They’re supposed to report what happened, not what they privately want
Third-Highest House Democrat Shared Stage With Farrakhan, Now Refuses To Denounce
Flashback: Obama-Farrakhan Pic: Why This Was Only Released Now
Democrat racism is a long tradition that many house Negroes continue to excuse
Former President Barack Obama and wife Michelle are in negotiations for a Netflix series and it WON’T be used to respond directly to Trump or conservative news outlets
More proof how little talent or experience goes into television programming
Anderson Cooper interviews Stormy Daniels for ’60 Minutes’
Still throwing shit at the wall
Disney boss tells shareholders that ‘The View’ star Joy Behar apologized for anti-Christian remarks
Flashback: The View’s Joy Behar: Lying, Groping, Hypocrite
Are they saying Christians are to be feared more than clueless wimmin?
Mexican Presidential Candidate Campaigns In California — Slams Trump And Supports Illegal Aliens In US
And why is Ricardo Anaya Cortés campaigning in the United States?
Promises Kept: Donald Trump Signs Steel and Aluminum Tariffs to Protect Workers
Pay no attention to Speaker Ryan and others who’ve never built anything or bought any metal in bulk outside of Reynolds Wrap
Trump kicked off video game meeting with ‘horrendously violent’ compilation, participant says
Of course, the entertainment industry NEVER assumes responsibility for the content they distribute
Toys ‘R’ Us prepares to liquidate operations: source
The smartphone is now the “toy” of choice
Hiring surge adds 313K jobs in February, most in 1 ½ years
The Trump effect… again
Michael Smith to Leave 6 PM SportsCenter
Few will notice or care
Transgender teen outed by wrestling coach, mom says
‘Some Women Have Penises’: Church of Scotland Launches Transgender Support Guide
The tyranny of the minority continues
Driver electrocuted after ignoring barricade and hitting wires downed in storm
Another lesson to those who believe it would never happen to them

February 17, 2018 at 10:43am EST 

Special counsel Mueller: Russians conducted ‘information warfare’ against US during election to help Donald Trump win
Does Mueller Indictment Mean Clinton Campaign Can Be Indicted for Chris Steele?
Russian indictments prove Trump won fair and square
Robert Mueller still investigating whether Trump campaign colluded with Russia
Top Democrat says Obama shares responsibility for Russia’s meddling
Flashback: The Team Obama-Israeli Election-Meddling Fail
Before we act all shocked and high and mighty, let’s not leave out our government does it too
Feds claim evidence of bank fraud by Manafort: Court filing
Order by New Judge in Flynn Case Raises Possibility Guilty Plea Could Be Thrown Out
Can we see the bank records for all on Mueller’s team? Bet’cha we find something….
Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Andrew Weissmann Busted for Withholding Evidence in Previous Case
New Documents Reveal DOJ, IRS, and FBI Plan to Seek Criminal Charges of Obama Opponents
IRS still paying bonuses to tax cheat employees
CIA Argues The Public Can’t See Classified Information It Has Already Given To Favored Reporters
These “career employees” need to go to jail or this will be done again
FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer Responds to Chairman Nunes and Chairman Goodlatte Request for FISC Documents
Starting to hit a little too close to home?
Vonn unlucky in super-G loss, then she whined about it
Flashback: Lindsey Vonn: ‘I want to represent the US, not Trump’ at Winter Olympics
Trump derangement can be an all-consuming, untimely distraction
Sheriff says office got 20 calls about suspected school shooter in recent years
Multiply this by how many hundreds of troubled students nationwide?

DNC Fundraises Off Florida Shooting
ABC inexplicably links Florida shooting to Trump in ‘turmoil’ over Robert Porter scandal
Never let a good crisis go to waste

These Black Women Launched #WakandaTheVote To Register Voters At ‘Black Panther’ Screenings Everywhere
One question: If black people have such potential of strength in our lineage, what the hell happened and why is sucking up to negligent Democrats (again) “dope”?
Feinstein to introduce bill raising minimum age for rifle purchases
Vice mayor of Broward County calls Trump a ‘hypocrite’ ahead of Florida arrival
‘You killed my kid’: Emotional father screams at the funeral for his ‘princess’ Meadow Pollack, 18, while woman collapses at the service for Alyssa Alhadeff, 14, as Florida starts burying the dead
Did you know this is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ district? Anyone see her lately?
Video of Doral high school security guard pretending to shoot at students surfaces
‘I will bring a gun… be prepared b****’: Girl, 11, is arrested by Florida police for threatening to shoot up a middle school just one day after 17 people were killed in high school attack
5 Dallas-area students arrested in gun or threat incidents a day after Florida school killings
South Carolina HS student who allegedly posted ‘Florida Round 2,’ tells cops it was a joke
Me too!
Trump and first lady visit wounded students in Florida hospital
Will we hear their impressions of the Trumps in contrast to what their teachers told them?

More proof that just because you can do something (Tweet), doesn’t always mean you should

Chuck Schumer’s Approval Rating Hits a 19-Year Low After His Failed Government Shutdown
Trump’s Hawks Won Senate Immigration Debate (By Not Losing)
How many more American lives have been spared?
Grinning Trump gives the thumbs up as he visits victims of Florida massacre in hospital but refuses to be drawn on whether country’s gun laws need to change
For those who demand strict gun laws, let’s use Chicago as the model
‘The View’ responds to Christian backlash after Joy Behar’s attack on Mike Pence. It’s only fanning the flames.
Gore porn in movies, murders nightly on primetime, violent video games, yet entertainment lectures us
Soros Backed Pro-Mass Migration NGO Has Funds Frozen Amidst Sex Abuse, Fraud Claims
EU must break up Google and Facebook’s ‘damaging’ dominance over society warns George Soros as he claims the US is powerless to stop their monopoly
Soros is spending millions to promote his agenda and he’s not getting his money’s worth

Mitt Romney Announces Senate Run With Dig At Donald Trump
Mitt Romney believes the presidency is his birthright and will use any path towards his goal. Deal with it because he WON’T go away

Japan had 20,000 applications for asylum in 2017. It accepted 20
How many terror incidents to they have there?
Rape-accused Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan ‘questioned by police in Paris’
Bush’s State Department banned him from entering the United States. Hillary’s State Department let him in
Most Israelis consider Netanyahu corrupt but he is still climbing in the polls
Maybe they considered him underpaid for keeping them as safe as possible, considering the geography
Seattle panel closing in on plan to fund homeless aid with a business ‘head tax’
How much of that “head tax” will go to fund fat social workers and nonprofits and NOT the homeless?
Dozens of dog food brands mainly owned by Smucker’s are pulled from shelves after investigation triggered by a dead pug found they contained a euthanasia drug used to put down canines, cats, and horses
There was a time when pets ate people food and did just fine

February 7, 2018 at 10:30am EST 

FBI lovers’ latest text messages: Obama ‘wants to know everything we’re doing’
Uh oh…
Texas Democrats Face a Choice Between Principles and Practicality in the Governor’s Race
We’ll see who’s really running the party: Democrats or their #Indivisible, #disrupt, #resist activists
Walgreens will now let customers use bathrooms based on gender identity
You never know who’ll be in the next stall
Luis Gutierrez Threatens to Leave Dem. Caucus if Pelosi Betrays DACA Recipients
Threat or promise?
Scheming, speculation behind scenes as Democrats push intel memo
Carter Page Setup By FBI – He Was FBI Employee – FBI Told FISA COURT HE WAS A RUSSIAN SPY
Carter Page wants to #ReleaseTheMemo
Flashback: Why Were the Democrats So Worried About the Nunes Memo?
President Trump should be fair and #ReleaseTheMemo and let the chips fall where they may
Illegal immigrant deported 44 times in 15 years tops feds’ list
Angel Family Member on Illegal Aliens: ‘They’re Breaking the Law and We’re Supposed to Feel Sorry for Them?’
They get taxpayer-funded housing, healthcare, food assistance, tuition breaks, and that’s still not enough
House Passes Bill to Change Obamacare Nutrition Rules
Should be nicknamed the “Leave us alone” Bill
‘I acknowledged it and I apologized’: Former San Fran mayor now running for California governor says he has ‘learned from’ his 2007 affair with campaign manager’s wife while he was married to Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle as he’s asked about #metoo
All Democrats need do is issue faux apologies and we’re all expected to move on because they say so
J.B. Pritzker campaign staffer resigns over candidate’s FBI-wiretapped comments
Democrats again comfortable stating their opinion of blacks
IG poised to reignite war over FBI’s Clinton case
Unfortunately, Mr. Horowitz’ life will be destroyed by Democrats and their media
Gay Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy says Mike Pence a ‘bad fit’ to lead U.S. delegation
And we’re supposed to care what a gay Olympic skier says
Schiff Appeared on Kremlin-Backed RT in 2013 to Discuss Push for Greater FISA Transparency
The hashtag “FullOfSchiff” has taken root
Times Square billboard attacking Hillary Clinton donors and ‘Fake News’ media lasts one day
The left gets in our faces daily but their snowflake, easily-triggered thin skins can’t handle one billboard

FBI ‘needs to clean house,’ former agents say
It’s all about their ability to destroy anyone they want (and their pensions)
Facebook, Google Restrict Employee Relationships with Dystopian Company ‘Dating Policies’
House prohibits sexual relationships between lawmakers and their staffers
Since #MeToo, the Number of Men Who Are Uncomfortable Mentoring Women Has Tripled
Did #MeToo expect the opposite?
FEMA Contract Called for 30 Million Meals for Puerto Ricans. 50,000 Were Delivered.
When will they learn that government tends to cause more disasters than they adequately address?
Cornell frat punished for “pig roast” sex contest
American University to spend $121 million on diversity efforts – and maybe more in two years
In case you wondered where all that student loan money was going
Study: 2 of 12 Americans Who Joined Islamic State and Returned to U.S. Remain Free
Who are we to judge
Melania Trump is not a delicate flower or a victim
You think WaPo’s Petula Dvorak is feeling a tad left out…?

February 6, 2018 at 10:07am EST 

GOP House Rep To File TREASON CHARGES Against 4 FBI Officials
Christopher Steele is no-show in London court in civil case over dossier
A little early for treason charges, then again some consider a soft coup a big deal

Slate: What if the Iran Deal Was a Mistake?
A little late for the introspection
Public Backs Trump, Not Democrats, On Immigration: IBD/TIPP Poll
Tax Cut Popularity Surges, Dem ‘Blue Wave’ May Have Crested: IBD/TIPP Poll
Poll: 67% Voters in GOP Primaries oppose DACA
Liberals see what they believe; the public believes what they see
Democrat Sen. Carper: Discard Millions of Americans so Illegals Can Get Jobs
I see a campaign ad in the works
Emily Black Favreau: “It just so happens that almost every talk show host is a liberal and that’s because it requires a level of intelligence”
Flashback: Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau laughs about “If you like your insurance, you can keep it”
It takes a lot of intelligence to lie
Trump administration open to moving public land bosses west
The cozy bureaucrats may have to relocate from their pricey DC suburbs to America
Black Lives Matter: Philadelphia Super Bowl Riots Reaction ‘Glaring Example of White Privilege’
Not to make excuses for Philly fans but this was kinda’ expected from them and was easily avoided. #BLM protests are spontaneous and deliberately disrupt the public’s freedom of movement
Tammy Baldwin under fire from conservative veterans group’s $1.5 million ad campaign
Blowing off a VA scandal can be a problem in an election year
Romney was recruited to run for Senate in Utah by Hatch
Romney Is Already Being Considered for a Republican Leadership Position
Like presidential-birthright Mitt had to be dragged kicking and screaming
Chaos at Newsweek: Top editors suddenly out
When you’re a joke and everybody knows it

Clinton: I Intend to ‘Remain on the Front Lines of Democracy’
House Intelligence Chairman Nunes claims that Hillary Clinton collaborated with Russia to FRAME Trump using the infamous dossier her campaign paid to commission
Hillary is still trying to stay relevant while under the radar, away from any scrutiny or counter-protest. And speaking of Georgetown…

Georgetown University accused of siphoning checks from pro-family club to LGBT-affiliated groups
Stealing from Peter to pay Paul/Pauline
CEO of Border Wall Construction Company: ‘I Really Believe We’ll Change History’
After all the years of neglect, it won’t take much
First Lady Melania Trump visits Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
While Hillary indoctrinates, Melania comforts
Marine veteran fire captain is executed in golf buggy road rage attack by a 21-year-old gunman who shot him in the head
The punk says he didn’t know the gun he pointed was loaded
Michelle Obama Gives First Post-White House Speech: ‘I’m Back! This Is What Back Looks Like’
(Your comment here)
How climate change is endangering the Winter Olympics
The condoms are freezing?
Burglars break into Rob Gronkowski’s home while away playing in Super Bowl LII
Never a good thing when bad guys know you’re going to be out of town and for how long
Brandin Cooks Out For The Rest Of The Super Bowl After Helmet-To-Helmet Hit
Flashback: Rob Gronkowski Out With Concussion After Helmet-To-Helmet Hit By Barry Church
Not to make excuses but in a copycat league, is this the new blueprint for beating the Patriots?
Group linked to performing arts school in regional NSW carried out ‘blood rituals’ during abuse of boys, police allege
Liberals REALLY love our children 
Chelsea Clinton Congratulates Mom For Speaking Out on Sex Harassment — a Decade Later
Desperately trying to make nepotism relevant 
Clonal genome evolution and rapid invasive spread of the marbled crayfish
Society pays when the “educated” lacking common sense play God 
Netanyahu: George Soros behind bid to thwart migrant deportations
Flashback: Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world
There is a history 
The Federal Reserve May Secretly Want to Sink the Record-Breaking Stock Market
The #resistance has no problem screwing the public 

February 4, 2018 at 2:00pm EST

NFL names Brady MVP
A Coke for everyone! Coca-Cola skips comedy for thought-provoking Super Bowl commercial filmed in Mexico that features a lesbian couple, a non-binary person and people of all different races and religions
NFL Rejects Super Bowl Ad Because It Mocks Kim Jong-Un
Fortress Minneapolis: Largest Super Bowl security operation in history underway in frigid temperatures with the FBI on high alert to potential extremist threats in the city which has seen residents prosecuted for supporting Somali terror group
Super Bowl 2018 commercials: Before kickoff, you can watch these leaked TV ads
Sadly, the left will try and make this all be about anything but the game

BTW: Here’s the “song” the Eagles voted to have played when take the field tonight: Dreams and Nightmares. And the NFL wonders why they have a problem with their eroding fan base….

Former Hippies Put in Horrible Position of Rooting for F.B.I.
FBI agent in op-ed says he’s leaving over ‘relentless attacks on the bureau’
New York Times Runs FBI Agent’s Angry Resignation Column, Neglects To Inform Readers Of Agent’s Ties To Democrats
The GOP memo proves the ‘deep state’ is real
Authors Capitalize on a Self-Created Scandal
CNN’s Mudd: FBI People ‘Ticked’ About Memo; Are Saying About Trump ‘Game Is Going to Be Played,’ They’re ‘Going to Win’
Adam Schiff Apparently Released Classified Information in Attempt to Rebut Nunes Memo
Second Source Comes Forward: Claims Rosenstein Threatened Nunes and House Intel if They Didn’t Stop Investigation!
Steve King’s Memo Warning: ‘Watch Closely for Barack Obama’s Fingerprints’
Flashback: Did the Obama Campaign Fund the Trump-Russia Dossier? $972,000 in ‘Legal Services’ Payments Scrutinized
The rules are clear: they can mess with our lives but don’t you mess with their careers and pensions

Two dead and 50 passengers are injured as Amtrak train smashes into freight carriages in South Carolina
What is going on with our trains?
Battling treacherous office chairs and aching backs, aging cops and firefighters miss years of work and collect twice the pay
“To protect and serve” them
Elizabeth Warren bellows rallying cry at activist event: ‘We march in pink pussy hats!’
Women in politics fear #MeToo moment will backfire — and they’ll be the ones punished
I had a senator say, ‘anyone can say anything with the door shut.’

I’m getting the feeling that we’re going back 20 years as female professionals. I fully anticipate I’m going to be competing with another firm that is currently owned by some male, and the deciding factor is going to be: ‘You don’t want to hire a female lobbying firm in this environment.’
— Jennifer Green, lobbyist
Now they’re saying they took this too far and they’re the victims (again) because we all know women NEVER make this stuff up
John McCain condemns release of the GOP memo and says ‘we are doing Putin’s job for him’
Redefining “useful idiot”
Exposed: Corbyn uses toxin-pumping diesel car while he preaches about air pollution
Flashback: Al Gore Caught Riding In An SUV At Sundance Film Festival
Flashback: Al Gore Leaves People’s Climate March in Chevy Suburban SUV
Flashback: Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’? — A $30,000 Utility Bill
What does this say about those who follow the charlatans?
PC culture killed our school’s father-daughter dance: parents
UK Education Giant Unveils Hard-Left, Identity Politics-Pushing LGBT Classroom Programme
Demanding Students
‘Whiteness Group’ at Liberal Arts College Bars Whites from Asking Blacks Questions
Catholic University Language Guide Suggests Not Using Terms ‘Husband/Wife’
It must really suck raising kids in environments where activists are in the classrooms
Marines seek young, tough recruits in Super Bowl ad
As opposed to…
Kansas lawmakers vote to let 18-year-olds have concealed weapons
How many of you would be comfortable knowing your average 18-year-old is packin’?

California’s Proposed Fraudulent Gift to the Ultra-Wealthy
Seriously, did you really think the Hollywood liberal elite would be forced to pay their “fair share”…?
Previously Deported Mexican National Convicted of Raping 9-Year-Old Girl in Sanctuary City
Those protecting these people are culpable
Mob of cyclists go wrong way, attack drivers in Manhattan
They don’t have to register, insure and pay taxes on bikes, yet we all know who empowered them
ESPN’s Jemele Hill: Leaving SportsCenter was “100% My Choice”
If not for her outbursts, very few would know or care if she exists
Illinois governor candidate stands by ad blasted as racist
Flashback: John Legend Casting Call for Trump Supporters: The Fatter the Better!!!
Liberal hypocritical thin skin ignored
Muslim Driver Attempts Hit and Run on Jewish Father and Son in Belgium
Of course, pointing this out is Islamophobic…
Mexican-Americans Sent ‘Home’ a Record $28.1 Billion in 2017
Flashback: We Could Stop Illegal Immigration Tomorrow, IF We Wanted To
It’s all about the money
Ceasefire events across Baltimore reflect hope for homicide-free weekend
A “ceasefire” within the United States
Pennsylvania finds 544 possibly illegal ballots since 2000
While the left will dismiss the numbers overall, a couple dozen votes can decide local races. Don’t forget how Democrats have fought over the years to dismiss the ballots of our military overseas….

January 31, 2018 at 12:22pm EST 

Viewers approve of Trump’s first State of the Union address-CBS News poll
Democrats boo and hiss as Trump spells out ‘America first’ immigration offer they hate with an end to ‘chain migration’ and visa lottery in return for deal to save DREAMers
San Diego ‘dreamers’ feel insulted by State of the Union speech
Luis Gutierrez Stormed Out of House Chamber During SOTU
In a Perfect Metaphor for Socialism, Bernie Sanders’ State of the Union Video Response Craps Out

Joy Reid is another arrogant “media” liberal who assumes if she didn’t cover it in her MSNBC show, no one knows diddly

Cory Booker on SOTU: ‘Ugly,’ ‘Fear Mongering’ Trump Used Religion, Patriotism to ‘Divide’
Joe Kennedy’s ‘drool-mouth’ outshines his State of the Union response
Democrats Pick White Male Kennedy as Their New Anti-Trump
Maxine Waters: Trump Has a ‘Character Flaw’ — ‘No Good Values’
BTW — BET had their own SOTU, including airing an old Obama speech during President Trump’s. Doesn’t look like they had much interest in commenting. Maybe Angela Rye could buy some followers?

