The B&R Friday Edition

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!
Brady's back but there's a new bird in Philly
Michael Vick signs contract with Eagles
Vick, Eagles agree to 2-year deal
I think a message has been sent to McNabb
Liberal Talker Ed Schultz: Conservatives “Want Obama To Get Shot”
Liberals made movies about Bush being shot, Ed

Roxana and Sheila
Health care event attendee lied about being doctor
Sheila Jackson Lee’s worst week ever
Hundreds line up for Obama town-hall event
And he’ll take six questions
Slandering America Abroad
Hillary’s Dark Side

Clinton ignores questions on Congo fuss
When does the improving-our-standing-in-the-world kick in?
Bill Clinton: GOP promotes fear over health care
Déjà vu, Bill?
Tweaking the Census
Obama and ACORN aren’t even going to be subtle
Rahm’s “Opportunity in Crisis” Strategy is Failing
Chicago-style politics isn’t translating well nationally
GOP thinks the unthinkable: Victory in 2010
Keep your mouths shut while the Dems perform hari kari
Fearing Violence, Yale Nixes Muhammad Cartoons in New Book
Yale Bows to Jihadists Over Muhammad Cartoons
A book about the cartoon riots without the cartoons. Smart
Air traffic controller suspended, was chatting on phone with girlfriend during Hudson River crash
Timing is everything
Sheila Jackson Lee Is A Liar, And Not A Convincing One At That
Careful, they may declare “liar” an n-word
Democrats Shift Criticism From ‘Birthers’ to ‘Deathers’
Who’s left after that…?
Obama needs a midcourse correction – and soon
A couple hours with a shrink might help
Maryland woman spots belongings at neighbor’s yard sale
Clearly a “What were ya thinkin'” moment
Town Hall Outrage? Media cooperated in disruptions at GOP events
Elephants never forget
Palin target renounces care rationing
The lady flexed her muscles and an Emanuel flinched
Trial lawyers seek return on contributions to Senate Democrats
Yeah, like their support was pro bono
Pentagon offers grim Afghan report
A couple of pages doubling the volume of the book, “Victorious Democrat Commanders-in-Chief”
Obama to Take On Health-Care Critics
Should we panic?
Summer of fail: Why are new shows bombing?
Too many primetime press conferences drove people to cable

4 Responses

  1. SlapShot

    Philadelphia is the new home for wayward sports starts. First
    Ray Emery, now Michael Vick. Wonder who’s next ??

  2. n.n

    “When does the improving-our-standing-in-the-world kick in?”

    It is not forthcoming.

    On RT yesterday, Putin mocked and ridiculed America’s position in the world. That’s what happens when, without a net, you push the “reset button”.

    China’s Hoarding Gold

    I believe Russia is doing the same. If the government cannot sell its debt, if our economy doesn’t grow substantially, and soon, then taxes… I mean revenue will have to be raised.

    “Our democracy is still evolving,” Clinton said.

    She is stupid too, or revealing in much the same manner as Obama or Biden. Our republic has been perverted into a democracy, right before our eyes.

    I really despise the Clintons. They are immoral, unethical, and corrupt. I so regret voting for him.

    – – – –
    Conservatives “Want Obama To Get Shot”

    What does Schultz know, that we don’t?

    – – – –
    “Obama and ACORN aren’t even going to be subtle”

    Aside from absolute number of people, they do have the advantage, in wealth and organization. They pay their mob, and we fund their organizations.

    – – – –
    “Chicago-style politics isn’t translating well nationally”

    We have many immigrants (not all of whom receive entitlements) that have first-hand experience with this crap from their home countries, and they are willing to share their experiences. We also have a large educated populace, that are wary of any attempts to consolidate power, especially when intimidation and force are employed.

    “people fight back because they don’t have the same fear of the machine” — breadbasker

    That’s a good point.

    – – – –
    “Keep your mouths shut while the Dems perform hari kari”

    Too late:

    Finance Committee to drop end-of-life provision

    They are adapting.

    – – – –
    “they may declare “liar” an n-word”

    Yup, clicking and whistling our way to extinction.

    – – – –
    “Democrats Shift Criticism…”

    Christopher Beam can go flog himself. These people are truly morons.

    “Who’s left after that…?

    Then we have a wonderful oligarchy, where the “elites” dictate our lives. Thanks to Beam and other floggers, who lack understanding of human nature.

    – – – –
    “A couple hours with a shrink might help”

    In two hours, you probably wouldn’t have time to get past all the “uhs”, “duhs”, etc. Besides, once a narcissist, always a narcissist. There is no hope for such people.

    – – – –
    “Elephants never forget”

    That would explain our great desire to preserve our republic.

    – – – –
    “Trial lawyers seek return”

    These are the guys that profit from tort law, right? Yeah, no special interests.

    – – – –
    “A couple of pages doubling…”

    Too funny! I think when BS announced that victory was not our goal, the outcome was certain, and now the Pentagon has confirmed it.

    – – – –
    “Why are new shows bombing?”

    In a word, “propaganda” — I am sick of it!

  3. Nicolas

    “Keep your mouths shut while the Dems perform hari kari”

    AFTER that, can we go crazy and rub it in their faces….please? 😉

    “Obama needs a midcourse correction – and soon”

    not’s been juuuuuuuuuust peachy so far..

    “Maryland woman spots belongings at neighbor’s yard sale”

    well THAT’s weird, although it reminds me of a man who got his mother’s records back

    “Too many primetime press conferences drove people to cable”

    damn right

  4. breadbasker

    “Michael Vick signs contract with Eagles”
    I was hoping the Vikings would sign him. Hey, I’m tired of people debating this. He lost 100 million in pay and endorsements, went to prision, was crucified by the media, and had to file bankruptcy. He has his debt, leave him be.
    “Liberal Talker Ed Schultz: Conservatives “Want Obama To Get Shot”
    Like Olberman, another liberal loudmouth who spends his time going after conservatives instead of discussing issues. But, I guess if no one was watching my show, I would be screaming stupid s**t also.
    “Health care event attendee lied about being doctor”
    Sheila was on Greta’s show last night, is accused of being rude and not listening,Greta asks her a question, she goes off for about 5 minutes, not letting Greta talk. Enough said.
    “Democrats Shift Criticism From ‘Birthers’ to ‘Deathers”
    The liberal modus operandi. Refocus the debate away from the debate. Birthers, Deathers, Nazis, Unamerican, Misled by Fox news, etc. Anything but laying the facts on the table and discussing things. Just like the stimulus and cap/trade bill.
    “Rahm’s “Opportunity in Crisis” Strategy is Failing”
    Rahm is the Rommel of all of this. He is running the operation Chicago-style, but this is a country, not a city. Thug style don’t work nationally and that’s why the Daley’s could never translate beyond Chicago. In Chicago, they are outmanned, nationally, people fight back because they don’t have the same fear of the machine.

    “Keep your mouths shut while the Dems perform hari kari”
    Amen. These idiot thinks they have a mandate to “thug” the U.S. Just shut the f**k up and let these fools cut their own throat. They have majorities, so there are no excuses.

    “Town Hall Outrage? Media cooperated in disruptions at GOP events:
    If any of Obama’s goons gets out of line and puts someone in grave condition, Obama’s credibility will hit a point of no return and you will really see the rage of the people. There is a hair trigger right now. The toughest people are the ones who are taking the punches, but after awhile, you get immune to being hit and wade on in.


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