The Time To Gloat

Shortly after the left-lurching Democrats were beaten back by the American people in 1994, Republicans and conservatives were instructed not to gloat. Shortly after Republicans attained all three branches of government in 2000, we were instructed not to gloat. Beginning last night the Democrat gloating had begun, but we Republicans also have a reason to gloat.

The Republicans-in-name-only are officially dead.

As is their ability to do so, Democrats will now go on a search-and-destroy mission of all things that have been a thorn in their side for all these years. They will attempt to silence talk radio, internet conservatives, Republican activists, and to a small extent, we have it coming. We have been too tolerant.

We have allowed RINOs to take over the Republican Party. Those who sought to reach out to Democrats, while a noble gesture, are the ones who brought the Barack Obama juggernaut down around us. When Bill Clinton was first elected with a Democrat house and senate, no overtures were demanded by the media, and none was offered by the left. When John McCain found media refuge in bashing his own party in 2000, he believed it was the ticket to political success. When George W. Bush was elected, his “New Tone” was not embraced, and should Rahm Emanuel become Obama’s chief of staff, no new tone will even be considered.

They will seek to crush their opposition while they have the opportunity; something we could have done in 1994 and in 2000, but Republicans listened to and obeyed the demands of our political enemy. We left them alone.

While millions of Americans took to the streets in Third World-style jubilation, celebrating the end of all things racist, sexist, homophobic, intolerant, Republicans who stayed at home last night should reflect on why they didn’t come out for John McCain and Republicans.

Our elected national leaders decided it was more important to be liked by our enemies, and took our votes for granted. Our elected leaders decided it was more important to water down our principles, spurn the base that put them in power, and reach out to those who consider us lower than Satan’s bile.

We have allowed them unfettered access to our children, and liberals have successfully spawned a new generation who voted for Obama because they were told they would see “change”. We allowed the left the room to protest conservatives, while they redefined our God-given right of dissent as “hate” and “smears”. We have allowed them to rewrite history for their political convenience, and use the very words of racism and intolerance upon those who had the nerve to oppose them.

Thankfully, we are now going to live in liberal America. While that’s reason for many of us to be concerned, it’s also a golden opportunity for another brand of change.

When most sports teams have a disastrous season, very few go without making drastic changes in personnel and direction. This is our opportunity and Republicans nationwide need demand a house cleaning of so-called leadership.

RINOs should be told, in no uncertain terms, to leave the party and become Democrats. Those who sympathize with the enemy are the enemy, and we should have no use for them. At this time when we are about to be gang raped by the Democrat Party, we should allow no place in our home for those who opened the door and let the rapists in. That means saying sayonara to the McCains, Romneys, and our turncoat senators and congressmen and women who reached out to everyone except those who put them in power.

My father said, “You have to kiss ass until you can kick it.” Sorry, but RINOs tried kissing the ass of the left and their media and look where it got us.

History has a grand way of repeating itself. While Republicans were told to consider the feelings of those they vanquished in 1994 and 2000, no such restraint was evidenced last night and no such mercy will be forthcoming. The Democrats will overreach again, there will be another opportunity for a Republican Revolution. When Barack Obama and his party start pulling back on their many promises, the evils of America aren’t erased overnight as expected, and we are perceived as weak by our friends and enemies alike, the American people may come calling on us again.

Should that happen, the RINO wing of our party should not be allowed anywhere near the reigns of power and decision making. If anyone is to blame for the election drubbing that was, it was those who sought to go-along-to-get-along for their own personal aggrandizement. ALL of those in the Republican leadership who ever sought compromise, when they didn’t have to, need be removed from any kind of political influence. If they are not, don’t bother sending out those donation letters. Don’t bother asking for volunteer help. Don’t bother asking us to call our Democrat congressmen and women to complain, when these same “Republicans” will stab us in the back and have drinks with them later.

Whoever is the new Republican Party head coach, he or she needs to be someone with a spine. Only losers seek to reach across the aisle. Only losers abide by the demands of a slanted media and lift their foot off the neck of a vanquished opponent. Only losers seek the adoration of those who hate us. Only losers seek our votes when it comes time to keep them in power, yet are ashamed to be seen in public with us.

