I Have Two Words On The BET Gig

Black Entertainment TelevisionFinally, on the day of the shoot, I get a call from BET.

The gentleman tells me that today’s taping at the Newseum is going to be the traditional four-on-one panel make-up. I was all ready to blow this off until he told me two words: the name of one of the panelists…

Maxine Waters.

I couldn’t resist.

I’ll report back later.

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  1. OldnyFirefighter

    Well, it can’t be much worse than the Metro! Have fun Bob, Maxine reminds me of Barney Fife, can’t say anything without putting both feet in her mouth. That should give you many chances to get her to show what a dipshit she is.

  2. Lou

    She called Clarance Thomas an Uncle Tom on the floor of the House of Reps didnt she?

    That was much classier than “you lie!” And it had nothing to do with race. LOL!

  3. IT Nerd

    Bob –

    Do you know when it will air on BET? Also, will you have the unedited version available on NMATV?

  4. Dave J

    Dont let her “uh….take you over” unless it is across the street for lunch on her govt. stipend…..

  5. Eric

    Man I wish I had BET so I could watch this. Call her out on the “Monument to Me” thing from June

  6. Palmetto

    Go get her, Bob. I’m soooo looking forward to this. God bless you for taking this on.

  7. PB-in-AL

    @Machine – “Got yer back in prayer here today, Bob. ” I’m with you, Machine.

    When you’re telling the truth you never have to keep your story straight. You’ve got the truth on your side, Bob.

  8. BRFan

    Machine: “Patience, don’t interrupt when they are busy making mistakes, let them dig all the way to the bottom first.”

    Did you study Napoleon? He said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    Bob is going to have a field day, especially with Waters. Looking forward to it.

  9. IT Nerd

    Bob said:

    “What’s she gonna do.. nationalize… uh, take over me?”


  10. onewiseguy

    Bob, tear her UP! Maxine Waters is a textbook case of an idiot liberal who doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. She’s like a female Joe Biden. Not sure who the others are but if they are as idiotic as Maxine Waters then you should have a filed day!

  11. Igor

    Popcorn! Get yer popcorn right here!

    Hot Dogs! Get ’em while they’re hot!

    Peanuts, we got Peanuts!

    …now sit back and watch the fur fly show.


  12. Trishmac

    Now that is going to be soooome fun! Hah! Cannot wait for your report. Go get her!

  13. chris97391

    @ The Machine…”Patience, don’t interrupt when they are busy making mistakes, let them dig all the way to the bottom first.” Well stated!
    Bob watch your back, Water’s is vicious woman.

  14. The Machine

    Got yer back in prayer here today, Bob.

    Patience, don’t interrupt when they are busy making mistakes, let them dig all the way to the bottom first.

    You are the guy who can do it!


  15. breadbasket

    Wow. You should be able to get plenty of information on Maxine on the net. She is the script that writes itself. Have fun!


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