Hate Speech: The Liberal Glass House

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Anyone want to guess what the left would be screaming had the following posts been found on a conservative forum site…?

The meaning of the word Nigger
FAGGOT: The New “Nigger”? (With Poll)
Obama people you niggerized now deal with it!
The Best Use of the Word “N****r” EVER
Put the Niggers in the Super Dome
The N-Word? Please, Use It Any Way You Can
Put the Niggers in the Superdome: Part II
The “twenty nigger” laws and other disturbing truths

But the Kos is not alone.

Democratic Underground banner
How would you feel about “Kike Party” or “Nigger Party”?
I’m tired of being treated like a nigger by the media
How about Barack the Magic Nigger?
Woman is the Nigger of the World
Gay is the new nigger

Huffington Post banner
David Mills: The ‘Nigger’ Top 10
John Ridley: Nigger v. Queer: How Gays Got it Right
Judith Ellis: Are We Conscious of Nigger Use?
Nigger Palin Rally – 23/6 Comedy News
Richards Got Called Out for N Word Diatribe, So Should Blacks That Use It

And that was just a quick “nigger” search in titles. Comments bear much more numerous fruit.

Now, I know what the liberal excuse will be: they were using the word to make a point, and/or they’re not responsible for the responses in comments.

Sound familiar?

7 Responses

  1. MarlaZ

    Guys, there is no such thing as REVERSE RACISM.

    There is only RACISM.

    Therefore, if a person of spanish/south american descent makes a comment against a W.A.S.P (white Anglo-saxon protestant) it is RACISM.

    And finally, why again are “Latinos” another race? Are Spanish people another ‘race’? Are Germans another race? Italians? Greeks? Turkish?

    I learned there were a few races – Caucasion, Negroid, Aborigine, and Asian. and that all flow from those.

    So which race are latin american folks?
    And why are THEY so special?

    good night all..

  2. n.n

    This reminds me of the “wise” Latina, that was not. She also believed that expressing her prejudiced thoughts would be sacred, as she was a member of the protected “minority” class, notwithstanding her own ancestors’ history of exploitation and worse.

    Did anyone watch “Married with Children”, where the mother, Peg, explained to her daughter, Kelly, the difference between thinking and speaking. When you think, no one else can hear you; but, when you talk, then there are sounds, and others “hear” your thoughts.

    Just a friendly reminder to Sotomayor. She may have forgotten.

  3. MissJean

    When I was a kid, parents would beat the tar out of you for calling each other names like “jiggaboo” and “pollack”, then make you apologize while they looked ashamed that you were their child. But there were always snotty monsters (usually little white boys) who would use the worst language whenever they were out of earshot from adults.

    I always wondered what became of them. Now I know they work for liberal websites. 🙂

  4. srdb

    It has been my personal experience that the person who says another is “racist” is even more reversely “racist” then the person that they are calling.

    To say that someone is “niggerized” is asinine. I guess then some people are “crackerized” and others are “chinkified”. And, when the aliens DO show themselves on Earth ::cough:: I guess many will be “alienified.” Hoo boy, the bulbs aren’t very bright over there. I guess that makes me “bulbified” hanging with you guys. The light is on here.

  5. The Machine

    Same vile stuff the Dems have said for at least a century.


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