Our losers have brought us to this moment and we shall pay dearly for allowing them to do so unchecked. Until we have fully purged our Grand Old Party of the enemy within, we deserve everything a vengeful, intolerant, hate-filled Democrat Party will do to us.

Let the Democrats gloat. They will.

While they rub it in our faces, don’t get mad solely at the progressives. Remember those who brought us all down with them and when the time comes, we won’t be kissing their asses. We must kick them out once and for all.

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  2. NYdonkeyrider

    Wrong on one point, Bob. We’re already planning. Thanks for actually standing up and not taking a step back.

    We’ll be out here buying precious metals, guns, ammo, protective covers for our Bibles and plenty of CLP.

    The next Reagan Revolution will be one for the history books. We just have to purge silently for the next few years and get ready to run roughshod all over our opposition. Funny how they call us Fascists when they stomp about with their jack-booted policies and wonder why they’re failing.

    They’ll blame us for not supporting them. They’ll blame us for resisting change. They won’t realize it’s the most unnatural and God-awful concept known to man. It’s deviance and evil. It’s wrong and unjustifiable. It WILL fail and it will fail miserably.

    Israel is already locked and loaded. Europe has drawn down their military to the point where they have no effective defence. The Free Trade initiatives of President Obama will rape South America and destroy their better governments. The liberalism will leech onto Canadian soil and ruin whatever prospects that nation had.

    I just wonder how they’ll get to Australia.

    In any case, they won’t have our support. They don’t need it; they’ll have their hands in our pockets anyway. We’ll be sending our wallets to Washington. He expects us to bend over and take it after his “landslide” election. That’s the support he wants, craves and needs. He won’t get it from us; he can’t take it from us.

    They can take our money, they can waste our time, they can limit our speech but they will never crush our spirits. They’ll never find all our arsenals anyway. What will their enforcement agencies say when we present them with the question, “Which side are you on?”

    I plan on returning to the military and being the best Marine I can be regardless of all the shit we’ll be dealing with. After that I’ll be looking into a few business opportunities (even though I’ll be raped for my efforts at success). I’ll be living the American dream and no, I won’t let them defer it no matter how hard they try.

    They can pry my Conservative values from my cold, dead fingers.

  3. Kushin Los

    This surprise anyone? If they want to use we the electorate and abuse us, it should be fair game to do it right back.

    Make Pelosi wish she had never ran in the first place.

  4. SlapShot

    Pelosi said today that because the economy is so bad, that the people might have to wait awhile for their change. It took only one day for the entire electorate to get thrown under the bus.

  5. Kushin Los

    He never was mine, I voted on principle instead of holding my nose.

    My love of country makes me a Patriot. If I loved my government right or wrong I would be a Nativist, something in good times is rather foolish and in bad down right despicable.

    I did not vote for Obama. I did not vote so that whomever won would be my leader, ruler, or slavemaster. I’m just going to have to live with this for the next four years for even if I could leave outside founding a new country I would rather stay here.

  6. Mauser

    Unfortunately, that list of those who should be purged includes our erstwhile candidate.

  7. OldnyFirefighter

    The Left won this time, but it does not make them Patriots, it makes them Socialists. They ignore the laws that says you have to be a citizen to be President (President Elect hasn’t proven that yet). The new man on the block doesn’t think he has to obey laws the rest of the other candidates do. He would rather be the unknown that will change the world. When he fails we will still be here to take the USA back to a Constitutional Republic like the Founding Fathers envisioned it. You Socialists got what you wanted. Lets see how long it takes you before you start whining & complaining. You can complain but you can’t blame it on the Republicans this time. You made your own bed, so lie in it! It won’t bother me, as everything I have was payed for years ago. We will sit back watch how you handle hope & change!

  8. wookiebush

    I really like Bob’s idea of once we get control back (and it will happen eventualy) never let up. Go for the throat, and never back off. Get rid of the PC crap and touchy feelie mumbo jumbo, and get back to running this country.

    A return to true conservatism. limited government, lower taxes.

    Keep up the fight.

  9. Hoss

    The left loses like a bunch of bitches, who would expect them to win with any grace.

    “awesome, decent, organized, educated, President-elect, etc.”

