Liberals Prefer The Wannabes

Garofalo: Tea Partiers are all racists who hate the black presidentWe all know the template the left today recites: all opposition to Barack Obama emanates not from an honest disagreement of his policies, but out of primal racism.

It’s not about bashing Democrats, it’s not about taxes, they have no idea what the Boston tea party was about, they don’t know their history at all. This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks.
Janeane Garofalo, Countdown, 4/16/09

In the proud tradition of liberalism, this kind of talk was not issued to inspire dialogue but to force the other side to just shut up. If you listen to the left today, they are defending the president and his agenda, not on their merits, but solely against people who just don’t like the color of his skin.

Like they should talk….

Liberals hardly have any credibility here because it must be nice to believe you can make the rules that everyone else has to live by while exempting yourself whenever convenient.

Oliphant RiceAccording to their rules, you can’t say anything negative about blacks in politics, that is, unless they’re not Democrats. Prominent liberals were left virtually unscathed after racially attacking Dr. Condoleezza Rice. Syndicated political cartoonists like Jeff Danzinger and Thomas Oliphant never lost their jobs, and never had to issue a mea culpa to the nation (and/or Al Sharpton). So, the umbrella of liberal compassion has its limitations.

Danzinger seemingly speaks for all white liberals with his justification (excuse) as well as the template on how they operate today on behalf of Danziger RiceBarack Obama.

Nothing racist about it at all. Just the standard lies told by a political operative, out of her depth, who happens to be African-American. Whenever this administration is in trouble they send out Condi Rice because the press, which is mostly white and male, gives her a far easier treatment than they would a white male.
Jeff Danzinger, Ramblings’ Journal

That’s how it’s supposed to work: send in a Barack Obama and not only the press, but the American people should stand down and give him far easier treatment than they would a white male.

But I think this justified racism on the left goes even deeper.

Jigaboos and Wannabes in Spike Lee’s “School Daze”

Despite what they say, the left doesn’t really like “black” people. They seem to prefer the “non-threatening” types and for the sake of this argument, the wannabes won.

black singersLiberals in the entertainment business have already told us who their preference is. Look at almost all the black singers and actresses out there today.

I’m not dissing these women because most are talented, but they’re also eye candy talent agents assume the industry executives could jerk off to.

Now look at the administration. Hardly a threatening face in the bunch, then again Van Jones was dark and he’s still under the bus.

Obama's womenSome of these people violate (with immunity) the very rules some conservative blacks pay for daily. The administration’s  light skinned blacks tended to work in white academia, seldom lived in the hood, and inter-racially married. This is more than acceptable to the Janeane Garofalos on the left, and she has their back.

There’s a light-skinned Democrat governor in Massachusetts, Jesse and Al aren’t dark, and neither is the leadership of the NAACP. Can you name me a couple of prominent dark-skinned blacks, high up within the Democrat ranks? I’m sure some can, even though I seem to be suffering from a block. Republicans don’t really have a preference based on skin color as do the progressive left.

So according to their rules, that is as of today, you can’t bash Barack Obama because to do so means your a black-hating redneck racist. Of course the president knows this is just a shallow tactic and if he didn’t condone it, he’d speak out against it. But since he’s also the preferred liberal tint, he’s just going along for the ride.

But there are perils.

A liberal treatment of Ken BlackwellTo the left, racism has qualifiers. In their minds, there are times when it’s perfectly okay to be a racist. There are no apologies demanded and non given, in fact liberal racism against black Republicans is encouraged.

If you’re a dark black Republican, you’re fair game. If you think that’s overly selective, don’t forget that the left now tolerates Colin Powell.

If Barack Obama starts making life uncomfortable for the liberal elite, is there a chance their innate racism may be turned on him? This is a serious possibility. As we all know, what the press builds up, the press tears down. They’ve put everything into promoting Barack Obama’s race and made his qualifications secondary; not a good idea when the position is the President of the United States.

And let’s break it down. If liberals really gave a damn about blacks as they claim, Margaret Sanger would not be an icon and Planned Parenthood would not exist. But since she is and it does, we’re dealing with people who are using Obama and his race for political expediency, and you don’t use people you respect.

So while the left is screaming racism in his defense today, it could get really ugly should they turn on him. Notice how liberals call Republicans rednecks but not Klan members?

That would be hitting too close to home.

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  1. Hoss

    Janeane is so fixated on tea-bagging; I’d take one for the team and tea-bag that nasty washed-out trick just to give her what I think she really wants. Leftist guys can’t do it because they don’t have the necessary equipment.

