The B&R Friday Edition

Here’s the Director’s Cut of Notable Quotables, Episode 2.

It’s alive! End-of-life counseling in health bill
Health care businesses at risk in House overhaul
HELLO!! — You only figuring that out now?
Ethics to investigate Reps. Richardson, Waters; Graves criticizes the OCE
House probes California Rep. Waters
Dozens in Congress under ethics inquiry
Dozens, now guess the party affiliation of MOST of them…
Catholic Bishops call for unprecedented opposition to ObamaCare plan
Like the bishops will be fazed by StopTheWitchHunt
Time Inc. Is Expected to Eliminate More Jobs
Oil firms’ profits keep dropping as recession shrinks demand for energy
Pouring Cold Water on Your GDP Numbers
Economy Turns to Growth After Deep Slump
If you’re an Obama liberal and still working, the economy’s just great
Visit the war zone, Mr. President
Yeah, sure. Not without cameras
Inside story of the night that Polanski raped a child
You may wish to check your blood pressure before this read
Passports Linked to 9/11 Found in Pakistan
Wouldn’t it just suck if these eventually lead to… Iraq?
Save the planet? Kill cap-and-trade
Liberal screech warning
A governor’s race that has nothing — and everything — to do with Obama
If the 2008 Election Were Held Today, How Would Obama Do?
He probably wouldn’t get past the primary
ACORN’s Campaign to DeFox America
The White House Stupidly Goes To War With Car Website
Obama & Co. prefers fighting with domestics. No wonder the Taliban is ramping it up
Tim Donaghy Again Forces an N.B.A. Investigation of Referees
His allegations are so whack, they must be true
Will governors elections render judgment on Obama?
What would the title of this piece be if Bush were fucking up the country?
Shortages eroding Chávez’s support
Socialism does have its patterns
Classroom apartheid: Teachers who were afraid to discipline thuggish minority of Asian pupils for fear of being branded racist
Thank Tony Blair
Pataki endorses Hoffman for N.Y. seat
All of a sudden, for some, it’s a good thing to be seen with a conservative
French families sue commanders who ate VIP dinner as soldiers died in ambush
Afghan girls burn themselves to escape marriage
Support Grows for Pursuit of Peace Deals With the Taliban
What a fucked up place. And have you ever noticed that the winning side never talks about peace during the fight…?
No Deal: Chamber Chief Battles Obama
Here’s one for the popcorn
Michigan Man Sues for Right to Put Back Family’s Nativity Scene on Public Median
Go for it
City Parents Opting Out of Swine Flu Vaccine
Smart move

5 Responses

  1. n.n

    If the redistribution proceeds, and inevitably leaves our shores, then he will not be able to afford it.

    [] Soros: There will necessarily be a new world order

    What do you think? Americans are not the neediest people in the world, in fact, the general population, including the “oppressed” and “disadvantaged”, remain in possession of a relatively large quantity of wealth. Do the proponents of the NWO have benevolent motivations, or are they simply exploiting our labor and success?

  2. The Machine

    They’ll make sure that Bob never buys an NFL team.

  3. n.n

    NQ is a hit! The White House may be displeased with your success. They don’t like competition nor do they like criticism. Excellent!

  4. The Machine

    Me see and hear BIG improvements in delivery.

    Next: Don’t blink when delivering the punchline.

    (localized humidifier, turned on just for the shoot can help eliminate the dry eye involuntary blink. don’t leave it run, though, the equipments don’t like it. “localized” is the key)

    On the way to earning the coveted VSP from this old below-the-liner, this episode is marked in comparison to last offering, you pushed ’em further than I might have thought possible Bob.


  5. Igor

    And the hits just keep coming! Keep up the good work, Bob!

    Loooooove the outtakes…



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