Punk Ass Bitchslap Of The Day

This is what happens when know-it-all youth corners an adult.

Condoleezza Rice was at my dorm for a reception/dinner with some students, and this is some of the footage I got.

The lesson for today: Don’t mess with the sistahs on their turf, especially when they are experts and you’re only reciting.

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  1. Marla

    Condoleeza Rice for President!! Sarah Palin VP! Now, that is a ticket I would vote for in a heartbeat!!

  2. Why We Appreciate REAL Experts: | Girl Pundit

    […] What that means is, all the armchair “pundits”, tax avoiding socialists, now in the Washington, DC, as well as the lazy MSM, should get it together by focusing on  on those things that they can and can’t do to keep America safe and sound. Scapegoating is for punks and wimps unable to stay in one lane long enough to prove their worth, should take a lesson from someone who has actually WORKED for the safety and security of the United States of America. h/t: B&R […]

  3. Darcy_Lynne

    But according to Janeane Garofalo, she just has Stockholm syndrome.

  4. n.n

    Wow! Finally, someone in touch with reality and can support their position without appeal to emotion and without equivocation.

    What this country, and the world, requires is for parents to not only shelter and feed their children, but to also provide guidance and a moral compass. The UN provides a desirable venue for debate and negotiation; but, it is a poor judge of actions necessary to improve the world and its people. Our government, at every level, has become a jack-of-all trades and master of none. What’s worse is they have become to large and diverse to monitor, let alone hold accountable.

    You have to love children without a cause and without a clue. Don’t they have anything better to do, than peddle an incomplete and weak argument. It’s amusing to watch and listen to children as they cry in desperation for attention, which was never afforded to them by their parents nor friends. These children are the ones who were taunted and bullied, and never had the courage to defend themselves, or were the bullies and eventually realized that their knowledge and skill were sorely lacking, and did not enable them to live productive lives nor contribute to society in any meaningful capacity.

    Rice for President?

  5. crowhorse

    Now there is someone who knows how to speak…and without a teleprompter.

  6. breadbasker

    This is what happens when fascist MoveOn org. blind sheep meet real world progressive analysis. Checkmate. That guy was just stunned. Hilarious! Why can’t we get Condi on a show with Garofalo? Jeaneane’s head would spin around ala Linda Blair’s in a certain movie. This is what I would like to see more of. Debates on TV shows instead of preaching to the choir. Now, granted, this was stupid, naive liberal sheepboy, so there was no challenge for Ms. Rice here. But from what I have seen on TV, I don’t think she would get a much better argument. They did to be in the time and place of the decision, not in a freakin Starbucks 7 yrs later having a detached discussion among fellow morons. FOX should spend a week showing the Gitmo detainees along video of jets going into the towers and people leaping to their deaths to avoid a worse fate. Show that. People sure do have short memories. If there is a similar terrorist attack during this administration, Obama is going to wake up from his detached professor mindset and find out what real world decision making is all about. There is no perfect answer,period.

  7. The Machine

    The total academic bitch slap.

    Yer outta yer league, kids.


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