  2. Papa Ray

    “That’s how it’s supposed to work: send in a Barack Obama and not only the press, but the American people should stand down and give him far easier treatment than they would a white male.”

    Maybe, but if they knew and belived that he was only 8% black and 42% Arab with 50% white thrown in by a liberal hippie child girl, would that make any difference?

    In my opinion, Obama and Michelle (being the anti-white, anti-America radical folks that they are, are a real handful for their handlers and backers, and they really don’t know what to do with them sometimes.

    And I think it will get only worse as Obama understands that not only is his base turning against him and the rest of America hates his policies and dislikes him, his racism and anit-America feeling will get much worse and in the end be out of control of himself and his handlers.

    Papa Ray

  3. Hoss

    I wonder if the Obama administration has any idea how much harm they and their water-carriers have done to race-relations in this country.

  4. Mauser

    To a Liberal, Blacks disproportionately represented in Prison = racism (because they can’t vote, yet). Blacks disproportionately represented in Abortion = Progress.

  5. breadbasket


    Since you know Chicago, you probably know where the infamous Cabrini-Green is, especially if you were on the near north side. When I used to go into Chicago to take classes and work on films, I went on Division st., which goes right through Cabrini. Having a mother who has been in real estate for 35 yrs. and also having a license, I remember looking at the perfect location of that property, sitting only 7 blocks from the Gold Coast , and thinking that the real world value would be. We are talking priceless. I just KNEW that someone was going to do something to get that.

    Also, you had mentioned the university doing eminent domain. Did they take some of the Maxwell st. area for Illinois-Chicago circle? I do remember them discussing that possiblility. So much for being fair, for caring about all people. Like you said, they just saw money and increased tax revenue.

  6. Ilion

    I agree, Mr Parks, if That Man begind to make life uncomfortable for the leftists, they’ll tear him to pieces in no time. As you say, one does not (cannot!) *use* persons one respects.

    And on the the other point, about conservatives not limiting their friendships and relationships with black Americans to those of light complexions, I never thought of it that way … but that’s certainly how my life has worked.

  7. MissJean

    I was in a bookstore yesterday and saw Newsweek. The cover showed a baby of indeterminate ethnicity/race with the caption “Is your baby racist?” From skimming the article, it appears to be about the human ability to identify things/people that don’t belong.

    But it’s the caption that sells the story – accusations of racism sells, evidentally.

    Margaret Singer told the Klan that if she could get the black ministers to support her eugenics plan, they’d sell it to their own community. I think she’d be tickled to see that the current head of Planned Parenthood is a liberal black woman.

  8. MEmanuel

    Breadbasket…you get it, and the Chicago example hits the nail on the head.

    Chicago is like a second home to me and I spend a lot of time there. For at least the past 20 years, the liberal leadership has been pushing a policy of gentrification to increase the tax base and thus move monies that were lost from suburban flight to places like Schaumburg and Naperville back within city limits.

    Of course to do this, you have to take care of those pesky negroes and other low income undesirables that inhabit housing projects and single family homes in the most desirable areas such as Obama, Ayres, and Farrakhan’s home neighborhood of Hyde Park, Bronzeville, Bucktown, The Loop, and others.

    To achieve this, they used the simple tactics of:

    1. Close housing projects in these neighborhoods and moving the inhabitants to other less desirable areas.

    2. Cut deals with Springfield to have housing projects built in other cities in Illinois like Danville and move the inhabitants there.

    3. Raise property taxes just high enough so poor homeowners couldn’t afford them and would have to sell or get their homes taken away.

    4. Raise rents in the areas to force out lower income families.

    5. Have the universities in the area seize property under eminent domain laws to get rid of homes, businesses and others they wanted out.

    Of course, all of these tactics came at the expense of poor black families that white liberals claim to be on the side of, but it’s just business, nothing personal. Right??

  9. breadbasket

    Definitely the truth. I didn’t know about skin color division in the black community until I was introduced to it in college. It does seem to be prevalent in the entertainment industry and the 2008 POTUS election. As far as white liberals, they are the biggest racial hypocrites in the way they live. They are for all racial programs as long as they, personally, are not affected or don’t have to particpate. They will just write their checks and vote Democrat. Right now, the city of Chicago is relocating housing project residents to different areas. Coincidently, non of these areas are in the blue state white liberal enclaves. Relocate some of these people on Chicago’s North Shore,Madison’s west side, etc. and see what happens. But if their pocketbook starts depleting, who knows what will happen?

    Bob also brings up a good point about Margaret Sanger. How did the history and background of this woman escape the MSM?
    Also, among her biggest fans? Hillary Clinton and Ruth Ginsberg.


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