The B&R Tuesday Edition

Muslim protesters ‘branded British soldiers as rapists and baby killers’ at homecoming parade
Sound familiar?
Obamacare expands IRS authority, may cause greater tax non-compliance
IRS to start regulating paid tax preparers, requiring competency tests, ethical standards
The tax cheat enforcing ethics
Climategate: Michael Mann’s very unhappy New Year
Whistle-blowers with cash incentives. Loyalty out the window
China blames freak storm on global warming
Maybe this got screwed up in translation

Security Theater Now Playing at Your Airport
Profile Away
At least you’ll be alive to feel all violated
White House Spokeswoman Says Different Bertha Lewis on Visitor’s Log
How many Bertha Lewises can this White House know?
Climategate: Failure of a Blind and Biased Mainstream Media
It’s only a ‘failure’ when it’s unintentional
Fight on Immigration Reform Looms for Obama in ’10
He rams this through and Democrats are toast for as long as we have a border
Graham censured again by county party in S.C.
It’s never too late to spank
For Obama, terrorism is a four-letter word: Bush
Unrest in Iran: The Vindication of George W. Bush
He said a democratic Iraq would embolden the people elsewhere, just so Obama could blow them off
Staff quits after Ala. congressman switches to GOP
It’s not the best economy to be having a hissy-quit
Chicagoans nostalgic for President Obama
Keep him
State Department Using ‘Diversity Visas’ to Encourage Immigration to U.S. from Terror-Ridden Yemen
‘Diversity visas’ sound like racial quotas

Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson found dead in Los Angeles
A 30-year-old Hollywood socialite dead of ‘natural causes’…?

The West Is Choked by Fear
Liberals see conservatives as a greater threat than Islamic terrorists. Let’s see who they’ll have no use for should they take over
Jackson Lee challenged by Jarvis Johnson — as 2008 presidential divisions return
If Sheila loses, she’ll wind up on MSNBC. You know, to add a touch more color
A Good Year To Die
Hopefully the next Republican president kills the estate tax once and for all
Secret Service confirms third crasher at White House state dinner
Desirée Rogers is a bigger fuck up than we thought
Mitt Romney headed to Iowa
Speaking of…

Website for ‘beautiful people’ throws out 5,000 members for gaining weight over Christmas
That got ugly

Salvation Army major has sad W.Va. homecoming
Very sad
Freed Guantánamo inmates are heading for Yemen to join al-Qaeda fight
And Obama’s going to close Guantánamo anyway. Smart
New scanners break child porn laws
Can full-body airport scanners harm you?
Crashing has a long term effect
Roger Ebert Makes Fat Jokes After Limbaugh’s Hospital Visit
Someone needs to give Roger a new mirror
Female Marines Reach Out to Afghan Women
Be careful…
In economic crisis, 7 Arizona congressmen give out bonuses
HELLO! Like they care what we think
Dems intend to bypass GOP on health compromise
Democratic Leaders Plan Secret Health Reform Deliberations
Didn’t candidate Obama pledge something about transparency, public sessions, and C-SPAN…?
Now stim bill money being sent to fake zip codes
Like this is shocking
GOP Chief: Republicans ‘Screwed Up’ After Reagan
Wasn’t Michael Steele elected (and later defeated) after Reagan?

8 Responses

  1. n.n

    Liberals see conservatives as a greater threat than Islamic terrorists.

    There is only one group that legislates and litigates to curb our liberty and rights. At least the terrorists do not obfuscate their true nature.

    kills the estate tax once and for all

    Why? We are simply workers in a collective. All our efforts are in service to the “queens” and the hive (i.e., society, community). The concept of individual dignity is outdated. The slaves of olde were not “enslaved”, but merely serving a useful purpose. That “truth” is no different with the involuntary exploitation advocated by today’s “liberals”.

    Tax preparers to see new IRS regulations requiring competency tests, setting ethical standards

    “Setting ethical standards”, huh. Is it April 1, already? No, it can’t be. It’s still too cold. Can we also claim “innocent mistake” and be appointed as Secretary of Treasury, Senator, or Representative?

    Arizona congressmen give out bonuses

    Big deal. Government employees and public servants across the board received bonuses. They are also paid more than comparable positions in the private sector, receive greater benefits, and have an unusually high level of job security. Makes me long for the now defunct Soviet Union. At least those communists did not maintain a pretense. Everyone knew who they were, and what they represented.

    Democratic Leaders Plan Secret Health Reform Deliberations

    They obfuscate, deny, and lie. If and when the Republicans return to power, we must be certain to hold them true to their word. Choosing the lesser evil is no longer sufficient.

    Now stim bill money being sent to fake zip codes

    Someone is profiting from America’s wealth. Apparently, it is not Americans. It’s funny how they intend to locate everyone with GPS, but they cannot even confirm the existence of a zip code or district. Yes, very funny and curious. Something is afoot, Watson.

    Fight on Immigration Reform Looms

    Americans have been proclaimed to be the world’s mules. AGW/AGCC wasn’t their only means to implement “redistributive change”. This will not affect “elites” in their castles, and their supporters will be exempted as they remain inside the walls.

  2. chris97391

    “The West Is Choked by Fear
    Liberals see conservatives as a greater threat than Islamic terrorists. Let’s see who they’ll have no use for should they take over”

    When will liberals be held accountable for hate crimes against conservatives?

  3. fboiteau

    (emphasis mine)
    “Muslim protesters ‘branded British soldiers as rapists and baby killers’ at homecoming parade”

    Mr Chaudhuri said police twice had to form a barrier around the protesters to protect them. At one point it is alleged pieces of bacon were thrown at the Muslims while there were shouts of ‘go and have a shave’ and ‘Bin Laden’s wife is a whore’.


    By the way, this little gem from the National Post came out last week and i didn’t notice it.

    A rare occurence indeed, a Canadian newspaper asking for the resignation of the US Secretary of Homeland Security.

  4. Syble

    Rowan Atkinson is correct in: “right to offend is far more important than any right not to be offended.”

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

    Oh wait, HATE crime legislation and Political Correctness converged to become THOUGHT CONTROL.


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