The B&R Tuesday Edition

Reid: ‘Men, when they’re out of work, tend to become abusive’
Harry, you can test your theory out this fall
Ex-Vice-President Cheney in hospital with chest pains
Bob Dole hospitalized, undergoing therapy
Get well soon, gentlemen
New U.S. senator helps Democrats advance jobs bill
Next time, don’t replace old bum with a new one

FNC’s Goldberg Slams MSM for Double Standard Connecting Violent Acts to Conservatives
And they’ll continue to divert attention from ELF, ALF, and their anarchist punks in black
Obama’s bipartisan flimflammery
The Thursday summit will be another talk-down and no bipartisanship on his part (as usual)

Obama Acknowledges ACORN Relationship In New Video
Busted (again)

Keith Olbermann Slams Texas For Stupidity
Who’s the stupid one when your show is consistently in the ratings toilet and you bash the audience?
The Stimulus: States Getting the Most Money So Far
To pay off irresponsible legislature-induced debt and keeping union workers happy
Graham, Emanuel Work on Gitmo
Nothing good happens when a backstabber and jerk get together
U.S. death toll in Afghanistan hits 1,000: website
Notice how the media ignores military death “milestones” when a Democrat is responsible
Accuweather’s Bastardi Takes On Bill Nye on Global Warming On FNC
After ClimateGate, if your response includes “the evidence is overwhelming”, you’re toast
Secret Labour plan to increase immigration for social reasons dismissed public’s opposition as ‘racist’
Racebaiting is an international, progressive, terror tactic
What Do Muslim Nations Think about Terrorists?
Those who don’t condone them won’t speak up out of fear of bombings, shootings, beheadings…
Presidents ‘need somebody to talk to’
This is some sappy shit
5 Reasons Illegal Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Given American Citizenship
6. So they won’t have a census influence on Congress. (Whoops, they already do…)
Glenn Beck Vs. C. Edmund Wright
And Bill Bennett, Bob Parks…
Huckabee’s blast exposes rift on the right
60% of the CPAC participants were libertarian, college Paulies
Ideology to Die For
This is so wrong and typical of academia youth poisoning

  • SlapShot

    I’ve been out of work for 2 and a half weeks. The only good thing that’s come out of it, is that I’ve lost a couple of pounds from not visiting the vending machines so often. Abusive ??? Definitely not.

  • Igor

    I’m a little disappointed in Brown. Heck, I’m even disappointed that Sarah is hanging her hat on McLame’s re-election bid.

    Having said that, Brown is a WHOLE lot better than the hand-picked “Kennedy successor”, ol’ what’s-her-name…


  • fboiteau

    BTW for people who want a bunch of sources regarding global warming…

    75 reasons to be skeptical, all em of with relevant links 😉

  • Bob

    As you know, Massachusetts Republicans are hit-and-miss. Most are RINOs just for self-preservation.

  • eNeecie

    “Accuweather’s Bastardi Takes On Bill Nye on Global Warming On FNC–After ClimateGate, if your response includes ‘the evidence is overwhelming,’ you’re toast”
    I watched this video and my head almost exploded.

    Mr. Nye–get new little cards and charts. All yours have been debunked.

    Bill Nye the Junk Science Guy obviously has not gotten the current AGW talking points. He is still going on about how the earth is warming despite the fact that Dr. Jones, former head of the CRU, admitted over a week ago that there hasn’t been any significant warming in the last 15 years. And Nye keeps bringing up the IPCC report as if he is completely oblivious to what is going on–or (more likely) hopes that his audience is.

    But hen he ends this segment with the “who stands to benefit” argument. Okay, Nye, who does benefit? Is it the oil/energy companies who make billions in gross profits, but have to spend billions to make that profit? Or is it the $300 billion/year carbon trading industry which is almost pure profit and will become a 2-3 TRILLION dollar industry if the US signs on to cap and trade? Hmmm, I wonder. And let’s not forget that Mr. Nye has now tied his “scientific” reputation to AGW and that his career will be over when this fraud is exposed.

    Anyway, I thought Bill Whittle at PJTV did a good job explaining exactly what is wrong with the science as we know it now:

  • The Machine

    After seeing Brown in action, are you still quick to be critical of what Glenn Beck had to say at CPAC?

    Glenn must be directly over the target.

    You know you are over the target when you are drawing fire.

    Bombadier, its your airplane…

  • Brandon

    Who is John Galt?

  • Lied to by President Obama, stung by congress, and Betrayed by Brown.

    Is there no honest man? Is there no hope?

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