FBI chief told White House not to release Nunes memo: report
FBI officials review surveillance memo, could not cite ‘any factual inaccuracies’: source
Internal Justice Department probe eyes McCabe’s role in final weeks of 2016 election
FBI Scandal: McCabe’s Resignation Is Only The Beginning
‘100 per cent!’ Trump tells congressman he’ll release classified intelligence memo
Maybe someone should hold onto McCabe’s passport
James Corden savages Nikki Haley after she criticised Hillary Clinton reading Fire and Fury during the Grammys
The Grammys only a handful watched
Drug firms shipped 20.8M pain pills to WV town with 2,900 people
Environmentalists killed their local industries and liberals stepped in to profitably feel their pain
Trump will pull TRIGGER on EU and punish Angela Merkel for ‘cooking the books’ over trade
Merkel’s been screwing a lot of people over
Clinton: This is why I didn’t fire aide accused of sex harassment
She believes in second chances. How many has Bill received…?
Employee who sent out false Hawaii missile alert is FIRED and state emergency management administrator RESIGNS as heads roll following debacle
Took long enough
Focus on DACA in publicizing human- smuggling arrests angers immigration advocates
Deal with it
Trump lawyers say ‘high threshold’ for Robert Mueller interview not met
If you’re going to try an entrap the President of the United States, that threshold should be high
Rep. Trey Gowdy to leave Congress, becoming latest high-profile committee chairman to retire
There’s an FBI Director position open
Union Pacific to spend $550 million on massive new rail yard in Texas
Senate confirms Trump’s 13th Circuit Court judge, disregards ‘blue slip’ protest
ADP: Job Growth Hits 234,000 in January
The Trump Effect continues
1 Dead in Collision Involving Train Carrying GOP Congresspeople to W. Va. Retreat
Republican Congressmen Render Medical Aid to Victims of Train Collision
How many have we seen try and run a railroad crossing?
Goodell: We Are ‘Proud’ of NFL Players’ Social Activism
Fox Locks Up Thursday Night Football In Five-Year Deal
Limiting it to the NFL Network exclusively was a fumble
CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald resigns
Careful. It would be illuminating to see our Capitol Hill elected’s portfolios
Formula 1 ends tradition of grid girls, saying practice is no longer ‘appropriate’
Pussies. Did the racing industry forget their base are not easily-triggered #resistance Indivisibles?
As FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Fla. 9/11 Probe, Court Docs Show
This is kinda’ huge
8-year-old beaten in latest anti-Semitic attack on children in France
Smashed with a bottle for rejecting being groped: Shocking photos show bloodied Swedish woman attacked in a nightclub after man put his hands between her legs
Flashback: Politicians Are Responsible For Muslim Terror in the West
Unfortunately, it will take an attack on an elite for this to become unacceptible
Brzezinski Questions Clapping for ‘Great Dictator’ Trump at State of the Union
Who really cares what Mika thinks?
Democracy Dies in Dismal (WaPo) Retirement Plans
Flashback: Mother Jones Reportedly Told Its Interns to Go on Food Stamps Because It Pays So Little
Do as liberals say, not as liberals do
Michael Bennett’s ‘Things That Make White People Uncomfortable’ due out in April
Did he include buying Seahawks tickets blacks can’t afford?

January 24, 2018 at 11:25am EST 

John Solomon Silenced after Washington Post Attacks
Flashback: Lawyer Lisa Bloom Offered Women Money to Smear Candidate Trump
You know you’re taking flak when you’re over the target

Original FISA 99 Page Document Released – 4 Page FISA MEMO Source
Democrats Demand Twitter, Facebook Crackdown On #ReleaseTheMemo “Russian Bots”
Here we go…!
Multiple Americans Killed In Kabul Hotel Attack
Maybe it’s not a good idea to vacation in Afghanistan
Evidence suggests a massive scandal is brewing at the FBI
FBI Text Said To “Directly” Link Obama To Illegal 2016 Election Tampering
Alleged Top Secret Meeting: Spooks including Mueller met during Trump transition to discuss how the intelligence community would handle “Bombastic” & “Uninformed” new President
The FBI Is Looking Guilty As Hell In Russia Probe
Those who can destroy any American’s life never thought justice would ever catch up to them
NFL Rejects AMVETS’ Super Bowl Ad Asking Players to Stand for Anthem
It would be a conflict of interest after all the money the NFL’s put into Kaepernick’s agenda
Davos reminds us that smart people are dumb
Kim Kardashian proves just because you have money doesn’t make you a Mensa

‘Dreamers’ Storm Schumer’s New York City Home, Demand Amnesty ‘Now’
Trump fires back at Schumer: ‘If there is no Wall, there is no DACA’
A rare media win for Trump as Schumer gets slammed over the shutdown
Some stinks survive the wash
The impact of illegal aliens on crime rates
Alarming, as expected (and not reported by the “media”)
Manchin Will Seek Re-election but Sends Democrats a Stern Warning
Like their base will listen
Find the Trump-hating FBI lovers’ 50,000 missing texts NOW, Jeff Sessions orders his officials as White House says messages are ‘possibly illegal’
FBI Official: FBI Agents Threatened Physical Harm to President Trump In Missing FBI Texts & Other “Frightening” Communications
Strzok and Page Wanted to ‘Fix’ Damage They Did in Clinton Investigation, Text Reveals
Gowdy On Missing FBI Texts: ‘Today We Saw A Text About Not Keeping Texts’
Emails going missing is becoming a normal thing, but hold on a sec…
12/13/17: After finding a number of politically-oriented text messages between Page and Strzok, the OIG sought from the FBI all text messages between Strzok and Page from their FBI-issued phones through November 30, 2016, which covered the entire period of the Clinton e-mail server investigation. The FBI produced these text messages on July 20, 2017.
So which is it: are the texts collected or missing?
Johnson, Grassley Ask DOJ IG Horowitz about Missing FBI Text Messages
Sen. Ron Johnson: FBI Informant Says ‘Secret Society’ Held Secret Meetings Off-Site
“#Resist we much
Two staffers plead guilty after sharing explicit phone videos of congresswoman
Why is a United States congresswoman having “explicit phone videos” taken of her in the first place?
A good first step in restoring the right to vote
It appears felons vote Democrat
As FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Fla. 9/11 Probe, Court Docs Show
This is kinda’ huge
Proposed law would make Trump reveal tax return to be on Oregon’s 2020 ballot
This will go down in legal flames
Sanford blasts new Trump tariffs
Yes, making things in the United States is a bad thing
House Used Shutdown Chaos To ‘De-Fang’ Harassment Slush Fund Reform, Ethics Experts Say
Funny business as usual
Conan O’Brien Gets Haitians to Insult Trump
Uganda’s President says he loves Donald Trump because he’s frank about Africa
No one who lives in a #shithole calls it a mansion
I have no idea who the president is, but it’s definitely not Donald Trump
Your college dollars at work
North Korea will ‘probably’ have missile that can hit Britain in as soon as six months, Defence Minister reveals
This will have to be addressed definitively and soon
Amazon apparently thought it a good idea to sell ‘slavery gets sh** done’ t-shirt
Amazon Scrubs Site of Clothing With Slogan ‘Slavery Gets Shit Done’
Our ongoing examples in that “What were ya’ thinkin’? category
California city to give some families $500 a month
It’s all about self esteem
Oxford University gives women more time to pass exams
Strong wimmin, right?
Motorcyclist Sues GM Over Crash With Self-Driving Chevy Bolt
Teamsters Tell UPS: No Drones or Driverless Trucks
This will be interesting to see how liberal tech fares against the goons
NeverTrumpers Face Vexing Question: What to Make of Trump Successes?
Flashback: Sessions’ DOJ: Why is #NeverTrump Isgur Flores in the Trump Admin?
It’s kinda’ hard to ask the “principled” who’ve managed to get important and lucrative jobs within his administration
Oregon Standoff: Feds Opt Out Of Prosecuting Ryan Bundy For Spy Cam Theft Plus More
Federales run amok
Qaeda leader urges attacks on Jews, Americans over Trump’s Jerusalem recognition
Like they really need an excuse
Afghan in German court for ‘killing Christian convert mum’
Secret mobile phone surveillance by German authorities on the rise: report
And who do you suppose they’e finally snooping on?
Authorities say a toddler was raped outside Walmart while a relative took photos
Some people should just be pushed off a cliff
Mexican immigrant blames “black magic” for molesting young girl
A very tall cliff
Lotus chief executive caught at 102mph avoids speeding points as he ‘likes to test drive cars himself’
It must be nice to be the boss
San Francisco Supervisors Rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Doing the taxpayer’s business
Phoenix man sentenced to prison for planning ISIS-inspired attack
One year is enough because #BlackLivesMatter
A Turntable Reborn Turns Its Back on Its Hip-Hop Legacy
The Japanese don’t waste money
Man arrested for having loaded firearm near White House
Bernie supporter (again)?
California Democrats want businesses to give half their tax-cut savings to state
Be careful when celebrating Californians fleeing the state because liberals infect wherever they relocate to

January 20, 2018 at 1:40pm EST 

Illegal Aliens Quietly Being Relocated Throughout U.S. on Commercial Flights
Why is “catch and release” with options still in effect?

New York Times: Senate Democrats Kill Bill to Keep Government Open Past Midnight
Yet your average liberal is ignorantly calling this the “Trump shutdown”. Guess they can’t read
Trump’s second year starts with the government sputtering to a stop
And a rocketing economy that outperforms their employees every time
A government shutdown will interrupt critical climate change research
Pancakes: In Battle of Maple Syrup Versus Climate Change, the Sweetener May Lose, Study Shows
You can laugh here. We did!
Border Wall Models Thwart US Commandos In Tests
Thus the Democrat desperation
CNN poll: DACA not worth a shutdown, except to Democrats
They value illegals over every American citizen
Republicans are lining up to view the classified FISA abuse memo, while Democrats choose to stay in the dark
#RELEASETHEMEMO Update: Up To 200 Members Of Congress Have Read The Memo And NO LEAKS = Devastating To Dems
You think Seth Rich was FISA’d and what was he saying about whom?
Here’s what happens now that the federal government shut down
The weekend will go on as planned
Earth’s Relentless Warming Sets a Brutal New Record in 2017
Can you feel it?
UK teen gained access to CIA chief’s accounts: court
A punk, who wasn’t Russian, gained access from his bedroom
U.S. Could Become World’s Biggest Oil Producer in 2018
Despite Obama’s mocking, Trump appears to have a magic wand after all
Elizabeth Warren’s Native American problem goes beyond politics
Lies always catch up to the liar
James Clapper’s perjury, and why DC made men don’t get charged for lying to Congress
The #swamp believes they are more important and the rules don’t apply to them
Baltimore Police commissioner Kevin Davis fired by Mayor Pugh, citing rising crime
I wasn’t a Trump supporter. I am now.
After all the damage was done, now it’s time for Molly Hemingway to jump over the fence to the winning side
Employee Lawsuit Reveals Google as Intolerant Race Cult
It’s only news when it happens to one of them. Political discrimination runs rampant on both sides
A Headline You Won’t See at CNN: Jeff Zucker Could Be in Line for ESPN Job
Kinda’ like someone with an STD transmitting it from partner to partner
Congestion pricing: Driving in Manhattan could cost $11.52
A liberal utopia
Neighbor who tackled Rand Paul charged with felony assault
Kentucky man agrees to plead guilty for assaulting Sen. Rand Paul
Boucher should have been charged for a hate crime
‘I will find your wife and f**k her’: Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson arrested for threatening to sexually assault a cop’s wife after driving 105 in a 45 mph zone for his second arrest in a year
Rapper Kodak Black arrested in Florida on grand theft, other charges
Role models
‘Truth is the president is a racist’: Get Out director Jordan Peele calls Trump’s handling of race relations ‘sad’
Staying in the good graces of the Hollywood anti-Trump massahs
The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet
That is if you like sites that re-write news stories and declare they are breaking news….
Astronaut set to be first African-American on Space Station crew removed from flight
“Personal matters”
Grand-nephew to run for Conyers’ Michigan congressional seat
Why does it seem like the whole Conyers’ family was leeching off of John’s paycheck and it’s panic time?
Fired FBI director James Comey to teach ethics at Virginia college
He’s the perfect person to teach students what NOT to do and still walk away
LA Times chief Ross Levinsohn on leave after claims of “frat-boy” conduct
Get ready for all-female newscasts with wimmin who small-talk about what they saw on Facebook
‘You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb’: Former student, 19, ‘set fires at Catholic university in retaliation for US military action in Iraq and Afghanistan’
And who wants to bring more of these people in…?
California Dems propose surcharge on businesses to fund social programs
Social programs for guess who…?
Twitter to tell 677,000 users they were had by the Russians. Some signs show the problem continues.
We received such an email but we go no such warning about being “had” by CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times….
Helen Mirren says men used to expose themselves to her once a week: ‘It’s horror!’
But she said nothing (until now) and accepted the paychecks of such a horrible industry
ICE has detained or deported foreigners who are also immigration activists
They obviously weren’t that good
Chuck Schumer’s Name Literally Means ‘Good For Nothing’, ‘Vagabond’
Just wait until the president catches wind of this
Hawaii governor took 15 minutes to announce missile alert was false
Had to finish that pork adobo
Paramedics called to treat Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor
It’s ON: Here’s what we just told the Supreme Court about collective bargaining
The teachers’ unions are now in full freak mode because SCOTUS is no longer a liberal lock
Manhattan DNC snubs women’s rights group days before march
Defining petty politics
Legends of Tomorrow Eyeing Episode About Young Barack Obama
When was the last time you watched anything on the CW?
Anderson Cooper Tells Conan Haiti Is ‘Among The Richest Countries I’ve Ever Been To’
And what part of Haiti do you think the son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt would hang out at?
DOJ to re-try Bob Menendez corruption case, complicating his reelection bid
We can do better than a New Jersey jury

January 13, 2018 at 1:00pm EST 

Liberals are Buying the Wrong ‘Fire and Fury’ on Amazon
And the left accuses Trump supporters of being the “non college-educated” stoopids

Steve Bannon suggests Trump’s lawyer ‘took care’ of ‘a hundred’ women during the presidential campaign
“Steve Really Hijacked Breitbart”: The Right-Wing Site’s Staff Confronts a Post-Bannon Landscape
THIS is what happens when opportunists are chosen over true loyalists
Ex-mayor admits to using $90K in state money for personal salary hikes
Another Democrat, which is why this didn’t make national news
Silicon Valley Will Pay the Price for Its Lefty Leanings
#Resistance has consequences

Flashback: Barack Obama says David Cameron allowed Libya to become a ‘s*** show’
Flashback: Graham: Illegal immigrants come to U.S. from “hellholes”
Rwandan refugee in Knoxville hurt but ‘not surprised’ by Trump comments
If President Trump’s comments are so hurtful, why did Mr. Muhire flee Rwanda in the first place?
Chelsea Clinton – the Woman Who Used Embezzled Haiti Disaster Cash to Pay for Her Wedding – Lectures Trump on Haiti
Hillary Clinton is the last person who should be talking about Trump’s remarks on Haiti
I met a Haitian immigrant at a coffee shop on Election Day. He had a lot to say about the Clintons and none of it nice
Chuck Todd: Trump thinks ‘white Europeans are good and brown immigrants are bad’
Using liberal verbiage, just how many “brown” friends do you think Chuck has? (Those who maintain his lawn don’t count)
Dems fear ‘Stephen Miller ambush’ on immigration
It’s been a long time since we had Republicans that didn’t just lay down
Trump lawyer arranged $130,000 payment for porn star’s silence about alleged sexual encounter with president
Trump Lawyer Releases Letter From Porn Star Denying Affair With POTUS
The Democrats and their media have dug deep into the kitchen sink strategy
Is deep-red Texas ready for a gay Latina Democrat? Lupe Valdez thinks so
Remember this when conservatives celebrate liberals fleeing blue states. All they do is take advantage of punitive progressive policies and infect
Former Uranium Transportation Company President Indicted on 11 Counts Related to Foreign Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme
“Uranium One” has officially hit the news cycle!
Court: The FBI Must Turn Over Comey’s Memos By Next Week
They’ll find a way to stall
Iran rejects Trump’s call for changes to nuclear deal
Let the deal-making begin!
75 women have been strangled or smothered in Chicago since 2001. Most of their killers got away.
It’s unfortunate they lived in a less important part of town
Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend said she handled his ammo, helped him load magazines, unsealed docs say
A slightly different story than she told before
‘I was basically useless’: Barack Obama describes ‘sniveling’ after dropping Malia off at Harvard and says she texts him emoji hearts because he’s ‘pathetic’
Malia is one of the few who know him best
Fusion GPS, firm behind disputed Russia dossier, retracts its claim of FBI mole in Trump camp
The truth oozes
Democrats plan MLK holiday ‘teach-ins’ to rally against Trump tax cuts
What better way to show respect for a black man’s national holiday
France: 15-year-old Jewish girl’s face cut in antisemitic assault
Who does this…?
Crazed Socialist Mobs DESTROY H&M Stores in South Africa Over Monkey Ad
Liberals, NOT conservatives, are the violent ones
New federal tax laws means $200 million more for AZ
Of course, they’ll spend it and demand more “investments” from taxpayers
Trump supporters demand arrest of London Mayor Sadiq Khan
Disruptions suck, don’t they?
Obama says Fox News viewers are living on ‘different planet’
African migrants bring untreatable form of tuberculosis to Europe
How many diseases, that were eradicated and absent in the United States for decades, reemerged when Obama opened the floodgates on those illegal “children”?
‘NBC bosses are appalled’ its highest paid news star Megyn Kelly wanted to book former E! News host Catt Sadler who quit over gender pay issue
The multi-million dollar shipwreck continues
American embassy in London really WAS sold for ‘peanuts’. Building at centre of Trump row was bought by Qatari royals for hundreds of millions less than value experts gave it
But we were all told President Trump lies all the time and Obama was brilliant
Teens Fall Ill After Eating Laundry Detergent, Then Post to Social Media
Australia: Backpackers mistake drug ‘Devil’s Breath’ for cocaine, become victims
The future looks bleak
Food riots grip western Venezuela, mob reportedly slaughters cattle in field
But Venezuela is NOT a hellhole
Trey Gowdy Resigns as member of Ethics Committee
Hopefully something with teeth is his next destination
Broke California Looking to Take Money from the Pockets of Retired State Workers
You get what you vote for
Moby Says CIA Agents Asked Him to Spread the Word About Trump and Russia
Why did he decide to go public with this?
GM unveils autonomous Bolt EV without steering wheel or pedal, aims to bring it to market next year
Oh, what could go wrong….
Rocket Booster Falls from Sky and Explodes in Chinese Town After Satellite Launch
Tickets on sale to see former First Lady Michelle Obama next month in Indianapolis
At $250 a head, just who do you think her preferred audience is?
‘Don’t drink the coffee on airplanes,’ flight attendant warns
We can now add “drink shit” to our vocabulary

January 10, 2018 at 7:30pm EST 

Chelsea Manning on day honoring cops: ‘F–k the police’
Melania Gives Thanks To The Men And Women In Blue On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
And who really are the crazy ones?

