Al Gore Still Not Current On His Reporters

Maybe this global warming thing has him stretched thin. Maybe he figures his mission to save millions of lives outweigh the lives of two of his own. Maybe he knows his intervention might just make matters worse. Maybe the North Koreans could give a damn about Al Gore.

Current TV's Laura Ling and Euna LeeMaybe Al Gore doesn’t give a damn about his journalists…

An international media freedom group urged North Korea Wednesday to drop plans to put two detained US reporters on trial, saying they face up to 10 years of forced labour if convicted. Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF, Reporters Without Borders) also said it was “by no means clear” that the two women were on North Korean territory when they were detained by the North’s border guards on March 17.

Euna Lee, a Korean-American, and Laura Ling, a Chinese-American, were detained before dawn on March 17 along the narrow Tumen River, which marks the border with China. The pair, who work for Current TV in California, were working on a story about refugees fleeing the hardline communist North.

The North’s state media announced Tuesday it would put them on trial for “hostile acts” and illegally entering the country, further straining relations with Washington ahead of a planned rocket launch by Pyongyang.

As I’ve said before to you impressionable young people, old liberals use you to do the dirty work they’d never do. They get you all passionate and then let you get arrested.

Just ask the two ladies in custody in North Korea (if you can), whose boss has hung them out to dry.

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  1. Mauser

    And in spite of sending Asian women to investigate, they were EASY to spot as infiltrators. You couldn’t see their ribs.

  2. BarackNObamaDotNet

    This story disgusts me. Not only that Al Gore’s totally ignoring these women he’s responsible for, but that the media’s totally ignoring it as well. That’s when I’m most grateful for the Internet! Here’s to hoping someone can get these two women out of there, before it’s too late for them. And here’s to hoping that when they do get back, they raise holy hell against Al Gore for abandoning them.

  3. Nick

    “They get you all passionate and then let you get arrested.”

    that sounds about right. I wish the north never EXISTED..they have GOT to be THE MOST FRIGHTENING country on the PLANET…along with China

  4. ManHattie

    It’s like Bill Ayers and his little pals in the Weather Underground who he got to do his dirty work and then left holding the bag.

    How did Chuck Manson get himself locked up? I guess he wasn’t a Democrat.

  5. fboiteau

    at least he cared.

    The media is strangely silent on this one too, normally when journalists or reporters get kidnapped its mentionned for all to see.

  6. Kushin Los

    Ross Perot once had this problem, that is some of his employees were held by a foreign country on trumped up charges (I think it was Iran, but can’t say for sure), he was sent a ransom note and instead of paying the kidnappers, he funded their rescue. He was successful. While the man turned out to be a little fascist (mixed economy = fascism as Ayn Rand said) at the very least you could say he gave a damn about his employees.

    Al Gore so far cannot hold a candle to the man.


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