Rick Lester Senninger Resurfaces

You know what happens when you turn the light on: the roaches flee. Once the light goes off, they go back to their dirty work.

This was just sent my way…

I recently came across your articles about Rick Senninger after researching a man that I did some web work for that was going by the name Rick Lester. This is the same man and he is apparently just as sleazy now as he was when you wrote your articles because he owes me money for services rendered and I am sure that I am not the only one.

Sounds familiar….

I came into contact with Rick in the Orlando area after answering an ad that he placed on craigslist looking for a web designer. From the very first meeting with this guy he struck me as being kind of shady. The first thing I did after meeting him was to Google the name he gave (Rick Lester) but there was no immediate results for that name.

Even though I was very skeptical of this man I decided to go ahead and try working for him as he was promising to bring me what would have been around $4,000 a month in web work. I figured I did not have much to lose as I knew that if he did not pay me for the small amount of work I was going to do up front I would not continue to do anything for him. I just couldn’t imagine that someone would go to so much effort just to get one free web page. I was wrong though, and he never paid me the money he owed me.

I know that I am never going to see any of the money he owes me and really the amount was not so significant that  I can’t easily write it off. The main reason I am concerned with this man is I do not want to see him out ripping more people off. What I would like to ask of you is that you help get his name associated with his current business ventures.

He knows all too well what happens when you Google the name “Rick Senninger” and because of that has dropped his last name and is using his middle name as his last name. I would like to see his efforts to conceal his past shattered by it getting out there on the internet that he is the actual head of the businesses he is starting.

His current businesses are as follows:

Rick Lester The Career Broker

The Boardroom Consulting

The Mega Marketing Machine

How legitimate these businesses are I really don’t know. The marketing one seems very odd and scam-like to me. The other two are based around career and business development. The boardroom consulting is supposedly a “one stop shop” for starting a business. All I know is that if I was starting a business, a man with a past like Rick Senninger is the last person I would want helping me. This is why I think people have a right to know who they are dealing with.

I have no interest in throwing out false accusations about this man or doing anything in a public forum that he could claim was defamation of character. I simply think that it should be public knowledge for people considering to hire him  that he is  a man with a history of unethical business practices.

I don’t know if it is you that runs the rickwrong.com website, but I assume it is. This alone would be a perfect forum for associating his name with his businesses. Just by making links to his current businesses using the name rick lester and his business name would make the rickwrong site come up whenever someone does a search for those businesses.

UPDATE 3/10/09

I don’t wish harm on anyone (except terrorists), but if Rick Lester Senninger isn’t careful, he’ll mess with the wrong person and be found face down in an alley. His recent victims are staring to pile up… again.

I am the latest to be scammed by this “gentleman”. I was laid off and answered one of his craigslist ads and he “hired” me. Just like a long list of others – I haven’t been paid, however, the information below lists what he’s up to now. I tried contacting the Orange County Police department – but they are less than helpful. How do we nab him? I have access (still) to several of his accounts….

The Board Room Consulting Agency

The Mega Marketing System
866-214-6045 – info on “The Mega Marketing System”

A Boardroom Resource Company
37 N. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801

If you’ve been victimized by Rick, I strongly encourage you to contact your local police authorities and tell them everything you know. Also, it’s best to write down as much as you remember right now so that you have a complete record. And keep all of your email and telephone records.

Since Rick is using the Internet again to scam people, he falls within the FBI’s purview.

To file with the FBI, go here:
https://complaint.ic3.gov/ http://www.ic3.gov/faq/

FYI, last year Rick was arrested on larceny charges in Michigan. You may wish to follow up with them to get his record in Michigan: East Tawas Police Department, 810 W Westover St, East Tawas, MI 48730
(989) 362-7718‎

In Florida, you can try the State Attorney’s office: 904-823-2300 Inspector Pate or Donna.

It’s very sad to see that this predator still operating and scamming people with impunity. The best thing to do is keep telling the authorities what he is up to. In my view, the FBI is the best bet because Rick has a tendency to travel from state to state looking for fresh victims. If the FBI had him, it would all end.

UPDATE 6/29/10

It looks like ol’ Rick Senninger is up to no good again…

Rick’s at it again. I am one of his latest victims. He is now running a publicity firm scam. I worked for him for nearly three months with very little payment. Like Mr. Parks, there were several red flags, but I am forever the optimist and I loved the job I was doing so I hung in there in hopes that things would turn around.

He has several talented artists who have relied on him to find them employment. They have exclusive contracts with him so they cannot find work on their own. He even stole the name of an attorney to use as the official attorney for his bogus business dealings.

He began a charity and is accepting donations through www.deletecyberbullying.org — do NOT send any money to this charity!

I am now homeless, unemployed, and in danger of losing custody of my son. All because I quit my job to go to work for this man in the hopes that I could find a job in my field that I loved and that would support my son and myself.

This man deserves to spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars. I hope Karma catches up with him before I do. Karma will probably be nicer.

I have a feeling that Rick’s addiction to fucking people over may not eventually find him behind bars, but that he’ll eventually fuck over the wrong person and wind up face down in an alley (and no one I know will be mourning).

UPDATE 7/10/10

We were just talking about Rick Senninger this morning (you know, how he’s ruined so many people’s lives) and guess what just came in

This piece of shit Rick Senninger lead me to believe that he could put a golf tournament together with George Foreman as the key role. Senninger was running a scam in Orlando called Sen-Mar Marketing. I took this con artist to Nassau, Bahamas for a few days to initiate a potential golf tournament. I personally paid his airfare, his hotel and his expenses under the conditions that he would pay me back. He did, he wrote me a bad check for over twenty five hundred dollars. I sued this piece of shit, got a judgment on him with 18% interest and I still cannot find him. It is a matter of public record, placed in Orange County (Orlando) Florida. Anybody that has his location and or willing to assist me in collecting or TAKING anything this con artist, piece of shit son of a bitch has, contact me.
Sooner or later I will find him.
You can run Rick, but you CANNOT hide.

Not that I recommend that, but I can’t believe the police continue to let this man get away with scamming people out of hundreds of dollars daily.

(Note to the Just Us Department: this slimeball is white and has screwed over black people as well…)

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