Atlanta: The Post-Racial Memo

While America is supposedly now “post-racial”, the city of Atlanta has a way to go to catch up.
Atlanta mayoral candidates
It would appear a “memo” has surfaced, advising the black community to unite behind one black mayoral candidate. Again, imagine the “stupidly” judgment indictments had this been the other way around.

Time is of the essence because in order to defeat a Norwood (white) mayoral candidacy we have to get out now and work in a manner to defeat her without a runoff, and the key is a significant Black turnout in the general election;

The reasons support should be given to Lisa Borders is: 1) she is the best black candidate in the race who has a chance to win the election because she can attract downtown white support; and 2) based on polling data drawn from a host of sources between May 2009 and July 2009, the numbers suggest Borders is growing stronger as we move closer to the election, while the most recent polling data suggests that the other black candidates are falling further behind over the same period.

It doesn’t get much more shameful than this.

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  1. MissJean

    The only thing that would make this memo worse would be if it explicitly stated that Lisa Borders is more palatable to downtown white voters because she’s light-skinned and not a man with a “foreign” name like Kasim.

    But not much worse than putting “white” in parentheses behind Norwood’s name.

  2. n.n

    The Machine:

    There is an outstanding question, which no one has answered; but, many claim to know:

    What determines an individual, is it nature, nurture, or something else (e.g., a soul)?

    Unless there is a secret knowledge that has eluded me, I tend to lean toward “something else”.

    So, in that regard, I am not a complete heathen.

  3. n.n

    The Machine:

    I am not religious, but I do respect other people’s faiths. What I cannot respect are many atheists and faux agnostics that follow a philosophy of life contradictory to both God and nature. Unfortunately, there are many people of faith who are also pretenders, and they act to deceive others by wearing the mantle of piety.

    As for perpetual evil, I believe we have the potential to pursue enlightenment, and espouse leadership through example. However, as we do not know what “evil” is, we must be tolerant of others, unless they act to sabotage individual dignity or nature.

    “thinking that people who lived two thousand years ago… more “primitive” than you are”

    I do not think that. If that were true, then we would have nothing of value to speak of in history. This is obviously false. Our Republic was founded by people, who, by chance or inspiration, constructed a framework that has afforded us something better while we live in this world.

    “Human natore is depravity.”

    I am a lifelong optimist, and have observed that many people deserve greater credit than you would afford them. Incidentally, an effective antidepressant consists of spending time, both online and offline (preferred), with people who believe in something better. After doing so, the veracity of your statement must be questioned.

    In any case, humans have not answered any fundamental questions, and I doubt we have the capacity to do so. This is the primary reason why I cannot dismiss the possible existence of God. Those who have faith, a true faith, are often better representatives of humankind, than those without; but, that is not guaranteed.

  4. The Machine

    Never forget where what MLK had to say got him.

    Evil has always been in the world, the time or the season has nothing to do with it. We will not outgrow our sin nature, not on our own, no matter the type of government, no matter the technology we can come up with, no matter “WHEN” of it.

    All of history is much the same, don’t make the tragic mistake of thinking that people who lived two thousand years ago were somehow more “primitive” than you are. No difference.

    Human natore is depravity.

    On our own, we can do none else.

    There is, however a higher calling that has nothing at all to do with this world.

    MLK knew Him.

    Do you?

  5. n.n

    MLK must be rolling in his grave. He had a moment of enlightenment, recognized that people are individuals, and implored others to recognize individual dignity. I am continually amazed that such a simple concept continues to evade comprehension by so many.

    This is “hope and change” of the regressive kind.

  6. Nicolas

    well that sucks…they’re basically saying “vote for this black candidate because they’re better at being an uncle tom for the white folks”

    give me a’s an absolute joke that racism still exists…in the 21st Century. Come the hell on!

  7. Ralph Short

    I wonder when the MSM will cover it? Let’s admit it, never. As an aside it is amazing how so many of these so called intelligent political types send “memos” that are so stupid and irrelevant to the issues. I guess that means that political types do not necessarily, equate to intelligence.

  8. The Machine

    I’ll bet that it will get more shameful than this before it is over, Bob.


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