Are Anarchists “All White” Racists?

We’ve heard a lot from the left (via the media) about the Tea Party being racist, as they oppose the policies of Barack Obama. We’ve also heard that as a response to the Tea Party is full of “conservatives, anti-Semites, fascists, libertarians, racists, constitutionalists, militia men, gun freaks, homophobes, Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones conspiracy types and American flag wavers”, anarchists have declared war and are planning to infiltrate and/or disrupt the 4/15 Tea Party.

But am I the only one who’s noticed that the anarchists are mostly… all white?

I’m sure black people have been invited to protest, disrupt traffic, break windows, overturn and/or burn cars, destroy public and private property. My only question is why anarchists feel this need to wear masks while trying to achieve this social justice?

Also, do they not wish to be seen around blacks, and why are they protesting against the first black president?

Yup, it must be racism.

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  1. Stella

    Anarchists don't just live in masks. Some never put one on at all.

    When we see someone in a mask at a protest, it is because they prefer not to be identifiable. Much of the time each wears a black uniform he has put together himself. This protest technique is called "black bloc". Being identifiable means that those on the other side can point you out of a lineup in the future, or "put your face with your name". Since the paramilitary soldiers wear uniforms and matching masks (they are not allowed to wear any other brand/style of equipment besides that which is issued), you can say that they use a sort of black bloc technique as well.

    And the racism hypothesis is waaaaaaaaay off base.

  2. Tommo

    Plus, by and large you’ve only given pictures of class-struggle anarchists, completely ignoring the fact that most anarchist are involved with community and trade union activity, actually dissaproving of random acts of chaos. The anarchist symbol, the circled A reflects this- the O stands for Order and the A stands for Anarchism.

  3. Tommo

    That’s the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. OK let’s go.
    Internationally we have:
    -Zabalaza Anarchist-Communist Front (South Africa)
    -Anarchist Democratic Front of Uganda
    -Anarchist Revolutionary Movement (South Africa)
    -Beijing Anarchist Study Group
    -Libertarian Alternative (Lebanon)
    -Anarcho Syndico (India)
    -Aunomous Action (Armenia)
    -Seday Anarchism (Iran)
    -Kurdistan Anarchist Forum
    -Anarchy in Nippon
    -Rebel Factory (Japan)
    -Jornanian Anarchists
    -Almaty Liberta (Kazakhstan)
    -Korean Anarchist Network
    -Mongolian Anarchist Group
    -Blacken All Words Collective (Taiwan)
    -Anarchy Collective Ankara (Turkey)
    -Anarkom (Turkey)
    -Autonom (Turkey)
    -Devrimci Anarsist Faaliyet (Turkey)
    -Karakok Otonomu Turkiye/Isvicre
    -Worker’s Solidarity Movement (Japan)
    -Black Cat Collective (Malaysia)
    -Libertarian Communist Alternative (Lebanon)
    -Jakarta Anarchist Resistance
    -Anti-Capitalist Convergence Phillipines
    -Japanese Anarchist Federation

    There’s a handful.

  4. Ilion

    MissJean, how about “If we choose not to be functional members of society, then we choose that no one else may have a functioning society, either!

  5. Ilion

    As my father would rhetorically ask forty years ago, “How many black Ameriicans live in Hyannisport?

  6. MissJean

    The few anarchists I’ve met were white, living off someone (or inherited money), and only “working” in the sense of doing odd jobs for cash. From the photos, I’d say that if they had a motto, it would be: “If we can’t function in society, neither can anyone else.”

  7. breadbasket

    Good point, Bob. The MSM does seem to ignore the lilly-white makeup of the anarchist left protests. They also look the other way at the fact that most of the so-called liberals live in predominately white areas and rarely deal with anyone not like them.

    Good examples int the House and Senate are:
    1. Russ Feingold, who lives in Middleton, WI, which is 92% white
    2. Nancy Pelosi lives in the Pacific Heights section of SF, which is very white, rich, and full of private schools. Where do you think her children attended school?
    Harry Reid lives in Searchlight,NV: 94% white
    Bart Stupak lives in Menominee,MI: 97% white
    Patrick Kennedy lives in Portsmouth, R.I.: 95% white
    Barney Frank lives in Newton,MA: 88% white
    …these are just a few examples and all are much higher than average percentages.
    In all fairness, Barbara Boxer lives in Oakland,CA: 37% white, so she can make some claim to living in the “real” world.

    Now, they can live where they want, but any lecturing about race or race relations from these congressman,isolated from reality, is incredibly hypocritical. I’ll bet a good sum of tea party people interact with different races alot more than these examples.

