The B&R Thursday Edition

Chris Rock: ObamaCare Opponents Like Those in ‘60s with ‘I Hate Martin Luther King’ Hats
Yo Chris, you mean those white, pointy ones Democrats sewed up?
Diplomat causes bomb scare on flight
Don’t you have to be smart to be a ‘diplomat’?
Top House Dem: Latinos view Obama with ‘suspicion’
So Latinos are racist now…
VAT attack
Time to Pay the Piper? The First Hint of a European-Style VAT
Why should we have to pay for the votes and debt incurred by self-serving politicians. I never told them to overspend as they did, and now they want more money overspend. I’m past sick of this shit
After Health Care, Amnesty?
Catching up over there at National Review

The Man Who Elected Barack Obama
I’ve said numerous times the pre-Iraq War WMD were moved to Syria (the one place we can’t look). Tell this to your smarmy George Bush-took-us-to-war-on-lies types
Disgraced Gov. Eliot Spitzer puts sex scandal behind him and hints at return to politics
If you’re a Democrat, you can cigar an intern and be called ‘God’ by Chris Matthews
Federal review of Arctic refuge could lead to more drilling limits
Hmm, I wonder what their conclusion will be…
Violence on the border endangers Americans
They’ve blown off the border so long, what do you expect?
Vulnerable Democrats are tiptoeing on health care
So much for liking-it-once-we-find-out-what’s-in-it
Census Bureau concerned about head count problems
Isn’t counting heads what they’re supposed to be able to do? And Obama says the government can run health care
High-School Honchos Ace Ingratitude
Very few doubts left as to why public schools underachieve
Republicans ponder 2010, and 2012, in New Orleans
Stay away from the nudie bars

King Center tagged with graffiti
How long before the racist Tea Party is accused of mastering this art form?

Reid slams Lowden ad targeting veterans
Maybe they both shouldn’t be using veterans in the first place?
Destitute and desperate, Icelanders opt for exile
Abandoning incompetent politicians and the financial mess they make
Will Obamacare Turn The US Into A Banana Republic?
I firmly believe since blacks are mostly poor, Obama wants the rest of the country to suffer as well. That’s right, I said it!
Leftist Race Baiting in Virginia
You know, I’m a northerner but I have no problem with Virginia (my current residence) celebrating their heritage, sans slavery. Maybe the left should check out the Democrat history as a whole and explain their allegiance
Partisan races forced on N.C. city
We knew this black-people-can’t-exist-without-Democrats bullshit would finally reemerge
2010 forecast as busy year for hurricanes
If at first you don’t succeed…
Our giant step towards a world free from nuclear danger
Hillary, please

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  1. n.n

    re: black-people-can’t-exist-without-Democrats bullshit

    No, you are right. It is the same difference. My mistake. Sometimes I can’t see the potato for the potuhto.

  2. n.n

    We knew this black-people-can’t-exist-without-Democrats bullshit would finally reemerge

    It is worse than that. It is a statement that black people can’t exist without their masters to guide them. This is despite their repeated attempts to assert their own minds and will. Oh well, this master/slave duality is becoming more commonplace among all people. There is a growing number of people who are prepared to submit to mortal gods.

    I think this is a conspiracy by the mortal gods, who are angry that their slaves rejected their benevolent control, time and time again.

    Hell hath no fury like a mortal god scorned.

  3. Syble

    Not TIKI!!

    Aw man what is this world coming to? That was a low blow and Mrs. Barber, take him for everything he’s got. You deserve that and a better man too.

    Cain’t trust no man these days…

  4. n.n

    New York Times: In Medicine, the Power of No

    The federal government is now starting to build the institutions that will try to reduce the soaring growth of health care costs.

    But all these groups will face the same basic problem. Deep down, Americans tend to believe that more care is better care. We recoil from efforts to restrict care.

    From an economic perspective, health reform will fail if we can’t sometimes push back against the try-anything instinct. The new agencies will be hounded by accusations of rationing, and Medicare’s long-term budget deficit will grow.

    So figuring out how we can say no may be the single toughest and most important task facing the people who will be in charge of carrying out reform. “Being able to say no,” Dr. Alan Garber of Stanford says, “is the heart of the issue.”

    Eventually, we may well have to decide against paying for expensive treatments with only modest benefits. But given how difficult that would be for this country, it makes sense to start with the easier situations — the ones in which “no” really is the best answer for patients.

