2008: The Year Of The White Liberal Elite

Of course, this is the year of the Barack Obama phenomenon, but who is really responsible for his rise? His shining personally and “oratory” skills helped, but who was really behind that and other facets of our culture over the last few years?

Try looking towards our white, liberal elite and you’ll not only see their political influence but also the mediocrity they’ve molded into our society.

It really dawned on me after watching an episode of Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” program on Environmental Hysteria, where there was a scene including rhythm-challenged, young white elites, “dancing” like Africans after eating a meal of gazelle meat gone bad.

Look at pop culture, complete with singers who can’t sing, writers who can’t come up with original ideas, reality show participants with few redeeming qualities, and behind the scenes you’ll see white liberal elites who claim to embrace diversity, and you’ll understand why we have a Barack Obama.

White liberal elites are America’s losers with money.

While attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I met many very talented people. But I also met a disproportionate amount of students who came from rich families, probably couldn’t cut it in a real college, thus they decided to try art school where they created crap that could be “intellectualized”, endure one year of classes at a real college, and get a degree. And they had the cash to do it.

These are some of the people who create our “art”. These are some of the people who are now teaching our kids and creating our music, movies, and influencing our politics.

These are the people who perpetuate the worst in black society, i.e. the black male gansta’. However, white liberal elites don’t really like black people. They wouldn’t let their daughters marry a rapper, but it’s trendy to bring home a black woman, as long as she’s light-skinned. Look at almost all of the today’s black female singers.

White liberal elitism is evidenced in their defense of Affirmative Action. A few years ago, they staunchly defended the AA-University of Michigan case. However, while few in the public knew anything about that case, aside from the fact it had the buzzwords “Affirmative Action”; elites did know what it was about.

A coalition representing 45 student organizations issued a statement at a press conference last Thursday related to the lawsuit filed against the University in October on its admissions practices:

“We support the promotion of diversity and equality through the continued implementation of affirmative action policies at the University of Michigan. We maintain that the lawsuit is without merit. We believe that education is a powerful tool to encourage accurate dialogue. Therefore, we are currently organizing to better educate ourselves and our communities for the defense of this issue in the court of public opinion.”

For those who read one of the judge’s opinions,

The majority opinion, written by Chief Judge Boyce F. Martin Jr., an appointee of President Jimmy Carter, concluded that the law school has a compelling interest in considering race in admissions, because maintaining a racially and ethnically diverse enrollment was essential to “educational diversity” — exposing students to peers with different backgrounds and views.

In other words, the case (to white liberal elites) was not about making sure more blacks got into the University of Michigan law school. It was about more black students becoming study aids for white students, “exposing students to peers with different backgrounds”.

With that, is there any wonder why they’ve so embraced Barack Obama? As we’re not privy to his sealed college transcripts, we don’t know if he was this brilliant student or a mediocre AA applicant who was accepted into Harvard Law so his fellow students could be the educational beneficiary (direct cultural exposure) of his presence.

Staying on the topic of education (where white liberal elites gravitate), we see the further embrace of their personal mediocrity: the removal of competition in the classroom and the schoolyard. There shouldn’t be celebrated winners and shunned losers, as they know what category they’d be in.

Our pop culture is ruled (and infected) by “role models” whom we are told not to judge. In what age would a Paris Hilton be celebrated and/or tolerated? But because of nepotism and white liberal racism, some of the most untalented amongst us are in charge of what we, and our kids, see and hear. We already know of industry stars who won’t allow their children to watch the product they sell us. Why? Because they know it’s crap, but as it took little thought to produce and it perpetuates their lifestyle, who cares if our society’s reputation is sullied by it?

They’ve dumbed down society, not only so it’s easier for them to lead, but also because it’s easier for them to understand. They may be rich; that doesn’t make them intelligent. Reciting is easy, thus “change” and “hope” (along with white liberal guilt) could position a black man with questionable credentials to be our next President of the United States.

Now, they are wandering in the wilderness, wondering where the Obama they elected went. Because they aren’t that smart, they fell for the hustle, bamboozle, bait-and-switch, con, and because they come from the spoiled brat wing, will never admit the errors of their ways because they don’t know just how wrong they were.

That would take the ability to not only recite, but read.

The upside is now that they’ve finally assuaged their “guilt”, they have no where to go. They’ve atoned for the sins of America’s past, although they probably can’t name them correctly. They feel like they’ve accomplished something in their relatively empty lives. They’ll now tackle something truly bigger than themselves: the environment. They believe they can fix it.

Now, if someone will just show them how.

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  1. Cameron

    The Machine Says:

    Make this guy your personal campaign manager…

    That might be fun given that I’m a former Democrat who wouldn’t hesitate to use tactics like this in a political arena.

  2. NevadaDailySteve

    I loved that episode of Bullshit. They circulated a petition against “dihydrogen monoxide” which they said was included in all sorts of unwholesome products like pesticides. They had all kinds of signers who never asked just what it was. They couldn’t believe it was simply water.