GOP House investigators want James Comey to testify on Clinton email investigation
A lot has changed since his last visit
Top Fox News D.C. Reporter James Rosen Left Network After Harassment Claims
NPR making a big deal out of a garbage basket, seeing how liberals are losing like 100-4
The worst and dumbest
Remember what Krugman said about the stock market after Trump won….
First day of ‘White Racism’class at Florida university brings police presence
More tumult and confusion on the breeding grounds of America’s college educated
Voter-Purge Efforts Get Support at U.S. High Court Session
Obama said that voter fraud was “fake news”
Fusion GPS Founder Hauled From the Shadows for the Russia Election Investigation
Rep. Ron DeSantis letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan seeking to declassify all DOJ and FBI files on the Trump Dossier obtained by the House Intelligence Committee.
Trump blasts “Sneaky Dianne Feinstein,” says release of testimony was “possibly illegal”
‘Sneaky Dianne Feinstein’ Says She Was ‘Pressured’ to Release Fusion GPS Testimony
Hmm… just who could “pressure” Senator Feinstein to do anything?
Washington Governor Claims ‘Just 59 Days’ To Save Children From Global Warming
The potential to deny a tax increase makes Democrats say wacky things
Women Are Biologically Stronger Than Men, Study Finds
Flashback: Pressure grows on Marines to consider lowering combat standards for women
Women are stronger… sure
Immigration agents descend on dozens of 7-Eleven stores
ICE arrests 22 in Chicago area during 3-day operation targeting criminal aliens and fugitives
Largest percentage of Hispanics in Maryland could be deported
Rep. Darrell Issa to retire; was considered most vulnerable Republican in Congress
A Republican in an infested “sanctuary state”

#Oprah2020 is toast

Florida gets an exemption from Trump administration on oil drilling; other governors not happy
It’s going to be a great display of chutzpah for any governor who insulted the president to now want an exemption
Federal judge blocks Trump from ending DACA program and says administration must accept renewal applications from those already in the program
So now illegals get an application process where acceptance is mandatory
Thirteen dead as horror mudslides hit California celebrity enclave with entire homes swept away and helicopters evacuating residents trapped by mountains of wildfire debris dislodged by heavy rain
Oprah caught in devastating California mudslide
Tragedies only become real when it involves a celebrity who won’t spend one night in a shelter
Psychiatrist Who Told Democrats Trump Unstable Backs Away from Claims
Flashback: Trump Could Destroy the Entire Human Species, Says Yale Psychiatrist Who Warned Congress Members
Their words always change when made public and can be scrutinized
485 Scientific Papers Published In 2017 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm
But, weren’t we told that the debate was over…?
Fusion GPS Admits They Used John McCain to Pass Anti-Trump Dossier to Obama-Era Intel Agencies
Trump lawyer files defamation suits against BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS over Russia dossier
How many lawsuits can BuzzFeed survive?
Birth tourism brings Russian baby boom to Miami
For how many decades did too many look away when illegal Mexicans did this?
Poll: Nearly half say Trump will be cleared in Russia probe
We’re still waiting on the evidence liberal Democrats insist exists
Ajit Pai’s Personal Hell, Our National Media’s Failure
When can we officially stop calling them the “media”?
Success: EPA set to reduce staff 50% in Trump’s first term
Trump budget chief shuts down consumer ‘protection’ bureau ‘slush fund’
Take a good look at those who represent the #Swamp. Not very many meals missed

Grand jury takes sworn testimony in Burlington College case
Not very many meals missed at all….
Is New York’s political system just designed to attract thieves?
Think about your average politician. Besides the ability to talk shit, most have no visible talents, haven’t created anything of value and this is by no means limited to New York
Trump deserves ‘big credit’ for sparking North Korea talks, South Korea’s president says
That had to put migraines in the noggins of 25th Amendment kooks who whined that Trump would START a nuclear war with North Korea
NBC Will Show Anthem Kneeling During Super Bowl, Should Kneeling Happen
Why wouldn’t they take the opportunity to embarrass the United States in front of a worldwide audience?
Toyota, Mazda pick Alabama as site of joint factory: report
Blue states take notice
Pelosi, other female Democrats to wear black to Trump’s State of the Union address
White didn’t work
Tens of thousands of refugees can not read and write
Something Germany has in common with almost anywhere illegals invade
Our Kids Are Being Taught They’re Flawed if They’re White
White men who can’t get jobs say they’re being discriminated against
They probably wouldn’t enjoy working there after all
Robert de Niro calls President Trump ‘the jerk-off-in-chief’, ‘the baby-in-chief’ and a ‘fucking fool’ in epic rant while giving award to Meryl Streep
This from someone who plays “Fearless Leader” in a moose and squirrel, live action remake
Suspect in New York Port Authority bomb attack indicted
Media blackout for another murderous Muslim
An obscure tax law might force Newman’s Own to put itself up for sale
And who writes these confiscatory tax laws?
Senate confirms Trump’s 20th federal judge
Elections have consequences. Some more longer lasting than others
Lights out at CES: Giant trade show plunges into darkness, knocks out Samsung, LG, and other booths
Their batteries still suck

January 8, 2018 at 12:00pm EST 

Oprah for President? Twitter Says So During Golden Globes
Flashback: Oprah WAS a Mogul Before 2008; Trump Would Drop #Oprah2020
‘Oprah 2020’: NBC and celebs dub Oprah Winfrey ‘our future president’ after Golden Globes
Uh oh, NBC News took the Tweet down. It was a “third party” faux pas….
Oprah for President? Why Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes Stump Speech Just Changed Everything

And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say ‘Me Too’ again.
Oprah Winfrey, 1/7/18

Meryl Streep claims Oprah Winfrey ‘doesn’t have a choice’ and must run for President amid outpouring of praise for her Golden Globes Speech
Yowsah, Miss Meryl!
The post-Weinstein Golden Globes was an exercise in hypocrisy
Academy members now regret banning Weinstein so hastily
Women (who previously entered into a business agreement they now revile) will actually have to be talented to get work
Americans Are Voting With Their Feet For Low Taxes, Less Regulation
Cuomo’s end run around Trump tax bill: Tax employers, not employees
Trying to hide just how much they’ve been screwing constituent taxpayers

Top White House aide had to be escorted off CNN set after heated interview with Jake Tapper
The thin-skinned journalism class believes any opposition to them an act of violence

Scoop: Trump’s secret, shrinking schedule
The president watching cable news is now proof of his stupidity…?
Minor Fire Breaks Out Near Top of Trump Tower
Trump Tower FIRE: Manhattan skyline disappears in a cloud of smoke after early morning blaze breaks out on roof of the skyscraper
What was your initial impression when you heard this?
With DC distracted, immigration debate reaches critical point
Trump Ends Temporary Protected Status For 200,000 El Salvadorans
Flashback: Only in America is a Law ‘Broken’ Because Millions Break It
Why is there a distinct possibility that foreign lawbreakers will be let off the hook again?
CBS’ ‘The Good Fight’ To Probe Donald Trump Impeachment, Ronan Farrow’s NBC News Report On Harvey Weinstein
The desperation for relevance
Who’s Crazy? Trump Or The Anti-Trump Shrinks?
Flashback: Cowardly Psych Profs Privately Warn of Trump Mental Health ‘Danger’
Flashback: Gartner, Duty To Warn’s Psychotic Plot to Overturn the Election
“It takes one to know one” is fitting here
De Blasio defends eminent domain against East Harlem dry cleaning business
Liberal racism is always justified, especially against Asians
How Mitt Romney could revive Mormon opposition to Donald Trump
The Washington Post could attack Romney, Mormons AND Trump simultaneously!
Bannon Tries Backing Away From Explosive Comments
Prior to the campaign, did anyone know of (or cared about) who Steve Bannon was?
A New CFPB Scandal – Cost Overruns for It’s New Lux Headquarters
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is only concerned with consumers being screwed; not taxpayers
Theresa May DEFENDS Donald Trump as someone ‘taking decisions in the best interests of the US’ and says he will visit Britain after claims he is a ‘child’ who is not capable of governing
Another liberal backs down to President Trump
Grand jury takes sworn testimony in Burlington College case
We’ll see what the people of Vermont think about Sanders-style socialism
Eleven dead after gun battle erupts outside Mexican beach resort
Taking care of business before the Spring Break season
FBI probe of ‘Antifa ideology’ underway, Wray tells House panel
You can rule out conservatives and Republicans. Who’s left?
Machete-wielding man attacked Meals on Wheels volunteer: cops
Those screaming Islamophobia will say this could happen to anyone
H&M apologizes for using black child to sell ‘coolest monkey’ top
Every time you see a bad commercial, remember someone approved that
Grassley Calls For Corrective Action On Abuses In Herpes Vaccine Research
Southern Illinois University professor William Halford believed HE would save the world
Deportations Proposed as African Street Gangs Invade Homes, Terrorise Residents in Melbourne
Top-selling German newspaper says new online hate speech law must be scrapped
Police Data Show PA Arabs Commit 80% of Israel’s Property Crimes
Unintended consequences of elite impositions on their citizens
Moody Bible Institute Facing Controversy Over Faculty Cuts, Low Student Enrollment
Liberals infect everything to a detriment
Al-Qaeda’s Younger Brother Raising Funds to Expand Islamist Children’s School
What do terrorists and liberals have in common? They love to get their hands on “the children”
Seth Rich And Shawn Lucas Were To Testify In The DNC Lawsuit – Peter W. Smith GOP Operative Sought Clinton’s Emails Committed Suicide – Talking From The Grave
Democrats who a clear threat to leadership tend to die. There is a list
Trump Could Destroy the Entire Human Species, Says Yale Psychiatrist Who Warned Congress Members
A wannabe shrink… and who always laments the “politics of fear”?
Supreme Court sends case of racist juror back to Atlanta appeals court
So, anyone juror vote for the death penalty is racist. Got it
Embezzlement plagues union offices around U.S., records show
Is this really news?
Snow covers parts of the SAHARA DESERT for the third time in 40 years as freak storm sees 16 INCHES fall in one day
Translation for environmentalists: This has happened at least three times since we’ve started keeping records of the weather
SAS soldier ‘chopped off ISIS thug’s head with SHOVEL and used his gun to kill more militants’
Ya do what ya gotta do
Blind woman sues 30 websites over handicap accessibility
How does she know it was only 30 or did she somehow refresh a few times?

January 5, 2018 at 12:10pm EST 

Trump protester who blocked freeway and was hit by car sues UC San Diego, city and others
In most states, the judge’s mocking of Ms. Flores’ lawsuit would be gold. Then again, we are talking California….

Trump White House Asks to Screen Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Post’
Escape from reality is due
Kennedy accuses Emanuel of ‘strategic gentrification plan’ to force blacks out of Chicago
Flashback: Bill Clinton told Ted Kennedy that Obama ‘would be getting us coffee’ a few years ago: ‘Game Change’
A Kennedy knows the value of black people to Democrats
Meteorologist blasts those linking brutal blizzard to climate change
Despite What You’ve Heard, Global Warming Isn’t Making Weather More Extreme
And the left accuses everyone else of being delusional
Federal Judge Deals HUGE Blow To Fusion GPS In Bank Records Battle
Democrats’ dishonest scramble to disown the Trump ‘dossier’
FBI caves to Congress, will fork over documents related to dubious anti-Trump dossier
Comey’s original Clinton memo released, cites possible violations
FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation
Remember, had Hillary been elected, NONE of this would’ve been allowed to happen
Journalists scrutinize Michael Wolff’s credibility
Massive lines form to buy explosive Trump tell-all as new work sells out some bookstores in less than 15 MINUTES
“A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
Pro-Roy Moore PAC Shifts to Back Mia Love Against Romney
Astonishing how losers always seem to get the gig
How Trump Administration Will Fight Voter Fraud After Shutting Down Panel
The commission could only offer suggestions and that was too much for the left. Now they’ll have to deal with Homeland Security. How long before they demand a new commission?
UN ambassador Nikki Haley ‘is as ambitious as Lucifer’ and ‘much smarter than Trump’ say rival aides who fear she is becoming his heir apparent
From another anonymous “top aide”…
Trump Administration Proposes Expanding Association Health Plans
Uh oh. Buying health care plans across state lines. FINALLY!
Roy Moore accuser Leigh Corfman files lawsuit against him for defamation
Guess she didn’t get the money offered to come forward
More Cold and More Oil on the New England Grid
Renewable energy was to save all… until it got cold
Billionaire conservative donor Rebekah Mercer is cutting off Stephen Bannon
How some of these people were allowed inside in the first place remains a source of major frustration
Food stamp recipients down 2M under Trump, USDA figures show
Black unemployment rate falls to record low
Don’t Look Now, but Gold Just Finished Its Best Year Since 2011
Flashback: Liberal ‘Experts’ Screwed Stockholders with Bad Pre-Election Predictions
The left told us none of this would ever happen
North Korea accept ‘high-level’ talks offer but Trump warned ‘could be a TRAP’
Pyongyang accepts South Korea’s offer of talks next week on whether North will send team to Winter Olympics
Caution is justified
Migrants in Europe Linked To Soaring Violence and Crime in Germany, Study Finds
How long before Newsweek apologizes to CAIR and the SPLC?
Top Clinton Adviser Worried Millennials Will Vote Republican if They See Their Taxes Go Down
Translation: When millennials start realizing how many times they’ve been lied to by Democrats
Landscape group warns Obama Center ‘adverse effects’ in Jackson Park
No worries. It’s for Obama!
Protester who threw flare into cop car, bashed bank window gets probation
Normalizing liberal thug behavior
The ‘Right’ To Disrupt Free Speech On Campus — It Doesn’t Exist
Do we really expect the pontificating college-educated to know about the First Amendment?
If looks could kill! Senator Doug Jones’ hunky gay son gives Vice President Pence serious side-eye as his father is sworn in and sends the Internet into a frenzy
“Hunky”…? Millennial journalism
U.K. Patient ‘Distressed’ by Transsexual Nurse with Stubble
She wanted a female nurse. This could happen to anyone (and it will)
Broadway legend Ben Vereen accused of sexually assaulting and harassing actresses during production of ‘Hair’
Chicken George? Say it ain’t so!
Lecturer who led mascot retirement fight discriminated against white student because of her race, investigation finds
Professor who called for ‘white genocide’ says he’s been hired by NYU
Many have no problem with these people teaching their children
A state hospital’s criminal offenders helped defeat a tax measure. Now the city is suing
Liberals intentionally broke the law and it hurt government employees. Action MUST be taken!
Gary Johnson says Trump marijuana reversal could doom re-election
Join us as native Oregonian Lizzy Acker tries to pump her own gas. We’ve heard it’s tough — let’s see if it is
Because of a new law, some people in Oregon actually have to pump their own gas. The horror…!
NY’s Mayor Kills Mosque Surveillance Program Then Spends $50 million on “Security Infrastructure”
Just in case

January 2, 2018 at 12:20pm EST 

Ted Cruz Is (Still) Running for President
He (still) has all of the #NeverTrump Cruzers in waiting

California economy depends on undocumented workers
Prank California highway signs ‘welcome’ felons, illegal immigrants and MS-13
Prank? Sounds like the Democrat voter base
How the news media distorts black families
How many in the news media actually know a black family?
Abedin Forwarded State Passwords To Yahoo Before It Was Hacked By Foreign Agents
Trump blasts former Hillary aide Huma Abedin for sending State Dept. passwords to later-hacked Yahoo email – and compares her to sailor jailed for taking submarine photos
The two-tier justice system is a reality
Iranian protesters attack police stations, raise stakes in unrest
Leaked meeting notes show how panicked Iranian regime considered stopping deadly protests: ‘God help us’
Trump accuses Obama administration of helping fund Iran’s ‘terrorism,’ praises protests

Flashback: Obama Administration Secretly Paid $400m ‘Ransom’ to Iran
Michael Oren: Obama Rejected Iran Green Revolution for Nuclear Deal
‘All the money Obama foolishly gave to Iran went to terrorism’
Former Obama Advisers Tell Trump to ‘Be Quiet’ on Iran Protests
This is coming back to bite the “legacy”
Partisans, Wielding Money, Begin Seeking to Exploit Harassment Claims
Translation: Democrats were willing to pay anyone to accuse Trump before the election
DOJ Blows Past Deadline to Turn Over Documents to Congress on Dossier
The Stunning Truth Proving The FBI and DOJ Corruption Will Come Out
A TIMELINE OF TREASON: How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election
The very agency that loves to put others behind bars are in full CYA mode
Peter Martins Retires From New York City Ballet After Misconduct Allegations
The easy way out
Study finds robust sex differences in children’s toy preferences across a range of ages and countries
A shocker: boys like to play with boy toys and girls like to play with girl toys!
Long lines to buy legal weed in California
How long before they demand federal “resources” to pay for the ramifications?
Report: Australian officials frustrated by FBI-Russia leak
The phishing expedition now having foreign policy implications
China covertly offering North Korea missiles, aid to halt nuclear program
Like that makes sense
Scientists Expect Chocolate to Go Extinct by 2050
Those scientists, like most making predictions, will be dead and won’t have to answer for the panic they want to invoke
Comcast & The Cable Industry Greets The New Year With A Flurry Of Price Increases
Flashback: Why We’ll NEVER See ‘à la carte’ Cable
Think about this: you only watch around 15% of the channels you’re forced to pay for
President Trump Hosts Members of U.S. Coast Guard For Lunch and Impromptu Golf Tournament
Hang out with some of the enlisted next time
Debra Messing is brought to tears when her son, 13, asks to sit during the national anthem at NY Rangers game to show support for Black Lives Matter
Like that will really affect him
Democrat Congressional Candidate Indicted In Near Million Dollar Fraud, Embezzlement Case
Like an investigation can derail a Democrat campaign
New year’s attacks take stabbing death toll in London in 2017 to 80
‘Cowardly and Criminal Lynching of Police’: France NYE Mob Attack on Female Officer Caught on Video
Germany: Berlin’s “safe zone” for women fails to prevent New Year’s Eve sex assaults
African Muslims and their now-annual display of gratitude to the nations they entered without invitations
2017 Was the Year I Learned About My White Privilege
Sorry, Max Boot still enjoys it
Samsung hit by ANOTHER battery crisis as Galaxy Note 8 users say they are unable to switch their phone back on after letting the battery run down
Actual crisis or user stupidity?
Putin Vows to Rebuild Christian Syria, Restoring Churches and Bringing Refugees Home
Looks like he’s chosen sides
Obama challenges Trump on Obamacare, Paris climate pact
The Trump Effect: Business, Anticipating Less Regulation, Loosens Purse Strings
You know how tough that headline was for the New York Times
After the big chill… comes the big storm: Major blizzard could bring more than a foot of snow and ‘hurricane-force’ winds to the Northeast following record-breaking low temperatures
Could we face a mini ice age in the next 30 years? Scientists make extraordinary prediction based on the sun’s natural cycles… and it would even reverse global warming!
There’s always been a pattern: it gets cold and sometimes snows in the winter….
Gretchen Carlson named chair of Miss America organization
How many ratings failures will she be granted?
Unsealed Documents Expose How Prosecution Attempted Rig Bundy Ranch Trials
A justice system that will ruin lives because it can is one of our biggest threats
Trump accused of not spending enough time with Barron by Democrat Steve Cohen
Can you remember criticism of Obama not spending “enough time” with Michelle, Malia, Sasha and the mother-in-law?
Hollywood women fight back with group to take on sexual misconduct
After decades of voluntarily staying silent, they’re now leaders….
California Prosecuting Man for Insulting Posts on Islamic Center’s Facebook Page
Public Defender Now Under Investigation For Vulgar Anti-Police Post
The First Amendment no longer applies to everyone
Washington Post: In a 30-minute interview, President Trump made 24 false or misleading claims
Mainstream media errors in the Trump era: Your catalogue of the media’s bias-fueled failure-fest
The media gets things wrong?

