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Have you noticed how those on the left most concerned about looking out after us black folk just can’t seem to tell one of us from another. We all remember MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer’s mistaking Jesse Jackson for Al Sharpton.

Now this…

The Washington Post Cannot Tell Obama From Malcolm X
Violent black radical Barack Hussein Obama X is learning about wind energy in Iowa, The Washington Post reports in a most unfortunate photo caption error.

The lefties sure seem to make a lot of these mistakes. Says something about their thinking…?

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  1. Cindy

    @PB, then, we can stroll on over to the White House and finish our dessert with the ” eat cake” party offered by Michelle Antoinette!!!!

  2. PB-in-AL

    @Cindy – then for dinner the “beer and pizza” party. WOOOHOOO party at Bob’s place!

  3. Cindy

    What about starting a “soda and bagel” party. Sounds like a great breakfast for me.

  4. n.n

    IT Nerd:

    Regular as in “liberal”, and Decaf as in “progressive”. All of whom are members of the Coffee Grounds movement (a.k.a., Coffee Party).

  5. IT Nerd

    n.n. –

    Coffee grounds? Regular or Decaf?

    Here I’ve been trusting tea leaves…… Dang.

  6. n.n

    IT Nerd:

    According to the Coffee Grounds, this question can only be answered, and believed, by people with faith in mortal gods.

  7. IT Nerd

    n. n. –

    “We should not dismiss the possibility that this man is an impostor.”

    Which one is the impostor?

    just askin…..

  8. Cindy

    Well, there is a “small” group of individuals who believe Malcolm X is the father of Obama….WRONG. But, it is my opinion that the Washington Post wanted to put out a picture of Malcolm X and hope something would come from it.

    Now me on the other hand, believe, and if you look at all the time frame of all the individuals involved, Mr. Obama senior was not the actual father of Obama senior, and we all know who it is and its NOT Malcolm, but someone very close to “home” and who lived in Hawaii. But I won’t go there.

  9. n.n


    As Nicolas pointed out, he is wearing glasses. There is also IT Nerd’s observation, “spittin gap being that big or his ears that small”.

    How do you explain these discrepancies? We should not dismiss the possibility that this man is an impostor.

  10. Ilion

    Ilíon:And short hair, don’t forget that!


    Not at all; if the man in the photo had a ‘Fro, the photo would be labeled as a young Michael Jackson (or, possibly, Linc from the Mod Squad); if he’d had a Jeri-curl ‘do, he’d be the mature MJ. Since this man has:
    1) dark skin;
    2) short hair;
    3) is wearing a suit;
    he’s *obviously* Barack Obama.

  11. n.n

    PB-in-Al, you may be right.

    Obama: the press’s abusive lover

    ”Why reporters are down on President Obama”—I thought it would be about the press’s disillusionment with Obama’s policies as president.

    Not at all; silly me. It’s about the press’s disillusionment with Obama’s policies towards—the press.

    Hell hath no fury like a jilted journalist without integrity.

  12. n.n

    And short hair, don’t forget that!


    oh and Obama doesn’t wear glasses that I’m aware of…

    Irrelevant. Did you notice they both have dark skin? Since when have liberals classified people by their eyewear? However, it is certainly distinctive.

    he’s been a Marxist/Progressive all his life

    That would explain it. He’s just another drone in the hive, or is it another simian in the flock? Either way, he is easily replaced.

  13. PB-in-AL

    Do you think that there might be a bit of subterfuge one the part of the picture editors? Or are they really that bad at their job?

    Either way, thanks Bob, that cracked me up!

    @IT Nerd – love the “spittin’ gap” comment!

  14. Ilion

    good lord…who was it that said “You blacks, you all look alike” or something boneheaded along those lines

    It would have been some “progressive,” probably from the north-east … even the most racist Southerner was rarely so stupid that he saw skin-color before all other features of a man.

  15. Igor

    I’m not surprised they (the LameStream Media) can’t correctly identify Obama… he’s been a Marxist/Progressive all his life and yet the LSM can’t seem to be able to identify him as such…


  16. Ilion

    The resemblance is uncanny… Both of them have dark skin.

    And short hair, don’t forget that!

  17. IT Nerd

    I dont recall UhhhBama’s spittin gap being that big or his ears that small

  18. n.n

    The resemblance is uncanny… Both of them have dark skin.

    In the liberal/progressive world of classification, there is white, black, brown, and other. Surprisingly, Obama continues to be misclassified.

  19. onewiseguy

    You mean that’s not the “Agitator in Chief”?

  20. Mommy RN

    You have got to be kidding me… please tell me you’re kidding…


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