Beck Boycott BS

It’s getting to the point where you can’t trust anything you hear coming from the MSM. Either they’re totally incompetent, totally in-the-tank, or totally looking down on us like we’re so unlikely to discover their misleads.

Sorry to disappoint

AP reporter David Bauder reported that “33 Fox advertisers”, and he includes WalMart, Clorox and Sprint, “directed that their commercials not air on Beck’s show”. In an email to DefendGlenn, Bauder claims he “spoke to several of the companies”, yet if he had contacted ALL of them, as have we, he would have discovered that all but 11 have DENIED the claims of Color of Change, including WalMart, Clorox, Best Buy, SC Johnson, and today–Sprint, which has denied they are pulling any ads at all–on Beck or elsewhere on cable news talk.

In the last year, the left has publicly done more to damage their own credibility (by just being themselves) than they have in the last twenty-plus years.

h/t Chris

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  1. chris97391

    @ The Machine……..they don’t have to even smoke dope to make this shit up, it comes naturally and that is scary!

  2. The Machine

    Ah, more from the people who smoke dope and make shit up.


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