Rather: Obama “couldn’t sell watermelons”

Imagine a Republican saying this in front of black-race-protector Chris Matthews… which is why fellow black guardian David Schuster won’t say a damn thing about this either.

Listen he’s a nice person, he’s very articulate. This is what’s been used against him. But he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.
— Dan Rather, Chris Matthews Show, 1/7/10, on Obama’s inability to get health care passed

This video was sanitized quicker than the Katie Couric library card video.

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  1. n.n


    incredibly vague

    Ironically, my liberal friends claimed he was more specific when he described his plans. I think the deal breaker occurred, when the words “redistributive change” left his mouth. It’s not exactly progressive to reference economic systems of yesteryear.

    Only a salesman would have pulled off this election result with such a vague campaign on “hope & change”.

    I blame the “independents” who follow the prevailing winds. How the winds have now changed, when it is your own welfare at stake. I guess they are more liberal (not to be confused with the paradox of contemporary liberals/progressives), than they would like to admit.

    Here is an idiom that Rather should have used:

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

    They will regret buying this lemon — pucker up, suckers.

  2. Ilion

    Dave Chappel said it best………If you dont like chicken and watermelon, something is wrong with YOU.

    That is so true.

    Myself, I like chicken so much that I rarely eat any other kind of meat. My next favorite would be turkey.

  3. fboiteau


    Obama IS a salesman, which explains how he got elected.

    He sold an election platform that was incredibly vague, never specifying any “features” but only that they’ll be great.

    He sold us his BS about bipartisanship, Obamacare or the Cap n’ Tax bill (we didn’t buy it, but he tried selling it to us anyway)

    Obama also tried selling us his political appointees for the off-year elections, which also failed (except in an already Liberal bastion which did not need any help from The One to get their guy elected)

    So Obama IS a salesman. Only a salesman would have pulled off this election result with such a vague campaign on “hope & change”

    But he sold us a lemon, most of us have already found out about it(before it was even sold) but the majority spoke, and we’re stuck with that lemon for another 3 years.

  4. The Machine

    Dan Rather?

    Ask George W. Bush about Dan Rather…

  5. n.n

    But he couldn’t sell watermelons…

    What is that, an incomplete idiom? Who is so desperate to buy watermelons, that they could not refuse them?

    Obama is neither a constitutional lawyer, nor a salesman (let alone an entrepreneur), nor a watermelon. He doesn’t give a damn about the environment. His “cap and trade” non-plan for good environmental stewardship confirms his true ambitions — “redistributive change”, but unlike what his lemmings were lead to believe.

    As for Rather, he is merely another “journalist” without integrity. Spreading his semantic gesticulations wherever and whenever others are willing to pay his going rate. Oh well, that is why we have competing interests.

  6. fboiteau


    Hehe, check out my own comment under the nickname “darkdaej” (I honestly wish I could rid myself of this nick…been using it for 10 years…)

  7. Mauser

    Ah, Nicolas! You never got around to pointing out your B&R ID.

    Man, that little fool is falling right into the liberal pattern of ignoring every point he’s proven wrong on and trying the next thing on his list.

  8. IT Nerd

    Well, ol Dan-o has a point. UhhhBama hasn’t been able to accomplish much of anything unless its forced, like taking over banks and auto companies.

  9. Uncle Rick

    Watermelon is no longer a racial stereotype, but an ideological metaphor. When you call someone a watermelon, you mean that they are green on the outside and red on the inside. Identifies most ‘environmentalists’.

  10. PB-in-AL

    @[all y’all] – You betcha’! Mmmm, fried chicken, tater salad, watermelon to finish it all up, all swished down with some sweet iced tea. Woo hoo summer’s just around the corner.

  11. girzwald

    Dave Chappel said it best………If you dont like chicken and watermelon, something is wrong with YOU.

  12. unfatmatt

    Watermelon is fantastic with fried chicken.

    It’s not racist, it’s the God’s honest truth!

  13. Nicolas

    also, I hate how an awesome fruit like the Watermelon is a damn racial stereotype, that just sucks

    love having a ripe watermelon though, especially in the summer.

    good stuff

  14. Nicolas

    hmmmmmmmmm….and the liberal bonehead “dannyd1572“, who Mauser and I keep dismantling factually on your “Fear” video, wants to call REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES “racist”…

    bull-fucking-shit man!!


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