WaPo/Henry Louis Gates Website Wants to Write Black Conservatives Out of Black History

Washington, DC: — As Black History Month draws to a close, the web site The Root has chosen to publish a hateful article  that demeans black conservatives solely for their political views — grouping them with brutal dictators, convicted criminals and self-centered celebrities.  This has drawn a stinging rebuke from Project 21 member Bob Parks.

“It doesn’t take much for liberals to call black conservatives ‘self-hating,'” noted Parks, “but what is it called when someone decides that blacks deemed inappropriate should be wholly removed from history?  What kind of egos are we talking about here?”

The Root is operated by The Washington Post.  Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. serves as The Root’s editor-in-chief.

In a recent posting, “Black Folks We’d Like to Remove From Black History” by Jada Smith, 21 blacks are singled out for being “embarrassing.”  Smith wrote: “[W]hile we love our own, we sure do dream of erasing a few of them.”

“It’s not enough that progressives intentionally distort and rewrite black history to their political advantage, but now The Root, the Post and Professor Gates are showing additional contempt for black people by allowing open suggestions about who should be excluded from that rewritten history,” Parks pointed out.

Of the 21 blacks selected by Smith to purge from black memory, there are five American political figures, five infamous foreign dictators, two criminals and nine celebrities.  The two liberal politicos — current D.C. councilman and former mayor Marion Barry and former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon — earned their shame by being convicted of breaking the law.

The three black conservatives are demeaned solely for their politics.  Republican Party chairman Michael Steele is the “Bozo of politics.”  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas allegedly lacks “standing” among blacks because “he looks to the Constitution as ‘colorblind.'”  Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes, whose activism extols the values of the Declaration of Independence and the rights of the unborn, has “never managed to make a lick of sense.”

Project 21’s Parks added: “The Root meticulously nominated five political figures among narcissistic celebrities and murderous dictators.  The two liberals broke written laws, while the others were convicted of the crime of being black and conservative.  It’s ironic that the hyper-sensitive Professor Gates presided over this fantasy of removing certain onerous blacks from our history.  Now that he’s got me riled up, I wonder if he and his bosses at the Washington Post will have me over for a beer to talk about their writer acting stupidly.”

Project 21, established in 1992, is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research, a non-profit foundation established in 1982 and funded primarily from the gifts of over 100,000 recent individual donors.

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  1. n.n

    #11: Clarence Thomas

    Although he’s only the second man of color to serve in the Supreme Court, the Backstreet Boys have more standing in the black community than Clarence Thomas. That’s because he looks to the Constitution as “colorblind,” says he’s a man who just happens to be black and opposes government programs intended to help minorities. I’m not sure if the late Thurgood Marshall would want to pop Clarence ’side his head with his gavel, but there are plenty of blacks who would volunteer to do it for him.
    – theroot.com

    They’re missing #22:

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

    I have a dream today!

    Surely if Thomas is to be removed, then King must also be removed. If Thomas lacks standing in the black community, then they should also condemn King.

    Manning has his theory why certain individuals in the black community are villified, while others are heralded as saviors. I think Gates is in denial. Whether it is a black “elite”, or a white “elite”, too many just don’t get it.


  2. Richmedia

    Let’s see . . . is this the same apparently racist Harvard Professor Gates of Beer Summit fame?

  3. cmjcex

    Gee, what about OJ? Since he was found “not guilty” of murder, does the liberal, black community still think he is innocent and one of their roll models of the era?

    And just think of the words in the previous sentence, “liberal, black community”. Without the net and folks (oops, I mean “people” for those that might feel use of the words “folks” might be disparaging) like BP, who are doing their best to end racial stereotypes, such grouping of words would be an oxymoron

  4. GarlandAngel

    Bob, uTube has ‘reinstated’
    Pastor Manning! This is their so-called apology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSBL6a-0EiI

    Ditto Crosshugger! I shudder to think how many wonderful souls that Planned Parenthood has taken away from the black race. More than likely one or more who could have been our perfect president, or damn near close to it, instead of this impostor!!

  5. Nicolas

    damn..more revisionist history on parade here..that arrogantly ignorant “professor” Gates obviously doesn’t know the irony of his affiliation. He’s a typical self serving narcissistic elitist leftist who was OBVIOUSLY taught to believe being on the mental DemoKKKrat dependency plantation is somehow acceptable

    how DO those mental chains FEEL, Prof?

    VERY excellent commentary, Bob. As if your perspective of Gates round 1 wasn’t ENOUGH for him, he seems to be coming back for more of a BP beatdown. Good times. I have this mental image of a political cartoon with Gates as an unfortunate slave on the plantation, in chains, and he yells at guys like Bob (eating a box of popcorn, having a chuckle at Gates’ uneducated “statements”), Kevin Jackson, Zo, and other black conservatives who are standing outside the fence of the plantation property. the Prof yells “SELLOUT!”. Of coarse the conservative response would be “Really?”. Maybe the caption underneath could be “history” or something, I don’t know, I was never good at political cartoons.

  6. OldnyFirefighter

    Who the hell made this Liberal Asshole an authority to write or remove anything from History. I never heard of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. before this article & will not miss remembering him either. Liberals absolutely have to be brain damaged. Maybe it happened at birth, who knows.Not only do they not think rationally, they don’t seem to have any common sense at all or if they do it is somehow inhibited. Maybe any acknowledgment that this clown exists should be removed from History as a bad dream that never happened.

  7. crosshugger

    When will people like Gates get it. Black babies are being methodically wiped out through abortion. People like Gates can not see that the liberals all want us to be slaves to the almighty slave owner, the government. When will the scales fall from their eyes? I fear too late for their eternal souls……….

  8. PB-in-AL

    The slide show at The Root shows “CAPTIONS BY MICHAEL ARCENEAUX” as of 10:12am CST 2/24. I don’t know if they’ve changed it since you wrote the article or what.

    This has to be one of the most banal things I’ve seen in a while. The tone of the captions is so bitchy and snipe-y that this would be more suited to a Facebook rant than an actual publication of any reputation. I think that even the Enquirer would likely pass on this sort of thing.

  9. Syble


    I supported Alan Keyes years ago – spoke for him on the radio, told how he was getting short end of publicity and that folks need to hear what he is saying and get with him.

    I guess then that black liberals are the only right black people, eh? What a LOAD OF CRAP!!

    This really seals the deal for me – Obama must go, along with his whole cabinet, the libs in congress, and ALL Liberal teaching staff in every College & University – whatever their gender, race or creed.

    It’s time to knock Political Correctness off the pedestal and bring back decent common sense.

    Where do I sign up?

  10. Dave J

    Get em Bob! Is that Jada Pinkett Smith? Is she still married to local running back phenom Allen Pinkett ?


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