Why Kids Are Embarrassed By Parents

I can only imagine the conversation at home yesterday…

Anyone want to bet on the chances we NEVER hear about Malia’s scores…?

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  1. ex-pat Michael

    Is anyone else having difficulty seeing the video or accessing NMATV? I was hoping to watch.

  2. n.n


    NOT the greatest speaker in the world

    Wow! So many people with the same progam, and the same programmer? Maybe they are simply drones in a hive, or cult. I wonder who is their queen, or leader? I don’t think teleprompters are sufficient to answer that question, unless, the teleprompters are the question.

    So much comedy, so little time.

  3. girzwald


    Hes not a good speaker. Hes a good READER. He can speak very well when people tell him EXACTLY what to say.

    Ill take bush not being a good speaker, but his speeches have substance over obamas mastery of reading other peoples work any day.

    And Nicholas. I agree definitely an obama plant. He gave a wiki link about bush…. so heres one for him.

  4. n.n


    I vote for him to reveal his grades too… along with his other school records, legislative records, work history, etc. He can keep his birth records — I really don’t care where he was born. Although, I would like to know what it is like to grow up in paradise, Hawaii. I suppose, some people are just more privileged than others.

    In any case, we really, really, really want to know who Obama is, was, and will always be. What did he learn from his mentors, his spiritual guides. What books does he enjoy reading. Will he participate in the Special Olympics, or are they still beneath him. Does he believe that women are his equals or will he continue to hang with the boys. Is he still seeking to understand his black quarter and condemning his white half. Will he continue to fire inspector generals that cross his wife’s path. Does he intend to fully compensate all of his supporters in the UAW, SEIU, ACORN, NEA, etc., or have the “stimulus funds”, and Americans, been bled dry.

    So many questions. So little time.

    Meanwhile, he and other regressives will continue to cry crises, as they have done for the past nine years (notwithstanding their policies that enabled the crises), and he will continue to enjoy “date nights”, vacations abroad, private school for his children, embezzling public funds to repay his supporters, raising taxes… I mean involuntary exploitation… no, actually revenue generation, etc. And, if we are really lucky, the redistribution will be global come AGW or AGCC or Gore ($13 trillion in assets opens a lot of doors).

    So we wait and listen to the babbling brook.

  5. n.n

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the real Barack Obama, sans teleprompters.

    What an eloquent speaker. The babbling brook was never so engaging.

    I wonder if his speach was approved by the NEA and other regressive organizations, Sharpton, Jackson, et al. If he has learned anything by now, it should have been that regressives hurt their own. They will not be happy… Not happy at all. Just mention personal responsibility and be prepared for the ensuing attacks.

  6. The Machine

    I like the backdrop.

    “Race to the top.”

    You could take that two ways.

    I think they only mean it in one way, though.

    Paging Al Sharpton…

  7. Trishmac

    Probably the same reason why Americans are embarrassed by this president.


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