The B&R Massachusetts Friday Edition

Obama dodges, but Sestak questions won’t go away
This could be bigger than we think
An unwanted immigrant: This demented duchess
Cashing in on being a royal pain
Obama struggling to show he’s in control of oil spill
People remember the grief he still gives Bush on Katrina
Obama Revises History
Gulf leak eclipses Exxon Valdez as worst US spill
Obama defends handling of gulf oil spill
It’s Bush’s fault and we’re answering to Obama’s kid…
‘No idea’ where deep water oil is drifting
The oil shouldn’t be going anywhere without administration approval

Todd Palin Builds a Fence Between the Family and Joe McGinniss
Palin Neighbor Rented Out House to Journalist in Revenge Plot Against Palin
Liberals really love to hate
House votes to repeal Don’t Ask
Like we didn’t see this coming
With health reform, familiarity is breeding contempt
We’re so past ‘We told you so’
House Democrats Lack Votes for Extender Package
Unemployment may run out = ugly November
Obama says answers on Sestak bribe charge coming ’shortly’
PBS’s Tavis Smiley Thinks Ducking the Press Is ‘Sarah-Palinesque,’ Not Like Obama
Rand Paul +4% in KY
And recent, actual racist liberal comments came and went
U.S. warned to deal with debt to avert another crisis
Frugality is not a trait attributable to Obama/Pelosi
Senate says no to 6,000 border troops
Cashier sold licenses to illegal immigrants
Racists: Illegal immigration crackdown passed by … Massachusetts senate
‎Let’s see if Obama the guts to say a progressive commonwealth acted ‘stupidly’ after both bashed Arizona
Protesters heckle Obama adviser in Israel
Rahm feeling the love
Obama cancels Gulf drilling projects
And oil prices jumped. Get ready for a bumpy ride
Your Toyota have a sudden acceleration problem? House Democrats solution is a $108 million tax increase
Leeches looking for any source of revenue so they can keep spending
Al-Qa’ida ‘running out of suicide bombers in Iraq’
All the good ones are dead
Mary Kennedy pleads not guilty to DWI, to surrender driver’s license
Boozin’ in the blood
Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence
Kinda’ creepy
U.N. Official Set to Ask U.S. to End C.I.A. Drone Strikes
Protecting the rights of terrorists who target civilians
Stressed Out or Tone Deaf? Obama Chicago Vacation Raises Eyebrows
Obama Family in Chicago for Memorial Day Weekend
Too busy for Arlington. Priorities
Small Donors Give Big Cash to Republicans
I still think Obama’s a Republican plant

  • Bob

    “BOB!! Don’t *DO* that when I’m drinking, I just had water come out my nose!!”

    This website is a walking disclaimer. You know better than to not be ready for the blindside…

  • Hey if you take any interesting pics in Mass, please share it with us. Would be interesting to see 🙂

  • n.n

    House votes to repeal Don’t Ask

    So, with the benefit of their omniscience, they change a fundamental aspect of an integral system, without waiting for a review.

    This reminds me of their rejection of Economics 101 in favor of Economics -101. They decried their critics as lacking a progressive perspective of their too often missing contact with reality.

    I don’t know if they are evil, but they certainly are incompetent, and, apparently, impatient, too.

    Speaking of impatience, and ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) types, this seems to be endemic to the left-wing creators of nothing.

  • Igor

    Small Donors Give Big Cash to Republicans
    I still think Obama’s a Republican plant


    BOB!! Don’t *DO* that when I’m drinking, I just had water come out my nose!!

    “Republican plant….”



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