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Henry Louis GatesI would hope Sgt. James Crowley thinks long and hard before he goes to the White House for that beer with President Obama and the “renowned” Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

As Obama doesn’t do things that don’t ultimately benefit him, this smells like a setup.

Not just a setup against Sgt. Crowley, but a prop up for Professor Gates as to make this whole mess go away. Not go away in the normal sense, but to also provide political cover for our spoiled child president who will never admit he was wrong, as evidenced by his lame “apology” (essentially blaming both Crowley and Gates for the escalation)  while stuck on stupidly.

Think about it.

What could be the most damning piece of evidence in the whole “racial profiling” incident? Not the police report. That could be considered biased, even though a black officer on the scene of that infamous sequence of events corroborates Sgt. Crowley’s description of what happened.

No, what could be most damning would be the release of the audio recording of the incident itself. We would hear if Professor Gates was being reserved and collected while this white racist cop went over the line and victimized him, OR would we hear Sgt. Crowley being professional while Gates was in full big mouth, elitist, race-baiting mode?

If so, that audio would be all over the world by now. The fact we haven’t heard it yet tells me someone doesn’t want the black mayor of Cambridge who apologized to Gates, the black governor who also insulted the Cambridge PD, the esteemed professor from Harvard, or the president embarrassed.

Would a casual beer between the guys be construed as a putting all differences aside, thus putting that recording in the can for good? Should that happen, race pimp Gates will have been spared the humiliation due, and he really needs have a Tawana Brawley comeuppance moment.

If he is allowed to walk away after defaming an officer of the law and the President of the United States can walk away after defaming the character of an entire police department, then Barack Obama will have succeeded in playing the race card again, winning again, and putting the card back in the deck for future use.

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  1. srdb

    I agree that everyone makes mistakes. However, a mistake at this level and magnitude is a serious one and should be dealt with. Many people are worried that Obama is a racist and an elitist. Unfortunately, his comments proved that.

    Just keep this in mind when it is time to vote. Yes, forgive, but do not forget.

  2. Bob

    Hi Richmedia.

    … Boston Celtics star Reggie Miller.
    It was Reggie Lewis.


  3. Cameron


    “Why must we fry them. Have we never yelled at a loved one? Have we
    never said something we regretted?”

    Yes and I will continue to do so. The difference is that my words aren’t said during a press conference. When I yell at someone, it doesn’t make the news and the person I yell at isn’t smeared for being a white person.

    Step back and THINK. Why did this happen?

    Because a neighbor saw what she thought was a robbery in progress, a police officer WHO WAS DOING HIS JOB responded to the call and because a Professor who should have known better decided to make this a racial issue.

    Professor Gates has no idea why he said what he said.

    Then his apology to Sergeant Crowley should include that along with asking forgiveness for calling him racist.

  4. Richmedia

    ross, I concur completely and then some with your comments.

    BP, you hit the nail on the head initially when you said that you don’t see racism where it doesn’t exist. Rush pointed out that Sgt Crowley was the very same officer who administered mouth to mouth to the Boston Celtics star Reggie Miller. Doesn’t he have Indiana roots, as did Larry Bird? I think that Miller was a Pacer for most of his career. I used to love the Celtics as a kid, and Bird and Red in his later days vs Magic and the Lakers was a sight to behold.

    Obama really showed his true colors over this meaningless incident which he inflamed beyond all reason for a President.

    Thanks for helping to keep the truth alive.

  5. ross

    For a Cambridge professor, he sure did act like an idiot, and also like a guy with a big black chip on his shoulder.

    For a President, Obama acted very un-presidential by injecting race into an issue that he admittedly didn’t know anything about, and which had nothing to do with race.

    The person holding that press conference was an ACORN activist in Presidential clothing. Not coincidentally, the chip on the President’s shoulder was all too prominent. Anyone can see why he and the professor are friends. They have matching chips.

    Obama’s refusal to publicly apologize for his behavior in this matter, as in ‘I’m sorry . . .’ is indicative the influence Rev. Jeremiah Wright had on the President, and really shows us the previously and still under-reported side of what I’d call ‘the real’ Barack Obama.

  6. n.n

    This is a world of innocence lost.

    While we strive for an ideal world, we must remain pragmatic as to the reality of the situation. Too many pacificists have lost their lives, their livelihoods, and their dignity, in a vain attempt to placate others. There are a variety of people in this world, and not all of them have our best interests at heart. You must remain wary of others’ motivations and intentions. Both Obama and Gates have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted, their motivations and agendas are contrary to individual dignity and human harmony. They are self-serving and, at the least, lack better judgement. Very poor role models and worse leaders.

    The reality of our world can be observed in history and the present. We cannot afford to be naive and dismiss both. While there has been progress, there will never be a utopia, and we must settle for mutual understanding and respect for one another.

