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Here’s how we may be ordering a pizza by 2012…
Click here to order a meat pizza...
This was actually produced by the American Civil Liberties Union.

I guess some at the ACLU actually love meat. Who woulda’ thunk it.

h/t George L

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  1. Igor

    ALL of this data exists “out there” in some database or another, consolidating it in to one giant database query is another job entirely.

    All Hail, Big Gubmint!

    For all you IT Nerds out there, think of EBCDIC versus ASCII – this was quite a few years ago… The same problem applies to all that data out there, watch out when it’s consolidated into one giant data warehouse!

    It’s not the gun, it’s how you apply (use) it. Scary!


  2. n.n

    Can they have their pizza, and eat it too?

    The ACLU seems to believe it can. They speak out against Republican legislation, but wholeheartedly support Democrats in their aspiration to to consolidate power.

    Fiscal responsibility is one issue. Government monopoly is another.

  3. fboiteau

    Aaron Russo included this bit in his film “America: Freedom or Facsism” released a couple years ago.

    The joys of RFID!


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