Figure we’d end with a punchline

December 30, 2017 at 9:43am EST 

EXCLUSIVE: White power at the White House – Trump intern flashes ‘alt-right’ symbol used by notorious extremists during group photo with the president
White House intern denies making white power hand sign
Flashback: No, the “OK” Gesture Is Not a Hate Symbol
The liberal media repeats a hoax as a legitimate news story, yet will later whine when they’re called “FakeNews

Hotel cleaning crews in China caught using toilet brushes to clean drinkware
Foreigners must be bad tippers
Hillary Clinton wants everyone to know it’s ‘totally crazy’ to think FBI could be ‘anti-Trump’

2016: Employees of the Department of Justice, which investigated Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of State, gave Clinton 97 percent of their donations. Trump received $8,756 from DOJ employees compared with $286,797 for Clinton. From IRS employees, Clinton received 94 percent of donations.

Yeah, “totally crazy”….
Iran Rocked by Second Day of Street Protests
US ‘strongly condemns the arrest of peaceful protesters’ in Iran
There’s always a breaking point
DOJ Pushing For Citizenship Question on Census Forms: Report
Is there a reason why we shouldn’t know?
Anchor Baby Population in U.S. Exceeds One Year of American Births
The cost of legitimizing illegal behavior
Still No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion As 2017 Draws To A Close
Tell that to the know-it-alls who insist it DID happen. They just can’t give you any details
Brian Stelter: Fox Does A ‘Disservice’ To Viewers By Giving Accurate Information
What does THAT tell ya’?
That’s why he moved to Cleveland: The incredible $2.8 million mansion Geraldo Rivera has moved into in Ohio after ditching life in his native New York City where his money would have got him a lot less
Is there a reason why Geraldo is getting out of Dodge?
Soldier home for holidays died saving lives in Bronx inferno
While the liberal media looks for military and veterans to smear, heroes go near unnoticed
In a 30-minute interview, President Trump made 24 false or misleading claims
Not like the Washington Post counted while the former president lied repeatedly to millions of Americans about their health care; lies that cost billions out-of-pocket
The star’s already beginning to fade for Gallup’s ‘most admired man’ Obama after Trump’s first year
Just because the elites admire him, doesn’t mean the rest of the nation wishes he’d just leave us alone
Deep State Hacks at FBI Executed Search Warrant of Trump Supporter Sheriff David Clarke in March
Democrats traditionally have had disdain for runaway slaves
White House, Congress prepare for talks on spending, immigration
A long overdue talk
Gunman kills 11 in attacks on Coptic church, Christian-owned shop in Egypt
Another gesture of tolerance by that “religion of peace”

President Trump Hosts Members of U.S. Coast Guard For Lunch and Impromptu Golf Tournament
Hang out with some of the enlisted next time
Judicial Watch Statement on State Department Release of Huma Abedin’s Government Documents on Weiner’s Laptop
Jailed pervert Anthony Weiner had CLASSIFIED emails belonging to wife Huma Abedin on his laptop–which the FBI seized after he sexted 15-year-old girl
This is NOT going away
Operating room secretary sues the hospital and several of her colleagues for ‘taking photographs of her naked during her own surgery’
Common standards of decency have gone right out the window
New York City subway construction ‘is the most expensive in the world’ thanks to bloated staffing, inflated wages of up to $1,000 a day, and favoritism to unions and building firms that pay millions to state politicians
And it won’t look or run any better than what they have now
Big chill leaves 220 MILLION facing below freezing temperatures for New Year’s: Wind chill drops as low as -89 DEGREES and turns boiling water into ‘snow’ as bitter winter conditions sweep the nation
Bad Idea: Elizabeth Warren Tweets She Believes In Science, Gets Roasted Immediately
Nine Years Ago… Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be Completely Ice Free by Today
And nine years later, alarmists are a lot wealthier despite their prediction fails
A Little Slice of Alaskan Tundra Is Finally Open for Drilling
We’ll now see if the hysterics match the benefits
Gold Star Father Credits Trump Administration’s Relaxed Rules of Engagement for Saving Lives
After eight years, we’re letting our soldiers fight to win
NV prosecutors seek new trials against the Bundys, say evidence violations were “inadevertent”
When they’re using taxpayer money to screw someone, there can always be a re-do
Happy Bacon Day! Here Are the Most Insane Bacon-Themed Items You Need to Celebrate
A new breakfast craze called ‘millionaire’s bacon’ is sweeping San Francisco for $7 a slice
There’s seldom too much bacon!
Mini-Trumps are coming up all over Europe
The people have had enough of the left experimenting with our lives
‘I’ve had enough!’ Roseanne Barr threatens to retire after political Twitter feud stating she ‘won’t be censored or corrected!’
Who would have ever thought a website would have that much power over people’s lives
Anti-Trump Protester Disrupts Disney’s ‘Hall of Presidents’ Attraction
Can we invoke the 25th Amendment against a whole group of people?

If North Korea’s nukes don’t scare you, take a look at its biological weapons
Playtime’s over
Man arrested in ‘Call of Duty’ ‘swatting’ hoax that led to fatal police shooting
Exactly what did he think would happen?
Feminist writer publishes crazy list of demands for male feminists
Stand by for Lauren Holter’s upcoming piece on how she can’t find a man
W.Va. Legislators Debate Tolls for Interstate 70 Use
How many times can taxpayers be forced to use for what we paid for
Despite threatened crackdown, few leakers caught under Trump and Jeff Sessions
Are those who are supposed to crack down sympathizers?
‘Nigerian prince’ email scammer arrested in Slidell
One down!

December 26, 2017 at 10:53am EST

Woman accuses United of giving away her seat to congresswoman
United apologizes to passenger booted for congresswoman
2011 Flashback: Congressional bosses from Hell: Sheila Jackson Lee
This was no coincidence but a continuation of her pattern of entitlement

Did ObamaCare Contribute To The Shocking Drop In Life Expectancy?
Of course, NOTHING Obama did was detrimental to the public
Trump administration set to unveil $1 trillion infrastructure proposal in 2018
Trump says Republicans and Democrats will ‘eventually come together’ on ‘great’ healthcare plan after signing tax cut that got no Democratic support
He got Republicans on the same page. Dems who want to get reelected will come around
Kim Jong-un lookalike from Hong Kong falls in love with missile in Russian rave-pop video
North Korea Won’t Stop Its Arms Tests Anytime Soon, South Warns
As Rush Limbaugh has said many times, peace comes after one side defeats the other
The quiet probe into Clinton email investigation could be a landmine for Robert Mueller
Remember, Hillary was supposed to win and none of this come out
AP Names Trump vs. NFL As the Top Sports Story of the Year
He verified how little influence the left was against the fans
Embattled FBI admits it can’t verify dossier claims of Russia, Trump campaign collusion
Tell that to the Duty to Warn delusional. Speaking of crazy psychologists…
‘What I did was like Jesus’: Psychologist says he sent a gift-wrapped package of manure to Steve Mnuchin’s Bel Air mansion because the GOP has done ‘nothing for the American worker’ and their tax reform is ‘bullshit’
Nuf’ said
‘Spasms of a dying party’: Outgoing GOP Senator Jeff Flake rips into Trump and his ‘old white’ rally crowds
Should Flake decide to be the Jeb! of 2020, his campaign staff will be as white as Obama’s
For female firefighters at the Thomas fire, there are special challenges
“My uniform hangs on me and is baggy.”
What does that tell ya?
2017 – the year the media lost America
The media lost America years ago. President Trump just danced on the corpse
More snow threatens further travel chaos: Wintry forecast for the next week could cause widespread disruption after flights were ground to a halt at major airports – including Boston Logan
Snow happens
Is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ sexist?
Has-been Carol Costello, banished to HLN, screaming “Look at ME!” with cleavage… ew!
Retiring Republicans warn party to be ‘prepared for the worst’
The “worst” being they won’t be missed

Topless Femen activist tries to snatch Jesus statue from Vatican crib
More attention whoring from the irrelevant
Ben Shapiro wins round against Rosie, as Twitter reverses and deletes her vulgar tweet
Besides Ben Shapiro, who really cares?
Dem Congressional Candidate Shaun Brown Charged With Fraud, Theft
It wasn’t sexual abuse. No big deal
Federal agents found fetuses in body broker’s warehouse
A special place in hell…
Ambassador Haley on the United States Negotiating a Significant Reduction in the UN Budget
A lot of “diplomats” (who may have to return to their hellholes) are freakin’ out about now
Archbishop of Canterbury criticises ‘populist’ world leaders
Dark, desperate life without power in Puerto Rico
Bet’cha we know who’s lights ARE on
Tran’s GOP win douses Democrats’ firepower
Some parts of Massachusetts aren’t a lost cause
Muslim community: Harrisburg acts of terror ‘go against any sense of mercy’
Still waiting for that merciful Muslim terror attack
Planned Parenthood Tweets ‘Gift Ideas’ for Mike Pence Including Condoms and Hamilton Tickets
Not everyone is tweaked by a Tweet
Israel in talks with more than 10 countries over Jerusalem embassy move
The Trump effect
Amazon and Microsoft employees caught up in sex trafficking sting
The arrogance of the gatekeepers
Senate Rules and Appropiations Committees Release OOC Harassment Settlement Data
The names were omitted. Why?
Hamas leader to U.S.: We will shut down your embassy
We’ll see
Chinese Ships Spotted Selling Oil to N.Korea
KIM ISOLATED: Figures show China heeding Trump’s demands over North Korea sanctions
No oil was sold to the Norks in November. Again, the Trump effect
A Ska Band’s Attempt to Make Amends Over Homophobic Comments Creates Controversy
Never apologize to someone who demands you grovel

December 21, 2017 at 10:24am EST 

Melbourne rampage driver is an Afghan immigrant, 32, who was acting alone when he ploughed an SUV into pedestrians during Christmas rush hour leaving 19 injured – including a toddler
Driver ran over Christmas shoppers as revenge for ‘mistreatment of Muslims’: cops
Of course, you’re an Islamophobe when you remind people we never had these issues before certain people were brought into our nations

Twitter Leftists Beg Baseball Shooter To ‘Finish The Job’ After Rep. Steve Scalise Votes For Tax Cut
MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Asks Twice In An Hour ‘Are Republicans Dead Inside?’
Left’s Unhinged Response To Trump Tax Cut Reveals Their Real Fear: What If It Works?
More Tax Winning: Comcast Announces Employee Bonuses, $50 Billion in Investment
Democrats may wish they’d supported Trump’s tax cut
What happens when you depend on the media to create reality
De Blasio thinks city-funded news outlets would be ‘more fair’
Great; more partisan political science hacks posing as journalists
Memphis finds legal loophole to remove Confederate statues
Memphis to Jefferson Davis: ‘Na na na na, hey, hey, goodbye’
The whitewashing of Democrat racism continues unabated
Congress to Investigate Obama Scheme to Nix Investigation into Hezbollah Terrorists
Just why was it so important for Obama to give Iran nuclear weapons?

House Republicans quietly investigate perceived corruption at DOJ, FBI
McCabe draws blank on Democrats’ funding of Trump dossier, new subpoenas planned
You know you’re getting close to the mark when suddenly nobody knows nuthin’
Powerful winds fan new dangers in Thomas fire: ‘It will be the test to see if we have done everything correct’
Where would we be today had environmentalists not opposed cleaning out the dried underbrush (fuel) for years?
Guess What’s Missing From CNN’s List Of Theories For Hillary Clinton’s Sinking Favorability
Ask Bill
US commandos train to capture North Korean nukes
Message sent
Jorge Ramos Says He’s Now Having the ‘Worst Time’ of His Life in U.S.
He comes to another country, disrespects those with whom he disagrees and he whines when he gets pushback. Yo Jorge, no one is forcing you to stay here
Thousands of students attend conservative boot camp after taking college exams
And this is controversial because students, at all grade levels, are liberally indoctrinated and we’ve seen the result
Obama Center designers sticking with Midway Plaisance for garage site
Will it really be that popular a destination or should there be smaller designated areas for the school buses that will be hauling in captive children for specific indoc?
Trump Supporters Vandalize Mosque In New Mexico, Misspell Words
Misspelled words are the only thing this so-called journalist cites as proof “Trump supporters” did this….
ESPN’s Jemele Hill On Trump: ‘I Thought Everybody Knew (Trump Is A White Supremacist)’
The issue here is her belief that people actually cares what she thinks
Faced with libel lawsuit, dossier drafter Christopher Steele hedges on linking Trump to Russia
Lying to Democrat hacks who wanted any dirt on candidate Trump was one thing
5 years for ex-Chicago journalist for bomb threats to Jewish groups
Looks like journalists aren’t the harmless victims they want us to believe they are
First wave of safety posts installed along Las Vegas Strip
How one person can redefine life for many
‘The Last Jedi’ Is the History of Human Warfare in Reverse
Remember when we went to movies to be entertained, not lectured-to?
Dershowitz: Would Be ‘Foolish’ to Fire Mueller – ‘They Have Him Where They Want Him’
Make the Dems justify the millions spent to prove Trump campaign “collusion” with the Russians and what they really revealed
Rosie O’Donnell Could Be Facing Prison Time And A $12 MILLION FINE For Bribery
It’s about time someone at DOJ follows up and not let these unhinged liberals off the hook
5-year-old boy in Chicago shot twice within past year
The chances of that happening are greater than being struck by lightning
New Swedish Consent Laws Could Require Written Permission For Sexual Relations
Can the woman still accuse a man of rape if she signed the permission slip but really didn’t mean it?
Clinton to launch ‘resistance’ PAC
The foundation donations are down and the Clintons still need anyone’s money
My Experience at Charlie Rose Went Beyond Sexism
He wasn’t into black women
NPR: How Racism May Cause Black Mothers To Suffer The Death Of Their Infants
No explanation as to the absence of the father and that all-important push to humanly abort black babies
Mistrial declared in Cliven Bundy standoff case
Why do Obama holdovers get to withhold evidence? Just sayin’
Registered sex offender and former college staff member who was the third victim of the deadly Amtrak crash
Note how little the media makes of the rash of stories concerning children and education staff
Iran: Trump shows contempt for democracy
The title itself is a punchline
President Donald J. Trump Announces Ninth Wave of Judicial Nominees
Jeb! Thanks Everyone Except Trump for Tax Reform
Still a loser
High heels are under fire as sexual harassment and assault allegations skyrocket
So, that’s what’s caused all this

December 18, 2017 at 11:33am EST 

NFL’s Worst Rule Robs Steelers Of A Win Over Patriots
NFL explained why the Steelers’ game-winning TD against the Patriots was overturned. Here’s the flaw.
Controversial call helps Patriots nip Steelers in key game
Okay, let’s get this outta the way.

Moving right along….

RAF Mildenhall: Shots fired in security incident alert at US base
Who drives through checkpoints?
Economic optimism soars, boosting Trump’s approval rating: CNBC survey
Who would have a problem with this?
Dems now want accused groper Al Franken back
It’s always party first
Restaurant’s ‘racist’ sign with man in blackface sparks outrage
What ever happened to just going somewhere else?
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs wants to buy Carolina Panthers and sign Kaepernick
It would be interesting to hear conversations between Cam Newton and his agent
Manhattan DA opens probe into Weinstein’s hush-money settlements
Harvey’s donations to the next elections will not be in the mail
Amid firestorms, Trump has year of solid policy accomplishments. Can he keep going?
Washington Bureaucrats Are Chipping Away at Trump’s Agenda
In the military, this would be a court-martialable offense. Possible death sentence
Multimillion-dollar homes in the Montecito area are reduced to ashes by the Thomas fire
Absent lightning strikes in an area that hasn’t seen rain in months, this stinks of terrorism
Portland’s Disgraceful Anarchy
Republicans and conservatives don’t behave this way. That leaves….
Pelosi’s super PAC keeps donations from owners of prostitution website Backpage
Gotta keep all doors open
Linda Sarsour Accused Of Enabling Sexual Assault Against Woman Who Worked For Her
She’ll get a pass under the Islamophobia threat
Obama administration undermined anti-Hezbollah task force to help secure Iran nuke deal
By any means necessary
Chuck Todd Warns: ‘Every Republican’ Must ‘Fear for Their Political Lives’
Unproven allegations stick. The Dems have perfected a new campaign weapon
Former Fox contributor, Tamara Holder, claims Rupert Murdoch ‘ruined my life’
NDAs are now null and void
How well paid are California’s university presidents? For one, the answer is very well
Students lamenting their student loans are trained not to ask why their tuitions are so high
Atlanta Airport Blackout Sends Message to Terrorists: America Is Unprepared
This has been a work in progress, not a new phenomenon
Obama’s WH Ethics Chief ‘Stocking Up’ for ‘When We Take the Streets’ Over a Mueller Firing
Fat boy’s going to need a lot of provisions
Trump Won by Rejecting GOP ‘Professional Consultant Class’ Who ‘Made a Living’ Losing Elections
More fatties
Anti-Trump Liberal Activist Group Pulls in Another $400,000 In Gov’t Grants
Nonprofit fatties
Michael Snyder And Other Pro-Trump Candidates For Congress Are Freaking The Establishment Out
Good luck with that!
Justice for Kate Steinle: Rally in San Francisco Shows the Left Cares More About Illegal Immigrants than American Citizens
This is nothing new
60 Minutes claims 74% of “extremist-related killings” in US in last 10 years by “right-wing extremists,” not jihadis
Watching anything on CBS News requires a suspension of common sense
Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be ‘New Norm’
Except in the neighborhoods of the EU elite
Trump says Arizona-bound John McCain will return if needed to cast tax cut vote
Hopefully he won’t be needed… ever
House Intel To Interview Wasserman Schultz, Goldstone
How many times will Debbie count to five?
Twitter suspends far-right British figure retweeted by Trump
Flashback: Racist, Threatening Attacks on FCC Chair Ajit Pai Won’t Save Net Neutrality
Liberals are allowed to be racist as it’s in their blood
Judge Alex Kozinski, accused of sexual misconduct, resigns
The Ninth Circus is down one clown
Mueller makes reckless move with seizure of Trump transition emails
Eric Holder calls for protests if Trump fires Mueller
Well, drop everything!
LeBron James Sends Message With Black And White Shoes, Speaks About Trump
Look at ME, look at ME!
Windows 10 bundles a briefly vulnerable password manager
If you can go back to Windows 7, you’ll be happier

