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Marc Lamont HillA few weeks ago, I was invited on The O’Reilly Factor to talk about the whole Professor Gates thing. Fortunately, Bill was off and Monica Crowley was guest host. While O’Reilly’s show is top rated in its time slot, an hour of Bill interrupting and boasting about how right he is about everything is nothing I look forward to.

However, there is something agonizingly worse. Listening to one of his favorite guests: Dr. Marc Lamont Hill.

I am a big fan of The O’Reilly Factor.

That said, I find his continued promotion of Professor Marc Lamont Hill an embarrassment to his own standards and an insult to the intelligence of African Americans particularly and his entire audience generally. Tonight he interviewed Hill for an entire segment on the subject of Iran, as though Hill had anything intelligent to say on the subject.

By his own account, Hill is an expert on “hip-hop culture,” i.e., rap music. Having a Columbia professor of rap music comment on the foreign policy views of Karl Rove (who was featured in the preceding segment) is demeaning to Rove and embarrassing to every African American watching.

I love my new television set. Watching Hill for more than 14 seconds makes me have violent thoughts that puts my flatscreen’s health in peril. For having Marc Lamont Hill on more than he deserves (token), Bill O’Reilly is a pinhead. Marc Lamont Hill proves just because you have a degree in Education doesn’t mean he’s not a bonehead.

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  1. Igor

    Bill, for a Haahvahd Graaduate, is pretty frickin’ clueless on most topics – I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a closet Liberal deep down inside. I much prefer Beck, when he rants it’s good stuff!
    Bill reminds me if the “educated” guys who prove that they aren’t every time they open their mouth.
    Hannity is too plastic for me. Don’t get me started on Geraldo or Huckabee…

    Worse, watching the Lamestream Media isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit. Wouldn’t waste the bandwidth or time watching that drivel. The ONLY time I watched CNN was when Beck was on, and I could tell he was straining at the leash.

    Guests like Hill prove the adage about keeping your mouth shut if you have nothing important to say, don’t they? Juan Williams, take note. You too, Mara Liason.


  2. chuckt99

    I love O’Reilly, and most of the guests he has, especially Monica, Ann, Laura, Megyn, Margaret, Kellyanne, Tonya, & Kimberly. Sometimes I even enjoy watching Ellis & a few other left wingers, b/c O’Reilly doesn’t let them get away with spewing the liberal psychobabble nonsense on which the lamestream media regularly gives them a pass. When the nitwit Marc Hill is on, however, spouting off his condescending motormouth drivel, I run for the remote and change it to practically anything else. Then I have to cringe when I change it back & hope he’s off. I can watch just about anything besides Hill, including SpongeBob, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and Phil of the Future. Hennican & Hernandez are watchable; Hill is unwatchable, period.
    Get rid of Marc Hill, O’Reilly!!!!!

  3. Henry

    Dr. Hill is annoying, but Ellis Hennigan and Juan Hernandez are absolutely revolting.

  4. Nancita

    I used to watch him. Now I use his time slot to take my shower.

  5. Trishmac

    Hill is a classic Philadelphia liberal, and I cannot stand watching him argue with Bill O, let alone anyone else who may be on the show. He is so pompous and condesending, and such a bonehead, I often change the channel and watch the Food Network’s Iron Chef, until his segment is over.
    My husband simply cringes when he sees Lamont is slotted for the night’s show; he’s not a fan of Iron Chef! But listening to Hill is like scratching a chalkboard with your nails!
    Does this mean we are racist?

  6. Fuzzlenutter

    “…Hill, Williams, Beckel, Colmes, et al”

    And let us not forget the truly clueless and classless rants of ol’ Geraldo “The Spitter” Rivera himself…

  7. breadbasket

    About the only reason I watch The O’Reilly Factor is Dennis Miller. I would not look forward to being on that show,either. It is funny you brought Dr. Hill up Bob because I have always wondered what the hell he is doing on the show. They actually had him on a FOX business show and he made some observations that just had those guys bewildered. I think he is there to make Bill look good because he is just out of his element. This is O’Reilly wanting to be PC, but not wanting a black commentator on the show that is his intellectual equal or superior. If Bill wants to really show he is PC, he need to show it through having a high standard for everyone who comes on the show. But he won’t, that’s not his style. Dr. Hill is on so much, I think he has some comprising video on Bill sitting in a safe deposit box somewhere.

  8. WDC

    Some of the people Fox gets on the different shows are very annoying. In order to appear “fair and balanced”, Fox finds so called experts who will spout the most contrarian point of view just to say they provided the balance.

    Both O’Reilly and Hannity are a little too tolerant of the liberal left talking heads on their shows. Hill, Williams, Beckel, Colmes, etal are too willing to heel to the leash of the left just to show Fox is balanced.


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