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President Obama dictates the virtues of civility to the American people, however people in his own party and his administration are apparently immune from those dictates.

House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D – Mass.) was apparently incensed at Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s attempt to stop Democrats from criticizing the huge plan to bailout the financial sector (2008) — in fact, it was Republicans who balked, Washington Independent Aaron Weiner observes.

“Barney Frank muscled his way past Harry Reid and started yelling. ‘Fuck you, Hank! Fuck you! Blow up this deal? We didn’t blow up this deal! Your guys blew up the deal! You better tell [GOP Rep. Spencer] Bacchus and the rest of them to get their shit together!Fuck you, Hank!'”

But wait, there’s more…

The leaked portions of Newsweek scribe Jonathan Alter’s “The Promise,” which details President Obama’s first year in office and is due out in May 18, continue to surface.

Earlier leaks of the book have included some embarrassing portrayals of White House adviser Rahm Emanuel. New York magazine had some choice bits about Rahm’s anger at Bo, the Obama’s family dog, “I’m going to kill that fucking dog,” and his yelling to a male staffer: “Take your fucking tampon out and tell me what you have to say.”

Nice people.

Mr. Obama, I think you have some work to do closer to home before you tell the American people how they should behave.

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  1. n.n

    re: forced to submit for the good of the community

    This is the reference by which we judge philosophies ranging from Conservative to liberal/progressive. In practice, the liberal/progressive philosophy, by denying individual dignity for some in favor of others, fails in all of its purported goals — it is a paradox in disguise.

  2. n.n


    This is a lesson every person should learn. A logical extension to this would be that we should respect all people, poor and rich, ugly and beautiful, dumb and smart, etc. This mutual respect is a principle requirement for humanity to progress. The lack of it ensures that we will pursue the liberal/progressive path, where people will be forced to submit for the good of the community. This is the worst possible compromise, which most people, fortunately, still reject.

  3. MissJean

    The poor white kids in my hometown were told by their families that poverty didn’t make them “white trash”. If they carried themselves well, they were just as good as the doctors’ and lawyers’ kids.

    Frank and Emanuel are just white trash with money and power.

  4. n.n

    it was Republicans who balked

    I though it was the Republicans who were responsible for the unseemly bailout of the financial sector. If it is ever proven to have been effective in mitigating the crises created by the liberals/progressives, can we still claim the credit?

    As for the rest…

    Mortal gods are falling down. Falling Down. etc.

    It’s one thing to have lunatics in the general population, but they should not be allowed to lead. The followers of mortal gods need to reject their cult and reevaluate their missing dignity.

  5. thekingtut

    Yeah, USMC, that’s what he was actually doing. He was secretly hitting on the guy. What an absolute embarassment to the American people.

  6. thinking

    Too bad there is not video of this. Delightful reading, but something is lost, since I don’t read with a lithp.

  7. Trishmac

    All I can picture, is Bawney pushing and shoving like a girl and lisping the words…F U Hank, and it’s not pretty!
    Thanks for starting my day with another example of the most incredibly juvenile White House EV-AH! Truly a class act.
    They are, the gift that keeps on giving.


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