Jon Stewart’s Dilemma

Is there any real redeeming value to Jon Stewart? He makes a good living making fun of others….

When Jon Stewart’s taxes go up (as he’s probably in that overpaid tax bracket), he may have to decide between GTFO or STFU.

  • MissJean

    I guess it’s no great loss that I can’t afford cable or satellite TV.

    One point I don’t get and maybe someone can explain it to me: This man’s central joke is that if it weren’t for Rush Limbaugh, there wouldn’t be any ethnic enclaves or hard-working immigrants in New York? And now that he’s going, the New Yorkers can go back to being “normal”?

  • JR

    Rush makes substantive arguments, kicks ass at it, and still keeps it entertaining.

    Stewart makes character attacks, sucks at it, and though a comedian still isn’t as humorous as Rush.

    All those liberal sacred cattle Stewart mentioned aren’t going to be leaving with Rush. Now who’s going to fund the NYC welfare state?

  • louielouie

    rush makes an accurate and true statement and what do the dumbasses in the audience do?
    they applaud.
    the fools are applauding taxes going up.
    they think it’s funny.
    they are part of the collective i refer to as being dumb as a sack of hair.
    as for stewart you could put him on any alphabet network and it wouldn’t matter. none of them have any legitamacy in my books.

  • SFJ

    GTFO and STFU: 2 acronyms I am committing to memory. So many potential applications.

  • He’s officially an he can STFU and THEN GTFO…

  • breadbasker

    John Stewart fancies himself legit, but he is just a courtjester. He starred on MTV and now, Comedy Central. He is also risking his reputation because of the one-sided attacks, forgetting he is an entertainer first. He is just a little boy who goes home at night, looks in the mirror, and dreams of being a respected newsman. If he wanted a real news show, I am sure someone would give him a chance. But then he would not be allowed to attack and retreat behind the “It’s just a comedy show” banner. The lack of legitimacy insures that he cannot be attacked. I would like to see him get ambushed on live TV without the help of clever editors. Just take the preacher away from the choir for a little while.

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