George Washington led a revolution and later became our first president. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president officially ended slavery in the United States. Barack Obama was the second black president. He’s not even one month into his term.

Does he deserve equal time with legends?

President Barack Obama’s picture was removed this week from a Presidents Day sign at the Peterson Air Force Base commissary after customers complained that the image did not fit the holiday commemorating the birthdays of past presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The head of the local NAACP and a commissary employee say it was blatant racism.

Like they would call it anything else…?

The picture of the first black president accompanied a sign near the entrance listing the government-run military grocery store’s operating hours on for Presidents Day. Employees took the sign down after customers complained that the holiday wasn’t about the current president, according to the Defense Commissary Agency, which oversees the base grocery stores.

Let’s get real.

Here in Massachusetts, Deval Patrick is the first black governor, and he sucks at it. I sincerely doubt he’ll be remembered with the great governors of our state.

After an opportunity to put his presidency into some proper perspective, and Barack Obama achieves something noteworthy like personally leading an army and founding a nation or emancipating hundreds of thousands of people, then he’ll achieve legend status.

Until then, he’s an American Idol president who didn’t really pay his dues and is still a tad pitchy.

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  1. Nick

    nicely put, everybody.

    As usual, Dissent, another gut-buster read there, nice

  2. The Machine

    Besides, it would be impossible to put Obama on a Mt. Rushmore-like stone carving.

    His ears are too big and the rock would soon crack at the seams.

  3. dissent

    What Dumbo lacks, despite all his oratory skills and wide-mouthed cheese is “gravitas”. That’s why he has to steal it from the likes of Lincoln and Washington.

    It’s a good thing Martin Luther King got his holiday in ahead of the inauguration. No doubt the NAACP is working on hard turning next year’s into Barack Hussein Obama Day with a pinch of Martin Luther King thrown in.

    Time to start Forrest-Gumping Dumbo into every iconic presidential and American image around. Really, Dumbo IS JFK, FDR, Wilson. He sat with Kissinger. He marched with Martin Luther King on Washington. He stood with Farrakahn at the Million Man March. Oh wait, scratch that one. He was at every major Camp David summit. He was with Reagan the day he was shot. It was Dumbo who beat Dewey. Hell, Dumbo IS Clinton, both of them!

    Rename every public building and institution after him, the Obama House, the Obama Memorial, the Obama Monument, Mount Obama, the Obama Capitol, the Obama Mall, the Obama Guard, Obama One … or is that Air Force/Marine The One… the Holy Obama, the Pledge to Obama, the 58 Obamas and Stripes…..

    Really, he’s as great as every American and every American moment you could ever dream of! There’s even a Rockwell of him!

  4. dissent

    The frightening thing with the new “racist” pettiness how it cheapens, devalues, and belittles all the hard-fought and blood-soaked battles that have given us the civil rights we all enjoy today, as imperfect as it is.

    Real people died. Real people starved. Real people were hanged. Real people lived in abject fear every waking and sleeping moment of their lives.

    But racism is now about make-believe people, people who wish themselves to be Lincoln, people who grin pretty for pictures and sign pretty papers they don’t fully understand and have no ambition to understand but only understand enough to want more ambition.

    The NAACP and all the new “racist” zealots are now doing more damage to their cause than any KKK could ever have done. By abusing the rights they have justly won, and by fighting for pettiness, they dis all the civil rights leaders who have fought and gone before.

    If the NAACP feels living presidents deserve the right to grace the same greatness as America’s great legends, then someone should insist on W. being posted alongside as another “great” president. At least he has two full terms as qualification over Dumbo’s 26 days!

    Or post Reagan. He’s actually dead!

    Either that or Peterson should go ahead and let the NAACP post Dumbo’s picture so long as they ensure Dumbo meets the first qualification, the one that says the president must first be DEAD!

    Btw, the Presidency of Lower Expectations is already lowering expectations on the stimulus. Oh sorry, “dampens”:

    White House dampens stimulus expectations

    Hype ’em up on hope, then squash ’em like bugs on nope. Anyone else noticing a pattern? Maybe that’s what Peterson should say to NAACP…..

    “Lower your expectations, dude. He ain’t that great.”


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