The B&R Friday Massachusetts Edition

THENPresidential Surveillance Program: Spying Went Beyond Warrantless Wiretapping
NOWFeds push for tracking cell phones
‘No reasonable expectation of privacy’
How’s that hope and change workin’ for ya now?
Patrick Kennedy Won’t Seek Re-election to Congress
If Ted’s seat wasn’t safe, Patrick may have been sober enough to know he’s fucked

To Cut Debt, Obama Shifts on No Tax Vow
That makes sense; the lie, I mean
Canada’s reputation worsens: global poll
The South Park curse continues
Wrong footed! Amputee sent home with two left feet after hospital fiasco
Socialized medicine strikes again
Marvel comics apologizes for anti-Tea Party Captain America plotline
They probably thought they show’d us…
3 House retirements spur debate on whether Republicans are losing momentum
Diversionary tactic by WaPo, considering how many Dems are bitching and bailing
Poll: Economy Brings Down Obama’s Job Approval Rating
Poll Finds Edge for Obama Over G.O.P. Among the Public
Voters Divided Over Obama vs. Republican Candidate in 2012
And you can see why nobody trusts the media
Alec Baldwin attacks photographer after release from hospital, pal blames Kim Bassinger for circus
Name me the last conservative that acts like these spoiled Hollywood clowns…?

Louis Gossett Jr. announces he has prostate cancer
Early stage

Atlanta’s Transit System Changes ‘Yellow Line’ to ‘Gold’ After Asian Outrage
Political correctness is as contagious as yellow fever
Democrats rush to curb corporate election spending before Nov.
Concerned about the consequences of when they were having fun bashing those corporations
Reid kills Baucus bill, narrows focus of jobs legislation
“Too many concessions to Republicans”. Obama’s brand of bipartisanship is bullshit
Palin should cut the hypocrisy
Roland Martin: CNN’s latest token attack dog
Administration ‘Just Not Responding’ to Questions on Fort Hood, Said Vice Chair of Senate Intel Committee
‘Most transparent administration ever’
Federal government open on Friday, Feb. 12
Bet’cha it’s payday
Gallup: Palin and Romney top two contenders for 2012
Unfortunately many are still suckered in by RINO Romney
Iranian regime uses anniversary crowds and crackdown to muzzle opposition
Iran Revolution’s End Will Be Heard Around World
Amazing what may get done without Obama’s encouragement
Lobbyists putting in billable hours live on MSNBC
And they wonder why “lobbyist” is a dirty word
Author quits Daily Beast after plagiarism claims
Are liberals lazy or what…?
White House declares war on Willy Wonka, but sympathetic Dems will be first casualties
You’d think the black prez would leave chocolate alone
Larry King To Gov. Paterson: Does Being Blind Make It Harder To Read Headlines?
Retire, Larry
Howard Dean on Global Warming: Republicans ‘Don’t Believe in Science’
Have fun with this one
Army discharging single mom who refused deployment
Don’t get me started….
Dear Mr. President: Why We Are Not Hiring
Makes you wonder if all these small business owners Obama claims to speak to are real
Polling Conservative Bloggers On Gay Marriage, Impeachment, Birtherism, Secession, And Health Care
I got my two cents in

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  1. n.n


    I have already stated that everyone has a faith in something, if only in their very existence and perceptions of reality. Some people take it a step further, and acknowledge a God, which is described as an entity, cohesive power, or the like. My purpose for posting Tennekes’s resignation letter, was not to criticize one faith or another. It was to distinguish between science and faith. Science being a product of human senses and cognition, which is not in competition with faith or any fundamental truth.

  2. Ilion

    N.N.There is no value in investigating fundamental truths, which are inherently unknowable and unprovable. That is where faith becomes relevant.

    Ah! But that isn’t actually true … you’ve been hoodwinked by the “liberals” who control public “education.”

    For starters, see The First Question

  3. n.n


    New Poll Shows Support for Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

    Democrats in the poll seemed particularly swayed by the wording. Seventy-nine percent of Democrats said they support permitting gay men and lesbians to serve openly. Fewer Democrats however, just 43 percent, said they were in favor of allowing homosexuals to serve openly. Republicans and independents varied less between the two terms.

    Refer to them as homosexuals, and you will reduce the backlash. The terms “gay” and “lesbian” have, apparently, a greater emotional appeal to the delicate liberal sensitivity. We already knew this, but it is amusing to have a liberal media outlet confirm it. That, or 36% of Democrats surveyed, do not know the meaning of “homosexual”.

    The liberals/progressives are the self-proclaimed protectors of the “minority”. Whichever “minority” happens to serve their interests at a particular place and time.

