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Jon KleinWho needs a Fairness Doctrine when you have CNN?

TVNewser has learned, and a CNN spokesperson confirms, that in his morning editorial meeting today, CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein asked his show producers to avoid booking talk radio hosts.

“Complex issues require world class reporting.”

Klein is quoted as saying, adding that talk radio hosts too often add to the noise, and that what they say is…

“all too predictable.”

No, CNN and liberal elites are all too predictable.

Better-than-any-of-us types like those who infest CNN are used to talking down to all of us. Anyone out there ever receive an email back from Jon Stewart or Katie Couric? How many programs on the likes of CNN invite direct interaction with the audience?

How many talkers end up in the administration?

Besides the media obviously being in-the-tank for the Obama Administration, liberals in general love to protest against the silent. When anyone pushes back, well, we all know how they get. Just ask the Speaker of the House and the President’s staff who refer to the citizenry as “angry mobs”, as well as the media who are now calling dissenters racists, all in an effort to get everyone to just shut up.

Talk radio hosts do what these liberal elitist pussies would never do: talk to the people.

Arlen Specter indiscreetly revealed to all that the presence of our royalty is purely by their good graces, and they really had better things they could be doing…

Talk radio hosts are informed and unfortunately interact with the unwashed masses people like Jonathan Klein tolerates.

For those of you Obama supporters who thought that opposition to his presidency was just a lot of fear-mongering and recitations about his desired socialism, which is now officially means “racism” (thank you Carlos Watson, MSNBC), how ya like the new American hope-and-change you kind inflicted on the rest of us?

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  1. MissJean

    Darn! I won’t meet any of you. But I’ll think of you on 9/12. Try not to get arrested, but if you do, make sure you get on TV. 🙂

  2. Trishmac

    Sounds like a lot of us B&R posters will be able to meet in person- will be there 9/11- 9/13 with my husband! Papa and Machine; pork & beans sounds wonderful. I’ll bring some beer brats and we can eat like people who can barely afford to make time in their busy schedule, and spend money that would otherwise be alocated to household expenses, only because we CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THIS COUNTRY!!!!!
    Bob, bring on the summit!

  3. MarlaZ

    Hey, I’ll be there on the 12th! I’d like to be at the B&R summit – we’re coming in on the 11th, leaving the 13th. We all have a bus (maybe 2) coming from MA.

    But now – we already know that this thing can pass – the dems have their majority.

    How many of you are calling your congressmen and the BLUE DOG Dems to let them know YOU DON’T WANT THIS HR-3200 TO PASS?
    We must do this and often during August!! You KNOW the other side is flooding their offices with support for this bill. We must flood them with opposition.

  4. Bob

    We may have to coordinate a B&R Summit at a waterhole sometime around the 12th.

  5. IT Nerd

    CNN’s ratings keep on sinking as viewers gravitate to Fox News.

  6. The Machine

    Attaboy Papa Ray.

    An’ pork and beans with rainwater will go real good with those fresh caught fried panfish I’ll show ya how.

    With black coffee and cornbread.

    Gourmet chow, man.

  7. Papa Ray

    Good Rant, I hope you feel better.

    Unfortunately any blame or request for guilt you lay at a liberals feet will be kicked back at you with slurs and accusations of you being a racist or Nazi or what ever they can gin up out of their demented brainwashed minds.

    There is no cure or remedy to the liberal progressives, especially the media. The only way to halt the spread of this disasterous disese is to intercept the progressives that teach our children and substitute reasonable conservative teachings that have been missing from the American Educational system for around fifty years.

    Oh well, I’m sure you know all of this, but I had to leave my droppings because right now I’m so pissed at our government and liberals that I really need to let some of it out.

    I’m going to be in DC on Sept. 12th. It is going to be a financial struggle to do so, but I’m going even if I have to hitch-hike and eat pork and beans and drink rain water.

    I’ve endured worse in my long life.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas


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