Writing The Bush Legacy

Liberal American historians overwhelmingly claim George W. Bush’s presidency was a “failure”. This is news…?

I guess al Jazeera is just catching up.

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  1. Brandon

    Yes louielouie, Bush made some big mistakes. I don’t think anyone is disputing that fact. However, 98% failure? I think not. While we’re on the subject, that verbiage annoys me. Just what exactly constitutes a “failed policy” or a “failed presidency” as all the politicians, MSM, and liberals love to throw around? It usually seems that when the term “failed” is thrown around, it means something that the speaker didn’t vote for or want, regardless of the outcome, successful or not.

  2. cmblake6

    Louielouie’s comment wasn’t bad. W was NOT a bad president, but he could have been better. You want a BAD president, grab some popcorn and sit back.
    And speaking of filing this under “war on terror”, OH BUDDY! Bet you’re going to see some interesting times. In the Chinese saying sense.

  3. louielouie

    i had to come to B&R to find out i was a liberal wingnut.
    i mean, all i really wanted were three things:
    1) secure borders
    2) stable economy
    3) nuke the mid-east
    attmpting to turn operation of our ports over to a company out of the UAE didn’t do it for me.
    attempting to appoint meirs to be a supreme didn’t do it for me.
    coddling the saudi royal family, our eternal friends, didn’t do it for me.
    i guess i am just a spoiled brat.
    personally, i would rank him between J. buchanan & A. johnson.
    i guess myself, A. jackson, and J.K. polk, i find out now, liberals all, will just have to suck it up.

  4. The Machine

    Consider the source and what the report must really indicate.

    Must be 2% failure then.

  5. Nick

    and those liberals are indeed Americas losers, like you mentioned. makes me sick. apparently, nobody can grasp the bigger picture..it’s all about the “here and now”…typical spoiled brat wing garbage


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