The B&R Saturday Edition

Washington roads snowed under
The term “Snowmageddon” is being tossed around
Interior Department bureaucrats bury 2-1 public support for more off-shore drilling in comments on proposed rule
Since when has this administration observed “public support” for anything that opposed them?
Palin and McConnell wage proxy battle in Kentucky Senate race
It was only a matter of time
‘Idol’ Producers want Howard Stern to replace Cowell
He does have a background in the music end of radio
AFP Asks: ‘Is US bullying Toyota on recall?’ Rest of Media Indifferent
Word is the Obama Admin sees this crisis as a way of boosting Government Motors
Marist Poll finds strong majority favor airing Tebow ad during Super Bowl telecast
And you know this pisses off Planned Parenthood

NBC Employees Checked In With Black Friends to See If Black History Month Menu Was Racist
Jeez, let it go
Out of office, Palin reaching new heights as media superstar
Michele Bachmann does delicate political dance
Interesting visual
Abortion rights pioneer dies at 61
I guess Susan Hill found out if there’s a heaven or hell
Sen. Boxer Asks Obama How Government Works
Not surprising, ma’am
Pull U.S. troops out of Haiti
Before (as usual) they start getting shot in the back
Given a Gift, Dems Try Not to Blow the Shelby Affair
The administration’s latest bad guy

‘Corpsman up!,’ TelePrompTer down
Obama Calls Navy Corpsman ‘Corpse Man’

President Obama pronounced “corpsman” as “corpse man” twice in the same address. This mispronunciation has caused quite a bit of ridicule about a man who ascended to the presidency based upon his rhetorical skills.

As much as Bush butchered the mother tongue, it’s a little suspicious how silent the media’s been on this one of many

Is John Edwards Done Forever?
While running for president, screws around on sick wife, denies mistress’ baby, tries to bribe witnesses, is busted, beats sick wife… ya think?
Super Bowl Advertising: Play-By-Play on the Big Game’s Commercials
ABC metrosexual just discovers that people actually like watching Super Bowl commercials
New Orleans votes amid Carnival, Super Bowl fever
Saying “bye” to School Bus
Bill Clinton apologizes for slow Haiti aid effort
What a minute! Didn’t the left praise Obama’s reaction, while gleefully dissing the Bush-Katrina effort?
Alito objected to Obama’s history claim
Didn’t this happen two weeks ago? Thanks for the catch up
Judge: Pratt can’t move jobs out of US
Sanity imposed by a Clinton appointee
Obama Administration Discovers Trade–As Another Great Excuse to Grow Government!
White House considers pro-labor policy for government contractors
Someone need remind Obama government hires don’t really count as creating jobs
Obama’s Attorney General (for now)
This bunch needs a Just Us Department and a former civil rights attorney is just the right man
Tea Party turns nasty: ‘It’s our country – let’s take it back’
Yeah, wanting change is real “nasty”
Colts jersey draws penalty at Louisiana school
The Super Bowl – it’s all about the “Sympathy” Vote
I told you it was going to be all about Katrina. Watch game coverage for multiple reminders.
Let’s not forget, the Saints sucked when the hurricane hit. This is not the same team that’ll be playing tomorrow.

Democrats Scramble to Draw GOP Support for Jobs Bill
After a year of name-calling, they expect cooperation
Arctic Degrading Faster than First Thought
55% of Holland below sea? IPCC got this wrong too
The global warming alarmists are a fucking joke
Man arrested had 75 bottles of lotion in his pants
Waiting for some surveillance shots
13-year-old QB accepts USC offer, father says
He must be real good, but what 13-year-old really knows what he wants to be when he grows up?

4 Responses

  1. n.n


    Not if we want to maintain the rule of law. Anyone who believes that illegal alien invaders should be treated differently than other people desiring to immigrate to America, are sabotaging the social compact and denying individual dignity. They are also advocating for involuntary exploitation of American citizens and legal immigrants.

  2. TexRex

    So there is something wrong with wanting the illegals out?

  3. MissJean

    “AFP Asks: ‘Is US bullying Toyota on recall?’ Rest of Media Indifferent”
    Or is it just that it’s a great time to clobber them for the “secret” recalls that they have been doing for the last decade, with the dealers replacing faulty parts when you went in for an oil change?

    “Tea Party turns nasty: ‘It’s our country – let’s take it back’”
    Attempt to pull country to the left = good
    Attempt to pull country to the right = nasty

    “Is John Edwards Done Forever?”
    Bob, that last PR consultant was totally cold! I can’t believe anyone would say he needs to wait for his wife to kick the bucket. She’s the only thing humanizing him right now.

  4. n.n

    Federal Jury Convicts Former El Paso Criminal District Court Judge Manuel Barraza

    Barraza solicited, agreed to accept, and accepted bribes in the form of cash money. He also solicited sex and agreed to accept a bribe of engaging in sexual activity with women. These acts were all committed in exchange for his influence and exercise of discretion in his official capacity as an elected judge.

    Our society’s idols are dropping like flies… into a muck of their own creation. We just may need a new standard for judging the goodness of people. The existing criteria of education and stature are insufficient.

    Any mocking of Billy, Timmy, Baracky, and their kind, implicit or otherwise, was intentional, but well meaning. Open your minds and stray from your ivory towers, so that you will not forever be lost in limbo. Too many people have lost themselves in the ignorance of infatuation with their own superiority.

    So much for mortal gods; they all fall down, one by one.


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