December 14, 2017 at 10:00am EST 

Explosive Texts Point To FBI, Not Russian, Meddling In 2016 Election
Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley Demands Answers About ‘Insurance Policy’ Against Trump Victory and FBI Brass Using Secret ‘Untraceable’ Phones to Talk to Hillary
After mysterious ‘insurance policy’ text, will Justice Department reveal more on FBI agent bounced from Mueller probe?
An illustration of the arrogance some of these “career” #swamp rats have
Ugly as Mueller’s investigation may look, it’s on track to clear Trump
Despite the process-crime subplots, STILL no evidence of the Russian collusion that never happened
Music Mogul Russell Simmons Is Accused of Rape by 3 Women
Ex-Farenthold aide shares new details of vulgar and abusive behavior
‘This has gone too far,’ says defiant Tavis Smiley after PBS suspends his show for ‘misconduct’
Most of the time Tavis was okay with liberal incrementalism, until HE got caught in the net
Joy Behar Calls Time On The View And Shocks Audience By Announcing Her Resignation Live On Air
Yeah, it’s all about her skin creme….
Doug Jones throttles GOP plans for bringing back Obamacare repeal next year
Republicans staying home because they listened to the media has consequences

Omarosa is leaving the White House, bye girl bye
I’m being smeared by a CNN star claims Omarosa: Celebrity star quits the White House DENYING report she was escorted out by security after foul-mouthed rant at John Kelly
CNN Gloats, Screams, And Laughs At Black Woman Who Lost Her Job In Trump Administration
Yes, we need more wimmin because they’re SO much more professional than men….
After Roy Moore’s loss, Republicans turn wrath against Steve Bannon
Too many fell for the overblown status of those who sat on Andrew Breitbart’s coattails
Democratic lawmaker: Women’s clothing an ‘invitation’ to harassment
All you need do is walk around Capitol Hill and it’s there for all to see
Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson dies of ‘probable suicide’ on bridge in Mt. Washington
Good thing those wimmin on CNN’s Newsroom didn’t professionally opine on this
Black Lives Matter Activist Sues Fox News, Jeanine Pirro
Judge throws out felony riot charges against 6 of Trump’s Inauguration Day protesters
Once the weather is more accommodating, get ready for more disruptions
Roy Moore Just Disproved the Legend of Trump
The anti-Trump little shit Shapiro in full gloat mode
Chuck Todd Warns: ‘Every Republican’ Must ‘Fear for Their Political Lives’
Unproven allegations stick. The Dems have perfected a new campaign weapon
Rigor/Us: Building Boundaries and Disciplining Diversity with Standards of Merit
Demanding hard work of minorities is a bad thing
Black Women Credited for Defeating Roy Moore, Now They Demand to Be Paid
Malcolm X called these people chumps
Ten women trade blows and pull each other’s hair as violent brawl breaks out at a McDonald’s in Michigan
Many black wimmim constantly complain they can’t find a man….
Cologne To Distribute ‘Tolerance’ Wristbands to Combat New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks
Asking Muslims to be “tolerant” would be tantamount to a hate crime here
Daleiden Requests Removal of Judge from Undercover Video Case Due to His Ties to Planned Parenthood
Guilt by association is inconvenient
Fox News Assistant Tweets Trump is a “Scum” and “Piece of Sh*T”
Flashback: Is Fox News the Latest Addition to the Liberal Media?
For those of you who STILL believe Fox News is all that
Eric Trump: Gillibrand visited Trump’s office ‘every three days, asking for money’
Maybe Donald Trump would’ve done anything to make her go away

December 11, 2017 at 10:17am EST 

Suicide bomber strikes Port Authority
‘Possible pipe bomb explodes’ at New York’s Port Authority: Suspect ‘wearing wires’ is taken into custody after blast near Times Square prompts evacuation of major Manhattan transport hub
Manhattan explosion: Possible pipe bomb prompts emergency response; 1 in custody
Suicide bomber arrested and three victims injured after explosive vest detonates inside Port Authority bus terminal in ‘terror attack’
MSNBC is spinning about equivalent gun violence and how the president will make this about immigration
US Muslim Brotherhood Operative Calls for the Execution of President Trump
Flashback: Nidal Sakr: US Born Muslim Brotherhood Operative Who Trained As Terrorist Runs ‘March For Justice’ Organization In FL&CA
This is what he deems “justice”
Climate Scientists Are Now Suing Critics Who Challenge ‘Settled Science’
If they can’t win a debate, it’s all about shutting you down
Researchers say they have found genetic differences between gay, straight men
How much did that “research” cost?
Paris Residents Threaten Hunger Strike If Migrants Aren’t Cleared From The Streets
Flashback: Politicians Are Responsible For Muslim Terror in the West
Flashback: DC Politicians Import MORE Muslim Refugees (settled FAR from them)
The people continue to suffer for the bad decisions of those who supposedly represent them
At 230,000 acres, Thomas fire is now the fifth-largest wildfire in modern California history
New evacuations as huge Southern California fire flares up
Arson suspect stopped by good Samaritans in Anaheim Hills
Little word on how all these fires started, except for one caught trying to set one
Christopher Wray’s FBI Stonewall
Atty Gen. Jeff Sessions confirms to Howie Carr: DOJ investigating Bruce Ohr’s Steele Dossier ties
Time for Congress to enhance its contempt authority
The #swamp is circling their pond
Obama Campaigners Spent $468k Against Moore Through Shell Group in One Day, Now More Than $4M
Sen. Collins Questions Whether ‘It’s Our Role As Senators to Overturn the Will of the People’
So, that’s how it is…?
Saudi Arabia to allow movie theaters for first time in decades
Not within the last eight years but now….

Democrats forgave Rep. Studds for preying on teen boys, hailed as gay rights pioneer
Ivy League Prof Doubts Moore Supporters are ‘Decent’
Alabama’s desire not to be embarrassed may be the best thing going for Doug Jones
Megyn Kelly to interview three women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct
The very same urban elites to told us to MoveOn in the 90’s and now screaming #MeToo
Limits on Free Speech
Don’t be confused. This privileged liberal academic wants to limit your speech, not hers
NECC exec’s wife begs to keep assets
Flashback: Pharmacist, Wife Took In $20M Before Meningitis Outbreak
A lot of begging going on nowadays
10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On a First Date
From the “queer femme of color” perspective
Always Believe the Women –– Really?
Will misconduct scandals make men wary of women at work?
Until 100% of women don’t lie about sexual abuse or rape, yes
Sarah Sanders: Can’t Make It Up, Obama Wants Credit for Booming Trump Economy
We said long ago the argument will be made we just didn’t allow enough time for Obama’s brilliant economic policies to finally kick in
Seahawks’ Quinton Jefferson tries to jump in stands and fight Jaguars fans
Stupid fans and a player who thought he could take them all on
Officials Announce First DoD-Wide Audit, Call for Budget Certainty
How about federal government-wide to see just how much taxpayer money is wasted annually?
Hillary Clinton portrait alerts security dogs, causes road closures in Miami
That’ll do it

December 6, 2017 at 11:24am EST 

The Silence Breakers are TIME’s 2017 Person of the Year
Flashback: Time says Trump is ‘incorrect’ after president says he rejected Person of the Year overture
TIME said they don’t do photo shoots and interviews in advance. Sure looks like it here but the media never lies or gets things wrong. Also, what did Taylor Swift do or was this a make good? A “strawberry picker”, Ashley Judd, 20 years late…?
‘They all knew’: Media elites roared in laughter at obscene 2008 ‘roast’ sending up Matt Lauer’s office sexcapades
She Says She Quit Her Campaign Job After He Harassed Her. Now He’s In Congress.
Another woman says Franken tried to forcibly kiss her in 2006: report
Top gossip editor accused of sexual misconduct
Democrats apologize after being busted. Move on….
Fake sign language interpreter delivered gibberish in Florida
She was probably an affirmative action hire and was trying real hard
Americans Want Special Counsel To Investigate Clinton Uranium Deal: IBD/TIPP Poll
Unless it’s anti-Trump, who cares what the American people want?
NBC staffers afraid to go to cover the Winter Olympics in South Korea in case they get NUKED by Kim Jong-un
Seeing how very few want to watch prerecorded sporting events, stay home. No real loss
In break with decades of U.S. policy, Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
U.S. to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Trump Says, Alarming Middle East Leaders
Hamas plans ‘day of rage’ in response to Trump’s Jerusalem decision
Only three…?
Contrary Twitter puts the boot into John McCain after he asks for more followers to help him top the 3m mark – and immediately loses thousands
He still can’t come to grasp the fact we’re just not into him
Terror suspects arrive at court accused of plotting to blow up Theresa May in Downing Street suicide attack
Flashback: Theresa May: Trump was ‘wrong’ to retweet far-right posts
It wasn’t a “far-right” person that wanted to kill her
‘They Should All Step Aside’: Ingraham Says Mueller Deputy Represented Clinton Foundation
FBI agent fired from Mueller probe for sending anti-Trump texts to his lover interviewed Mike Flynn before his guilty plea AND Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills before Hillary was cleared
DOJ to hand over official’s anti-Trump texts, amid contempt threat
Team Obama attempted ‘stealth coup’ by undermining Trump
DiGenova: Comey “The Dirtiest Cop In America, Destroyed FBI’s Reputation”
Mike Pence and Reince Priebus reportedly planned a coup to replace Trump after the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape
The quest for collusion is over as the desperate shriek for impeachment begins
And had Hillary won, we’d never have known just how evil the “swamp” is
Beyonce presents Colin Kaepernick with Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award
Two halfricans who believe the speak for all blacks
Being called ‘snowflakes’ is bad for young people’s mental health
Well, what does that tell ya…?
12 arrested outside Ryan’s office protesting student tax increases
Add bail to those tax increases
Special Counsel’s Office Statement of Expenditures May 17, 2017 to September 30, 2017
$7 million in six months. Must be nice to work for the government
How Trump turned tide of illegal immigration in first year: Border crossing hits 45-year low
New immigration, gun charges filed against illegal immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle trial
A change of venue is justified
Donald Trump Jr. asked Russian lawyer for info on Clinton Foundation
Was that illegal?
Trump’s lawyer rejects claims financial details have been demanded
But, the media said…
Alan Dershowitz: ‘Obama Was Not Motivated By What Was Good For America’
Tell that who treat Obama’s “legacy” like the tablets coming down from Mount Sinai
The Navy Is Changing Its Plans for its Dumbed-Down Zumwalts and Their Ammoless Guns
The only thing missing is a signed taped on the stern that says “Kick me”
US private sector adds more jobs than expected in November
‘Thanks, Obama!’ Former president credits himself for strong economy
Yes, we just didn’t endure enough pain before the turnaround

December 4, 2017 at 11:08am EST 

Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown to be sentenced today
Didn’t see this on the news…?
Four Men Accuse Senate President Stan Rosenberg’s Husband Of Abuse
Mass. Senate Pres. to Step Down Amid Investigation Into Husband
Equal treatment, NOT special treatment
MSNBC’s Joy Reid apologizes for anti- gay comments about Charlie Crist
MSNBC’s Joy Reid Wrote Multiple Anti-Gay Articles, Conspiracies on Her Old Blog
A faux-apology to make it all go away is all a liberal needs to do
NRSC staffers resign after digital break-in
Collecting “information on more than 200,000 donors”. Looks like someone was looking to go free-lance
‘They ruined his life!’: Trump says Hillary Clinton ‘lied many times’ to the FBI and ‘nothing happened to her’ yet the feds are out to destroy Mike Flynn
There IS a two-tier justice system
Clinton Should Run for Cotton’s Senate Seat
The Clintons are like herpes
Debate Grows as Quickly as Weed Five Years After Colorado Pot Legalization
Residents Moving Out of Colorado in Record Numbers
Liberals, Democrats, marijuana, illegals… what’s not to love?
New York Met opera suspends James Levine over sexual allegations
Lots of little boys
Giants might need to prepare for full-on revolt over Eli Manning
We don’t care for the Giants and Manning at all, but he’s done more for the franchise than a first year, losing head coach

ISIS issue new threat to Christmas shoppers with image showing armed jihadist in London’s Oxford Street decked out in festive lights
Holiday cheer
New York Times: Why Does Our Side Keep Losing Elections?
If they have to ask….
Cathay Pacific crews are warned to look out for North Korean MISSILES after crew spot last test launch re-enter atmosphere near passenger jet
US families urged to EVACUATE military bases near Seoul amid fears North Korea WAR ‘close’
North Korea says the US is ‘begging for nuclear war’ as stealth fighters begin training on the peninsula
Rocket Man is appealing to the American left and their media
Trump secretly changes staffers’ assignments given to them by Kelly: report
A secret kept for how many minutes?
Warner: ‘Friday Was My Single Worst Day as a U.S. Senator’
Resignation is always an option
Kennedy Center honorees including Lionel Richie, LL Cool J and Gloria Estefan celebrate the American Dream in Trump-free ceremony after he canceled the traditional White House reception
And outside of the “honorees”, who really cared?
Billy Bush in NYT op-ed: Trump indulging in ‘revisionist history’ over ‘Access Hollywood’ tape
Absolutely ZERO chance because the media’s never deceptively edited anything to destroy a political opponent
New documents reveal FBI’s Clinton cover-up
DOJ And FBI Threatened With Contempt Of Congress For ‘Hiding’ Info On Anti-Trump FBI Investigator
They’ll blow that off as well because they’re the FBI
Poll: Majority of Trump supporters say media is ‘enemy of American people’
They actually demand we believe them, even after they lie
Prince Harry faces outcry at Nazi outfit
He’s royalty. He really answers to no one
After Steinle verdict, rep unveils bill to imprison officials who shelter illegal immigrants
How many hundreds of lives too late?
Now it’s unisex Scouts! Leaders are told to avoid referring to youngsters as boys and girls so transgender members are not offended
Every traditional institution the left infects disintegrates
India needs to ‘cherish and nurture’ its Muslims: Barack Obama
Again, look the other way when it comes to a people that brings tumult wherever they go
‘Call Me by Your Name’ Selected as Best Picture by L.A. Film Critics Association
The Hollywood gaystapo has the contact info of the L.A. Critics Association
Randy Quaid Vs. Bernie Sanders For Vermont Senator Seat Is Fodder For Reality Show
Translation: ANY opposition to Bernie is a joke
New York Times: We the People Pledge to Fight Climate Change
Actually live the life and stop arrogantly speaking for all Americans
Rising seas may eventually submerge some important U.S. historical landmarks
Flashback 2010: Al Gore Buys $8.9 Million Ocean-view Villa
Do as they say, not as they do (again and again) 
Meet the ‘real Indian’ who plans to hound Elizabeth Warren to the end of her Senate race
Indian, not injun
Grassley criticized for comments on taxpayers who waste money on ‘booze,’ ‘women’
Taxpayers spending their own money on booze and women are better than government employees putting booze and woman on taxpayer-funded expense accounts
NFL’s Olivier Vernon tells fans if they don’t like him kneeling, ‘don’t come to the game’
Another loser dissing fans who are partially responsible for his $80 million contract
Four Democrats Eyeing Governor’s Office Meet For Public Forum
No minorities and all appear to eat very well
Another anti-Trump ‘smoking gun’ turns out to be nothing
If Michael Flynn’s ‘crime’ is all Robert Mueller has, it is time to move on
More than a year and a half-plus and there’s STILL no “proof” of Trump “collusion”

December 1, 2017 at 12:08pm EST 

Matt Lauer seen leaving his $33M Hamptons estate to meet lawyer ‘as he tries to negotiate $30MILLION pay-off from NBC’ after he was fired over sexual harassment allegations
Abuse pays… for special people
Lawmaker behind secret $84K sexual harassment settlement unmasked
If you can go by appearances, Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) looks the type
‘No one wanted Megyn here, she was forced upon us and today reinforced why she will NEVER be part of the Today family.’ Staff are outraged at ‘smug’ Kelly and her insensitivity to colleagues over Matt Lauer firing
We know the feeling
NPR And PBS, The Biggest Harassment Hypocrites
Russell Simmons Sexually Violated Me
Gloria Steinem on her Bill Clinton essay: ‘I wouldn’t write the same thing now’
Broadway Casting Director Fired for Sexual Misconduct
Bette Midler: Geraldo Rivera ‘has yet to apologize’ to me
Vice fires three employees amid investigations into sexual harassment
‘We Have Rapists Here In This Building’ — California Legislators Hear Horror Stories Of Broken Harassment Reporting System
Is the script for the next “Purge” movie in preparation?
Garcia Zarate acquitted in San Francisco killing of Kate Steinle
Flashback: Man accused in death of Kate Steinle admits to Pier 14 shooting
Kate Steinle’s family speaks
US to deport undocumented immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle death
DOJ weighing federal charges in Kate Steinle murder case, after not guilty verdict
Be deported five times, kill someone before the sixth and get off on a lesser charge. What a country!
Clyburn: Charges against Conyers might be false because all complaining women are white
The growing push for John Conyers to resign, but not Al Franken, has some claiming racial bias
Told ya!
Several men accuse spouse of Senate President Stan Rosenberg of abuse
It’s a gay Boston thing
Senate Ethics Committee opens ‘preliminary inquiry’ into Al Franken allegations
Blackburn: We’re Going to Release Names of Lawmakers Who Used ‘Hush Fund’
Depending on how fast the media releases names will give us a good idea which side of the aisle did the most hushing
Green Lobbyists Are Scrambling To Save Their Subsidies From GOP Tax Reform
The taxpayer-subsidy gravy train could be derailed
DOJ tells Buzzfeed to pound sand in hopes of avoiding libel lawsuit on dodgy Russia dossier
The problem is BuzzFeed considers themselves 1st Amendment-protected journalists
Ivanka Trump Plagiarizes One Of Her Own Speeches In India
Seriously… how does one plagiarize yourself?
Trump declares war on the ‘failing’ New York Times after it tells readers how to lobby senators AGAINST his tax bill – and accuses it of being ‘pipe organ for Democrats’
The Times did cross the line… again
Michael Flynn charged with making false statements to the FBI: Documents
Michael Flynn to Plead Guilty Today in Mueller Case
And it had what to do with Russian collusion in the 2016 election?
What to Wear to Smash the State
The New York Times promotion Antifa fashion, if there really is such a thing
ISIS Targeting U.S. Children as Revenge for Syrian Airstrikes
Is that what it takes to wake up the media?