  4. n.n


    Only if one is completely without knowledge. However, in the context cited above, it is a distinction between science and faith. He does not confuse matters of science with matters of philosophy or faith. There is no value in investigating fundamental truths, which are inherently unknowable and unprovable. That is where faith becomes relevant. Even then, you have the word of God, but you do not know the mind of God. From either perspective, we are strictly limited in our comprehension of anything fundamental.

    I have never been concerned about religious indoctrination, since the people of faith I have spent time with, never imposed their will upon others. They were far more tolerant of differences than the atheists I have come across. My concern is about people spreading propaganda, denying their own faith in something, thereby diminishing the value of science. Not the least of which is their “educational” material distributed in schools, and society at large.

  5. Hoss

    Really, Palin should cut her hypocrisy? The lefties are the ones who make the PC rules, and therefore Rahm should have been hoist upon his own petard. I guarantee if someone on the right called someone a fag or said someone was being “gay” they’d be tripping over each other to get that person fired or whatever.

    Palin and Romney top 2 contenders for 2012….Look, I like Palin as a conservative activist or even as a Senator, but pres? No. And Romney I would accept as VP, but that’s best case. Mitch Daniels is still my pick for #1.

  6. Ilion

    After all, an ‘imbecile’ is simply (and through no fault or choice of his own) somewhat slower than the average person in acquiring knowledge; whereas an ‘agnostic’ frequently (*) chooses to lack the knowledge of which he is ignorant.

    (*) and always when used in the way this alleged-President has chosen to use the word

  7. The Machine


    In the Greek, it means, “without knowledge”

    In the Latin, however, it means, “imbecile”

  8. n.n

    Henk Tennekes Resigns from Dutch Academy

    I would prefer to be assigned to the Theology and Philosophy Section because of my growing interest in epistemology. The President, eager to avoid any written record of the nuisance I had created, called me one night by phone, saying: “Henk, philosophy belongs to the Arts and Humanities Division of the Academy. The division between them and the Science Division is laid down in our Charter. You cannot cross that Wall however much you want to. That Wall cannot be breached.

    There is a fine line between philosophy and science, which is often blurred, or even crossed, in today’s scientific practice. Tennekes is yet another scientist concerned with establishment of an NRO (New Religious Order) based on selective science.

    The term ‘sacred’ should not be construed as referring to theology, but to the central problem of all epistemology: how can we know anything, how can we evaluate, who are we to make judgments? In Kant’s own words: “Reason suffers the fate of being troubled by questions which it cannot reject because they were brought up by reason itself, but which it cannot answer either because they are utterly beyond its capacities.” Yes, only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

    Tennekes is one of the true agnostics, open to the possibilities, while recognizing his own limitations to know the truth. Science, observation and cognition, cannot explain anything fundamental. It is a utility to explore our realm and, hopefully, to improve our quality of life.

    Stephen Hawking writes: when we discover a theory that unifies gravity and quantum mechanics, we will (I shudder as I write this) “know the Mind of God.”

    My guess is that establishment of the NRO is driven by the unmitigated gall of unconstrained egos, people who would be mortal gods. And why not? Is there any greater achievement in our shared reality, than control or influence of other sentient beings?

    His resignation letter is an interesting read, providing some insight into the workings of ivory tower culture, both academic and in the world at large.

  9. Igor

    Dear Larry King,
    We don’t believe in Weird Science, but apparently you do.

    And, boy, can you ask some of the stupidest questions!!

    Hurry up and be the Larry King Dead show, okay?


    (it’s gotta be Friday…)

  10. chris97391

    Patrick Kennedy Won’t Seek Re-election to Congress-
    Gee daddy isn’t around to help me out anymore, time to take my money and move out of the country.

  11. Uncle Rick

    Re: Roland Martin

    He builds on his credentials as a native Texan and all that implies. Well, I’m a native Texan, too. Moreover, I’m older than he is and, I’ll wager, I’ve seen more of the world than he has. And I know this: Not all Texans are straight shooters.

    I love this state and I love its people. This is one place where a person can still seal a multi-million-dollar deal with a handshake. But not with just anyone. Texas has produced some remarkable people, but remember, it is the second most populous state in the union, so it should come as no surprise that some regrettable characters have also emerged. Dan Rather comes immediately to mind.

    Looks like Roland is trying to be Dan’s replacement in the media. He sees a hypocrite in Sarah Palin. Does he see no hypocrisy among DemoKKKraps?

    Bob, do us a favor and tell us if he ever writes a similar piece on BO, Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer or their comrades.


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