  3. LC Jackboot

    Bob- Thanks for dropping by the Rottweiler. It’s tremendously flattering to have someone we admire tremendously drop by the site. Our humble thanks on behalf of the management.

  4. Bob

    Of course I will, Miss Jean.
    Won’t forget those who were there for the ride.

  5. MissJean

    Bob, I just hope then that you are able to keep your show available on-line somehow. I don’t have cable or satellite.

  6. Mauser

    You know there’s no S&P on the Internet….

    I wouldn’t bag on the mixed girls so much. They can’t help being born pretty. 🙂

    There are plenty of really pretty dark girls. But for some reason, they only end up in the party scenes in Rap videos.

  7. Bob

    Miss Jean,
    I would think B&R would be more appropriate on a Showtime or HBO where I wouldn’t have that Standards and Practices thing hanging so close over my head.

  8. The Machine

    Cameron Says:

    December 22nd, 2008 at 5:34 pm
    Well, you could take the easy road out and call people racists for looking into your background. Get creative and point out that since you were a Democrat back then, your past doesn’t matter.

    Make this guy your personal campaign manager…

  9. MissJean

    I attended U-M before the Affirmative Action lawsuits and countersuits. One of my friends didn’t get accepted on the first try. She attended U-M Dearborn and transferred to Ann Arbor later. It made her a better student and gave her confidence. She’s in law school now.

    On the flipside, one of my “neighbors” in the dorm won a full-ride MLK scholarship. Great big-hearted guy who was involved in lots of student activities and was the top in his high school class, but he couldn’t hack U-M’s academics. Half the hall was tutoring him, and I was one of the people who wrote out his papers while he dictated. He couldn’t read or write very fast (nor spell well), so he couldn’t keep up with the amount of work required even for freshman classes. I always felt bad for him because he would have been a lot better off at a junior college in his own state. Instead he went home at Spring Break in disgrace, thinking he was stupid and had let his family down.

    As for the light vs dark issue, I am amazed how it rears its ugly head. I thought it was just a juvenile thing, since a couple of my girlfriends couldn’t get dates in high school because they were so “dark” (they certainly made up for it later). But I was attending a school event when a mother told my colleague that her son was a poor student because “he’s so dark”. My jaw fell open. My colleague wanted to slap her face right off her head and tell her that his problem wasn’t his pigment, it’s that his mother is a stupid cow who mocks him and lets his half-brothers call him “midnight”. Of course, this stupid mother felt all right saying it because my colleague is light-skinned.

    I kind of thought at the time (and still do) that when blacks do that to each other and when liberals label political opponents “Uncle Tom” or “Aunt Jemima”, white liberals feel vindicated in their policies.

    Sorry to ramble so, Bob. And a question, if you don’t mind: Are you looking at a nationally-syndicated show on one of the existing networks, or is this a new network that you’re talking about?

  10. Cameron

    Well, you could take the easy road out and call people racists for looking into your background. Get creative and point out that since you were a Democrat back then, your past doesn’t matter.

    I kid, I kid. Look forward to the possibility of B&R being on TV though.

  11. Bob

    I appreciate this, but my youthful indiscretions would be more of a distraction.

    I have a Hollywood insider working at helping me bring B&R to real television. That way, I may have more influence.

  12. OldnyFirefighter

    I am serious about this Bob. You should run for President! We need someone who respects the Constitution & its Amendments, is intelligent, has high moral standards & common sense knowledge. I know, it takes money, that said, I for one would support a man of Character (which you are). I am far from rich, but would contribute what I could to support someone that would bring the USA back to the values the USA was founded for. I am sure I am not alone in this idea.
    If you know of any way we can help, please let us know. Obama was
    an unknown & look where it got him, & he doesn’t even meet the qualifications to run for the position. You really need to seriously think about this. We need someone like you & so does the USA.

  13. The Machine

    It is the fault of Post Modernism, which is one of the essential tools of the Left.

  14. breadbasker

    Totally agree, Bob. Most of today’s music is just not very good. Part of this is , I think, also the result of videos. I am in my mid 40’s and I grew up listening to music and enjoying it without getting any visual image except for the one that was in my head. If you were ugly and talented, you could still do some damage. Now, looks matter more than they ever did or should

    The same with art. I live close to a prime example of the mentality that you are talking about. Madison, Wisconsin, home to UW. Once called Berkeley of the Midwest. You see all of the multicultural programs and the 2 very left papers. You see people my age still going to college and driving aroung in nice cars. But, for all the racial posturing, still a very segregated city. The uppercrust whites still live on the lake or the far west. Just as you described above. Amazing.

    I guess that is why the NFL is so popular. The best teams wins. Period.

  15. fboiteau

    Great piece Bob. As I do not participate in the “entertainment industry” whatsoever (i havent listened to a radio in 5 years except talk radio), I hadn’t noticed that almost all (if not all) black female singers…are mulatto. Almost all black female actors are light skinned too.

    It’s certainly worth a thought.


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