Many open seats as Cowboys-Redskins kickoff
Colin Kaepernick Is Recipient of 2017 Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award
Awards are becoming a joke as evidenced by Kaepernick’s cause-and-effect
Al Gore to cap off disappointing year with 24-hour global warming broadcast
Can hardly wiat
Beijing Confidential: ‘Veteran Cadres’ Obama and Xi Attend Hush-Hush Meeting
What It Was Like Working for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election Campaign
Teen Vogue gone full political
EWW! White House Has A Problem With Cockroaches, Ants And Mice
It’s not like the White House is an island. D.C. has a problem with cockroaches, ants, mice and big rats
American Airlines Unveils Plan to Improve Diversity
Shouldn’t the priority be who can best take off and land the plane?
Scaramucci and His Wife Call Off Their Divorce
London Mayor: Cancel Trump’s visit
Fine. Give the Secret Service a break
‘I will destroy you…I have the power!’ Banker husband of ex-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is accused of trying to dupe 70-year-old investor by ‘tricking him into signing over deed of his $4M property to him personally’
Any word of this in the American media… anyone… anyone…?
Generation Commie – Why Millennials are Embracing Communism
Because it’s easy
‘I think I have to leave the country’: Garrison Keillor says he wants to ‘move east’ to escape sexual harassment ‘mania’ after his firing from MPR for ‘touching a woman’s bare back’
See ya!
Roy Moore church event interrupted by protester
The civility
US troops get freeze-dried plasma for battlefield bloodshed
That wouldn’t be good enough for those on Capitol Hill
Quest for a better life brought me to immigration detention
Sob story of the Day
Alabama Poll: Conservative Roy Moore Solidifies Lead over Radical Democrat Doug Jones
Has Trump Made Approval Polls Meaningless?
Is this a trick question?
CNN’s Ana Navarro Claims Trump Looks Like Someone With Alzheimer’s
Besides being a big-mouthed #NeverTrumper, she’s a doctor now?
Turkish Despot Erdogan Implicated in Plot to Launder Money for Ayatollahs in Iran
Sanctions sure do take a bite

November 30, 2017 at 11:30am EST 

Pelosi calls on Conyers to resign
Clyburn: Charges against Conyers might be false because all complaining women are white
John Conyers will not seek re-election in 2018
John Conyers’ attorney: Accusers should be prepared to back up their misconduct claims
Conyers hospitalized in Detroit
The sympathy card again
CNN Producer Fired Over Alleged Inappropriate Behavior
Another one bites the dust
Army veteran accuses Franken of groping her during USO tour
Let’s not forget Al
Russell Simmons: “Nice” white women, understand how to use race as a tool
Russell Simmons steps down after sexual assault allegation
There’s no sexual harassment/assault in the rap “bitch”, “ho” industry….
Actress: Weinstein used Oprah and Naomi to seduce me
Say it ain’t O!
NPR Chief News Editor Departs After Harassment Allegations
It’s hard to keep up
Matt Lauer Accused of Sexual Harassment by Multiple Women
Then-married former NBC employee claims Lauer sexually assaulted her until she passed out in office
‘Today’ Removes Matt Lauer’s Photos Off All Social Channels Following Firing
Matt Lauer’s firing casts NBC’s call on Ronan Farrow in a whole new light
Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough fight on the air over what they knew about Matt Lauer
Lauer apologizes: ‘There are no words to express my sorrow and regret’
AFTER he got fired
Trump Blasts Theresa the Appeaser: ‘Don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism in the UK’
Beating wives if they refuse sex is OK, according to books in Britain’s Islamic schools
Two detained under Terrorism Act as UK arrests reach record high
Exactly what of value has the Muslim influx brought to any society that’s absorbed them?
Colin Kaepernick set to Return to the NFL field – on Titans player’s cleats: Embattled free agent’s former college teammate pays tribute to his ‘ultimate sacrifice’
NFL to Contribute $100 Million to Social Justice Causes as Part of Anthem Protest Surrender
Democrat nonprofit “social justice causes”
Canadian elementary school teachers attend ‘LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP’ inclusiveness training session. Would you understand the title?
Why should we care?
‘Hooker’ says Spitzer liked sex toys, being walked on leash: court docs
Another hooker?

Fox News Condemns Geraldo’s Controversial Matt Lauer Tweetstorm: ‘Troubled By His Comments’
Here’s Bette Midler in 1991 Talking About Geraldo Rivera Drugging and Groping Her Without Consent
Who will really be sad to see Geraldo go?
House votes to require anti-harassment training, faces pressure to cut off hush funds
Liberals will be doing the training….
Texas State Student Paper Op-Ed: Your White DNA is ‘an Abomination’
Brown University to allow students to ‘self-identify’ as persons of color
University event highlights 14 ways ‘whiteness’ oppresses society
White people, stop sending your kids to these colleges. That should solve the problem!
Marvel’s New Editor-In-Chief Is A White Guy Who Pretended To Be An Asian Writer
As he’s shamed the honor of his family, he should commit hari-kari
Obama IG guy flags ‘strategic coordination’ of State, Clinton on emails
Hillary lackeys warned she would fire me as soon as she was elected for blowing whistle on her secret server reveals government inspector
A lot was riding on her being elected
Trump declares war on the ‘failing’ New York Times after it tells readers how to lobby senators AGAINST his tax bill – and accuses it of being ‘pipe organ for Democrats’
Nothing new here
Russia accuses U.S. of trying to provoke North Korean leader ‘to fly off handle’
US intelligence agencies assessing N. Korean missile analysts say is capable of hitting mainland US
North Korean missile test next year could deal ‘fatal blow’ to the Winter Olympics, South Korean minister warns
This should be resolved by then
Harvard: Climate Change Panel Talks ‘Hope and Despair’
Satellites Show No Acceleration In Global Warming For 23 Years
Like facts will change the narrative
‘African-Americans in Mississippi’ Pressured To Vote In Alabama Senate Race
Thousands of Alabama felons register to vote in last-minute push
Proof the majority of felons are Democrats
Trevor Noah Makes Fun of Warren for Native American Ancestry Claims
A day late….
Dana Nessel, Democrat candidate for Michigan Attorney General: “Vote for me because I don’t have a penis.”
That’s where it’s going
Liberals are increasing the odds of a new Korean War
If Rocket Man watches any of our media conversations, just who would he think they’re rooting for?
Moore Accusers Have Ties to Drug Dealers, Washington Post
Uh oh 
Philadelphia: Controversial bill would force business owners to take down bulletproof glass
Wouldn’t you like to be a victim too!
Looking a little closer at Garrison Keillor’s last creepy old guy dispatch from Charleston
“Closer” appears to be the problem
2 Americans who bared butts at Bangkok temples are arrested
How long before these idiots beg President Trump for an intervention?
Once invincible, ESPN cuts staff amid subscriber losses
They were warned and they blew off their customers
State, DHS respond to 223 women in national security field speaking out on sexual harassment
Of course, this climate NEVER existed before January 20, 2017

November 26, 2017 at 1:50pm EST 

Pakistani-American Muslims call for restrictions against ‘non-Muslims’
Share this with those who believe our concerns are Islamophobic
Morrissey supports killing Donald Trump ‘for the safety of humanity’
We’ll see if the Secret Service is in attendance when he performs in DC on the 30th
GOP Sen Portman: It ‘Would Be Better for the Country’ If Roy Moore Stepped Aside
Conyers steps down as top Dem on House Judiciary Committee
Nancy Pelosi: John Conyers deserves ‘due process’
Republicans are always expected to do the right thing while Democrats delay, deny, then destroy
Activists Tell FCC Chairman’s Kids Their Father Is An Evil Murderer
Liberals love to get their hands on the children
Yale Claims To Have Cured Conservatives By Turning Them Into Liberals
And if this the reverse, the left would be screaming in horror
Bill Clinton sought State’s permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision
Half a million bucks opens a lot of doors
Trump Notches Another Win On Trade As China Slashes Tariffs
China would be still eating our lunch if Hillary were president
For the love of God, why can’t Democrats leave the Little Sisters of the Poor alone?
Because they can’t avoid to turn the juice off their third rail: abortion
Robert Mugabe to get $10m payoff and immunity for his family
The elite takes take of their own
Sarsour, not Trump, most likely TIME’s person of the year
Kissing up to the radicals
Kevin Dowd Summarizes Populism for His Sister Maureen’s Liberal Readers: Trump Has 43.2M Twitter Followers; NYT Has 3.1M Subscribers
The left and their media will be complaining that the next president isn’t letting the American people know what he or she’s thinking
Twitter allowing BuzzFeed to dictate which accounts are ‘propaganda’ accounts
Flashback: BuzzFeed sued by Russian bank for publishing the infamous Trump dossier
Flashback: Nexus suing Buzzfeed for $5 million
BuzzFeed should know propaganda better than anyone
Driver tries to cut into Trump’s motorcade in Florida
The contrast between the civilized and the left made clearer by the day
Church Cracking Down, Aiming to Use ‘More Inclusive’ Language When Referring to God
“Inclusive” by creating needless division
Schools teach Islamic history… but ignore 1066 and all that
Maybe schools should also teach students all of the inconveniences on Western civilization after Muslims arrive 
CNN fires back at Trump: It’s your job to represent the US to the world
The media ignores the fact they’re to be impartial and not friends with one side
Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash
We hear all this bitching about AI but it’s still being tweaked
President Trump ‘Frustrated’ Over Ivanka’s Comments Slamming Judge Roy Moore
Flashback: Daddy’s Little Girl: Americans Voted for Donald Trump, NOT Ivanka
We were slammed for picking on Ivanka. We rest our case
Pentagon battles college trying to sell art by ‘terrorists’
And who taught students that terrorists are artists?
Women get chance to ‘one-up’ the men in mixed infantry units
That’s what it’s all about

Indiana Nurse Under Investigation for Tweets about Killing White Babies
Remember this and many other examples when we’re told black people are incapable of being racists
How nutty adjuncts are slipping into local colleges
A Growing Number of Young Americans are Leaving Desk Jobs to Farm
Colleges got paid for their worthless degrees
Murdered Baltimore Cop’s Partner Wasn’t With Him When He Was Shot
This reads like a b-movie script
Limiting president’s ability to launch an atomic first strike is appealing, but would be a bad idea
Hawaii is in range of many bad actors
Responsibility for global warming is in our hands
I created “Medusa Magazine” and I am shutting it down because Feminist stupidity has surpassed satire
Flashback: Why We Don’t Respect Millennials: Bread Made With Vaginal ‘Yeast’
Luckily for the right, this is not behavior we have to explain or defend
Republicans flee from McConnell in 2018 primaries
For now. Money softens “principles”
‘Please, God, Don’t Let Me Get Stopped’: Around Atlanta, No Sanctuary for Immigrants
No sympathy for lawbreakers
Bret Weinstein: Social Justice Warriors Are ‘Taking Over More And More Territory’ On College Campuses
SJWs are like herpes carriers: once infected, they intentionally infect others
‘Deportation? Yes, it’s expensive. But it’s well worth it’
Norway is done with the migrant experiment

November 23, 2017 at 1:03pm EST 

Walter Williams: Thanksgiving! America’s First Defeat of Communism
American troops celebrate Thanksgiving thousands of miles away from home
Flashback: Christmas at Home
The same applies to Thanksgiving
Time Square lights up with Trump’s face and a message to the world: IMPEACH!
Tom Steyer, a spoiled brat, too chicken shit to run himself, sore loser with money

The Electoral College Works, Leave It Alone
The desperate are often shortsighted
Read The Letter To Barack Obama Warning About Dangers Of Uranium One Deal
Was there a video version on ESPN?
Trump presents his report card, passes with flying colors
Compared to where we might be under a second Clinton administration
Cuba and North Korea hold anti-US meeting and reject Donald Trump’s ‘arbitrary’ nuclear demands
Let the losers whine
Charlie Rose got potential heir Josh Elliott ‘ousted’ from CBS
Egos will be the downfall of the networks
Baltimore homicide detective shot dead with his OWN gun was due to testify against fellow officers indicted for drug-dealing
And they wonder why they have a recruitment problem
WaPo columnist: Sanders humiliates the media daily
They’re used to giving a Republican administration the colonoscopies, not receiving them
Flashback: 20+ Harmful Effects of Caffeine
Drinking coffee is more likely to benefit than harm you, finds new study
The “experts” change their minds often enough to be blown off
CVS Employee Tricked Illinois Customer and Stole His $1 Million Lottery Ticket, Suit Says
We were ripped off by a Sheetz employee who quit and vanished shortly after he screwed us
Two additional woman accuse Franken of groping
Democrats are facing an important test with Al Franken. They’ve failed it before.
Sebelius: The Clinton White House doubled down on ‘abusive behavior’ and it’s fair to criticize Hillary Clinton
Retired Alabama cop on Roy Moore: ‘We were also told to … make sure that he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders’
These belated CYAs are getting old
Rep. Ron DeSantis to Introduce Bill Banning Lawmakers from Settling Sexual Harassment Claims with Taxpayer Funds
Sad a bill is needed to prevent this
Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm
So-called journalists who demand we don’t question their ethics still have a price 
States Spurning Election Commission Show Irregularities in Voter Registration
We were told they had nothing to hide…?
U.S Rep. John Conyers must resign
After years of embarrassment by the Conyers clan, the Detroit Free Press finally has standards
Doug Jones Defended Man With Ties To KKK, Holocaust Deniers
New Mexico sheriff says body cam video unfair to officers
Many people would be embarrassed if they had to wear a body cam at work
Thieves Steal 1,800 Gallons Of Vodka From LA Distillery
It’s an L.A. thing
Bring a chart to Thanksgiving dinner to bash GOP tax plan, Schumer says
Such miserable people
‘Art of the Deal’ ghostwriter: Trump ‘frightened by black people’
Yes, this is clearly a Trump issue
Eminem Is ‘Extremely Angry’ Trump Has Not Responded To His BET Cypher Verse
Poor baby
Argentina submarine search: Sound detected is ‘consistent with explosion’
Not good
Abortion rates in US hit historic low, CDC report finds
We have an administration that doesn’t promote it
Men with Muscles and Money Are More Attractive to Straight Women and Gay Men — Showing Gender Roles Aren’t Progressing
Tells you something about Newsweek’s definition of progress
Air China indefinitely suspends flights between Beijing and Pyongyang
The Trump effect
Mom charged after putting recording device in daughter’s backpack
We wouldn’t want proof of public sector teachers not protecting a student
Police: Man found in Md. was decapitated, had heart removed and stabbed by MS-13 members
Another illegal we’re told are beneficial to our nation
Dershowitz: How Ten Dem (Dumb) Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists
The liberal hatred of Israel causes them to do things they’d never want in their neighborhood

November 19, 2017 at 11:41am EST 

Clinton Foundation hosts 25th anniversary event with Bill and Hillary Clinton
Donations to Clinton Foundation plunged along with Hillary’s election defeat
FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow
But took no action against the intended cash recipients
U.S. nuclear general says would resist ‘illegal’ Trump strike order: CBS
How many questionable orders have enlisted had to obey, yet a top lifer officer can defy a @POTUS he clearly doesn’t support?
Newsweek: Why Clinton Lost: What Russia Did to Control the American Mind and Put Trump in the White House
When was the last time Newsweek was relevant?
Why no one is talking about Trump’s game-changing deal
Trump’s Asia tour was a triumph for him and a failure for the US media because his hosts did what our press refuses to – they treated him with respect
Because the media has no intention of reporting on Trump’s accomplishments over Obama’s neglect
Franken Remains Hidden After Sex Harassment Allegations
Roy Moore announces 12 testimonials from women affirming his character
Jeff Flake Caught on Live Mic Saying GOP Is ‘Toast’ Under Leadership of Moore, Trump
MSNBC HOST TO GLORIA ALLRED: “If you’re not 100% sure that it is his signature, why would you show it at a press conference?”
Mitch McConnell Camp Planted Roy Moore Story To Help Clear Path For Trump Impeachment Attempt In 2018
The swamp is officially a criminal enterprise
Bucs likely gambled and lost believing Jameis Winston would grow up
What happens when millions are thrown at coddled athletes who are seldom held accountable for their actions
Harvey Weinstein had secret hitlist of names to quash sex scandal
He had a lot in common with the Clintons
New York Times Reporter: Obama Administration Misled on al Qaeda
al Qaeda was decimated and on the run, if you like your plan you can keep your plan…
Video shows nurses laughing as dying 89-year-old WWII veteran calls for help, gasps for air
AGAIN, veterans should be first in line for any jobs caring for veterans
UC regents admonish UC President Janet Napolitano for approval of interference in state audit
Not everything is run like a Democrat administration 
Black Death patients are ESCAPING hospital and refusing treatment sparking fears it may spread
This is starting to resemble an apocalypse movie plot
Ivanka Trump’s Suggestion For A Thanksgiving Table Decoration Is Driving Everyone Mad
Who really cares what the anonymous on social media thinks? 
Everyday gun violence is startling, with racial and urban disparities in Wisconsin
White liberal Democrats just starting to see the results of their policies
Fan Confronts Muslim Athlete Who Shot Hoops During National Anthem
Not everyone is accepting the middle finger to our nation
LAPD investigates nearly two dozen sex crime cases tied to Hollywood
Now that the cat’s outta the bag
What if Ken Starr Was Right?
The Democrat defense of Bill Clinton has led to the rape culture we have today
Marine Artillery Unit ‘Has Killed More ISIS Than Anyone,’ General Says
The media is doing its best to ignore our Armed Forces’ successes
Chance the Rapper begs Barack Obama to return in ‘SNL’ song
Fat chance
Scott Brown’s pay is $155,000 per year. The benefits are priceless
Insert the name of any of DC’s losers and ask yourself what they’d be making if they were not federal politicians
Special education teacher arrested for selling heroin at Maryland school, officials say
Academia is another American institution liberals have infected beyond cure
Beyonce 2020 Is Exactly What Democrats Need
This would show a Democrat Party pandering for the black vote with another ignorant candidate
Harassment claims shine light on California Capitol partying
Blue States Practice the Family Values Red States Preach
Only an urban elitist writing for the New York Times would make such an idiotic statement
Lena Dunham Apologizes For Murray Miller Defense Amid Assault Allegations
We almost totally forgot about Lena Dunham
Glamour Magazine 2017 Award Show Completely Ignores Conservative Women
Conservatives acknowledge women who have the lowest neckline, shortest skirt, longest heels… talent optional
State Department defends reorganization, admits low morale
Government “non-essential” workers’ jobs are in peril… finally!
Democratic donor’s home was littered with drug paraphernalia after man died, coroner says
Blue state values include their traditional devaluation of black lives
Partridge Family star David Cassidy, 67, is placed in an ‘induced coma with multiple organ failure’ and his family is told to ‘prepare for the worst’ nine months after revealing he had dementia
This does not look good

November 13, 2017 at 10:13am EST 

George Takei denies sexually assaulting model in 1981
George Takei Once Talked About Grabbing Men To ‘Persuade’ Them To Have Sex
Oh, my…!
PAYBACK: Crony Obama Judge Gets Booted from Fusion GPS Case After True Pundit Exposed Blatant Conflicts of Interest
You didn’t hear of this on Fox News or CNN or MSNBC or ABC, NBC or CBS News?
‘Write letter to family about converting to Islam’: Furious stepfather refuses to let his stepdaughter, 12, complete her homework after she is asked to pen them a note about becoming a Muslim
2 Injured In Stabbing At Mall Of America Macy’s Store, Suspect Arrested
Literally on the last line of the Mall stabbing, you see that the man wielding the knife is a Muslim
Media Matters Using Roy Moore Allegations To Go After Hannity’s Advertisers
Heilemann Sure Roy Moore a “Perp,” but Claims Knew Nothing of Partner Halperin’s Misconduct
Mother of Roy Moore Accuser: Washington Post Reporters Convinced My Daughter to Go Public
Judge Roy Moore Says He Will File Lawsuit Against The Washington Post
President Trump supported Luther Strange. Next time accept the fact he knows what he’s talking about
Trump Returning To US With Over $250 Billion In Deals, China Announces ‘This Is Truly A Miracle’
Compared to Obama’s crew, it is
Where Did All The Public School Money Go? Paper-Pushers
Student performance goes down and the schools complain they don’t have enough money, yet we’re told we must “invest” for the children
Amina Mohammed, UN dep Sec-Gen fingered in $300m timber scandal
Why does the UN still exist?
The Lineman Got $63 an Hour. The Utility Was Billed $319 an Hour.
This is called gouging 
Multiple women accuse Minnesota state Senator Dan Schoen of sexual harassment
How far down in this report do you have to go before you see the word “Democrat”?
Giants’ Olivier Vernon, 2 49ers kneel during anthem on Veteran’s Day weekend
Going into Week 10, these two teams had one win between them. Coincidence? 
Gardner: Lawsuits, death, arrest have tied up elections integrity panel
Not good
New York Times: Can My Children Be Friends With White People?
Boys should be free to wear tutus and tiaras, says Church of England
The left just loves our children
Daily Beast: Green Beret Discovered SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed.
I remember when integrity was a given in the military
Weeds star Elizabeth Perkins holds sign naming actor James Woods as she joins hundreds of women in stand against sexual abuse at the #MeToo Survivors march in Hollywood
So, what is she implying? Not clear….
‘The Post’ Trailer: Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep Team Up For Spielberg’s Journalistic Drama
Damage control
John Oliver Plans to Buy Ads During Fox & Friends To ‘Sneak Information’ To President Trump
It must be nice to not have to worry about ratings
Naked, barking people rampage through a stunned small town, police say
Most California sheriffs fiercely opposed the ‘sanctuary state’ law. Soon they’ll have to implement it
Another reason to flee California
Fired-up Fox Valley veterans burn Bears, Packers jerseys in protest
Jerry Jones Forfeiting Cowboys Reportedly Discussed by Owners over Goodell Saga
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seeks $50 million, private jet for life
All of these self-inflicted wounds are now getting infected
Bill Gates buys big chunk of land in Arizona to build ‘smart city’
Liberals and “smart”….
CNN: Whose freedom is it?
Aww. The “challenges facing the media”
Explosive Book Alleges Underage Gay Sex at Vatican Seminary
So much for celibacy
Prince Charles blames “foreign Jews” for Middle East conflict, calls on US to confront “the Jewish lobby”
Tell us what you really think?
Saudi Princess’ tell-all includes Bangladeshi children traded as sex slaves
UCLA basketball team returns to L.A., with three arrested players still in China
The #BLM shield doesn’t translate into Chinese

