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Keith OlbermannKeith Olbermann talks a lot of shit on a daily basis against those who believe differently than he. Olbermann has his own floor but if he’s so all that, he should be able to make mincemeat out of anyone who dares oppose him in studio.

There’s one problem: despite the bravado, he NEVER speaks face-to-face with whom he mocks.

The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann continues to post at his blog-home, The Daily Kos (no conflict of interest there for the “nonpartisan” Olby!). His writings yesterday can only be described as laugh-out-loud funny:

I read with astonishment here and elsewhere that I am guilty of never presenting conflicting viewpoints. Do you know what the easiest form of “good tv” is? Put two guys on who disagree with each other and let them yell at each other.

Lame excuse.

I am pleased to be able to say that I’ve never put something on Countdown to toe a party line.

Hey Keithy, letting stuff loose into the ether without rebuttal…that’s exactly what you do on your Hour of Spin. Five nights a week, 52 weeks a year (minus Bathtub breaks). And the latest proof of that is the November guest list. We poured through the MSNBC online transcripts and tallied the data. Take a gander at the results:

And I sure Olbermann would probably say the results were skewed.


I’m still waiting for someone to yank his lyin’ ass off Sunday Night Football.

Yo Keith, I know you and Janeane feel you have to defend us po’ black folk, so that probably means you think you’re better than us and could whup any of us in a debate on anything.

I’m available, that is if you’re not afraid…?

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  1. SlapShot

    And to think this clown comes down on Fox for having 2 sides come on to discuss issues. Gee, I thought that is what this country is all about. What the hell was I thinkin.

  2. Trishmac

    What a smarmy, self sentered, egostist he is. And I meant to be redundant there.
    Seriously, as much as I love Dennis Miller, he didn’t belong on Monday Night football; I’m with you Bob, Olbermann really should get the boot from SNFB.

  3. breadbasket

    Exactly why he has zero respect from me. Where’s the counterpoint? Make these stupid statements and challenge someone to refute them. I mean, how in the hell do you know if you can fight unless you take a few people in the ring? It also shows that he either, doesn’t want credibility, or , is afraid of any debate and exposure of his limitations. Pussy.

  4. Uncle Rick

    Years ago Dan Rather tried to defend CBS against the charge that they had no conservatives working in their newsroom. Rather was miffed. How dare anyone accuse CBS of bias! Of course they had a conservative!

    Who did Dan name as their conservative? Bill Moyers.

    Dan clearly had no clue where the center is on the right-left political spectrum.

  5. Syble

    Let’s all chip in and buy this sick jerk a one-way ticket to Cuba. They have a special channel over there for people like him – the PROPAGANDA channel.

  6. IT Nerd

    Watch out, Bob or you may be labeled the “Worst Person in the World!”

    (by the way, how ’bout that Browns defense!)


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