Seven Kentucky Days: No Obama

Maybe President Obama is busy dealing with the stimulus package from the warmth of The White House, but it would appear his diss of hundreds of thousands of people without power (and heat) may not only show hypocrisy when it comes to his criticism of George W. Bush and the Katrina aftermath, but contempt for the people of the mid-South.

They seemingly don’t need him, so he doesn’t need to bother with them.

Gov. Steve Beshear is raising his state’s death toll to 24 in a storm that caked several states in ice last week. Beshear says in a letter to President Barack Obama released Monday that 10 of the deaths were from carbon monoxide poisoning and at least nine others from hypothermia.

So while Obama enjoys the Hawaiian heat of the White House, people are dying of carbon monoxide poisoning, trying to keep warm with charcoal briquettes. Not smart, but desperate people do desperate things.

As for the political and media spin from this Obama/FEMA debacle, what would we expect…?

In the first real test of the Obama administration’s ability to respond to a disaster, Kentucky officials are giving the federal government good marks for its response to a deadly ice storm.

Yet more than 300,000 residents remained without power Monday and some areas had yet to see aid workers nearly a week after the storm, a fact not lost on some local authorities.

“We haven’t seen FEMA. They haven’t been here,” said Jaime Green, a spokeswoman for the emergency operations center in Lyon County, about 95 miles northwest of Nashville, Tenn.

Well, that’s a real mixed message. Obama’s FEMA gets good marks, yet the officials (who gave them) haven’t seen the feds yet.

It sure is pure luck that Barack’s last name isn’t Bush.

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  1. OldnyFirefighter

    This is one reason I have my own backup Generator. We can’t control the Ice & Snow storms that Mother Nature throws at us, therefore we must be prepared to take care of ourselves & Families. If need be we can also hunt for our food if it becomes necessary. Government handouts are about as reliable as lightening & usually not there when you need it. God gave us a brain, but unfortunately not everyone uses it effectively.

  2. Trishmac

    It’s Obama’s Katrina, and it struck quite quickly!

  3. lauraleigh

    The heat in the White House is a joke. How many years has Mr. O lived in CHICAGO??? DC is tropical by comparison! No – let’s just call it what it is: we have a President who thinks he is entitled to self-indulgence while ordinary Americans cope with a bit of personal discomfort in order to keep their bills low. Of course, Mr O isn’t paying his own bills, really: we are.

  4. thekingtut

    Louielouie, there are people in Kentucky who are not white. No, Uuuuuuhbama hates flyover country.

  5. ladywolfe

    robertkulbeth …..”I been to all 57 states with 1 left to go” – Barrack Obama

    After he said this..nothing he says surprises me lol

  6. robertkulbeth

    That’s a parody, right?
    Obama didn’t really say that, did he?

  7. The Machine

    I almost didn’t want to believe what I read up there.

    That people who help themselves are somehow hurting those that don’t?

    God bless America.

    No, I mean really.

  8. Nick

    typical democrat to say the government SHOULD provide..they must be mostly republican in Kentucky if they have the initiative to do something for THEMSELVES I would think.

    Is self reliance and self initiative, unaided by the government, a BAD thing Mr. O?


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