    First the liberals/progressives rationalized involuntary exploitation in all its forms, including slavery, and now they are rationalizing the rationing of medical services through bureaucratic committees. I know the conservatives understand the issues on merit, whether through intuition, education, or experience; but, have the moderates finally set their own course, or will they continue to follow the prevailing winds? They are the part of the population who ensure the perpetual imbalance.

    The liberals/progressives are mostly, if not completely, a lost cause. They do not believe in individual dignity, nor its consequential corollary, self-determination. They divide humans into groupings according to arbitrary classifications of physical features, geographical origin, or any other characteristic which creates a bloc that will promote their agenda.

    King Center tagged with graffiti

    “A lot of what Dr. King taught us was lost,” said Kevin Baxter.

    A lot of what Dr. King taught was never understood. His insight applied not only to matters of race, but to respect of all human beings, irrespective of stature, color, shape, size, sex, etc. His insight was derived from accepting the axiomatic principle of individual dignity. Since the liberals/progressives have rejected that principle in part or whole, it is unsurprising that they would perpetuate that “misunderstanding” through legislation, litigation, and regulation.

  5. MissJean

    “High-School Honchos Ace Ingratitude”
    Those Townhall ads are the worst to get rid of, but I finally read the story. I don’t know: I can see both sides. On the one hand, Poizner really was trying to change things and seemed sincere in his efforts. However, in his book DOES come off as patronizing, especially when he wrote about not knowing how to teach and almost simultaneously worrying that his students were too ignorant to learn from him. (I think mostly he writes poorly so that what he was thinking AT THE TIME sounds like what he thinks now.)

    The principal was off the charts rude to tell him off at a book signing. It backfired to make her and her school look bad. On the other hand, I can see how she’d get tired of education gurus who can’t handle the day-to-day challenge but use their limited classroom experience as bona fides.

    The “Freedom Writers” woman taught for ONE YEAR, wrote her book, was on Oprah, and left teaching to start her own consulting group. There’s a guy named Daggett who is a paid consultant who tells everyone how America will be eating China and India’s dust unless they get on board his “quality” schools program. Workshops aren’t cheap, yet schools in his program – whether excellent or not – are expected to share their techniques and innovations which then can be incorporated into the workshops… for which they must pay.

  6. MissJean

    “VAT Attack
    Time to Pay the Piper…”
    I’d support a VAT if they did away with income tax. That way, my local “po folks” could give a little back to the system when they purchase their latest technology and fashion, and the working poor would get a break.

    “Violence on the border…”
    I shook my head over this part: “more than a third of the people in their jails are foreign nationals who have been charged with committing serious crimes in this country. The apparent apathy of President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is inexplicable.” When you look at how he appointed “czars” who don’t have many ethics and how the White House is throwing shockingly expensive parties during an economic downturn, it’s much easier to explain: He sees the average American as his ideological enemy.

  7. ecotim

    2010 forecast as busy year for hurricanes
    Well living in VA for 12 years and having them say this every year under the Bush adminstration (like he was the cause of hurricane activity), makes me wonder if they will foget that they were wrong 100% of the time during those years and claim victory for the climate change activits? Short term memory loss for these people.

    I guess the concept of cycles means nothing to the chicken littles?

  8. IT Nerd

    The Man who elected Obama – I’ve often wondered why the R’s didnt counter the “Bush Lied!” claim on WMD’s. I seem to recall the troops capturing a semi loaded with US currency that was heading towards Syria.

    Reid slams Lowden ad targeting veterans – Sue toured with the USO. Harry somehow avoided ‘Nam after college. Did his daddy pull some strings? Look, Harry. You were first elected in 1986, yet Nevada didnt break ground on a VA hospital until 2006 – from the efforts of Sen. Ensign. You have slammed the troops in Iraq. You have no right to criticize anyone about their efforts towards veterans.

    Harry, it’s time for you to ride off into the sunset.

  9. Igor

    Will Obamacare Turn The US Into A Banana Republic?
    I firmly believe since blacks are mostly poor, Obama wants the rest of the country to suffer as well. That’s right, I said it!

    Bob, the headline is wrong – he is turning us into a Banana Republic (along with his buddies Dingy Harry and SanFranNan).

    2010 forecast as busy year for hurricanes
    If at first you don’t succeed…

    You know what they say about a broken clock…



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