Campbell Brown’s Fox News Audition Tape

Fox News is wiping the floor with its cable competition (and I use the word “competition” lightly). CNN’s Campbell Brown may see the writing on the wall because she’s sticking up for FNC.

Kinda looks like a segment from a “reel”…

(I previously posted a clip of this interview with Valerie Jarrett. This is the whole segment)

It’s funny how quickly liberals are willing to ditch their own biases when a mortgage payment’s on the line, and Campbell Brown’s a lot easier on the eyes than Shep Smith anyway.

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  1. Brandon

    She must have never watched Wolf Blitzer or Rick Sanchez or Anderson Cooper or ……

  2. n.n

    By the way, good call Bob.

    CNN’s Ratings Falling Faster than Obama’s
    Notice how some of CNN’s personalities are easing up off Fox News? That means resumes are in play

    Nothing like a liberal scorned.

    You don’t happen to have a gig with career services for recovering liberals, do you? Show them the way to their lost liberal roots, and help them escape the progressive liberal incarnation we witness today.

  3. n.n

    Oh, one more thing, Brown will soon learn that taking a stand against liberals/progressives carries consequences. Look to Dobbs for your future. Not to mention the AWOL civil rights leaders. Hopefully she will fare better.

    Everyone is welcome in America who respects our Constitution and related declarations. If not, then there are many places in this world, where you can promote your cults and do what you will with your lemming followers.

  4. Uncle Rick

    Did you notice that Jarrett used the phrase “speak truth to power”? It is an example of how casually these aparatchiks seize words and phrases and mold them to their own purposes, moving them entirely out of their original contexts and re-shaping their meaning entirely on some occasions.

    This phrase originated in a Quaker pamphlet in 1955 and has since been used generally by those opposing government policies. Often it is media personalities themselves claiming that this is what they do.

    Is the White House switching roles? Does Jarrett think that the WH is the underdog and Fox the Oberstleutnant der Geheime Staatspolizei? C’mon.

  5. Idl

    ‘Scuse me…..I meant people who speak FOR the American people, as in: “the American people want single payer healthcare, and they want it now” and suchlike. It’s amazing the difference a tiny proposition makes.

  6. Idl

    I have to admit, I had an almost immediate visceral negative reaction toward Campbell the first time I saw her. Then I listened to her and realized my first reaction was right. What an irritating woman!

    I also have a visceral negative reaction when politicians and bureaucrats claim to speak to the American peope. This bunch thinks about “the people” when they look down to see what they’re stepping in.

    “Truth to power”!!!!!!! Gimmie a break!

  7. n.n

    Speaking of non-partisan journalists.

    Jouranlists and Reporters- Political Campaign Contributions
    13% to R, 73% to D

    News Corporation Ltd – Political Campaign Contributions
    35% to R, 42% to D

    CNN – Political Campaign Contributions
    12% to R, 60% to D

    No bias there, right Campbell? Follow the money has always been good advice.

    So, what have we learned. CNN lied! While Brown is likely a partisan “journalist” attempting to exploit the greater success of her competitors.

    Oh well, all’s fair in politics and “journalism”, I suppose.

  8. n.n

    CNN is a model of journalistic integrity? Once they stop focusing on their special interests, which happen to lean far left, then she may be on to something. In the meantime, stop crying about the lost Olympics, stop condemning “Tea Party” participants, and stop peddling the atheist’s “selective science” propaganda.

    At least they have Dobbs, who reports on the factual state of illegal aliens. They have that going for them.

    In other news, CNN attacks the more successful Fox News and MSNBC. Is anyone surprised? Their ratings must be low, or something.

  9. Ilion

    She may be easy on the eyes, but her voice grates on the ears.

  10. BHD

    Well she may be able to take Shep’s job if he keeps his act up. Maybe she won’t apologize, but one is hoping that Shep was joking, but sadly I know he wasn’t… I don’t get it 🙁



  12. girzwald

    Hey Campbell Brown, why don’t you take the log out of your eye before you start whining about others being biased.

  13. Reality83

    I loved how Jarrett’s eyes lit up whenever Campbell asked her does she believe that Fox News is biased yet cut the corner whenever she was asked if BSNBC had a bias. And 8x she said a variation of “distort” in that interview. What a clown.

  14. louielouie

    if brown was still fucking that saudi royal she wouldn’t need to worry about a mortgage payment.

  15. Igor

    You mean the Gubmint isn’t gonna pay for her mortgage??

    How quaint. How Conservative.




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