    A conservative who lives in these areas gets dismissed, why not these people? Also, anyone want to take a bet on how many congressman/women have their kids in private schools? I know this is a rant, but why what would these people know about race relations? They live in an isolated bubble.

    I wonder if they will use the same healthcare we are getting stuck with.

  8. WDC

    Jan, I agree about the tea parties. Same here no problems, other than I was near that cnn idiot at the Chicago rally last April 15.

    As far as the other side trying to evoke a response. I agree that we need to be disciplined, but I am not going to let a punk touch me or mine.

  9. The Machine

    Don’t you understand that the other side WANTS to gather some kind of violent reaction from one of us?

    Then they can declare that state of emergency and forego the elections this November.

    See, “Putsch” in the dictionary for the full playbook…

  10. Jan

    WDC….. always careful and carry a stun gun and video camera. An armed society is a polite society. So far so good at the tea parties I’ve attended, no violence of any kind or hint of it. No press invited either, but it does get reported.

  11. WDC

    Just be careful if you are planning to attend a Tea Party.

    The anarchists are pretty much just anti-social and have no qualms about attacking somebody just so they can draw blood. And, many times their target will get hurt pretty bad because the attacker will keep at it until they are pulled off. Kind of reminds me of the SEIU.

    Just be wary and know who is around you at the rallies. Remember a CHL does not help if they are right on top of you.

  12. Bastiat Fan

    Are these ass clowns not aware that odds are good the Tea Party folks are ARMED?

  13. Mauser

    As we used to joke when I was in college “Anarchists on Welfare: Smash the State – but only after the checks run out.”

  14. BHD

    Favorite part of my friends who claim to be anarchists… they claim they want no government and want total freedom, yet they all support politicians and policy’s that increase government and remove freedom… I point this out to them and for some reason they believe that democrats and liberals are the party of policies to give them total freedom… I don’t get it, never have, and never will, but they believe me to be the idiot.

  15. Jan

    Forgive me, Bob, for howling with laughter…… the people in these photos are just wrong on so many levels. Rooster boy in the next to last or Darth Vader are just too funny.

  16. PB-in-AL

    Who flung poo? (sorry just had to get that out of my brain)

    I agree that the anarchists are overrepresented by the living-in-their-parent’s-basement-have-no-freaking-idea-how-to-support-themselves losers. If they had the least notion of what it takes to support themselves and a family they’d be less likely to participate in this crap.

    Of course, that said, we do have all the regressive idiots in DC, of course, how many of them have any idea what it’s like to be a productive member of society? Very few of them have ever had a real job, our POS-POTUS among them.

    I just love the anarchists’ intellectual dilemma, too. They claim that they want no authority, yet someone leads them to these destructive gatherings. Authority is not something that one can do without, even if it is simply the pecking order in a pack of dogs, or a barnyard full of chickens; someone is at the top, and at the bottom.

    It’s like the intellectual dishonesty spread by Richard Dawkins, et al. That we “dance to our DNA”, yet we have a “moral gene” that helps make decisions that benefit our society. Well, which is it?

  17. n.n

    simians… fling poo

    I considered its inclusion; but, I am feeling hospitable today, if for no other reason than I have no reason. No, I do have a reason, to retain my sanity, to live another day. I’ll reserve my right to further mock them at a later time, which will assuredly occur in the not too distant future, if history serves as our guide.

    Unfortunately, the simian designation cannot be restricted exclusively to liberals/progressives; but, while it includes some conservatives and “moderates”, it does include all liberals/progressives. Some principles cannot be compromised, and people will have to choose their positions carefully.

    In the meantime, the simian designation of people who subscribe to the speculation of “evolution” and other matters of philosophy, are appropriately distinguished as members of a cult. The sooner they admit this, the sooner humanity will be able to progress.

  18. IT Nerd

    Igor –

    that’s where I first saw them.

    My therapist says I’ve made progress since that unfortunate event.

  19. IT Nerd

    Thanks for not posting pics from the Naked Bicycle Ride in San Francisco.

  20. n.n

    I wonder which mushroom they decided to nibble.

    You’re right, Bob. I believe the “minorities” are not equally represented in the insane asylum. Where the hell are the “civil rights” businesses when there is an obvious disparity that must be corrected?

    I think there are more guys present, too. Surely the feminists are offended. We need an anarchist’s revolution. The sexual revolution was clearly just the beginning on a long road to ensure uniform depravity among both male and female simians.

    Unite, simians of all colors, shapes, sizes, and sexes. Together you can preen each other.


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