    There are some prominent people we could consider as mentors, including: Palin, Alford, Cosby, Freeman, Crowley, et al; but, most mentors are positioned much closer. Remember your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, coworkers, and others. You don’t have to look far to find good people.

  7. The Machine

    And since Gates washed out of law school in the first 30 days, he could never be a mentor of mine.

  8. The Machine

    I do not subscribe to codes that cannot be spoken.

  9. theunspokencode

    Go back to your days of innocense. Understand your brother’s pain
    forgive him his shortcomings, you have that capacity. Do not be misled. Do not be misguided. Survive as you will. Support what you know is right. We are on the horizon of our destiny. Birthing pains. Be strong for one another. Realize who we are as a PEOPLE. We have come a long way in a short time. We have what it takes. Checks and Balances are necessary. But do not kill one another. Keep it in balance. Everything happens for a reason. Professor Gates has no idea why he said what he said. (believe me), he is dumbfounded. Ask him. He is our mentor. As is Obama.

  10. theunspokencode

    I’m sorry, but I politely disagree. We need patience, understanding and forgiveness. We are human, we are emotional beings. Can you really fault us for that? Even the educated, if they have a
    conscience, compassion and emotion lose it on occassion. Mr. Gates
    is a man, not a robot. President Obama is a man, not a robot. They
    have emotion, they have compassion, they have conscience. Why
    must we fry them. Have we never yelled at a loved one? Have we
    never said something we regretted? This is an opportunity to show
    the world who we are, a compassionate nation of people who love one another deeply enough to put our hearts on the line in front of
    the whole world. Let us do it right. Let us forgive, Let us learn, let us hurt together. What do we have to lose? Our selfish pride? What do we have to gain? Our UNITY as a PEOPLE! We must be
    willing to become GREY/GRAY, a part of each other, once and for all.
    The whole world is watching. Let US be GREY/GRAY. Whites kill whites, Blacks kill blacks, Latinos kill Latinos, on and on. Let US stop
    KILLING EACH OTHER in any shape and form. This is our opportunity. Step back and THINK. Why did this happen? We have a lesson to learn. Be a Parent to the Child in yourself. Obama is not perfect, but he is a good man. Professor Gates is not perfect, but he is a good man. Officer Crowley is not perfect, but he is a good man. These are OUR BROTHERS. They need our support. We are not perfect, but WE are a GOOD PEOPLE. Please, please, please, be honest… be nice… be FAIR! Let us not deliver the HEAD OF JOHN THE BAPTIST for an undeserving patron, HATE!

  11. Mauser

    “Dash Cams” have been crucial to the administration of justice. I think officers should have Hat Cams.

  12. louielouie

    the audio of this event is filed beside hussein’s long form BC.

  13. Lazarus Long

    If Sgt. Crowley has the stones I think he has, he will decline the “offer”. Politely, of course.

  14. The Machine

    Correct answer for the officer:

    “I don’t drink.”

  15. loathedemocrats

    As soon as i heard Gates name, i thought of “reparations” taking money from those who never owned slaves and giving it to people who never were slaves. Of course this would benefit the lawyers and the Treason Party the most. I also believe this is a deliberate DRIVEBY media set-up. President Zero`s approval numbers are tanking even with oversampling democrats. The Lamestream media has to paint America and it`s people as racist, it can`t possibly be Obama deliberately destroying the U.S.A. !!!! God is not indifferent to America or Israel. Thanks to talkradio and awesome resources like Black and Right we just might survive this Treason Party onslaught.

  16. n.n

    I would have to agree. The evidence is not in their favor.

    The media coverage of this incident was in full equivocation-mode yesterday, which would support your conclusion.

    I think there is an insight we can gain from this incident and the following coverage. The “elites” have underestimated the “serfs”, and while they are unsuprisingly unhappy, they have also been left unbalanced (pun intended). It does not help their cause, when their ultimate tactic, emotional appeal, backfires on them.

    This reminds me of another agenda they are pursuing, “redistributive change”, or socialism-lite. They must really think people are stupid and foolish, that they would simultaneously believe both their cries of crises and their offer of socialism. No one in their right mind would accept the passage of social programs in a recession, and certainly not in a time of global crises. An apt metaphor would be:

    “The straw that broke the camel’s back.”

    The right action would be to strengthen the economy, then pursue social programs, which like the government are consumers only. Without a means to ensure long-term sustainability, these programs will ultimately hurt everyone, including those they purport to help.

  17. crowhorse

    What makes me mad, is if ANY racial profiling was going on, it was Mr. Gates that was doing it. He looked at the officer, saw he was WHITE, and immediately started referring to him as racist. This has happened to me more than a few times, and it pisses me off.

    Then again, I believe I heard him call whites “crackers” in the other video, which is a racial slur, and nobody blinked an eye at it.

    As far as Obama, he had no business sticking his nose in this situation. Period.

  18. IT Nerd

    Excellent point. If Sgt Crowley had acted out of line, the audio recording would have been played at the top of every MSM news report.


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