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Americans following Obama
Americans following Obama
h/t Sher Z.

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  1. n.n

    Carbon sequestration?

    They (Big Green) claim it’s insufficient; but, let’s try it anyway. What do we have to lose… a few regressives?

  2. OldnyFirefighter

    Can I fill it with concrete after the last one jumps in. I don’t want to take a chance that any of them climbs back out!

  3. n.n

    “how was that footage created…”

    Digital Signal Processing (DSP), or, non-technically, graphics editing. Remember the movie “Titanic” and its production, or the realistic animation in contemporary video games? Yup, computers are cool, and inexpensive computers are cooler. Don’t believe your eyes!

    “everything else associated with it”

    I offer my hypothesis to explain their behavior in the first post. I may be wrong, but it does correlate with observation.

  4. Nicolas

    love that pic, but I hate to say’s been around for a while

    what I want to know is, how was that footage created and everything else associated with it?

  5. n.n

    What do you think, nature, nurture, or something else? It seems the regressives were wrong again — surprise, surprise. From observation, we must conclude that the they share their lineage with both simians and lemmings. There must have been a deviant in their ancestry, that crossed the line — at least twice.

    All seriousness aside, hilarious!


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