November 8, 2017 at 9:28am EST 

Daily Bruin: LiAngelo Ball, two other UCLA basketball players arrested in China
LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA players released on bail after shoplifting arrest in China
LiAngelo Ball and UCLA teammates could face 3-10 years in prison if convicted of shoplifting
Bet’cha President Trump is in their private conversations; not one bad word to be uttered…
De Blasio Wins Second Term As New York City Mayor
Maddow, O’Donnell Lose It Over VA Results: ‘Tonight’s History Is Being Written by Movie Writers’
GOP rep: Virginia defeat ‘a referendum’ on Trump administration
CNN: Election night brings historic wins for minority and LGBT candidates
Liberal hate won and Republican carpetbagging stupid lost
Saudi government to confiscate $800 billion from alleged corrupt individuals
If only the Clintons were Saudis, think how much the people would’ve been spared
The hamburger Trump ate in Japan sells out as diners track down the presidential meal
We clearly aren’t bringing in people who have little to offer the nation
The work-shy teacher who is a taste of what’s to come when the snowflake generation runs Britain
It’s already here 
Most Wikileaks Emails Weren’t Even Written Until AFTER DNC Knew It Was Hacked
The Root: Hillary Is Not Your White Savior
Some black people are really slow
Senator Menendez Juror Asks Trial Judge: ‘What Is a Senator?’
Just what does THAT tell ya?
How Brazile’s book exposes liberal media’s Hillary health coverup
DNC chair Perez: DNC gave Hillary Clinton ‘insufficient and just sub-standard tools for success’
Oh, that’s What Happened….
Tom Perez: ‘Insufficient and substandard tools’ from DNC hindered Hillary Clinton in 2016
Virginia Gov. (and Longtime Clinton Pal) Terry McAuliffe Rips Brazile Book: ‘Nobody Cares’
Wagons circled to protect the weakest woman in the world
Sony Cancels Festival Premiere of ‘All the Money in the World’ Amid Kevin Spacey Sex Misconduct Scandal
Journalist Accuses Rev. Jesse Jackson of Sexual Harassment
CNN to Hold Town Hall – Tipping Point: Sexual Harassment in America on Nov. 9
Another “discussion” only because their side’s been cold busted
LAPD confirms they are investigating Hollywood pedophile ring after Corey Feldman files formal report
How many other dropped balls are out there?
NEA President: America has moral obligation to protect TPS beneficiaries
Sure, the American people will pay for them!
Texans sign quarterback Josh Johnson, release Matt McGloin
Kaepernick blown off again because he’s not a savior
CNN Correspondent: Dems Might Need To ‘Alienate Some White Voters’ To Gain Black Votes
And this is not racist….
Facebook asks users for nude photos in project to combat revenge porn
What can’t go wrong here?
Pro-ISIS group hacks N.J. school website, posts recruitment video
Teachers indoctrinate students so why not terrorists?
Air Force: Racial Slurs Written by 1 Person Who Was Targeted
The social justice infiltration continues
Eric Holder blasts ‘orange man’ Trump: ‘We want the America of Barack Obama’
We should care what HE wants
Trump Planning Executive Order to Unravel Obamacare’s Individual Mandate
Some things ya gotta do on your own
Dan Rather Laments That Americans Think the Media ‘Make Up Stories’
He would know better than anyone

November 7, 2017 at 9:25am EST 

‘Not his style – never has been’: Trump shakes Japanese emperor’s hand but doesn’t repeat groveler-in-chief Obama’s deep bow
A contrast in optics
Democracy must be suspended to solve the climate crisis
Because elites know better
NY Attacker’s Mosque Promoted Site Advocating Violence Against Jews, Women, Gays
But we’re Islamophobes for bringing this up
Saudi prince ‘is killed in firefight while resisting arrest as part of kingdom’s anti-corruption purge’ 24 hours after another prince died in helicopter crash
Obviously, some people take corruption seriously

DOJ Announces Denaturalization Complaints Against Somali Diversity Visa Immigrants
We clearly aren’t bringing in people who have little to offer the nation
Brazile Challenged Clinton’s Top Male Staffers To A Dick Measuring Contest
Must be a Democrat thing… 
Democrat walks out of moment of silence for Texas massacre victims
And the party wonders why they lose
Carina Driscoll, Bernie Sanders’ Stepdaughter, Considering a Run for Burlington Mayor
Flashback: Bernie Sanders Accused of Using Campaign Money to Benefit Family
One way to stay out of trouble? Run for office. Ask Hillary…
‘Fat Leonard’ probe expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals
The officer class finally held to a standard
Donald Trump and Melania arrive safely in Seoul amid threats from North Korea
Abe: Japan will freeze assets of 35 North Korean entities
Not phased by fat boy
Tom Perez: ‘Insufficient and substandard tools’ from DNC hindered Hillary Clinton in 2016
Virginia Gov. (and Longtime Clinton Pal) Terry McAuliffe Rips Brazile Book: ‘Nobody Cares’
Wagons circled to protect the weakest woman in the world
Ralph Northam Campaign Blames Russian ‘Bots’ for Stoking the Latino Victory Ad Controversy
Nice try
Air Force launches review after failing to enter Texas shooter’s criminal history in FBI database
How many other dropped balls are out there?
Trump Complains of Unfair Trade With Japan, Defends TPP Pullout
And he said it to their faces
Early Comey draft accused Clinton of gross negligence on emails
“Gross negligence” that would have sent anyone else to jail
Texans are wondering if Colin Kaepernick’s their answer
With his background, he shouldn’t even be considered. However….
CBS Gushes Over ‘Beautiful,’ ‘Fantastic’ Book of Obama Pictures
For those who can’t read
12 months later, Trump would probably still win the 2016 election
You know this was tough for the Washington Post to publish
FDNY Disqualified Combat Veterans, Lawsuit Claims, While Hiring Son of Convicted Terrorist
It was all about “diversity”
Lives of anxiety: Immigrants seek sanctuary in US churches
When the church chooses collections over the law
How a government-sanctioned scam in Newburgh Heights has taken thousands of dollars from drivers
Obtaining revenue by any means necessary
Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies
Kevin Spacey Checks Into Sex Addiction Rehab With Harvey Weinstein

November 6, 2017 at 8:35am EST 

Antifa rally a ‘COMPLETE FLOP’: Anti-Trump protestors OUTNUMBERED by supporters
Some things, like overthrowing an administration, just don’t go as planned
Obama Uses Texas Church Massacre To Call For Fewer Guns
‘Why do people get shot in a church? Republicans.’: Chelsea Handler slammed for political tweet hours after Texas mass shooting
House Democrat slams NRA in wake of Texas shooting
‘Hero’ neighbor got his rifle, shot at Texas church gunman
The media is turning this into a white-men-with-guns issue
Former Ohio ‘principal of year’ accused of having sex with students
Despite how many of these cases we see per week, you never hear a call for “teacher control”
Anthony Weiner to begin prison sentence for sexting conviction
What a great prison name he has 
More on the Democrat’s Assault on Rand Paul
Print Media Omit How Rand Paul Was at Alexandria Shooting in Coverage of Alleged Assault
Rand Paul Attacker Likes Bernie Sanders, Hates Trump
The pattern is established, IF the media decides to go there
Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash
This is getting ugly
Woman Fired For Flipping Off Donald Trump’s Motorcade
This would have made national news had this been at Obama, the woman would have been doxxed and had to move for her own safety
North Korea Assassins Bumped Off Kim Jong Un’s Brother With Deadly Nerve Agent That Could Kill ‘Tens of Thousands’ in Chemical War: Pentagon Report
Kim appears to have that weapon down
Tony Podesta Lobbied For Russia’s ‘Uranium One’ And Did Not File As A Foreign Agent
We’ll be told no-big-deal, everybody-does-it…
Trump Complains of Unfair Trade With Japan, Defends TPP Pullout
And he said it to their faces
Massive Document Leak Reveals Use Of Tax Havens By Trump’s Cabinet
Another leak, this time about things personal and legal
Major investor in Facebook and Twitter had ties to Russian government-owned firms
Will the media share this juicy tidbit?
Back to school! Beaming Melania poses with Tokyo elementary students as she learns to write ‘peace’ in calligraphy during her first Asian tour with Trump
And calligraphy is not just writing; it’s an art
Stickers saying ‘It’s okay to be white’ posted in Cambridge
It’s also okay to proudly say you have nothing in common with your hometown
Sam Adams to sell $200 beer that’s illegal in a dozen states, including N.H.
Why parents should never spank children
Makes you wonder how many of us spanking-survivors turned out to be law-abiding citizens?
Despite the chaos, Trump has managed to push the most conservative agenda in a generation
Narcissistic liberals assumed we ALL wanted what they imposed on the nation for the last decade-plus, thus seeing it undone is leaving them unhinged

In 2008, I ran for Massachusetts State Representative in a district including the town of Athol. The Democrat incumbent won, the district has continued to elect Democrats since, there are fewer local employment opportunities than when I ran, and now it all comes down to the last thing they need….
Athol looks to marijuana cultivation to create jobs in old mill
What a shame

November 5, 2017 at 12:18pm EST 

Optimism abounds as Trump heads to Japan but North Korea concerns lie under surface
In Japan, Melania Trump kicks off a week of welcomes
“Optimism”, “welcomes”. What a difference an administration makes
Clinton campaign ‘shocked’, troubled, and puzzled by Donna Brazile’s bombshell claims
Nearly 100 Clinton campaign staffers hit back at Brazile
Donna Brazile fires back at Hillary Clinton staffers: ‘I’m not Patsy the slave’
Here we go!
How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right
Funny how different perceptions are once one is isolated from the media indoctrination 
NBA drama breaks out over using the word ‘owner’
When will these same hypersensitives show the same drama over rappers love of the words “nigga”, “bitch”, and “ho”?
Antifail: Low Turnouts At Nationwide ‘Refuse Fascism’ Protests
‘Antifa Civil War’ on November 4 Was Really Just a Few Protests Against Trump
Some things just aren’t worth getting out of bed in mom and dad’s basement for
North Korea Assassins Bumped Off Kim Jong Un’s Brother With Deadly Nerve Agent That Could Kill ‘Tens of Thousands’ in Chemical War: Pentagon Report
Kim appears to have that weapon down
The Bush Family Is Using the Trump Era to Attempt a Rebrand
George W. Bush: ‘I’m worried that I will be the last Republican president’
The Bushes were respected due to a lack of options

Child Friendly? Startling videos slip past filters
Flashback: Nickelodeon Fires ‘Loud House’ Creator After Sexual Harassment Allegations
In the 90’s, I banned Nickelodeon, specifically “Fairly Odd Parents” from the home. They appear to have increased their dark messaging that someone approved. Add distributor “YouTube Kids” to your list. BTW — if you have a video that was flagged for “manual review”, it’s because a vindictive viewer has targeted your channel for removal, that is if it’s NOT a YouTube channel
Complaints force university to draw up religious code of conduct
Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters take to London’s streets to demand ‘equal rights’ on the 100 year anniversary of the creation of Israel
Have been asking for years: if Palestinians are so noble, why won’t any Muslim nation take them in?
DNC gave Clinton control over campaign well before it was supposed to: docs
Hillary’s always needed the road cleared for her
Armed robber accidentally shoots himself in the penis while ‘robbing a hot dog stand’ when the gun goes off in the waistband of his pants
Did it have something to do with the “waistband” being lower than normal males wear them?
Son of convicted terrorist associated with mastermind of first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 graduates to become a New York City firefighter
This just doesn’t sound right
‘I had children to serve God as terrorists’: Wife of the most senior American member of ISIS speaks out for the first time since fleeing Syria to make a new life as a Christian in Dallas
She married a jihadi who killed people, got out because she was within the crosshairs… but she’s okay now
Mila Kunis Donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s Name Spur Jim Beam Boycott
Another answer to the question, “How stupid are liberals?”
Sen. Rand Paul assaulted in Kentucky home
Attacks on Republicans amped up
ICE: Agents Arrest Illegal Alien Convicted of Child Sex Offense
We were told candidate Trump was a racist for implying that some Mexicans were rapists
Had to be escorted: Støjberg was being attacked at the asylum center
Several rejected asylum seekers threw themselves in front of her ministerial car when she was hastily driven safely. Several were hit.
The Danish minister for immigration and integration knows what it’s like to be in the middle of a BlackLivesMatter “protest”
Millennials opt for socialism over capitalism
And who taught them that?
Alec Baldwin Melts Down on Twitter After Weinstein Comments, Blocks Asia Argento
He blocked us months ago. Prime example of a bully who can dish it…
Red Cross admits $6 million fraud during Ebola crisis
Be wary of ANY nonprofit you donate to, especially when they tug on emotion
Pakistani Christian ‘is knocked out and left with a broken nose by a gang of “Muslims” in Derbyshire who attacked him for displaying a cross and poppies on his car’
Sad but not a surprise
PBS Analyst: If Dems Lose In Virginia, It’ll Be ‘Close to Civil War Within the Democratic Party’
They’re going to need a bigger bus
Halloween horror as woman is left with a broken nose and eye socket after being attacked by TEN teens brandishing wooden bats – the FOURTH time gang have targeted upscale Baltimore neighborhood
After decades of blaming the “rich” and recently “white people”, where else would thugs go?
Minimum wage loophole written to help labor unions
Campaign dollars still at work 
US special forces ‘fought Niger ambush alone after local troops fled’
How many times have we heard this?
Sally Yates to Trump: Justice Department ‘not a tool’ to chase after Democrats
Only second-tier conservatives can be targeted by government agencies
Public school in Minnesota requires English course aimed at eradicating white privilege
It’s Minnesota…
Has Trump pulled off unlikely economic miracle? US economy confounds forecasters
They believed they were so smart and Trump was so dumb
The troubling links between environmentalists and population control extremists
They believe all humans (except them and their favorites) are the problem
Chris McDaniel Blasts Mitch McConnell for Floating DACA Deal
When he ran for his six-year term, he knew he had a lot of time to screw us over

October 30, 2017 at 11:33am EST 

Strippers, surveillance and assassination plots: The wildest JFK Files
LBJ, a Klan member? Are we really surprised…?
Manafort first to fall in Russia probe
Paul Manafort, Who Once Ran Trump Campaign, Told to Surrender
Mainstream Media Claiming That It Is A CRIME To Investigate Hillary Clinton
But wasn’t this all supposed to be about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary?
Nunes’ investigating digs up trove of Democrat connections to Russia dossier
Hill Republicans want more answers from Wasserman Schultz, Podesta about Trump dossier money
When a special prosecutor is finally dispatched on Hillary, the media can’t call it a “witch hunt”
Flashback: Panama Papers investigation wins Pulitzer prize
George Soros’ offshore finances revealed in Panama Papers
The Panama Papers: how the world’s rich and famous hide their money offshore
Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton connections
Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

Instant death: She would not have suffered. Because it’s not as if she were injured and in pain until passing out; the fact that she was blown into so many pieces means it was instantaneous.
Dr. Anthony Abela Medici, retired forensic expert

When liberals and their money are exposed and cornered, people die. And the CPJ considered President Trump the enemy…
Judge denies Menendez mistrial request
The last hail Mary
The Weinstein Company’s first movie in wake of Harvey scandal flops in theatres as Amityville: The Awakening grosses just $742
That maybe covers one of his pedicures
This Is Rich: Democrats Fight To Protect A $1.8 Trillion Tax Break That Benefits The Top 1%
Whoops. Some of the evil rich are them and their friends
China reportedly foiled a plot to kill Kim Jong Un’s nephew
U.S. sends nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bomber on mission in Pacific ahead of Trump visit to Asia
Chinese scientists warn North Korea about disaster threat at nuclear test site
It’s getting think in Little Kim’s house
Rev Jesse Jackson blasts Texans owner Bob McNair as having a ‘plantation mentality’ after he said players protesting during the national anthem are like ‘inmates running the prison’
NFL Protests Reach A Boiling Point, As Players, Owners Cancel Social Concerns Meeting
Who exactly is running the team, the players?
Poll: 68% of Voters Say Dems Own Obamacare
Another reason why we got the CNN “apple”
Two Navy SEALs eyed in strangulation of Green Beret in Mali
Get to the bottom of this
Jimmy Kimmel to target Harvey Weinstein in 2018 Oscars
Thanks for the heads up to the millions who weren’t planning on watching
ICE detains OKC father of six, family demands release
Sorry, that’s now how it works anymore
At this unusual startup accelerator, being gay is a prerequisite
AGAIN, it’s not about equal treatment but special treatment
Professors at Smith College speak on the state of diversity and acceptance in video games
Your tuition dollars at work
Halifax music festival apologizes for ‘overt racism’ after volunteer refuses to give spot near stage to women of colour
I’m seriously thinking of putting this up for sale on my CafePress store as all black people are automatically believed to be in agreement with the black NFL players, #BlackLivesMatter, etc. 
Obama Admin knew Bergdahl Endangered Comrades, “worked hard to silence the members of his unit”
Democrats act like the care about the military…
Nancy Pelosi isn’t going anywhere. Will it help or hurt Democrats in 2018?
The left knows they’re going down the tubes, and fast
George Washington’s church to tear down memorial honoring first president
Inmates running the asylum. That’s right, I said it!
US Antifa and other Leftist groups met in Germany with al-Qaeda and ISIS to plot Trump’s destruction
The level of sore-loser hatred goes to new levels
Social Media Users Accuse Kevin Spacey of Coming Out to Excuse Alleged Sexual Advance of Rapp
The gay shield
Beyonce and Jay Z keep a low profile as they leave Kelly Rowland’s star-studded Halloween bash… as the hostess wows in latex jacket and thigh-high boots to lead the spooky celebrations over the weekend
‘I was exhausted’: Donna Karan blames 14-hour plane trip and six weeks of traveling for remarks defending Harvey Weinstein as she apologizes a FOURTH time
When Hollywood meets SlutWalk, there’s confusion
Bill Kristol’s Son-in-Law: I Hired Fusion GPS in Primary
NeverTrumpers, #Resistance… what’s the difference?
Inside the luxury nuclear bunkers wanted by super rich as WW3 threat grows
The makeup will be older men and young women who who’ll do what’s necessary to get to the next level. Sound familiar?
Extremists and returning jihadists ‘offered council house bribes to reintegrate
Protection money

