The B&R Tuesday Edition

Ash Backward
Volcanic Emissions in Perspective
Volcanic ash hits North American beaches
Will the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change enforce emission standards on Eyjafjallajokull?

How ‘hope’ destroyed America’s trust
To Clinton, criticism is terrorism
Falling Trust In Govt Threatens Dems
Sedition and the End of America’s First Political Party
Ironic how the first two black presidents took out the “White Man’s Party”
Time for the Government to Start Playing Fair
Good luck with this bunch
Gun-toting protesters voice violent thoughts peacefully
Dana Milbank is subbing for Miss Cleo
Rudy Giuliani, Ron Paul Spar Over 9/11 in Kentucky
Good, someone taking on the head Paulie
Emanuel says he wants to be mayor of Chicago
Rahm can talk about cleaning up The Windy City like he did the Washington culture
Offshore Drilling Revenue Becomes Sticky Issue for Climate Bill
In the end, the climate bill is just about who gets our money
Divorce dilemma: Texas says gays can’t get divorce
Looks like someone didn’t think this through
Why the Left Needs Racism
With all due respect Mr. Taranto, your title should read “Why the Left IS racism”
Privacy of text messages draws Supreme Court review
This is really about a guy screwing around on his wife and leaving an electronic DNA wet spot
Crist says he won’t run as independent for Senate
Crist weighing independent Senate bid
Cueing up the tape for Rubio’s campaign ads
Rapping Soldier Discharged
Maybe more bangers will follow
Drop that quadruple cheeseburger! It’s Meatless Monday in San Francisco
Carnivores of the world unite!
Mexican drug czars encroach on Colombian cocaine cartels
“Say ‘hello’ to my little friend…”
British woman wakes up with foreign accent
So what are they saying: the Chinese are brain damaged?
Obama: U.S. to continue efforts towards two-state solution
Mood Is Dark as Israel Marks 62nd Year as a Nation
‘Hope’ and ‘change’ don’t travel well
Iran bans the country’s two remaining official opposition parties
Jeez, don’t give Democrats ideas
England ‘least patriotic’ country
How political correctness erased history
Royal Navy is all at sea as new ash cloud approaches
The Japanese island of Ofuna blew before the Midway pulled into homeport in the late 80s. Cleaning up ash off a carrier is a bitch
Couple sue for £380k after being driven out of home by noise from wind turbines
They never say anything about sound when they pitch green wind
President Obama’s sweet tooth boosts export of salt from Wales
The man does indulge
White House Denies Meddling in Goldman Sachs Fraud Case
THIS administration… meddle?
Obama says Boxer could lose if Dems don’t work
Benefit for Uninsured May Still Pose Hurdle
What, health care ain’t free? Where my Obama money!
Goldman Sachs taps ex-W.H. counsel
Flashback: Obama Announces New Ethics Rules, Freezes Aides’ Salaries
“(Obama) said there would be a two-year, rather than a one-year, waiting period for government officials to be able to work on such issues and said they would “not be able to work on matters you lobbied on or White House agencies you lobbied during the last two years.”
Yes, government has a ‘trust’ problem
Iranian missile may be able to hit U.S. by 2015
And they’re obviously not bothered by the fact we can hit them now
Obama administration says conflict with Karzai is resolved
Just like that. Maybe we should wait until the check clears
Venezuelan boxing champ commits suicide
After severely beating and later killing his wife. The bell never rings in hell
White House Dismisses Speculation Over National Sales Tax
And that means what…?
Militias and firearms lobby fear Barack Obama is trying to take their guns away
You would think Brit writers would know a little something about tyrannical governments
Obama hits the road to raise cash for Democrats
Focusing on those jobs like a laser beam
Gibbs Proud of White House Transparency
No comment
Top al-Qaida leaders killed in Iraq, US says

5 Responses

  1. Igor

    “they will meet their Waterloo, especially if they kill a few more U.S. citizens”

    Geez, just arm all the Texans and turn them loose – they still Remember the Alamo.

    Payback could be a bitch!


  2. n.n

    they will meet their Waterloo, especially if they kill a few more U.S. citizens

    Perhaps when they attack DC. Meanwhile, our federal government seems only mildly inconvenienced.

  3. n.n

    Cardinal Mahony criticizes Arizona immigration bill

    Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony lambasted legislation passed Monday by Arizona lawmakers that would crack down on illegal immigrants, likening it to “German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques” that compelled people to turn each other in.

    “The Arizona legislature just passed the country’s most retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless anti-immigrant law,” he wrote on his blog. “The tragedy of the law is its totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources. That is not only false, the premise is nonsense.”

    He sounds like a liberal. He also cannot distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. He also denigrates individual dignity in the name of collectivist principles. It’s possible to find lunatics with good intentions everywhere. Then again, maybe he is just another pretender. There are a lot of those to be found.

    I wonder if these left-wing lunatics know how far they will pursue subversion of the social compact in the name of their degenerate philosophy. This has happened before. I thought humanity had finally matured to the extent of respecting individuals. Perhaps not.

    The inherent paradox in their philosophy is breathtaking.

  4. Nicolas

    Seems like you’re just as captivated with the Iceland volcano as I am, Bob. That thing has GOT to be THE craziest volcano I’VE ever seen.

  5. breadbasket

    “Sedition and the End of America’s First Political Party”
    Just force feed policies, it will do wonders for your political future. Can anyone imagine what would have happened to Clinton,had he not been forced to the center by a right leaning Congress?

    “Time for the Government to Start Playing Fair”
    When you have sociopathic tendencies, “fair” is not in your vocabulary.

    “Mexican drug czars encroach on Colombian cocaine cartels”
    The Mexican cartels are much more powerful and organized than the Columbians ever were. However, if they start taking on countries, they will meet their Waterloo, especially if they kill a few more U.S. citizens.

    “Emanuel says he wants to be mayor of Chicago”
    Chicago would not miss a beat, Raul is a card carrying member of the Chicago machine. I can’t see him lasting the whole term with Obama.

    “Why the Left Needs Racism”
    Because the race card magically eliminates the need to use logic.
    If you are an accomplished, talented individual, but you are labeled a racist, the “accomplished and talented” automatically gets erased.
    Now that you are a “nobody”, we don’t need to have a discussion on anything, just get the hell out of here.

    “Crist weighing independent Senate bid”
    I think Rubio may have to throw a couple of C notes at Crist so he won’t run.

    “England ‘least patriotic’ country”
    England, as we remember it, is finished and everyone knows it.

    “Militias and firearms lobby fear Barack Obama is trying to take their guns away”
    I think of all the Democrats who are in NRA strongholds, watching their political careers walk the plank everytime the threat of controlling guns come up. Not all Dem. districts are liberal strongholds.


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