The Punishers

This interview didn’t go according to plan…

Finally… At least one reporter in this country had the guts to ask Joe Biden about the campaign’s ties to ACORN, their plans to spread the wealth, socialism, and the looming international crisis if Obama wins the presidency.

She also dropped a Karl Marx quote into the conversation for good measure.

A scheduled interview with Jill Biden was subsequently cancelled.

Soon the far left will have the power of the government to enforce as well as punish. I guess we will finally witness the opposite of compassionate conservatism up close and personal.

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  1. wookiebush

    Welcome to the Joe Biden school of making stuff up as we go along(Tm). Just like the VP debate, here he is telling outright lies. I just wish the reporter had the temerity to call him on his lies.


  2. NYdonkeyrider

    I’m sure he feels that he’s justified his existence and proved his point with this account deletion. It’s better for our health this way. I was dry heaving at some of his comments and was afraid I’d become dehydrated.

  3. Bob

    Even I have my tolerance limit.

    Blaine’s been deleted. I’m sure he’ll be back in another name.

  4. kal

    It’s amusing how the libs were fine about it when couric and gibson similarly framed questions to Palin, yet take rabid offense to it when Joe the Dumber has to answer for anything tougher than his name, that of his running mate, and where he came from.

    Biden is terribly bad at handling the truth.

  5. OldnyFirefighter

    Typical Lib. Whine about the question instead of answering it. Then when trying to answer it, being incorrect in the answer. Hedge, dodge, hedge, dodge & whine.

  6. thekingtut

    Blaine, get your head out of your ass, I’m sure it must hurt. Sarah Palin does not hide from the press. And wasn’t that Biden’s first sit down in like a month? Face it Blaine, Uuuuuuhbama and Biden could never take the kind of treatment their whores in the MSM give Palin. They are what we guys like to call pussies.

  7. Blaine

    Hopefully Palin’s policy of hiding from the press entirely will be instituted. No sense being half-assed about it.


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