Monckton On Climate Hoaxers: “Jail The Lot”

Wednesday evening, I had the honor of attending a presentation given by noted ‘climate change’ skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton, sponsored by the Bull Run Republican Women’s Club in Manassas, Virginia.

As I didn’t think it appropriate to ask a long-winded Chris Matthews-type question, I essentially wanted to know (with all the revelations of deliberate fudging of climate data to “prove” global warming is happening) what the legal ramifications on the players could be, considering how many billions of dollars cities, states, businesses, corporations, as well as whole nations have spent going “green”, not to mention the adverse effects on developing nations?

Lord Monckton’s response was direct and to the point: “Jail the lot!”

If we find out Al Gore is changing his legal residence to Boca Raton, you’ll know the heat is on.

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  1. OldnyFirefighter

    PB, that is what I thought Pelosi had, but since her brain doesn’t work, I figured it had to be the Botox treatments & not Grave’s Disease. This guy not only has brains, but balls to stand up to criticism he gets from the Gullible Warming alarmists. This is something our Congressional Representatives lack.

  2. Richmedia

    I almost forgot, we could begin by pulling the 500 million that Michael Mann is receiving at Penn State from the 787 B Stimulus Bill (which has since became 862 B) which stimulates only AWG scientists. Not too many jobs created there, although one job may have been saved for the moment.

  3. PB-in-AL

    @IT – He has had Grave’s Disease, a hyperactive thyroid. Often one of the symptoms/results of Grave’s is a tissue build-up behind the eyes causing a distension of the eyes, actually pushing the eyeball out of its normal position in the socket. Thus resulting in the “bug-eyed”, to put it indelicately, appearance.

    I recall someone in the British press (I think) making snide comments about his appearance shortly before Copenhagen. I saw a brief video clip where he gives the guy what-for about snarking on someone’s health misfortune.

    Monckton is awesome. No politically correct soft-shoeing with him.

  4. The Machine


    Bumpersticker material for the new millenium?

  5. IT Nerd

    No disrespect to Lord Monckton, but he looks like Marty Feldman in that photo.

  6. n.n

    The AGW/AGCC agenda is just the tip of the iceberg. While the profiteers are in both the public and private sectors, the government needs another revenue stream, and they are afraid to raise taxes outright.

    Good question, Bob, and excellent response, Lord Monckton. I don’t normally use titles such as “lord”, but this guy has courage and deserves the honorific. He has been a real leader when many of our “leaders” have pursued a self-serving agenda.

  7. Igor

    “…snivel in the Darkness, never to be seen again!”

    Y’know, this could be said about Congress as well…
    The cockroaches always scuttle for the darkness when a light is shined upon them…


  8. Trishmac

    Well done and great question. I also am a big fan fo this guy and his mission; he says it straight and ddoesn’t allow political correctness of any sort to alter his positions! We need more like him, not less!

  9. eNeecie

    Thanks for sharing this! I love that Lord Monckton. He has been a hero of mine for quite a while.

    I have been watching this AGW hoax grow for nearly twenty years now. I have never understood how so many people fell for any theory that can be shot down in 5 minutes or less. I am so glad that this mess is finally collapsing and Lord Monckton and the other brave debunkers are finally getting vindication.


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