The B&R Sunday Edition

L.A.’s May Day immigration rally is nation’s largest
LAPD estimate crowd at immigrant rights rally is about half of what was expected
Dallas immigration rally ends with crowd estimated at 25,000
Anger over Ariz. immigration law drives US rallies
Shakira, Immigration and the Pop Culture Politics of the Left
Add Gloria Estefan to the list of opportunist boneheads

Car Bomb Causes Terror Scare Forces Evacuation of Times Square
A real busy day for people more interested in destroying America

US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig
The Alternative, Non-Truther Reading of Rush’s Oil-Rig Rant
One of many questions would be why is the administration blaming and soaking BP for this?
Manhunt Nets 17 in Ariz. Cop Shooting
I guess the activists will have a problem with this
Have Even ‘Progresssives’ Finally Had It With Keith Olbermann and MSNBC?
Are we asking if progressives have standards?
Healthy meals turn school lunch into a money-loser
How did our parents survive making sure we left home with a lunchbox, and there was something special about Spaghetti O’s in a thermos…!
Obama takes digs at birthers, GOP, his advisers
Obama defends priorities, makes plea for civility
After spending most of his presidency personally attacking opponents, private citizens, whole industries, nations, races… now HE ‘makes plea for civility’
Eleanor Holmes Norton: Racist or Doddering Old Fool?
All of the above
Bill Maher Goes After Obama For Oil Spill, Kennedy For Chappaquiddick
And how many people watch Bill Maher, thus care what he thinks?
‘Greeter’ becomes face of fight vs. Wal-Mart
Sometimes I wonder why businesses risk hiring women and/or minorities at all
SEC investigates oil companies over bribes in Venezuela
So now this administration thinks bribes are a bad thing
Greece: A new age of austerity and anger dawns
French indignant over government plan to raise retirement age
The brats are having a cow and Obama’s brought that kind of government here
Doctors barred from using new cancer treatment equipment
There will be a two-tier medical system under ObamaCare. Here’s how it’ll work
For Crist’s sake, drop out
While it risks sending a Democrat to DC, it’s still all about Charlie
Hollywood at war over TV drama ‘hatchet job’ on JFK
Just because the left has credibility while revising history, why the assumption the right will do the same?
Arizona bill targets ban on ethnic studies
What kind of job can you get with a African American or Chicano Studies major?
CNN’s Roland Martin Has an Answer for Tea Partiers, Blacks Who Dog Obama: You’re All Stupid
Yo big head, I’m quite satisfied to meet your definition of stupid as racebaiting pundits like you meet my definition of a sucker

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  1. Ilion

    So, *now* … now that Kennedy is dead … Maher is able to mention Chappaquiddick?


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