    You forgot clean and well-spoken.

    Bob, big props to you for trying.

  10. Bob

    See JV,
    The difference is when your side believes they’re losing control of the national debate, they all try to get us to stop them from considering a move out of the country.

    Conservatives, instead of screaming the election was stolen (notice Democrats never scream “stolen” when they win), are getting the anger out first and later the planning will begin, and it will all depend when Obama and the house screw up and how effectively we can turn the American people on y’all.

    Shouldn’t take long.

  11. Bob

    More from Jay Val.

    You have seen the real Obama – awesome, decent, organized, educated, President-elect, etc.


  12. lpswampy

    What will Chicago do when all their political hacks take up residence inside the Beltway? Rahm Emanuel has book his Mayflower van. There will be a brain drain on the University of Chicago. Who will be left to organize the south side? I’m really concerned about the future of Chicago. /sarcasm off.

  13. NYdonkeyrider

    They’ll have no one to gloat to in four years when they’re wrecked the economy and rescinded the Constitution. We’ll be on strike. There’s plenty of space in Australia.

    When they want America back tell them to leave. There can be no America with such ingrown evil and immorality. We didn’t fail the American people. America failed us. Here’s the difference: we don’t want reparations.

    We’ll go out and get justice. Hard earned money, peace of mind, security in knowing that our enemies are fallible and no longer among us, a resurgence of morals and values, and an end to the intolerance and divisiveness caused by this most electrifying of candidates.

    When they voted for him because he was black they made it racist. When we voted against him because he represents evil they shunned us. When they burn in hell we’ll be guarding gates making sure none of them can escape.

  14. Cameron

    Jay, while you are gloating, you can add one more thing to the celebration. This nation proved once and for all that affirmative action and other race based preferences in hiring are anachronisms and no longer needed. Sure, we proved it earlier with people like Bobby Jindal but you guys took it a step farther.

    But remember; you have no right to blame George Bush from everything from receding hair lines to rising taxes after January is done. Good luck!

  15. Bob

    This just in from Jay Val…

    Hi Bob, it’s me, JayVal.

    Just read your column and I’m taking your advice and I’m gloating. I told you last summer that Barack was a decent man but all you and your minions could do was beat him up, kick him down and all over stupid stuff. Maybe that’s why your party is feeling sad today—you focused on too much stupid stuff, i.e., the birth certificate, the Rev. Wright, etc. You called his wife names and said ugly things. You were your own worst enemies—you and those who followed, like Limbaugh, Fox, Hannity, and all the other right wing loudmouths, have nobody but yourselves to blame. You never were on issues—you were only on stupid stuff. So today I gloat! And after I re-read my posts from last summer, (you should go back and read them) I am really am gloating!! Told ya So!


  16. Kushin Los

    I’m going to start the Impeach Obama stuff soon myself. All for profit hopefully.

    It might not be popular, but maybe this time we should allow more than two voices at the debates, at very least those who could theoretically win (electoral count) maybe a Nader or McKinney could take enough votes for themselves next time that Obama stays a one term president.

  17. fboiteau


    I’d buy one, but since i havent voted, it wouldn’t be proper 😉

  18. Henry

    You said a mouthful!

    Thank you all for playing; we have some lovely consolation prizes for you.

    (BTW, I’m sure our new socialist overlord will appreciate that I make no profit – all sales are at my cost!)

  19. fboiteau

    BTW, anyone has a link giving the entire results? I wasnt able to find a place where they give the rundown on the congress itself.

    thx in advance.

  20. wookiebush

    So right you are Bob. Kick the rino’s out once and for all. I just hope that the 42(hopefully) republican senators will man up and lessen this crap sandwich we may be forced to eat.

    If they do not, the dem’s might not let us build back up and get back into power. They like the double standards. Lets see how long it takes for the senate to change its filibuster rules…you know like they warned us not to do back when they were filibustering us.

    Keep up the good fight

  21. msmith487

    Well said! If there is anything that must be done in the next two years, it’s to rid the R-party of all the non-republicans. The Democrat Party–rightly or wrongly–did that to Joe Lieberman; we must do it to those in our party who don’t abide by core principles.


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