October 26, 2017 at 2:31pm EST 

‘Smoking gun’ email reveals Obama DOJ blocked conservative groups from settlement funds, GOP lawmaker says
Feds to pay ‘generous’ settlement to tea party groups for targeting
Flashback: The Rape of the Tea Party Continues
Sadly, that “generous” settlement won’t go to the “Tea Party” but those who co-opted and profit from it
How Many Democratic Scandals Does It Take For The Media To Give Them Proper Coverage?
Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama’s TREASON Against The United States
Despite all the evidence, do you really think the media will allow it to stick?
John McCain Won’t Say Whether He Knew He Was Handing Clinton-Funded Russia Dossier to FBI
Flashback: Despite Laying Low, McCain’s Fingerprints All Over Trump Smear
This whole dossier thing won’t be limited to Democrats
Rep. Adam Schiff says investigation into Clinton uranium deal is a ‘redux of Benghazi’
Snopes: Hillary Clinton Gave 20 Percent of United States’ Uranium to Russia in Exchange for Clinton Foundation Donations? False
So Snopes and Hillary’s going to say, “What difference at this point does it make?”
DNC, Wasserman Schultz say they were unaware of dossier payments
Former Clinton, DNC aides largely silent on funding of Trump-Russia dossier
U.S. House speaker: FBI to comply with document request on Trump dossier
Clapper: ‘It Doesn’t Matter Who Paid For’ Trump Dossier
Excuses that would NEVER be made for a Republican
Lisa Bloom Has ‘Files’ on Rose McGowan’s Sexual History: Inside Her Scorched Earth Crusade for Harvey Weinstein
Self-anointed victim status aside, these women accepted the money to advance their careers instead of calling the cops when the assaults happened
Corey Feldman claims he’s being targeted for death for trying to expose Hollywood pedophile ring
Because the American people know children aren’t women who’ll do whatever for a price
Rosie O’Donnell ‘seriously’ worried if she ‘will be able to live through’ Trump’s presidency
Is this a plea for sympathy?
DNC Chairman Tom Perez: ‘The Electoral College is not a creation of the Constitution’
And the next time a Republican wins the popular vote, Perez will cite the Electoral College’s relevance to the Constitution
Amazon wants the keys to your front door
Amazon wants a Capitol Hill presence. How long before inside access is put up for a vote?
Mark Halperin Suspended From MSNBC Over Sexual Harassment Allegations
Former ABC Newser: Halperin’s Harassment ‘Open Secret’ at Network ‘For Years’
Former President George H.W. Bush admits to ‘patting women’s rears in a good-natured manner’ as he apologizes for a second time after actress accused him of sexual assault
Aside from one old man in a “David Cop-a-Feel” wheel chair, this is all about Democrats
Tom Coburn’s turn: Yet another GOPer goes anti-Trump
Flashback: Sean Hannity on #NeverTrump
These people made repeated promises to get elected and won’t follow through. Good riddance!
How to Read the JFK Assassination Files
Translation: How the media wants you to blame everyone except Democrats
Obama Justice Department’s $1 Billion ‘Slush Fund’ Boosted Liberal Groups
Keeping the nonprofit obese… obese
Warning over iPhone apps that can silently turn on cameras at any time
Seeing how providers automatically collect the data, is this really an accident?
Black Pastor Says He Was Kicked Out Of A Fancy Gym And Banned For Life For Supporting Trump
Democrat racism has always been allowed
Halloween display featuring a Donald Trump ‘Burn in Hell’ gravestone and a fake corpse causes outrage in upstate New York neighborhood
The left are the ones who tell us what is permitted and what is not
President Obama gave SC drug dealer clemency and freedom. It didn’t last
Must be a mistake as Obama’s judgment is not to be questioned
Disney Channel Breaks Ground With First Gay Storyline
Because Hollywood knows better than the rest of the nation
A racist Corn Pops box? Kellogg’s says it’s sorry
This will only stop once people grow the balls to stop apologizing to the SJWs
South Korea tests new missile capable of striking Scuds
While you were sleeping….
Wrong Targets: Black Xenophobia and Cornell’s BSU
Hampshire College canceling classes to reflect on issues of race, social justice
U of Southern Indiana: Five tips for becoming an ally collaborator for women of color
49ers Join Law Enforcement to Advocate for Gun Control Legislation, Donate $500K
Like SJWs on campus, the players are now running the teams
Scientists plan to halt global warming by DIMMING the sun
Liberals truly believe they can play God
Joe Girardi won’t return as Yankees manager in 2018
He won’t be out of work long
Park service denies permit for 45-foot-tall nude woman statue on National Mall
The Obama administration doesn’t run things anymore

October 17, 2017 at 8:57pm EST 

Obviously someone lacking in common decency put this out. Then again, we are talking about the newspaper the New York Times jettisoned
Three More Trump/Russia ‘Bombshells’ Turn Out To Be Duds
‘House Of Cards’ Helped Russia Plant Anti- Hillary Messages During Presidential Race
FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow
Now Russians revealed to have routed millions of dollars to it while Hillary was Secretary of State to boost Moscow’s nuclear ambitions
Here’s the real “Russian collusion”, better known as “pay-for-play”.
Fusion GPS to House: We’ll take Fifth rather than testify on Trump dossier
Self-incrimination. Hmm…
Bill Clinton MOCKS Brexit voters and teases them for ‘not knowing what they voted for’
And what have we always said about arrogant liberals who don’t like how an election went?
Greece prime minister says U.S. relationship at its best since WWII
That won’t sit well with those who’ve assured us to the contrary
Obama to campaign in New Jersey for Phil Murphy
Let’s hope he makes the rounds!
Federal judge blocks Trump’s third travel ban
“Resist… we much”
Jane Fonda on If She Is ‘Proud of America Today’: ‘No!’
Can’t teach an old dog new tricks
Trump White House Uses John Kelly’s Dead Son to Trash Obama
President Trump implies Obama didn’t call John Kelly after son’s death in combat
Trump doubles down on slain soldier comments: Obama didn’t call John Kelly when son died
Obama did NOT phone Trump chief of staff John Kelly when his son was killed in Afghanistan, it is revealed as President is partially vindicated in his attack on predecessors
Once again, the media knee-jerked to Obama’s defense without checking the facts
How Hillary Clinton Still Can, and Should, Become President After The Trump Russia-Investigation
And the left says President Trump is delusional….
Global Warming Hypocrites: Their Carbon Footprint Is OK, But Yours Must Be Eliminated
They are just much more special
Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys
Corey Feldman’s been shouting about this for years. Hollywood and the left just didn’t want to hear it
Emotional John McCain slams ‘half-baked, spurious nationalism’ sweeping America in speech aimed at Trump as Joe Biden presents him with lifetime of service award
Giving the finger to many who once considered him a “hero”
Hillary Clinton breaks toe falling down stairs, misses BBC interview
Sorry, we want to see some video to know if that’s how it really went down
Deal for Bowe Bergdahl looks worse and worse
Why do the left’s “heroes” end up getting people killed?
NFL endorses criminal-justice reform bill in the midst of anthem debate
If drug dealers don’t get arrested, there will be fewer run-ins with the police, but at whose expense?
Kaepernick’s Collusion Case to Focus on Donald Trump’s Influence Over Owners
Colin Kaepernick’s case against the NFL is as lame as his skills at quarterback
If the SJWs (who know little, if anything about football) get their way, Kap gets signed and still sucks, what will they say then? The opposition was too tough on him?
Trump dismantles Obama’s ‘imperial’ presidency, rescinds dubious orders
Democrats act like Obama brought his legacy came down from Mount Sinai
Transgender boys to board with girls at Gordon’s School
Only a matter of time before that comes across the pond
The 10 Senate seats most likely to switch parties in 2018: October edition
CNN keeping hope alive!
Women’s March Organizer Blames ‘White Male Aggression’ for Being Kicked Off Plane
U.S. Olympic gold medalist Anthony Ervin takes a knee during the national anthem
What’s really racist is the white liberal assumption that ALL black people agree
Four Ann Arbor city council members take a knee during Pledge of Allegiance
Case rested

October 16, 2017 at 9:36am EST  

NFL Players Continue Anthem Protests In Week Six Despite Commissoner Plea
Hillary Clinton defends kneeling NFL players, says ‘that’s not against our anthem or flag’
Wrong again, Hillary
Trump Given A Subpoena For All Documents Relating To Assault Allegations
But the left with be the first to lecture about “moral equivalence”
We won’t give back a cent of Harvey Weinstein’s tainted $250,000 says the Clinton Foundation – we’ve spent accused rapist’s every cent claims group run by Bill and Chelsea
Chelsea Clinton avoids questions about Harvey Weinstein’s donations to Clinton Foundation
Like that’s a shocker
Dozens of senior citizens may have been left by staff at burning Varenna Oakmont Senior Living Community
What happens when a society has diminished the value of human life
Man in country illegally guilty in drunken crash that killed Johnson County deputy
Every death-by-illegal is on the Congress that STILL won’t protect the American people
Trump and the dismantling of Obama’s legacy
There is no obligation of a new president to continue the destructive policies of a previous one
Leader of California Senate to challenge US Sen. Feinstein
A sitting senator vs. the man who made California a “sanctuary state”
Californians wonder why Trump isn’’t tweeting about the fatal wildfires
Obama would stop the rise of the oceans but a Trump Tweet won’t put out a fire
Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners for collusion
Most owners are in informal agreement on not hiring bad players
The world’s youngest leader, 31, wins power in Austria: Anti-EU ‘Wunderwuzzi’ who wants to cut benefits for foreigners triumphs in election – as the far right surges to second and is poised for coalition government
Sparing a population from criminals is “right wing”
Whataburger fires employee who refused to serve police officers
She was a liar as well
Marc Anthony: Trump ‘Will Be Held Accountable’ for Puerto Rico
Meanwhile, the corruption that is Puerto Rico will remain intact
Racial identity policies are ruining Edina’s fabled schools
What hasn’t liberalism ruined
Doctors are ordered to ask patients if they are gay: NHS bows to pressure from equal rights lobby to insist that GPs have to record every patient’s sexuality
Whose fault is it that you can no longer tell by looking?
Bowe Bergdahl expected to plead guilty in desertion case
There’s no one in the White House to pardon him
U.S. Military to Begin Drills to Evacuate Americans From South Korea
Road to WAR: China’s secret plans for North Korea INVASION revealed
The United States and China sending Rocket Man a message

October 15, 2017 at 12:04pm EST  

Help us… or our town will become the new Sangatte: Mayor fears his port town will turn into another refugee centre as dozens of men target trucks
They never ask if THEY are wanted before they illegally enter
NFL: No plans to force players to stand during anthem
Fox and ESPN won’t air national anthem live during this weekend’s NFL games
Police-focused NFL protests overlook rising, disproportionate black homicide rate
What most of us already know
ISIS facing imminent collapse in Syria’s Raqqa
Piece by piece
Trump doesn’t owe Obama anything
The American people should be allowed to continuing suffer just to maintain a legacy
Man in country illegally guilty in drunken crash that killed Johnson County deputy
Every death-by-illegal is on the Congress that STILL won’t protect the American people
Anthony Scaramucci reportedly dating Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle
Stupid man
Clinton: We made a person who committed sexual assault president
She would know
Community mourns ‘beloved’ teacher killed in Rogers Park crossfire
A white woman killed in Chicago, the “community mourns”; hundreds of blacks killed, silence from media and politicians
George Lopez booed off stage after Trump jokes flop at gala
This happened two weeks ago and the aggregators are acting like this is breaking
Killer of Tarpon Springs police officer pleads guilty
An ex-con who says he’s sorry
Lena Dunham ‘in talks to take over as editor in chief of Glamour’ just a month after Cindi Leive stepped down
One of those rare opportunities to watch a crash and burn before the driver gets the keys
Fake Messenger Flees With $58,000 Worth of iPhones From NYC Apple Store
The registration process will reveal a lot of idiots with stolen property
Former GOP staffer is fatally shot 13 times in his sleep
Sounds like a gay thing, so this will be buried
Google buys 109 hectares of land in rural Sweden
The virus spreads
Trump to become first sitting president to address Values Voter Summit
Democrat first, group-identity when they get around to it
Army fires 2-star general amid improper relationship probe
Imagine the lecture he’d give to an enlisted who screwed around with an officer’s wife

October 13, 2017 at 2:14pm EST  

Go on the road with Puerto Rico’s rising political star: San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz
Slate: Gender Inequality in Puerto Rico Is About to Get Worse
Puerto Ricans treated like second-class citizens
Vice: Puerto Rico has received millions less in donations than the mainland
FBI Investigates Claims Puerto Rico Officials Are Withholding FEMA Supplies
It’s a Third World thing
‘Thursday Night Football’ Ratings Dip As Eagles Win & National Anthem Not Shown
NFL: League not seeking mandate for players to stand during anthem
Flashback: Dallas police Org. to NFL Upset Over Rejected Decals ‘It Hurts You Don’t Support Us’
Hypocrisy’s a bitch
Rishard Matthews of the NFL’s Titans said he’ll quit if forced to stand for the anthem
See ya!
In victory lap with values voters, Trump boasts ‘Guess what, we’re saying Merry Christmas again’
You know that just has to piss off the sensitive
Chuck Todd: I’m “Upset” That People Would Use Journalism As A “Political Tool”
Join the American people who’ve had to put up with journalism activists for decades
Democrats are trying to change ‘ancient’ law to stop Donald Trump using nuclear weapons
And the only president to order the use of atomic weapons (twice) was a… wait for it…
Move Underway To Push Mitch McConnell Out As Senate Majority Leader
After how many years of broken promises?
Susan Collins thinks her time is better served in the Senate
Because she knows she’d lose and those Capitol Hill perks are way too good to risk
Two ‘Dreamers’ caught smuggling illegal immigrants into U.S.
Say it ain’t so!
Muslim school’s policy of segregating boys from girls is unlawful sex discrimination, Court of Appeal decides in landmark ruling
It will be interesting who comes out on top on this one
Loretta Lynch to be questioned at last over notorious meeting on her private plane with Bill Clinton as she decided Hillary’s email probe fate
How many times will she take the Fifth?
Tomi Lahren on the Weinstein Scandal: Hollywood Liberals Are Anti-Trump, Not Pro-Woman
Tomi’s a deep thinker
CNN, MSNBC Speculate on Removing Trump From Office Via 25th Amendment
This is happening quietly behind-the-scenes because it’s a lose-lose at the 2018 ballot box
Hillary falsely claims Trump is an ‘admitted sex assaulter’ as she compares him to Weinstein
Hillary Clinton ‘in talks’ to become a professor at Columbia University
And what of value will she teach students?
Police arrest 2 men with burglary tools near evacuated homes in Santa Rosa
Guess who…
Bernie Sanders Will Open The Women’s Convention And Some People Aren’t Happy
Democrat first, group-identity when they get around to it
North Korea Renews Guam Threat Ahead of Joint Naval Exercise
Republicans Want Trump to Go to War With North Korea Before Kim Attacks the U.S., New Poll Shows
Let’s just “give peace a chance” and hope Kim does the right thing

October 12, 2017 at 1:29pm EST  

James Van Der Beek: ‘I’ve had my ass grabbed by older, powerful men’
Weinstein was easy, Hollywood pedophiles won’t be
This involves the PC-protected class who can’t be touched
Airbnb renters find hidden camera in bedroom of Longboat Key condo
Owner of last Howard Johnson restaurant charged with sexual abuse
See another emerging pattern?
Survey: “If someone is using hate speech or making racially charged comments, physical violence can be justified to prevent this person from espousing their hateful views.”
Sixty-one percent of students agree
Illegal Aliens Escalate Amnesty Demands, Claim Racism
Why are people who’ve broken our laws allowed to be in the position of issuing demands?
Feds Spend $246,785 on ‘Facebook Intervention’ for Young Gay Smokers
“Facebook intervention”?
TV Host Says Her Wild Ben Affleck Interview Is Being Taken Out of Context
Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan’s Account
Here we go!
Hollywood Homicide: 108 Automatic Weapons Blaze Away in 4 Top Movies
That’s just make-believe that NEVER inspires
Trump’s $33 Billion Tax Cut You Didn’t Know You Just Got
Protesting anti-Israel bias, US announces withdrawal from UNESCO
The president keeping his word
Trump signs order to weaken Obamacare, boost bare-bones insurance
Insurers being able to cross state lines has been a long time no-brainer
“Anti-Muslim” Dissenters Disrupt Scripps Open Lecture
Clemson instructor offers to do graphic design for Antifa
Your tuition dollars inspire
Trump-Supporting Eminem Fans Express Outrage on Twitter Over Rapper’s Anti-Trump Freestyle
We’ll see if Eminem does the moonwalk
Flashback: Utah man accused of starting Oregon wildfires
Gov. Brown: Climate Change Contributes To Catastrophic California Wildfires
So now the players will tell the League what rules they will abide by and which ones they won’t. What’s next, optional practice attendance?
Backlash swift after Trump tweet on NBC
Trump could just arrest offending journalists like Obama did…?
Unemployment claims fall to lowest level in 43 years, despite hurricanes
You won’t hear this on CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC or see this on a major front page
New evidence shows McCain helped fund FBI plot to frame Trump; backed bogus Russian Trump dossier
Can we move on from his being this great hero?
Former West Point professor’s letter exposes corruption, cheating and failing standards
Sounds like failed, liberal-run public schools
Secret files on jets and navy ships stolen in ‘extensive and extreme’ hack
Until there’s a world-wide death penalty for malicious hacks, this will continue
Labour council’s jihadi cover girl: Beauty queen-turned-terrorist who was jailed for 10 years for helping 21/7 Tube attack was given top Southwark Council job and even appeared on front of local authority’s magazine
She’s “evolved”
MSNBC’s Mika thinks Kelly is preparing 25th Amendment challenge
Had President trump said he’d been to “57 states”, that would be all the justification needed


The preceding media links were provided for the Black & Blonde Media audience and are not intended for low-motivation aggregators who seek inspiration so they can rewrite previously published stories and act like they broke news.

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  1. Richard White

    I thought de Niro was pretty good as Fearless Leader. Decent movie, especially for those of us who watched Rocky and Bullwinkle. Their dialog in the truck cab was priceless.

    Maybe de Niro should stick with what he’s good at.

  2. ITNerd

    Corey Feldman reported being molested as a child over 20 years ago and nothing has been done about it. Why isn’t he included on the Time cover?

    Last time the US Navy sent out a vessel on patrol without functioning guns, the North Koreans attacked it and captured it which they proudly display as a tribute to their dominance over the US Imperialists. Look up USS Pueblo (AGER 2)

  3. Richard White

    The NRCC break-in is the fault of the IT staff. They should have locked and/or deleted the accounts of those two as soon as they were no longer on the payroll. They need to hire someone like me who takes that kind of job seriously.

  4. Richard White

    “American Airlines Unveils Plan to Improve Diversity”

    How about hiring a 67-year-old Navy veteran for pilot training?

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